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tv   Eco India - The Environment Magazine  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2018 3:30am-4:00am CET

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that green energy. resource to. create interactive content teaching next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation. multimedia environment on t w. hello welcome to eco india a sustainability magazine which puts the focus on innovations and solutions so that you can make an informed choice to live a better tomorrow every week we bring you ideas from across india and europe and the people who make them possible. coming to you from mumbai in india. over
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the next thirty minutes how an innovation incubate a lab in delhi could be instrumental in solving the city's pollution problem. to do with his job to plant trees. and how a school in berkeley is integrating the understanding of biodiversity in every class. but first let's focus on an issue that is considered one of the primary causes for. twenty million tons of agricultural beast is born in the northern states of punjab and haryana every year leading to a severe drop in inequality in the region and affecting over twenty five million people and innovation lab at the indian institute of technology in delhi has found an alternative to prevent burning this waste could this be a game changer let's find out.
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fourth winter is coming and the farmers of a small village in sunny but just spotty kilometers from new delhi are busy planting new crops. at the end of the paddy harvest every year farmers in the northern states of job often burn the crop stubble that is left behind. only very limited by hand and it would take around eight to ten hours a day and they would be high labor costs the process is very time consuming. twenty million tons of agricultural waste is burnt during this period causing a severe of equality in the region.
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the hardest hit india's capital city. in recent years air pollution has reached alarming levels. by lady killer emissions and industrial pollution also contribute to delhi's poor air quality stubble burning remains upright cos. public health experts even claim that breathing in the open air in delhi equals smoking twenty cigarettes a day almost one point five million people in india die every year because of evolution. when we were doing this they were to say can program and reverse ring of. our eyes or. there were problems in a building and there was a lot of noise around us noisier than a lot of people were going avoid double boarding on pollution causing the report
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really really going to present a leader that there cannot really be how we're going to mars and. why you can hardly lose something when the crops. video actually worn and. korea labs was set up by uncle kumar. and. in two thousand and fourteen. incubated at the indian institute of technology in delhi korea labs is working with farmers in how to honor and punjab to make crop residue profitable and prevent it from being burnt the startup has developed the technology to manufacture tableware like plates and bowls from the crops which in its original form has no market value the end product is eco friendly and cheaper than its plastic counterparts. after
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collecting that a straw from the fields has to be job done in two small pieces and then. then it is the main where it will be washed all the garden the sound that comes along with it will be was there it. is so far the founders are doing most of the work on their own to clean the rice straw the use the normal washing machine. some chemicals added in order to loosen the fibers. then the rice straw esteemed and turned into a piece. of. the founders of the beast. this is what gets processed into table with. we are in touch with farmers from somewhere or. similar. and all of
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them say the same thing if they will be compensated they will do it because they really need to understand that they were born in their fields and this forced them and their children and then a tree just to billy for more then as they are desperate to get a solution out of it. the farmers will now be able to convert the agro waste into a commercial product. and create our labs is working on another innovation to decentralize operations and manufacturing and put the onus on farmers to recycle the crop arrestees. machine will sell those small manufacturing owners who aren't interested on the panels so there are people who have medium to large scale farms and they are willing to spend money. which will provide to them and whatever they produce out of that will buy back so we will give them the market guarantee that
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whatever you produce will get it back and they will make sure that whatever they have in their field as well as they have in the fields or small farmers the process so it's a win win situation for both of us. innovation could be one solution to the air pollution problem in india. every one of us at least has a cup of tea daily which is made from now if. you can exactly call it the market and the supply side of it so our technology. will actually connect the. two. and provide monetary compensation to the farmers as well. if the technology is adopted on a large scale twenty million tons of rescue could be turned into eco friendly plates and bowls. now in the neighborhood
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tourism is booming by twenty twenty the island expects to welcome three million. but many of the accommodations are energy intensive and environmental. condition is in particular. and contain harmful to. the country's largest who are trying to change that by making properties. it's an ambitious vision one of sri lanka's biggest hotel chains wants to cover all of its energy needs with renewables by twenty twenty. runs thirty upscale hotels on the island and welcomes visitors from around the world. and. their strategy is to install cutting edge air conditioning systems powered by a sustainable energy source would buy products from the cinnamon industry it's
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quite a bold move for a hotel chain to take charge of its own energy supplies one that's not without risk . just how green is jet wing really. come on. we visit the chairman of jet wing at home here on korea has one of the most powerful men in sri lanka's tourism industry his father herbert set up a company in the one nine hundred seventy s. even back then the business was environmentally minded my father. is. so for. a picturesque port on the west coast.
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there are five jiggling hotels in the surrounding area. the island's electricity grid may look old fashioned but about thirty percent of sri lanka's electricity already comes from renewable sources mainly hydro power. so in seeking to be carbon neutral jet when it isn't starting at zero air conditioning accounts for over half the energy consumed in the hotel's conventional technology uses electricity to compress refrigerants that are harmful to the environment. but a new type of eco friendly air conditioning has already been installed in five hotels it system cools with water vapor the german development agency g.r.i.z. train the technicians involved the necessary electricity is produced by burning biomass the hotels will save money from the switch but only in the long term the new boilers are twice as expensive as the old ones and operating costs are
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considerably higher. the biomass. you have to keep on feeding me. maintaining been divorced of on. somebody's manual feeding maybe we have going out that you have to keep won't be eating. that fuel is waste wood from cinnamon farming. it only releases the amount of carbon dioxide that the tree absorbed during its lifetime. power used to come straight out of the socket but now jet wing has to build up its own grid. one hundred fifty kilometers to the south is the center of the island cinnamon production. silver farm cinnamon as people have done here for generations after removing an outer layer of bark they pry off strips of inner bark the quills will later be
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packaged as cinnamon sticks. we also pack in all the little bit. and then we let the entire thing dry in the sun. for. cinnamon is an important sideline that the family relies on to get by donations husband also works as a cabinet maker her brother has an administrative job. until now the wood left over from the cinnamon harvest was waste by product. now the family can sell it to jet wing and earn extra cash. hiran cool ray is visiting another supplier who's been selling waste what for a while small bakeries for instance sometimes use it as fuel but since jet wing is started ordering from him things have grown much simpler.
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these days i can sell in bulk to both buyers in the past it was all small scale stuff. sri lanka's biggest buyer of the fuel snapping up around half of what's available the company is already pushing the limits of what can be achieved with biomass if the hotel chain really wants to achieve its goal of being carbon neutral by twenty twenty then here uncool ray is going to have to opt for an additional renewable energy source solar power he's already made some investments in photovoltaics but he'll have to invest a lot more. but . that's one hundred percent green. experiment is
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a success it could set an example for others. and. it's undisputed that making businesses. across industries. can win citizens. along.
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a few years ago. after working for twelve years as a human. he made a decision to dedicate all his time to planting trees. there was definitely. five years more than five years so dr made it very clear that you need to stop using that road. the city of mumbai has lost sixty percent of its greenery over the past twenty five years this alarming trend coupled with the city's pollution levels is a cause of huge concern to residents. most are helpless when it comes to finding a way out once
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a year but for more than three years now look at ji has helped local people plant over fifty thousand trees in mumbai. just make sure nobody is feeling the. pre-planned. is very difficult because whenever we go to any people decide that there's no space available so it was very important for us to bring everyone together with the help of media with the help of radio with the help of social groups groups in divisions became dedicated campaigns that helped push to find space. and we're going to give you the saplings for free. and you just need to take care of it i got more than i think thirty five forty thousand emails from people. he now works with a team of two thousand volunteers look at she admits that raising awareness of the need to plant trees is hard work. the biggest difference need is in the
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mindset somehow the water between humans needs to stop and we need to approach as many people as possible to the last man who was alive they should know that we need right. now she also invites schools via facebook to support his work and local schools are more than happy for their students to participate just like on next story a school in berlin is trying out a unique experiment by him to do. understanding the biodiversity to its curriculum they don't just talk about it in biology class the school finds ways to integrate concepts of conservation every subject. summer vacation is over it's back to school. and the first lesson is taking place out in the school garden. for these berlin students spades and pruning shears or is important for
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school as books and pens. i am going for mother schools my two other kinds of things but here we've got our garden on the farm and the animals it's really something special. plants and animals are an integral part of their education here the kids learn how an eco system functions. that garden waste lands next door at the schools farm yard. the forum has a number of residents including ducks pigs and chickens. and then there is legal the mule and shall not the pony they graze in the schools former sports field they're done lands on a compost heap and becomes the fertilizer that can be used for the next generation of plants. the school is gradually becoming surrounded with greenery
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the main building is pretty bare outside the playground up front as well but not for much longer the concrete is about to be turned into a bed of reeds like this part of the grounds. the green ideas are all part of a conscious move by the school to encourage biological diversity when germany launched the national strategy on biological diversity back in two thousand and seven the schools teachers got together and thought about ways to anchor the idea and lessons biological diversity now has a fixed place in the curriculum. we have. the same subjects as other schools we have art physics sports foreign languages. but we've also incorporated biological diversity into the school curriculum and as far as i know we're the only school in germany that does not at. the start sat down and thought about what we need to do about the current situation in society and what we want to teach our students and
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they came up with their own curriculum. in the economics work in technology class students build wooden frames for the raised garden beds in math they measure and plan the beds and they also grow specific plants that can be used in chemistry lessons and they learn how to turn some of the things that grow into products like urban nigger or jam. but it's not just about practical skills they also learn about the advantages of diversity take the three sisters for instance that's the traditional name given to a mixed bag of squash corn and climbing beans the plants are growing together because they complement each other so well. that is just. what the students get to see how planting a mixture of crops is much better for the environment and is also good for a healthy balanced diet. you know that fast and then they begin to understand that
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the farming sector generally needs to move away from the extreme forms of monoculture we've seen and begin growing a wider crop mix so we are commissioned. before everyone goes home the goats have to be fed. there are keepers who tend to be animals but the students like to do it themselves if they're able. to. and here biological diversity is a year round subject and. in winter we're mostly indoors in the workshop this year we've built a beehive and an insect hotel. and there's always stuff to do like clearing out the animal boxes cleaning the yard giving the animal straw and hey it's definitely more fun than sitting behind a desk in class. the ducks and chickens would agree the students and teachers are
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proud that their unique lesson plan has won them international recognition and they're now an officially designated european eco school. they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder a romanian photographer has made it her mission to prove that seeing what she calls the atlas of beauty after quitting her job as a television station producer she traveled around the world before to draft women like her to underscore that every woman is beautiful the way she has her study. me high on the no rock has been in georgia china and india she's visited more than fifty countries in the last four years to capture images of female beauty . when i started this project and i didn't have the same idea how to unclog the
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project i was just aiming for something of a curiosity for myself. still doing it required a leap of faith. no rock quit her job at a t.v. production company. in bucharest at first she lived off her savings then she started financing her trips through crowdfunding. whether in myanmar. germany or italy. the streets and markets are her workplace. no rock approaches women and photographs them then in their. very instinctual process is a very. maybe some chemistry is going on maybe some energies are going to be changed between me and that person sometimes is just one walk and i mean i'm very drawn to that person in my life that night or. in berlin the romanian photographer has been preparing for her first major solo show she wants everything to be perfect
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as these photos have become part of her life and you have to dedicate yourself to towards a something that you believe in and sometimes it just works out sometimes it doesn't but you have to try to see how they're wise is like all of the women that they approached many of them they said no i will not be part of a project i'm afraid and i didn't give up that's the key in everything never give up never give up. recently also began to collect the women's stories to ask them about the challenges in their lives. this woman in germany beat cancer twice. she fled with her daughters from war torn syria. and she works in one of the most remote regions in the world. is really not only heroes they are heroes they do they life they are usually not noticed they go unnoticed unfortunately but they are heroes for their family as they are heroes for
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their friends and i just celebrate that. now their stories and photos have been published in a book called. atlas of beauty it's meant to send a message. and it is everywhere in different forms of course i think it doesn't have it and the finish and i think this is our problem as humans because we tried to put it in the books i think we have to take it all to of the box and then the stand the beauty has so many forms. will set off again there are still many countries and more forms of beauty to explore her project is far from over. i hope you would many take a very strong to the issue we'll bring you many more stories from india each one taking us one step closer to a sustainable future good bye and have a wonderful week.
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a celestial be. spiritual message. when they come from. why are they picked to be a human form. and why of the employees. i. enjoy chronicle. in fifteen minutes on d w.
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the good news is our own choices in energy conservation. recycling. in transport can help. find out what you can do today. that. the bangladesh election commission has declared prime minister shake has seen as i won the league winner of parliamentary elections dozens of opposition candidates pulled out of the rice amid allegations of fraud and voter again the leader of the main opposition group described the poll as fossick zero violence also marred the voting leaving more than.


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