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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin national elections today in two countries where democracy has struggled to take root in africa the democratic republic of congo votes and what could be the country's first peaceful transfer of power who will succeed strongman joseph company look old are starting to close and we'll get the latest from our correspondent in kinshasa. and then manuel that should national media declare prime
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minister sheikh hasina awami league of the landslide winner and parliamentary elections but the opposition charges intimidation and vote tampering and wants a new election. last week take a look back at a dreadfully gear for germany's football team a shock early world cup exit left him luke clinging to his job well twenty nineteen brings some good news for the teen. the little. i'm calling last month thanks for joining us we starts in the democratic republic of congo where voters have been casting their ballots for a new president the winner will take over from strongman joseph kabila who should have stepped down two years ago but instead postpone the election several times the r.c. has seen years of conflict and a recent outbreak of ebola pope francis on sunday prayed for peace during the
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election roughly half of the d.r. seized population is catholic. what are you. liberals pray together for those in the democratic republic of congo who suffer from violence and ebola. oh. i hope everyone is committed to maintaining a peaceful climate that allows for regular and peaceful conduct of the elections. given their. polls were scheduled to close two hours ago but many are still open as people wait to cast their ballots there were also reports of glitches that some polling stations but for the most part voters were simply happy to finally have their say. they waited for two years to cost seventy eight watch difference one a few more hours in the pouring rain make. after eighteen years of the same man in
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charge of voters in kinshasa waited eagerly for their chance to select a new president. they have a choice between three main candidates two from the opposition and a former interior minister favored by outgoing president joseph kabila. but he didn't really need to go in so i feel liberated and happy completed my civic duty to deal with and have just voted in a historic election for north would be of a few stories. historic indeed the democratic republic of congo has never experienced a peaceful transition of power since gaining independence from belgium in one nine hundred sixty many a hoping that today will be the day including presidential contender martin fire who. was there it's done it's the end for joseph below. but there are problems with of right
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a lot of them. there are reports that many polling stations never even opened prompting frustration among voters. and the opposition is concerned that voting machines have been manipulated to help could be seen as preferred success when. two cities have been barred from voting a tool residents in the opposition stronghold to benny and pretend though will not be able to cast their vote congo's new leader this time around and officials cited in a phone i break as the reason. in beni for straighted voters staged their own mock ballot in protest but it will likely only be the next election that their voice is really heard. no good. deed abuse when the boss she is in kinshasa is following the elections in the d.r.
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see for us wendy some parts of the country will not get to vote for a new president why is that. i everyone myself a country like binyan or wasn't and now this or you know and that today some of them tried to organize a small war to show the authority that they were able to organize so they feel that the reason was or even of the fallout wasn't the reason for the wrong one and they wanted to show the rest of the world that it was they were able to organize their nation and the fact of being good is not good for them they didn't allow me. when you've been speaking with voters that were able to participate at polling stations there what do they want from their next president. i've been thinking these many voters today during the entire day of voting and most of them one change
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i remember young told me that she wants to change to come she wants to be even better conditioned to want to has a job she wants other people to have a job and to go to have access to that need to have access to good as i could trust so they had many expectations and this is what they've been poking about during the day and. now does the opposition do they stand a chance against the copula supporters say emanuel should already. today we don't know exactly i don't i don't know we just if i can say that they have a chance. to really early to say that maybe why. we need to wait for a different result but many people think that. before even people we have the results we already know what we mean so we don't have to wait to show results is there any word on when those official results will come in and will those
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results be respected. for the moment. many people say that we picked this decision but it's a very nascent yesterday when i was in a polling station and someone told me you know madame this and they could we could be electing courts when we had two presidential we'd be pointed and we. win the election but this. is the second commission think that there we have one guy who would win the election and the power. was the day on. two there would be a fight according to the guy was picking the polling stations to be friday w.'s wendy basir boarding for us from kinshasa thank you very much thank you. so the other election that we're following now in bangladesh national t.v. has declared prime minister shaikh seen as awami league the winner of parliamentary
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elections but the opposition is calling foul dozens of opposition candidates pulled out of their racism it allegations of vote tampering and intimidation and the leader of the opposition alliance has projected the result violence has also marred the voting. it's an election that's been tainted by violence and vote rigging allegations the head of the poll authorities limited internet access claiming online rumors could spread. they also restricted the use of motor vehicles as a security precaution. about one hundred four million people were eligible to cast a ballot but the process didn't go smoothly for everyone but. i wasn't allowed to vote for he told me to send a text message to get my serial number. i did it four times but i didn't get a response. now i'm confused river i can vote or not. and we came with a lot of hope but now i'm very disappointed how much that's where we have been i am
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like the whole process i felt very safe because of the heavy security i believe there is a free and fair election taking place or. i could have it. for decades the ruling awami league and the nationalist b.n.p. party have jostled for power i was an opposition leader collegiate c.e.o. in prison prime minister shaikh hasina was the clear favorite to win during her time in power has seen has been credited with boosting the economy and welcoming refugees her critics say she's become increasingly authoritarian and accuse her of detaining opposition candidates and supporters. not the leader of the opposition alliance kemal hussein has already called the election farcical would you believe though the moment the president did simply do. not need a new crew did that we need better do good do you know part of the new kind of
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government. there before just because it was right there that is pushing. despite heavy security the deadly clashes that marred the campaign continued on election day it's been nearly fifty years since bangladesh gained independence but the country still isn't free from political turmoil. now to some of the other stories making news around the world afghanistan's and independent election commission has postponed the country's presidential vote from april to july twentieth spokesman said the decision was made to help ensure security and have more time to fix technical glitches that were discovered during october's argument reelection many stations open late or sing a second day of voting. at least fifty six people have been killed and some are still missing after torrential rain triggered landslides and flash flooding in the eastern philippines or than twenty two thousand people fled their homes. out of the storm rescue operations are underway but many of the affected areas are still
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inaccessible due to flooding. tens of thousands of serbians have marched through the capital belgrade for the fourth consecutive weekend the protesters waved banners accusing president alexander of suppressing democratic liberties cracking down on but opponents and controlling the media. twenty eighteen was not a good year for german football or their fans in fact they'd rather forget it the national team won just four of its thirteen matches and of course it didn't put up much of a fight while losing its title during this year's world cup so the national team and its stars are hoping to give fans a reason to cheer in twenty nineteen this world cup exit was a real good point for me. there's no sugar coating it or you can germany coach your human love hasn't managed much in twenty eighteen his beautiful game successful for so many years has stopped working trying to take it too far to get it just perfect
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for. his faith in former world champions regardless of the form paired with his religious attachment to possession play lead to an early world cup exit we just didn't have the right attitude. the one thing they did perfect was presentation but germany's demand shot brand became too far removed from the fans and the team lost plenty of good will we were too arrogant. and they made too many mistakes the german football federation's handling of the measured ursule affair was a lesson in how not to deal with a crisis. made accusations of racism and then made a spectacular exit a huge loss but there was hope off the field to twenty four. it will be germany thank you winning the bid for euro twenty twenty four days the pressure on germany's talk brass. the national team then went on
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a charm offensive with fans attempting to bring the team and supporters back together. germany's old guard are under pressure from a new generation who hope to improve matters on the pitch to likely. search gnabry and mark andre to stay given the last international games of the year against russia in the netherlands seoul progress there which we have a good group we have a lot of young players and many experienced players to help us and leaders. we've created some momentum and we can build on that. do it since the last three games were positive we have to keep going i hope we're a force next year and the nation's league and euro twenty twenty qualification germany will again face the netherlands having been embarrassed by them during a dismal nations league relegation. love needs to oversee a rapid transformation to ensure twenty one team kicks off with the bright new era
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. and a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you right now ogres in the democratic republic of congo are choosing a new president outgoing leader joseph kabila stepping down after eighteen years there's been reports of long lines as well as glitches at some polling stations. t.v.'s declared ruling awami league the landslide winner of parliamentary elections but the opposition says it will reject the outcome amid allegations of voter intimidation and tampering. don't forget you can always get the daily news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the app to send us your photos and if. you're watching the news from berlin we'll have more at the top of the hour and you can find our top headlines. and information all around the clock on our
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