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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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the world food program and the world like helping people help themselves my goal is zero i'm going to. if you look at it. this is deja vu news line from berlin national elections today in two countries where democracy has struggled to take root in the democratic republic of congo a presidential election that could herald the country's first peaceful transfer of power but it hasn't been easy officials have started counting votes in some areas while in others the votes are the voters are still waiting to mark their ballots
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and in bangladesh national media declared prime minister shake hands seen is a while the winner in parliament elections but the opposition challenges intimidation and vote tampering and wants a new election. plus we take a look back at a dreadful here for germany's football team a shock early world cup exit left coach hugh i can lose clinging to his job will twenty nine twenty twenty nineteen brings good news for the change and. i'm rebecca races thanks for joining us we start in the democratic republic republic of congo where voters have been casting their ballots for a new president with strongman joseph kabila stepping down the d.l.c. could soon have its first peaceful transition of power up but the election has been
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plagued with problems missing voter lists and ballots broken machines hours after polling stations were supposed to close many remain open. with long lines of people waiting for their turn to vote in other areas officials have already started counting reports say four people were killed in election violence at one polling station in the country's east some twenty one candidates are running for the presidency official results aren't expected for another two weeks. they waited for two years to cost their vote what difference will a few more hours in the pouring rain make. after eighteen years of the same man in charge voters in kinshasa waited eagerly for their chance to select a new president. they have a choice between three main candidates two from the opposition and a former interior minister favored by outgoing president joseph kabila. the election means to me means the future of cuny so i have voted for the candidates we
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will bring for us a bright future. is a promise to truth to fight the propriety and to bring back the justice in the country but if you give me the city going to i feel liberated and happy we completed my civic duty and have just voted in a historic election for norwood we are getting used to it. historic indeed the democratic republic of congo has never experienced a peaceful transition of power since gaining independence from belgium in one nine hundred sixty many a hoping that today will be the day including presidential contender martine fi you live. there it's done it's the end for joseph kabila. but there are problems with the vote a lot of them. there are reports that many polling stations never even opened
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prompting frustration among voters. and the opposition is concerned that voting machines have been manipulated to help could be used as preferred successor when. two cities have been barred from voting a tool. residents in the opposition strongholds of beni and pretend though will not be able to cast their vote for d.r. congo's new leader this time around official cited in a polarized break as the reason. in beni frustrated voters staged their own mock ballot in protest but it will likely only be the next election that their voice is really heard. so. please when you bashing is in kinshasa and is following the elections for us when the some parts of the country weren't able to vote for a new president why is that. by them their country being agreeable and
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you know maybe we're going to allow this to work for security reason and health reasons if for example in their new single day for that very goal indeed but still they weren't able to work but. all know the bulk of the countries here in form will ease his fall on people of your position is to send him out there for you people in billions of people will think that they have the right to cause a revolt so much as a little maybe it is maybe also one of the reasons but they are going to see that the ball and the security work in may be the main reason and probably knowing people in. their own villages who did too should be a story that they were able to work toward they don't this program or that. and you've been speaking with voices at the polling stations what to they want from the next president. most of them one someone who will bring change to social the level
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they want to have a better lives access to to study as good as life and to have a job most of them were standing outside of the polling station that they are very tired of this kind of life they want someone with change and also like people who with ties also shows of their life you can judge and also you can tell you country does the opposition stand a chance against can be as proud to say. cheney we don't know exactly they have a chance i think the wise would be maybe to wait for their oficial result we'd be even critical condition iran to fix them generated but for the moment let's wait and see words how de lay should we grow and what should be the results and when can we expect those results the results or fission results
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expected for the sake of generally but some of the people say maybe to all did they ask that we can have an official. but it will feel guilty should moment he speaks of generally. the deputies when the bahai reporting from kinshasa thank you . now to the other election we're following for you and magna desh national t.v. has declared prime minister shaikh has seen as a wobbly winner of parliamentary elections but the opposition is calling foul dozens of opposition candidates pulled out of their races amid allegations of vote tampering and intimidation and the leader of the opposition alliance has rejected the result violence has also mob voting. the big day is over after a ballot dogged by allegations of vote rigging and intimidation. the leader of
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the opposition alliance come out hussein has already called the election farcical. though the moment the president did simply do. not need a new term good that they've been through to do not part of the new putin government. that's the shortest go to the right there that is put. there were reports of voters having to cast their ballot openly in front of the ruling party officials but the head of the election commission dismissed those as stray incidents the governing awami league was the clear favorite to win after collated c.-a the leader of the main opposition party the nationalist b.n.p. was imprisoned and barred from running critics say a wall me league leader and current prime minister sheikh hasina has become increasingly authoritarian but she enjoys support from those who say she's welcomed refugees and boosted the economy by the only has seen it has the proper right to
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form a government and bangladesh a serious government gave benefits to the poor and elderly also they have made access to school and college easier for discounting to ition so my children are also being educated she has given us many facilities they're building lots of roads and bridges hasina only have seen no one. has seen his victory comes. on election day marred by violence despite heavy security it's been nearly fifty years since bangladesh gained independence but the country still isn't free from political turmoil. d.w. correspondent nimation jaiswal is following the result in the bangladeshi capital dhaka the opposition claims that this election is rigged off far from new through the campaign process they have been raising questions while and has marred the campaign process seven lives were lost in the last three weeks during campaigning and today as well at least seventeen or eighteen people have been reported dead the
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opposition says this was district ballot because of being stuffed that is intimidation on the grounds on the ground and this is why they want this election to be held again under a caretaker government however this is highly unlikely because there are no clear indications of water again or ballot box stuffing and the ruling party says it's just a small store and was as they would have accepted an election where they won but this one does not fit them. in the bangladeshi capital dhaka now though some of the other stories making news around the world russia areas resettling thirty children of jailed or deceased russian nationals who joined the so-called islamic state in iraq the country's ambassador to iraq. said more children would be resettled at a later date the first group was flown from baghdad to moscow on sunday. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says it's only
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a matter of time before brazil moves its embassy to jerusalem during a visit to rio de janeiro netanyahu said brazil's president elect bowls a narrow assured him of the move also narrow is set to take office on tuesday. at least fifty six people have been killed and war are still missing after torrential rain triggered landslides and flash flooding in the eastern philippines and more than twenty two thousand people have fled their homes ahead of the storm rescue operations are underway but many of the affected areas still inaccessible due to flooding. tens of thousands of serbians have marched through the capital belgrade for the fourth consecutive weekend the protest is waived banas accusing president alex on the virtues of suppressing democratic liberties cracking down on political opponents and controlling the media. well in sports twenty eight tain has been a year many german soccer fans would rather forget the national tame one just four
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of its thirteen matches and of course it didn't put up much of a fight while losing its title during this year's world cup so the national tame and its stars hoping to give fans a reason to cheer in twenty nineteen does so. it was a real good point for me. there's no sugarcoating injured you could germany coach your humor has managed much in twenty eight in his beautiful game successful so many years. it stopped working i tried to take it too far to get it just perfect and you can his faith in former world champions regardless of their form paired with his religious attachment to possession play led to an early world cup exit we just didn't have the right attitude. the one thing they did perfect was presentation but germany's demand shaft brand became too far removed from the fans and the team lost plenty of good will this insist we were too arrogant. then they
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made too many mistakes the german football federation's handling of the measured ursula fair was a lesson in how not to deal with a crisis made accusations of racism and then made a spectacular exit a huge loss but there was hope off the field. twenty four will be germany thanks winning the bid for euro twenty twenty four as the pressure on germany's talk brass. the national team then went on a charm offensive with fans attempting to bring the team and supporters back together. germany's old guard are under pressure from a new generation who hope to improve matters on the pitch too like clear as sun a surge gnabry and mark andre to stay again the last international games of the year against russia in the netherlands saw progress on those other words we have
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a good group of that we have a lot of young players and many experienced players to help us and leaders i'm sure we've created some momentum and we can build on that and germany will again face the netherlands having been embarrassed by them during a dismal nations league relegation yogi love needs to oversee a rapid transformation to ensure twenty nine taint kicks off with a bright new era. well japanese ski jumper rio you kobe us he has won the opening round of the four hills tournament in germany kobayashi edged out the competition in orbit stoff largely thanks to his huge first jump at one hundred thirty eight point five metres the victory gives him a chance of becoming the first japanese athlete to win the four hills tournament since one thousand nine hundred eight. and just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you mergers in the democratic republic of congo in choosing a new president going later joseph kabila is stepping down after eighteen years
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many polling stations remain open and we have long lines of voters at the waiting to cost their ballots fact the dish t.v. has declared shaikh is seen as ruling awami league the winner of parliamentary elections and the opposition says it will reject the outcome amid allegations of voter intimidation and tampering. you're watching the news for coming at the top of the hour. my first boss like mosul sewing machine. where i come from women are bones by this notion for women something as simple as learning how to write them by said isn't. since i was a little good i wanted to have a bicycle of my home and it took me years to them despite their. finally they gave up and went on buying young lives like that but returns we just saw a machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than writing advice.


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