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tv   Conflict Zone - Guest Wolfgang Schauble  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2018 12:30am-1:01am CET

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design highlights you can make yourself. tips and tricks that will turn your. special. upgrade yourself with interior design channel on you tube. after thirteen years in power and some damaging state election results angela merkel's or thirty is visibly waning she's giving up the leadership of the christian democrats but she'll stay on as chancellor my guess this week here in berlin is vote gang should let one of germany's most famous and infamous politicians a former finance minister for the christian democrats now president of the parliament how long can a wounded anger. cling on to power. conflict
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welcome to conflicts or. is this the beginning of the end for angle of merkel politics. yes of course she has announced it's. not run again for the presidency of the party and she has been on it's mean she will not run again after this period which by the way. is from twenty seventeen to twenty twenty one can she last that long till twenty twenty one years of the norse would it not too much i think she has taken the right decision that the right time and the position of an elected chancellor in our constitution is on behalf of expertize we are. with the failure of the obama
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constitution very strong with once elected as chancellor you can only be through out against your own without. agreement if syria is in majority in parliament to elect another chancellor that is by the way was also respect not signal not to be imagined in this given this given parliament of opposition is constitutionally strong but inside the party she has her critics and her enemies of course doesn't aspire to party and choice to have the federal chancellor as member of the party and not of member of another party therefore i think as a party. we find reeses things really she's already admitted she's lost the trust of the people she already said that before the elections so she's on her way down the only question is how fast she goes down nobody knows look what's happened this
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is a lot of things which come together in. our as we call it western system of democracy rule of law parliamentarism is under stress what happened in u.k. u.k. them the origin of modern parliament there is moved the most important decision in the first decades in this century for u.k. from westminster to reverend i'm crazy what's going on all over continental europe member states of the european union smaller to lety may just a fluke what happened in france two years ago. but you were no longer connects to the voters there were massive losses in has your sister party suffered massive losses in bavaria before that you no longer connect you provide them with
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a great economy motivate wages most employment they don't want you in the most part it's all over europe would be happy if they ever get twenty seven percent of all voters but not the ones who got forty one percent last time it's a huge loss. what i'm saying is trying to say is you have different reasons one reason is the tectonic are changed in modern democracy i think the main reason for this is a disruption in communication in communication between enjoying his suffer whatever you like. but as in new technologies the next problem is linked resists to globalization to be influenced by or by developments biased by vents in all of the world we have german people became aware in the
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migration crisis in two thousand and fifty and then of course any long period of government stable government successful government and not just not to be disputed the result any doubt the chances aber of. american has been impressively extraordinary successful for a long time yes but now but now you know longer now no longer larvae who are the beneficiaries the beneficiaries of everything are right and the left the greens and the f.t. that is the normal way of life everything in human in human life in human existence is for a time. and how it's all is over now not over but the time is coming here she's weak and she's not as strong as he used to be but she is not as big as he has taken a decision in the summer and better but for this she is not weakened as
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a rise any president let's say in france or let's say in the united states in his second term would be weakened that is not true but you can't ignore the fact that she is part of the problem isn't she now for your party she's no longer the solution she's part of the problem in politics you know this better than i do you either go up or you go down you don't stay still you don't stay still it's human life yeah and you know up when you're going down she's going down there may be but she is strong you remain strong she won't be seen how strong those should be seen as we did she is wanted and she is strong both together and therefore i would i would not be. so decided she has announced she will run again that is an important step. to announce that i think she is a good turns and we believe we will be agreeing in my party that we will not that
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we would do what we can. avoid brezhnev lame duck therefore we would see what will happen it's not to some already calling her a lame duck the succession battle has begun as of cars in any and it's going to be bloody after thirty or so it will be bloody. i think most most competitors will survive. it may not be so bloody who are going to be the top candidates we will see i don't know i will not give i'm going to give an answer to you that's not my point it's not my role in politics to give in on the and that's a question on this very day to be very very from your point of view isn't the worst aspect of these elections the recently elections that the far right a d now has seats in all sixteen regional parliaments and is the only other polity apart from yours to have seats in all the
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regional pounds that's a huge achievement for them that's the worst aspect for you isn't it. so. strong if strength of right wing party if t. is of course i agree so so we are seeing the worst aspect of our my from my perspective it's a matter of fact we have metrobus. round about nine i think ninety two members of parliament in the federal parliament they are all electors they have all equal rights and equal to it is now said join all state parliaments. as a vein we have seen in the last two. state elections in bavaria as well as in history that what has been foreseen by many observers will move. towards twenty percent or more it's not decided and it can't be changed but of
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course what we want to resolve all over europe what happened in france since the kids. look what was the reason for the break super of and the main u.k. if i remember. stay if we may all right here is a chance that we made with germany of interest been unique your caller says your party's horse is opening the door for the. day it's on its own that the polls show that sixty nine percent of germans voted a of the because of concerns of immigration i don't agree i will tell you we have four for nearly six let's say sixty five years in germany it was most. we hate on behalf of our very specific and tragic past advantage said we didn't have a relevant right wing party in contrary to to
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all parts of europe look what's going on in sweden finland in the us islands of italy well wherever you like now seventy years seventy years after of after the creation of the federal republic of germany it seems that insists regard we also become a move towards something like a european normality i don't like it i don't like it but it's a matter of fact about immigration gave them the foothold didn't it your part of the immigration if you look at the policies allowed them to address the fear. in the beginning it was it was not the immigration it was so you have opinion integration which was supporting to create this party called the not the cologne institute of economic research people are united by a general sense of unease about the future of the country sixty nine percent lament the negative consequences of immigration that's what you know. if you ask the
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voters of heston yesterday what was the most problems for their decision. immigration is not in the not in the in the head of of the range and therefore they got into the parliament they got twelve percent and did. it in all of your european countries of course my underestimated and i don't underestimate you did and we don't you refer to them in twenty sixteen as boneheads they're not. doing much better than boneheads do we know who we care dismissed. it is not decide we can't it's to be it can't be changed it's a matter of fact on of course we saw a migration crisis in two thousand and fifteen great a lot of no was it by the way it was also for many for many people all over the
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world it was a new achievement germany was seen as such an open generous tolerant nation and the peoples have been to migrants have been created the outcome how hard it was visible in the valley courtier way but look at the backlash from this little backlash as far as they have to look in twenty two european states now you have a higher concentration of far right parties any time for the last thirty years maybe. and you said last year i think we can say there's no chance germany will ever relapse internationalism i am quite sure they have we will let's let's let's be clear they got about thirteen percent. that means eighty seven percent totally clear i think many many people in europe many state in europe
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member states of the european union would be happy if the right wing party were limited to a certain percent five years ago this was unthinkable that they would have ninety odd seats in the bundestag and be represented in sixty minutes jim out of the vehicle say maybe in five hundred that was unthinkable maybe in five years i can't remember who said it would be and do would say it is unthinkable that there will be diminished we will see futures always open it is not in the light of how well they've done don't you want to reassess your come comforting statement that there is no chance germany will have a relapse internationally germany bill ever never ever relives in the international system of the broad majority of german people have never moved our nationalism you have to suggest that european integration was the reason part of the reason that the continent overcame the disaster of hitler and the cold war divisions but there
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is now what president macro calls a civil war taking place in the e.u. divisions over values like the european civil war he said that in april the battle between liberal and illiberal democracies didn't take that. i don't agree i like france president very much he make impressive attempts to get reforms in france done his very engaged in poll european banks in europe and i agree if this. i would not i would not say. is worth doing in saying we are in a civil war and on bella's of the face of hungary and poland they've thrown the challenge haven't come back challenges because by the moment where the moment i am quite careful in always criticizing our eastern neighbors they have
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a different history so they have a different development they have different chances and what they don't need and what they don't deserve as they say are always treated not only equal level but they always have obvious feeling that reforms are best done we want to teach them we want or are you have to do is of no say we didn't have we wouldn't have terminal unification but the club has rules doesn't it yes if you are so keen on countries. as apprenticeship must must be careful to ask me on the rules of lap of the european because i will tell you. without so engagement and the courage of east european people in times of communist soviet empire we wouldn't have we wouldn't have enjoyed the german unification it was poland it was czech it was hungry all these countries and therefore we must be
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a little bit more generous to these countries of course we had a little thing in the opposite direction you can be generous all you want the way i think the way this is where i'm gonna direct challenge hasn't he said brussels is currently ruled by those who want to european power directed move toward a. balance that. there is a lot of the euro crowd out private migration politicians want to make sure you make me impatient with all due respect quoting somebody once now but at the moment i'm an old man and that's fast. me too ok let's be quiet to quote some political leaders with some specific quotes makes no sense and properties in discussion in substance we are going for a common good in europe is the way you have seen poland i take paul is an example
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so i have a different understanding on the reform of the system but when so european court decided last week they have to cancel so i have to to correct it it's a decision to send it over to the pension they corrected it and the owner of pens and pencils has such as has been called pigs ever as long as the decisions of the european court are respected by member states i would not criticize them i am a lawyer and their lawyer lawyer knows there are always different opinions. and should never let me talk to you as a lawyer because the subject of rules came up a new have been most insistent we're talking about them twenty sixteen you said it clearly all nations must stick to the rules of the single currency. was my voice is no they don't do that who who doesn't the stability pact was introduced since it's
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been introduced not a single year has gone by without at least one member countries finances reaching guidelines you know this you know this but who are the rules for the little countries. no we in germany read required to respect the words believe in my in my time in my time as fun as i did work two for for respecting what i have i know you have seventy six rule infringement cases against you now in in the brussels. we got into the greens you are no longer pupil your bottom of the. bottom of the class yeah we are not we are not a model we have never understood ourselves as a model for as us so it is just not what but what we do why don't you apply the rules what we do every world we do or a spec. if the european court decides we respect the decision therefore the rule of law is very important and we do respect of course i don't say
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the terman is result any mistake by far not but what i what i am asking for has said we have mutual respect and we don't always blame our neighbors in the east i don't like it i bet you've always said no not played by the rules and since two thousand and seven germany has continuously been in breach of european current count i just actually have to just fifty friend the. impression of arrogance in relation to our eastern european neighbors now you are there you are. from germany on this what telling people to obey the rules and you don't you know no one is even german is not perfect is that not just because you can then you know it was crazy i obviously as i am voting in my country to respect the rules but we don't we are not better sense of polish and i thought of member states that
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respecting three rules is an ongoing battle of every day and before you criticize us you have all us to kill yourself and we have a lot of reasons to care ourselves but. i would not say as there are many does not respect the roads in my time as finance minister i was not going to so as not to respect the rules for fine and the finest roads and even the stability and growth. and now you have italy the latest challenge to euro zone rules you're smiling about this but they've thrown down a severe challenge to brussels haven't they and. says it once again threatens the euro's existence first time first time that italy's budget has been turned down first time you have heard i would i smile because i would have enjoyed if all these people who are now saying this relation to italy would have supported me in the times when we tried to tell the great people that have to respect the rules there's
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also respect therefore we have exemption was that you went too far with greece you know we are right now we did that so i could question in my parliamentary spin i have been too generous in relation to greece and that was also true because i didn't respect the rules but having said this we did it in a in a in a suitable way and i will tell you i was happy that the european commission has said rules are rules i quote here muscovy this is a responsible commission member of commission desert holds our roles and i was happy because in former times it criticised me in saying said it would have to be respected now but the problem with italy is the illusion is telling them they can't have the budget do you really think that brussels can tell a freely elected country whose economy has been stagnant for the best part of twenty years that it can't pursue the policies it was elected to implement you
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really think brussels right away at the moment wait a moment to just try to convince me that we should respect the rules now you are telling me we should not ask to italy to stick to the walls ok maybe it's a contradiction but having said this. i don't play both sides here you see i just want you to play one i will tell you i play marbles the same i am totally convinced that the problem of italy is not a lake of death of a lake of deficit it is not the problem of italy if a lack of this. means increasing there is increasing difference it would source it tell you the problems. say how serious a crisis is this was a serious but but i think markets will tell them you will not get finance if you if you have a huge deficit and you want to increase your use to fix it you always have to find
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someone who is if your credit you have to pay a price and you see you can seize a spreads are increasing the spreads i agree six or four i hope this situation is serious so you commission is doing so right job in this when the intelligence have said we are not giving in we are not swayed let's wait and see let's wait and if they don't give in and there's no result we will see i will not speculate but we will see i want to be done and i don't like to people like me i would never like to people like mitt led to raise i want if i may to talk briefly about saudi arabia and germany his decision to suspend arms sales to riyadh after the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi. i was out on the lateral is x. years me not member of government i am president of the bundestag federal parliament i do resist appropriate eyes duress like myself to commend any
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decision of politicians and government in this we have a time having said this i would like to make clear chancellor merkel has said if i quote dr li and. says fear is. clear and if we know what's happened if we suspend he did not say we will cancel all our expenses and be to suspend until we have a clear. sings have been clear what happened and so if that is to the government i think it's wide i don't see it on what grounds moral grounds it's right to make president must be. we we do know what we do we we have to know what happened really and why and who is responsible for this it's a bit late for morality isn't it i mean there are credible and i don't know the
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saudis have been committing war crimes in yemen yeah ever since that started the new government did nothing about if you if you want to go to church world politics only on more and more categories you will always have a lot of problems you have always find the right balance who knows of the film it's a famous german scientist marx reeva. hundred years ago as a dollars if you have to desire it you have to find the right balance between vault remind them. if weeks and responsibility and and to find so right balance is it difficult think every day in politics you have all this god for the right balance you must not pursue a politics without moral all right only if you can't on the other end not only because politics but it isn't only by models that will not be succeed all right. thank you very much for being our company. x. x.
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