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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2018 9:00am-9:16am CET

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i don't want to go further into systems. family research journal or. on t.w. . odd. todd legislative. body. this is deja news live from berlin delays at allegations old mall congo's are on the way to the presidential election votes are currently being counted in what could herald the country's first peaceful transfer of power since independence opposition leaders say they will be consequences if the vote count is interesting also coming up. in bangladesh prime minister schakowsky in the wednesday report
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good concert could've chosen by a landslide but her rivals say the victory was a fraud. and the force is with us again as we look back on the highlights of two thousand and eight we visit a stall was schooled in moscow where students also watched how to save a fight. to the last. place. i'm christine we go welcome to the program. a tense wait for people in the democratic republic of congo as votes are counted following sunday's presidential election millions cost their ballots in the land law which could see the first transfer of power in decades peaceful transfer that would be but questions over its fairness are mounting with accusations of delays and irregularities especially in opposition areas. eager voters refused to give up at the ballot box
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election day is over in the democratic republic of congo but by nightfall many had yet to cast their vote frustrated by turmoil at overburden polling stations scenes like this one in the limited district of kinshasa were not uncommon long lines stonewalled by malfunctioning machines. in the city that we've been here since this morning and it's dark already but we're here and we will vote no to that as we call the technician he came but. the count is missing the memory card the as vote counting gets underway in one of africa's largest and poorest countries the significance of the election is palpable this could be the d.-r. sees first peaceful transition of power since again independence from belgium in one nine hundred sixty long time leader in strongman joseph kabila is stepping down after nearly eighteen years at the helm of the main opposition candidate martin for
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you lou and others allege that the vote has been marred by rigged machines voter suppression in opposition strongholds and general mismanagement. says it. all these irregularities will certainly have a negative impact on the election process his coalition will make sure that there are consequences when the time comes. because he calls. for legations rejected by president kabila as preferred successor emmanuel rama zani should ottery. i have just voted and i am now satisfied because today is the result of the electoral process we started several years ago. i think victory is on my side and that tonight i will be president. of the. congolese voters will have to wait
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a week for provisional results our new leader could be installed by the middle of january. all right when she is in kinshasa and has been following for us they are high windy so there were some irregularities at some polling stations as we've seen in our piece was this a fair election. i can't say that the election was fair nation workouts and yes there was when people didn't have big friend to friend their name on they knew their road and you that. so i guess is that the rate of participation was very low even if people wanted to vote but the race was slow and everything went. ok so a lot of doubt there about the credibility off this election but opposition leader martin fight has strong support and we saw that in the run up to this vote does he stand
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a chance against could be his protege emanuel shot. i don't know if i can say that he has a chance but americans are is really popular in many parts of the country in contrast and in other places like in the east but of the party where the country where the legend was dismissed for example but there is also and that is your position think she gave you also has many people who trust him so there is a street main leaders not that i'm silly to think of me and emanuel hasn't said i and we don't know exactly who will be but if they lection easter and the result is what people voted for i don't think emanuel has ensured that the as ancient king says that to be the one we be chosen by the people all right talking about the people right now you've been talking to sources at polling stations what do they want from the next president what are they told you. people told me it is that they
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want change laws then everything they want to live in bad condition they want the next president to lead a very involved in social issues they want someone who will bring peace they want someone with being bring jobs because people. don't have jobs and they want someone who is very very involved in changing the face of the congo especially at international level also right that seat m.p.'s wendy flashy reporting from kinshasa for us of course that results coming through in the coming days thank you thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the pool iraq's prime minister has hinted iraqi forces will play a bigger role fighting so-called islamic state militants in syria off to u.s. troops withdraw. he said security officials met with syrian president bashar al assad in damascus on sunday assad authorized iraqi forces to attack i is in syria
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without waiting for commission. with a tokyo pool which is extending form a nissan chairman called his pretrial detention for a further ten days due to the latest allegations of financial misconduct made against him and has been detained in japan since november on allegations of falsifying financial reports bangladesh's prime minister shaikh has seen that has secured a third term in office ofter a landslide victory in the country's general election the electoral commission says change as seen as coalition won two hundred eighty eight of three hundred seats in parliament in sunday's footage but the election was tarnished by violence as well as accusations of creaking and voter suppression opposition leader kemal hussein has called for new elections both the ruling party and the opposition reported attacks on their supporters and candidates over a dozen people were killed during violence on the election day all right our
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correspondent nischelle is standing by in the capital for us in dhaka hi michelle so prime minister shake us seen as an alliance managed to secure all but twelve of the three hundred seats does this result is very strong results come as a surprise. well this result does definitely does not come as a surprise and not just because the few by polls that were conducted did predict a landslide victory for sheikh hasina this is also because of what the opposition have been pointing out for the last three weeks the opposition was only cobbled together a few short months before the election but in the weeks of campaigning leading up to it opposition supporters were arrested on a diet deaths happened in both camps but the opposition of course allege that even its candidates for using or how to summon by the authorities and this is not just
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claims by the opposition even foreign observers and human rights groups said that this was not a level playing field the surprise would have actually been if the opposition had scored more than twelve seats. all right them in their mission having said all of this how credible then is this election. well the credibility of this election has definitely been drawn into question over here has spoken to at least two waters who faced some kind of intimidation or how this meant at the polls they said that they were not able to cast they were truly one of them even said that his water was already cost for him he was not able to actually put down the stamp on the other also have reports of reporters saying that this they've written this ballot box stuffing but any decisions and any investigation into these discrepancies would have to be done by the election commission the election commission is the party who which can actually declare any kind of water rigging so far the election commission has said that the water has
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gone through freely and fairly but of course that allegations against election commission as well off are biased towards to the winning party ok to make sure we know that the opposition leader he's demanded a new vote that would become malvo saying what is the likelihood that the opposition will be able to challenge the results. iftikhar government meddling government should not oversee award this has happened once because before when the current ruling party was in the opposition and back in ninety six they successfully managed to push through fourteen election under the caretaker government that ejected an election read the opposition leader khaled busy actually came to far but . you could and politically but to comment see that this is very unlikely right now because the current opposition the nationalist party just does not read enough bar to actually push to talk to demand this demand was pushed through and ninety six by massive nationwide protests by the party in opposition then the the b.n.p. just does not have that many to push for the election through all right that's the
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mission correspondent reporting from the bangladeshi capsule dhaka for us thank you . now the japanese rio you she has won the opening round of the prestigious four hills tournament in germany kobayashi edged out of the competition in the old but still phonology thanks to he's huge champ his first two champ brother off one hundred thirty eight point five meters the victory gives him a chance of becoming the first chap and he's at needs to win the four hills tournament since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. the year is coming to an end and it's time for us to take a look back correspondents have filed many exciting research reports from all over the world about people's personal fates political crises wars and disaster is but also stories that encourage and teach us or rather touch us and perhaps make us think such as in moscow where the force seems to be strong that's right we're
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talking about stall wars the russian capital is home to the world's first save the fighting school. in a galaxy not so far away a group of jet i warriors are honing their lightsaber skills students at moscow's saber fighting school train every week for performances and even take part in official fencing championships. daria has been training here since january and is preparing for her first stool with the nineteen year old has loved star wars since she was a child. that could be it up to my it's a great hobby because it's very physical it increases your insurance even your immunity plus of course we are all big fans of star wars. fun though more efficient his name or in this is the world's first lightsaber fighting school it was founded in the year two thousand around fifteen august come for lessons regularly and kids get taught for free loving the star wars films isn't
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a prerequisite for the sport but it certainly helps to first of the torsion people are super fighting is very popular because by taking a lightsaber in your hands and trying to imitate the movements of the characters in the films you can live your dream and become them. the reason the devoted crowd has gathered for the school's performance at the moscow comic convention even though the star wars films weren't officially released here until the final years of the soviet union many russians say they consider them classics. there are a lot of reasons why i love the films it's memories from my childhood. in many ways for me star wars is a symbol of who have become the mistakes of the best universe in the world no one has come up with a better one you love star wars since childhood my parents watched it my uncle everyone went crazy for it she's a. fire door it. here goes through with all my heart.
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the members of moscow saber fighting school have taken their love for the film franchise to another level daria and her jet i partner have been training for this performance since summer. these fights are exact reconstructions of scenes from star wars. saber fighting helps distract me from everyday problems in my studies with my parents and so on. i just dive into this amazing world of fencing into the world of star wars. daria is still initiate in the jet i order but patience she must have until then she and the others from the school hope the force will be with them. work is in china australia bracing a three day long new year's holiday for many it's the perfect time to visit some of the national treasures giant pandas visitors have been talking to this panda breeding santa in change in southwest china to see the big do what they do best and
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that it would be munching on bamboo as if that weren't enough just last week in chiang panda base debuted two new cubs a boy and a girl. it watching the news not from back at the top of the hour join me. live. live live long lives full of energy and live. europe's best rock and pop musicians live in captivating performances live live european concert on the g.w. lucky.


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