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tv   Sarahs Music - Pekka Kuusisto and the Reddress Project  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2018 8:15am-8:31am CET

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it's out. of. luck. i'm secure in the fire more that's hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to steal any more it wasn't you that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were alliances of the what's your story. i'm with numbers of women especially of victims of violence and. take part and send
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us your story we are trying in all with to understand this new culture. so you are not a very little or nothing yes you want to become a citizen. in four migrants your platform for a while information. hi and welcome back to there is music today where at the boulez sol in berlin i really like this whole because it has a fantastic acoustic and also the interior can be adapted to suit the needs of the music being played there today the whole is simply read. it would. be a long time but i'll. my
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guest today is truly multi musical he's a fantastic violinist and also a fantastic music communicator and i admire him a lot but i can't pronounce his name can you please tell the viewers how exactly to pronounce or when i can it is. a stop gap who's isto ok today was not a horn challenge it was a name challenge welcome it's so great to hear thanks so much we have something really fantastic planned apparently the color is changed in an absolute it a massive red crescent have a look at some an. absolute. pitch and. oh yes oh yes. now this. one as you address this question listen to.
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the red dress was designed by the south korean artist on the song who when we arrived was busy making sure everything was perfect. song so the five hundred fifty meters of the dress by hand herself with the help of a friend it took a whole summer eighty five days to be precise. q
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did you adjust the size of the dress to fit the bullets are a little bit yes smaller a little bit smaller and a little bit more oval hearts not run that yeah exactly then but i love what you say is this it's it's the dress is not a dress it's a space and it invites look the first thing i come in here first thing i do is want to get in there i see you don't need to use dropout like praying that it's a fraction of the wrong thing you just mojang to that i mean get in there and they are and being together so what did you think this would be good for music i know my concert or my i mean i own this concert or this is extraordinary but why we are so like stiff ya it's better and i listen my grandmother prank.
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on the on her chair and like i can marry miss hart of the music i listen is not just this body recently means or it's all of god it and we are doing together this sort of. for the red dress project work closely with the sound engineer team. team with samples pickers music live during the concert and looped back into the performance.
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i must say this is impressed me so much i really didn't imagine that it could be such a homely feeling in here and i don't mean holy is in holes but there's a real all i hopefully not in the direction of the new it's such a it's makes you feel so peaceful the stuff that's one of the things it can do i think it can also add to that and when you need to be agitated to do that with the music well i think it basically just accelerates whatever you want to communicate from it so when you're in the dress what do you become you decide on the night do you feel the audience energy the music that we're playing in this residence is happening for the first time some some there are some for chorus to clemens that i've been playing for years and years but this exact sort of consolations of music we've never done before and the technical element of it with never done before so if if i can already in the first concert feel like you know i'm just. receiving and
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giving then i'm i'm happy whatever whatever the notes are that come out whatever you would feel in a normal concert past form you feel it kind of ten times why is that because you're more alone because you know it's it's us and we have of course me put a lot of effort a lot of time into this happening do you have a plan of what you want to do or are you completely free when you get into the well for these concerts we've got two different plans one of them is over more sort of. sort of folks they're like very natural communications i'm speaking just kind of. that kind of a thing the other one is more of a sort of longer are just. more of an action a cast i think in the music so there's going to be a bit more sort of. room for an audience member to kind of access hopefully their own issues their own things during the music some more more kind of gradual
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influencing of the minds of mindset of the listener do you find this is easier for you to do in music with classical pieces or with with your your focus or your improvising i think of the closer we come to to music that was created today the easier it is it gets i can't wait to hear the concert and to see you. charm these the berliners into into this i mean to get into these pockets it's just incredible i can't wait it's such a lovely gesture isn't it it is and you have to see it's to believe it really. come in. time for the concept. this is the usual way into the we're going in the back way because this is only for the scene whereas.
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this is really something i have not experience in a berlin concert life before it's very unique. in. this and i'm getting time to get to the concerts about to start reading looking forward to this one. next time we'll seriously think about.
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you tube. the game will be in there will. be no money if you want to vote i think
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you know. one of the team names being handed game on don't get me when i leave home early if you want to emotionally game. that's truly seem. to you then. you would know that if you believe that the community. must be in the game can't. you. see but. today's horn challenge is very red like system. some just supposed to make
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a sound right the best sound you've ever made. my home. digital announcers who are transforming the world is going to be humanity ready for it. this time in a. country where the place to go sometimes. to get entrepreneurs about the basic technology to replace plastic. life seems. to confound sound and sadly the next detail.
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how to. discover your concept. discovered with the powerhouse. school of legend after one hundred years of the ideals of the potters are more relevant today than they were. a hundred years ago visionaries reshapes things to come the fall campaign the people understand design is a way of shaping society. with ideas that are part of our future. the bauhaus does cross over into a damned if it's an easy. on yourself to me now house means edition of the future.
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what makes the bauhaus and its creation expiring to this very day. it's somehow a part of our play. three part imagery starts in january thirteenth w. . differences. and. one happy place not the good stuff. doesn't work on newson been. on them. up a few notes will be nice though.


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