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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2018 1:00am-1:16am CET

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our documentary starts in january thirteenth told you. mrs d.w. news live from berlin national elections in two countries where democracy houses struggle to take root in the democratic republic of congo a presidential election that could herald the country's first peaceful transfer of power but it hasn't been easy officials have started counting votes in some areas while in others the voters are still waiting to mark their ballot. and in
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bangladesh prime minister shaikh should say no wins a third term in office says her ruling awami league sweeps to a landslide victory in parliamentary elections but the opposition accuses it team intimidation and vote tampering and wants a new election. plus some dropping for democracy in thailand we look back at one of our favorite date of news stories of the past year. i'm rebecca races thanks for joining us we start in the democratic republic of congo where voters cast their ballots for a new president with strongman joseph come below stepping down the deal say it could soon have its first peaceful transition of power but the election was plagued with problems facing voter lists and and ballots. broken machines hours after
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polling stations were supposed to close many remained open with long lines of people waiting their turn to vote in other areas officials were already counting votes reports say four people were killed in election violence at one polling station in the country's east some twenty one candidates are running for the president say. they waited for two years to cost their vote what difference will a few more hours in the pouring rain make. after eighteen years of the same man in charge of voters in kinshasa wages eagerly for that chance to select a new president. they have a choice between three main candidates two from the opposition and a former interior minister favored by outgoing president joseph kabila. the election means to me the future of commune so i have voted for the candidates we will bring for us a bright future. is
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a promise to truth to fight the propriety and to bring back the justice in the country but you shouldn't really need to go into i feel liberated and happy we completed my civic duty and have just voted in a historic election for norwood we are really you story. historic indeed the democratic republic of congo has never experienced a peaceful transition of power since gaining independence from belgium in one nine hundred sixty many a hoping that today will be the day including presidential contender martine fi you live. there it's done it's the end for joseph kabila. but there are problems with the vote a lot of them. there are reports that many polling stations never even opened prompting frustration among voters. and the opposition is concerned that voting
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machines have been manipulated to help could be viewed as preferred successor when . two cities have been barred from voting a tool. residents in the opposition strongholds of beni and pretend though will not be able to cast their vote for d.r. congo's new leader this time around official cited in a polarized break as the reason. in beni frustrated voters staged their own mock ballot in protest but it will likely only be the next election that their voice is really heard. good oh those oh. please when you bashing is in kinshasa and is following the elections for us when some parts of the country weren't able to vote for a new president why is that. our fans out of their country being agreeable and you know maybe we're going to allow this to work for security reason and health reasons for example and then you remember they say that very evil and good but
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still they weren't able to work hard. all know the facts of this country's year in four. years all on by people of your position it should be matter for you the people in pain and the symbol while saying that they have the right to cause the evil so much as high level maybe it is maybe also one of the reasons but they are going to see that the ball and security work in may the main reason and everything lined people need to be a new symbol of their own religion could lead to should be a story that they were able to work toward needed on the program of that. and you've been speaking with voters at the polling stations what to they want from the next president. most of them one someone who will bring change to social the level they want to have a better lives access to to do studies as good as life and to have
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a job most of them sitting outside of the polling station that they are very tired of this kind of life they want someone with change and also like. all social aspects of their life you can judge and also your entire country does the opposition stand a chance against can be as proud to say i turn a we don't know exactly they have a chance i think the wise would be maybe to wait for their oficial result we'd be given critical condition in iran to fix them generated but for the moment waiting the word how the election we go and what should be the result and when can we expect us results the results of fission results expected for the sake of generally but some of the people say maybe to all that
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they asked that we can have an official. results but. he or she should moment you speak of generally. because when the bahai reporting from kinshasa thank you. and now it's to bangladesh and the other election we're following the party of bangladesh a prime minister's shake his cena has officially been declared the winner of parliamentary elections but the opposition is calling foul dozens of opposition candidates pulled out of their races amid allegations of vote tampering and intimidation and the leader of the opposition alliance has rejected the result violence has also ma the voting. to big day is over after a ballot dogged by allegations of vote rigging and intimidation. the leader of the opposition alliance come out hussein has already called the election farcical. though did none of the things you did. not need
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a new pill did that this better do good did you not part of the new british government. for the supposed to do good there yes but. there were reports of voters having to cast their ballot openly in front of ruling party officials but the head of the election commission dismissed those as stray incidents the governing awami league was the clear favorite to win after collated c.-a the leader of the main opposition party the nationalist b.n.p. was imprisoned and barred from running critics say awami league leader and current prime minister sheikh hasina has become increasingly authoritarian but she enjoys support from those who say she's welcome griffy g.'s and boosted the economy. growing the scene has the proper right to form a government and bangladesh a serious government gave benefits to the poor and elderly also they have made
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access to school and college easier for discounting tuition so my children are also being educated she has given us many facilities they're building lots of roads and bridges pacino only has seen no one. has seen his victory comes on another. day mord by violence despite heavy security it's been nearly fifty years since bangladesh gained independence but the country still isn't free from political turmoil. now to some of the other stories making news around the world iraq's prime minister has hinted at a bigger role fighting so-called islamic state militants in syria after u.s. troops troops withdraw addle abdul mahdi said security officials met with syrian president bashar assad and damascus on sunday asked that authorized iraqi forces to attack i asked in syria without waiting for permission. afghanistan's independent election commission has postponed the country's presidential vote from
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april to july a spokesman said the decision was made to help ensure security and allow more time to fix technical glitches discovered during october's parliamentary elections. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says it's only a matter of time before brazil moves its embassy to jerusalem during a visit to rio de janeiro netanyahu said brazil's president elect jaya bolsa naro assured him of the move also narrow is set to take office on tuesday. well as the year comes to an end when looking back on some of our favorite stories of twenty eighteen our correspondents brought us a range of reports featuring personal struggles political crises and violent conflicts from around the world but there were also stories that made us think a little differently like these young people in thailand reckon for democracy under military dictatorship.
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on the cell phones. in the streets in the cars. the beats of a rap song reverberating throughout thailand. would. protect me or in english what my country has criticised this thailand's military government and the lack of freedom. the music. but. the work. of order to keep them in their country under a military dictatorship that has struck a chord especially among young tides the song got more than twenty million clicks on you tube in just a week and up it it's sort of a voice for teenagers or young adults who can think that contact. we can only talk amongst ourselves that we have no right to speak out freely if you. speak your mind it will only be bad for yourself. and you can't change anything anyway.
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how would i. not daring to speak out something the group rappers against dictatorship wanted to change that's why they wrote to me. we think that anyone can use the phrase what my country is going the title of the song to speak out about whatever's on their mind what they think is the matter with our country we hope that people will start being more critical when it comes to politics. i was. speaking out against the powerful has never been without risk in thailand but since the latest military coup four years ago it's become even more dangerous. also for rappers against dictatorship the police said first declared they were investigating the group for a possible violation of the so-called computer crime act it could get them five
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years in prison but what the announcement got the song was five million clicks into the authorities have since backed down. the lyrics don't contain anything that insults anyone personally that's why i never thought the song would draw attention from the authorities but when the police started talking about it that's really when it became so popular. on the outside thailand looks like a peaceful country. but there are deep divisions. time and again the country has been on the brink of civil war. for now the military government is keeping a lid on things but below the surface it's starting to heat up again and there haven't been elections in more than for you. this scheduled for february but what will they be worth if society doesn't change when. people should develop
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a critical mindset in their everyday lives. i think if that were the case there would actually be less conflict within society conflict happens when people don't accept that others have a different opinion on the why. if we could get that out of reach a compromise some sort of fine with those who don't share our opinion on the right that would be an important step towards a better future while they and i. might not. somehow love my soulmate no insult to the members. of the claiming i'm told but they're becoming blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah but did he say at least make someone look like they're not. but. on the night. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you noises in the democratic republic
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of congo in choosing a new president going native joseph comes in stepping down off to a tame news many polling stations remain open with long lines of bushes waiting to cost their ballots. their watching day w. news live from berlin and reminder you can find all the latest news and information around the clock on our website at www dot com i'm rebecca says thanks for watching . and gentlemen with t.w. any time any place.
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you have at the back of those. songs to sing along to them.


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