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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2018 8:00am-8:16am CET

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the big part of the. law. the law. in june. this is deja news live from berlin delays and allegations of fraud mall congo's long awaited presidential election votes all currently being counted in what could herald the country's first peaceful transfer of power since independence opposition leaders say they will be consequences if the vote count isn't thing also coming up . in bangladesh prime minister schakowsky you know wins a record third consecutive to by a landslide but her rivals say the victory was a force. classed as the year comes to an end we take
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a look back at the stories of two thousand and eighteen covered by al correspondents around the globe. i'm christine one welcome to the program. a tense wait for people in the democratic republic of congo as fights are counted following sunday's presidential election millions cos they have ballots in the land for it which could see the first peaceful transfer of power in decades questions over its fanous amounting with accusations of delays and irregularities especially in opposition areas. where their election day is over and the democratic republic of congo but by nightfall many had yet to cast their vote frustrated by turmoil at overburdened polling stations that was scenes like this one in the limited district of can shots that
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were not uncommon long lines stonewalled by malfunctioning machines. said it we've been here since this morning and it's dark already but we're here and we will vote no to was we called the technician he came but. the card is missing the memory card come with. as vote counting gets underway across one of africa's largest and poorest countries the significance of the election is palpable. longtime leader and strongman joseph kabila is stepping down after eighteen years at the helm. this could be the d r c s first peaceful transition of power since it gained independence from belgium in one nine hundred sixty. in the run up to the election opinion polls put this man not terrify you lou at the top he lead president kabila as preferred successor by an overwhelming twenty eight points . but there it's done it's over for mr copula. to
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get opposition candidates like fire ulu allege that rick machines voter suppression in opposition strongholds and general mismanagement have marred the vote. says he did. all these irregularities will certainly have a. negative impact on the election process. coalition will make sure that there are consequences when the time comes. despite for you lose warning holding the government accountable could prove difficult and victory is anything but certain for the popular opposition. or idea to appease wendy but she is in kinshasa and has been following the elections in the d r c for us the morning see a windy so we have to be seen in our poll there were some irregularities at some polling stations was this a thing election. everyone. there was
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really complex and in some places. say there were places where the machine didn't work and. very very new york i don't i think it was fair but it was really. complex and out there was there was a fee. all right wendy and in the in the run up to this we saw a lot of support strong support for the opposition leader martin fire you know does he stand a chance against president had been his protege emanuel shadowy. if de election is fair and the result is what the people ask for if the result is what the people who vote for i think might them for you and maybe village to see katie have
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changed to stand in front of emanuel i might enjoy diary but the only way to know if. he did it if the result is what people ask for but we don't know exactly and yesterday people was starting talking about fraud and there was a saying that maybe the results won't be was there as king for and was a vote for so we have to wait and see in the annals of the show results and if in a few days ok when the n.c. you've been talking to versus at polling stations what they've been telling you about what they want from their next president. people was telling me yesterday that they want change i remember a woman who told me we have very tired of the situation in congo there is insecurity and stability lack of jobs local food as conditions so they're waiting for change and they want the next president to be very involved in
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social and economic laws to change men in the country ok so we're anticipating that result as you say in the coming days that's when the bashir reporting from kinshasa thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world iraq's prime minister has hinted iraqi forces will play a bigger role fighting so-called islamic state millicent's in syria after u.s. troops withdrawal adel abdul musty said security officials met with syrian president bashar al assad in damascus on sunday assad all the rise to iraqi forces to attack is in syria without wasting the mission. a tokyo force has or rather is extended form a nissan chairman called disco since pretrial detention for a further ten days due to the latest allegations of financial misconduct made against him olsen has been detained in japan since november on educations of
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falsifying financial reports bangladesh's prime ministers shake as c.n.n. has secured a third term in office offshore a landslide victory in the country's general election shake as he and his coalition took two hundred eighty eight off three hundred seats in parliament but the election was tarnished by violence as well as accusations of vote rigging and voter suppression opposition leader amal hussain has called for new elections both the ruling party and the opposition reported attacks on their supporters and candidates over a dozen people were killed in violence on the day of the election all right our correspondent nischelle is standing by in the capital for us in dhaka hi michelle so prime minister shake out seen as an alliance managed to secure all but twelve of three hundred seats does this result is very strong result come as a surprise. well this result
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does definitely does not come as a surprise and not just because the few by polls that were conducted did predict a landslide victory for sheikh hasina this is also because of what the opposition has been pointing out for the last three weeks the opposition was only cobbled together a few short months before the election but in the weeks of campaigning leading up to it opposition supporters were arrested on a diet that's happened in both camps but the opposition of course allege that even its candidates were facing or how to summon by the authorities and this is not just claims by the opposition even foreign observers and human rights groups said that this was not a level playing field the surprise would have actually been if the opposition had scored more than twelve seats all right and initial having said all of this and how credible then is this election well the credibility of this election has definitely been drawn into question over here has
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spoken to at least two waters who faced some kind of intimidation or how this meant at the polls they said that they were not able to cast their vote freely one of them even said that his water was already cast for him he was not able to actually put down the stamp on the other of you also have reports of reporters saying that this they've written this ballot box stuffing but any decisions and any investigation into these discrepancies would have to be done by the election commission the election commission is the party who which can actually declare any kind of water rigging so far the election commission has said that the water has gone through freely and fairly but of course that allegations against election commission as well off a bias towards the ruling party ok to make sure we know that the opposition leader he's demanded a new vote that would become ali hussein what is the likelihood that the opposition will be able to challenge the results. well a short history lesson actually comes into play here or the opposition is demanding
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that the would be ve conducted under the caretaker government meddling government should not oversee over what this has happened once because before when the current ruling party was in the opposition and back in ninety six they successfully managed to push through fourteen lection under the gate because government did ejected an election read the opposition leader khaled as the action he came to but obs over us over your head and political political commenters see that this is very unlikely right now because the current opposition the nationalist party just does not read enough bar to actually push through such a demand this demand was pushed through in ninety six by massive nationwide protests by the party in opposition then contemplated the b.n.p. just does not have that many to push at the election through. all right that's. spawn a report saying from the ben leticia capsule dhaka for us thank you. as two thousand and eighteen comes to an end it's time for us to take
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a look back the years soul grace fanatical change north and south korea took the first steps toward peace and denuclearization in germany chancellor angela merkel signaled the end of an era with her plans to step down the chance of before the country's next elections and breaks it deliberations continued our correspondents traveled the globe to bring us these and many other stories have a look. like these week life has been an unrelenting few days of the day when the fires broke out stakes are desperately searching for survivors and then came the search for bodies it couldn't stop and says she wants to know a new breed to consume a few new. and the hope is to be cautious with those that do hope and hope from democrats. even if beto recluses democrats are excited by the idea that he could generate enough voter
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enthusiasm to take texas from a reliably republican state. to a swing state during presidential elections were. these been his way lands are arrived here this morning and are stranded now because peru started asking for a passport and they don't have one. the plain truth is the brothers treat them as good friends right in the middle east that's. all systems go everything is ready for space. with this app already east and will hopes to become one of the world's biggest of
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the asian hops if you now fly long distance wire dubai frankfurt paris to london chances are you may soon be changing planes here instead. indonesia is on forces are constantly airlifting in relief goods things that people here need most water sued medication. right here in this village council office five people will be to death by a mob last month the police say the people would driven by videos walks up claiming that kidnappers are on the loose. traveling is so bad that we had to leave iraq i'll be i'm jumping on a motorbike many of the truck drivers told us better lay securely open secret that
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if you bribe some of the security forces who are in charge of a range of the traffic you can jump the line put it on. the majority of the snakes here of animals and they're used to create anti things that save the lives of hundreds in the community around my. home and then we have to ask you was just to get a yes. i guess. that's. are you watching t.v. news live from berlin wall coming at the top of the island to forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website at steve happy dot com thanks for joining me c.f. the top and it's alan.
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i'm secure in the buy more that's hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to steal and more than most and you. are you familiar with this. when the smugglers were alliance and. what's your story. i'm with numbers of women especially in victims of violence and. take part and.


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