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tv   Doc Film - Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas Part 1  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2018 6:15am-7:01am CET

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perspective closer up w. news thank you for joining us. everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. the right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference. and to see the scenes and implant information and ideas through the good lives of twenty years. until the anniversary of the un declaration of human rights article nineteen falls on w. . we make up of what we want tons of us is that under budget cuts we ought to seventy seven percent. want to shape the continent's future to. be part of it and join after the numb stares as they share their stories their dreams and their challengers. the seventy seven percent. platform
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for africa chart. live. who jumped out or. how we got it. and i got joe other days i think it is. so they. got thirty other hundred other elway's. they are not going to has that. that's got what doesn't and about that. day the. ending. that doesn't get out of the. general i'm not
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that of us that out of though i'm an economist on of us that out of though ever brought it up rather than of us they are growing at the other end and i get in there that are them. and handed. them up one of us to gather. them up to and that's that ad as though you're going to put a boom governor one on the ends of the limo. and. you know. will.
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abide. by. on. the airport and i decide to buy theo p.-a six years ago this is where the story began. on the tarmac i see white cargo planes being unloaded food aid coming into the country. and at the same time food being exported out. why is a famine struck country receiving food aid exporting food to the rich world to us. didn't make sense. returning to find out more i couldn't imagine that it was the
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beginning of a much bigger story. than . the beasts. slaying and. wherever i go in the city everything seems to be about developments hunger and poverty are to be eradicated by any means necessary.
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for the field being government the solution is to invite foreign investors. to feel good but i would say that i think it will yes it would be good to get this all the laid. yes there are many lessons in how we think it will mean that the lameness the robot that it will be investment and that some might not yet to get known is that focus by the output shop that thought it was human if you declaim three minutes you know you can about our future not just diplomatically to be investment. you can be sure to come about to one. of the call from the government is heard in the luxury hotels of the city and meet international business people inventors looking for opportunities the hot topic on everyone's lips is farmland what they call the new green gold. so you. do not need to. see.
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the. when i came here i first went to investment office they said that they were very keen to have foreign investment here to stimulate business and also to improve the foreign exchange ballots. it's a commercial operation i could see that it was suitable for what i wanted to do here great rainfall. good soils and your really interesting situation it's just good to give it a go. investors bringing money to a poor country might be good but what happens to the local farmers when the investors arrive. knowing nothing about the country i'm pretty lost.
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but i get to know an environmental journalist dealing with the land issues. scenario is a big commission but when i get on the center of that. it means it damages on the road ecological system of the park and it's never reported on the media and the things that for us to miss i think it is another big disaster because you can't cover that for us to buy any museums maybe for the next five hundred years. whatever there is for thailand in ethiopia you will find london festers. that is and the mines i have heard a lot of reports from western region. now i want to see with my own eyes what exactly is going on.
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our gala laus me to join him on his investigative trip to the gun bella region far away in western ethiopia. after two days of driving we finally reached umbrella for ages this region has been an isolated corner of ethiopia. somehow it reminds of forgotten world still untouched by modern civilisation. but now things are changing. the in.
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london it will come because able. to get a little bit as i'm a child like that and these are still investing to fit in with us live here not if he has a much limited big target on it and that he'll end up going to look in much. into the. what is emma what is emma shouted and what is it met that much again not you give me a quick yes exactly and i'll get. one of the up watch a video so the card house that got the slip while it was on it like a check going to school because the going to ask of the could begin to look at the article on to be held at. think
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she fled here and now can find anything calking at all until she. ended in attacking him at the end of the day. do you know that he was and. i sat on was a tiny little thing any idea which elizabeth would come i simply eat this in my hand the limo not there by left calmly about him but he went in and leave in the silence he had he was telling it in. india sickening and to many other than down the aisle minutely in how could anyone in the canonical elude them but not masai. leaving the farmer we follow the new road. we drive deeper into the heart of gun
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bella and reach ethiopia's largest national park the park covers over five thousand square kilometers stretching all the way to solve sudan and is the habitat of many endangered species this enormous area is also home to indigenous people living off of small farming fishing and hunting the dream means to expand this park to suit the cells. to make this park. the second to be selling getting into i think there now. this is stumping in the region. there is a national park in the middle here. the area east full of many species while lending money and there is
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a pleasure that. investors coming to come to be given land so are awarded now nt to do the same demarcation quickly as soon as possible so that the they invest this cannot be a locate it in the center of the park so this is what we are doing but who knows the pressure come from the federal i were plan maybe we can we don't know but deceived we are trying our best. this is where we have now now to. the park official omar is worried that his small staff can't control the vast area of the park. a few hours later we discover that his concerns appear to be justified.
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at a junction there's a roadside. a company named saudi star. what we saw was fairly disturbing. i wonder just how does the company he's after in that case. it's sad it's funding into the national park. so would seriously damage the wild and i found a lesson in cutting. the thinking and playing.
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the tests. with the gun to. jump. the gun. and. in the regional capital argyle goes out alone to find information about the government's plans for the national park and the saudis start company. the local security police find out that our guy was asking around and they arrest him. the entire night our guy was interrogated at the police headquarters. early in the morning he was released and ordered to leave dumbbell immediately he is told if you care about your security don't ever come back.
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the opinion over. the last forty. years later would take a very long going any year children lost their lives richard a. cigarette has a. sunday and your. i feel kind of feel in most places particularly in rootlessness they cannot understand you are in june and just cannot understand you have a right to pollute says the government policies they cannot understand such as you job and only way that turn to creates a sense of fear and. a serious warning and. in that condition you
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feel that you might inductions injured might be attached by someone ok then run away from softness. the for. our guy was lucky to make it out of dumb bella but for him this story is too important to drop. the one beloved harry potter can mathematica. design a cover of the particle night southeast given a shot. most religion when you look at innovation you're going to have to give my new challenge of you know in your. book i know that china. nursery. school.
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during the day for me into eighty's about four hundred thousand people died and almost every family dose the luftwaffe's. but the hunger north disappeared. today millions of people are still dependent on food date for their survival. now if us us from all over as a war that are coming years to get to farmland. if it does in time i had a culture a land is taken away from our farmers and crops are exported they maybe even more hunger. before hardly any international investors cared about farmland in africa so why are
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they so interested now. searching for answers i go to the global financial centers in new york the largest conference for agricultural investors is held. i let myself in through the back door. and once you get it there so now it's a famous american banker why do you rob banks because with the money and so he said and in some ways that's what people invest in agriculture because now there's money and you know she can make a profit. it's an agriculture the way you probably couldn't ten twenty years ago. but things change around the middle of the two thousand was when we had a big spike in food prices. and the reasons why if you press your heart disease on
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the demand side we have more population going to nine billion a lot of new demand commute of asia out of china and on the supply side you know there are questions about how much for childline is available in parts of the world in particular the heavily populated parts of east asia europe and other areas. and what's changed in from two thousand and eight is we've seen it she showed besser as we mentioned phones insurance companies private equity funds hedge fund now starting to look at agriculture it was as a as a real asset something tangible which is a good story about a good place to invest money in the same way as they've looked before at commercial real estate or ira forestry. as it turns out the rush for the green gold is reaching every corner of the planet
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international investors will soon control over fifty five million hectares of farmland an area larger than the size of germany most affected are the poorest countries such as ethiopia. saudis star has big plans for them bella. the saudi arabian company is preparing to farm an enormous area and they've already come far. they've come really far. to get on with the story we must return to the farm.
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suits shaw. the owner billionaire alla moody has a longstanding interest in ethiopia but investigating land investments in ethiopia is dangerous. with his arrest and dumbbell a fresh in his mind argyle has fears about the government. but as a foreigner making a film about i.q. cultural development i could contact the company. magazine. this was it yes so the story. before we start you know is just to get some confidentiality. we may not be disclosed to some interviews they've made quiet most of the ship at all. and so yes.
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this is you know one thousand. and this one like this it is two thousand that the young section the city thousand and in that this one is four thousand a day that sort of make up ten thousand do so of course all of the clearly got to be three of these had it almost all of it so this is it is. there and the same time and the fact i. want to stretch it was in the six months this is what i said million five to it would be fine and i was. just. x. five the. two was a must see moment because. it was a government has to provide some moron the source that we can expand these five.
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we are lucky the manager grants permission to visit the farm and gambell. arriving at the farm area we risk ordered by the company security service. you know saudi started. to do that opening to be listening. to compass. and fox and travel. the company provides services like food
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service clinic service for if you could working here we have a football field people do football great kates like they are in near future also again will have a swimming pool like down so this is very nice place where people are living freely not scared the security is good then the health care. and the living standard is very good in the europa standard. all the camp festivities they are designed in good way done by switch company dropped. so what was here before you started. it was simply. forest when i say
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forests not like this one of. but you see this fiercely populated oh that was clipped and if you noticed. production. only to get the brown rice but i missed it it moved and you know we'll get by trace . and that's going out of the polish but this one is only one of the. high class smitty's very expensive and you will export police radios. for the night we were given a guest room at the farm compound but we don't sleep very well the idea that a famine struck country should export rice is just too strange. you
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know. this all. and euphemia once the project is completed and there's a caucus did you find something not only in one hundred tons but. for something for the mankind that something gives you go for. did. we fly being the bridge. people. there was not much. people living. in the villages did inside yes. the people living inside what there. must have been the
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effect and then what. some of the. stars operating on the eagle permits awarded by the government to enable this development the government is a victim of the local people from the land. or indigenous people who've been living in the area for hundreds of years. we need to find out what happened to them i know . that.
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most difficult. to break through to one of sides. most people are afraid of the government must be free to have problems and said fear is justified. but over due cause there is any talk of my understand spice. just pick up against the land investments you'll be granted us on to development and cunning very quickly changing. finally argo manages to find people willing to talk to us just. going to get. on t.v. . which he did you took a model. in the ticket why no callignee. what i
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know would be good. and that. would be done what i need done. would. leave you to your god. given gloria but you already have by. now. yeah. you can give me time to get. well known on a woman. what a journo. i want to become one of. with
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a year. what if they are down here. and. garbage a fire. nobody can come by in my money my way and here paul. could walk. ok paul can hear me york with a pipe at home he wanted to work on the bandwidth and then i can make our own meant variable a new to me a good day at the courtship the more difficult to the very cover i want to come by whom betty. eat. eat.
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all over eat the o.p.'s small farmers are being forced off their land and moved to new villages one and a half million people are about to be evicted. the government calls the forced relocation villages ational treating new villages the official reason is that the locals can only benefit from development programs that provide people with clean water health care school and food aid if they live in the villages. the major development program in the area is a program called p.b.s. . right beside the saudi star farm we find one of those new villages the only one who dares to speak with us is a local government official. if the should go but i'm not an only due to my model and because i'm cannot industry i can only go and if there are several many
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soldiers that article coming along under bono to come to the back i mean do and didn't you know it all. forgotten you if you want to and i'm bored as i do in that ability of each element. so if you don't win anything could actually or does it doesn't i just feel the need to know don't. own lies ahead of them and. in the new villages we find empty bags on the ground. the local farmers who've lost their land now need food aid to survive. seems hard to believe that these relocations are about helping people. in a. very good about and
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who are no more need to be then women dark and she'll come and they're going to get all good you and i'm going to bombard you allowed war come on get on that do you one with the one with the you. know. i didn't get the abominable me to go to bonnie get you don't tell me to do with the who don't need you but a young male would have been doubtful if it were a real one a veteran or one you could walk on by to come by lemon anti-tobacco. but i don't want to go no malcolm he. could get there on the deck of don't want to and it didn't happen. but we're going to attempt to be going to take over again to morrow going more moment time to time rick i know but lorne a good idea to tell you have when i get home. but my note to all. my
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partner were not meant to be only a poem in the war. the only year i don't to do it poke among one of them i have one year for. the development program p.b.s. protection of basic services is meant to help the poorest. the intention is great but it appears as if the thiel being government income bella is exploiting the development program to clear land for the internet. the investors. the p.b.s. program is funded by the us the european union and the world bank. the
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world bank is the world's largest development bank and is financed by tax money. the mission of the bank is to end extreme poverty and build prosperity. in ethiopia the world bank has put over two billion dollars into the p.b.s. program. the world bank is engaged in many countries that have institutional weaknesses that have ethnic tensions that have big development challenges and that's why we're there ultimately. i think development often involves trade offs and many development aspects to come with costs. people should not be disadvantaged by by a project whether they own the land all they don't own. the form thing is to make sure that those projects are television a quality way without jeopardizing the environment so. making sure that we protect
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people and in fact benefit society at large without necessarily creating new reserves. in the theo three million people already depend on food aid to survive now the development program seems to be creating even more hunger. how can the small farmers survive when they've lost their land. more food aid. but. there were years of it. recently here mr
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o'reilly to stand up and not. count as i don't. know why her journal version of it will be with. our dog on his groundbreaking story now the challenge is to find an editor who dares to publish. hundreds of land investors flooded into the field via. but are they all the same. to find out i traveled to another corner of this beautiful and fertile country.
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through. this one looked right. up to the. most read. seven hundred one you know. with the green is good you know big lunch growing. yeah i think i have it but i don't think. the two days are really. just very dangerous try to. spend time looking at the grove city through.
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the land that we took initially had been used in twenty years before by the state farm system but they had abandoned it because they said it's too dry to grow crops on so we were the first people to plow in that area. if i can just point out across the way yeah. there is a neighbor of ours here he's also a little person. he has. no infrastructure much no machinery. but what he does do is follow his crop very closely and he does everything at the right time and you see he's also got a very good crop now i'd like to just show you this call just here. the person the
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farmer who has this is somebody who lives in i do. not following their crop closely there what we call i mean vesta they come perhaps once a year to look at their crops the result of that is that we have a lot of this week this is called i see grass weed it's called asking dabo literally means no brick what we need is more of the mentality of the pharma rather than the investor people who are committed to growing crops following their crops having that competitive instinct wanting to find something which increases the production. and one of the things they're very keen on these people who are having export crops
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in order to increase foreign exchange now we haven't gone down that route i mean were we to save imports. which varieties this is what i am about that. is william. yeah so. yes well ok and look be there ready now and the others are almost ready so if you can come on wednesday. thursday night you come good and also your good good i think that's very nice no problem with that and that's good million issue.
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first. you see holiday greeting with classical music stars.
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christmas. concert our. flag we were. when we were. eighty percent of americans and some plane and it's really experience hardship to listen. where is home. when your family scattered across the globe. with the insisted you have to do is to get me because my journey back to the roots should get a minimum of the. push on trying to flee from somalia who live around the world i'm
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going to enter into systems. travelling star children who are trying to. w. odd. place. to. this is steve deputy news live from berlin delays and allegations of fraud mol congo's a long awaited presidential election votes are currently being counted and what could herald the country's first peaceful transfer of power since independence opposition leaders say they will be consequences if the bush calms isn't it also coming up. in family danish prime minister's shakeups you know wins
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a record third consecutive term by a landslide bash their rivals say her victory was.


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