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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CET

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just systems. really start to turn a return to. g.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin delays and allegations of fraud small cong close long awaited presidential election votes are currently being counted in what could herald the country's first peaceful transfer of power was since independence opposition leaders say there will be consequences if the vote count isn't also coming up. in bangladesh prime ministers shake has seen the winds
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a record good on say could have turned by a landslide but her rivals say her victory was a full. glass as we get comes to an end we take a look back at the stories of two thousand and eighteen covered by our correspondents around the globe. i'm christine one girl welcome to the program. it's already too many nineteen for people in the pacific nation of samoa and elsewhere in the world the countdown to the new year is running just five hours to go in japan with buddhist temples and shinto shrine like this one are gearing up to receive millions of visitors and final preparations are under way in new york where the famous crystal ball is set to drop in nineteen hours we'll be bringing you new year's updates from around the
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globe as people say goodbye to the eighteen and hello to twenty one thousand. to west africa now and a tense wait for people in the democratic republic of congo as votes are counted following sunday's presidential election millions cost their ballots in the land while bush which could save the first peaceful transfer of power in decades but questions over its fairness amounting with accusations of delays and irregularities especially in opposition areas. the eager voters refused to give up at the ballot box election day is over in the democratic republic of congo but by nightfall many had yet to cast their vote frustrated by turmoil at overburden polling stations scenes like this one in the limits a district of conciousness or were not uncommon long lines stonewalled by malfunctioning machines. was it we've been here since this morning and it's dark
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already but we're here and we will vote no to that as we call the technician he came but. the card is missing the memory card the well as vote counting gets underway in one of africa's largest and poorest countries the significance of the election is palpable this could be the d.-r. sees first peaceful transition of power since again independence from belgium in one nine hundred sixty long time leader and strongmen joseph kabila is stepping down after nearly eighteen years at the helm of the main opposition candidate martin for you lou and others allege that the vote has been marred by rich machines voter suppression in opposition strongholds and general mismanagement. says even. all these irregularities will certainly have a negative impact on the election process his coalition will make sure that there are consequences when the time comes. because he calls.
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for legations rejected by president kabila as preferred successor emmanuel rama zani should out. i have just voted and i am now satisfied because today is the result of the electoral process we started several years ago. and i think victory is on my side and that tonight i will be president. of the. congolese voters will have to wait a week for provisional results a new leader could be installed by the middle of january. all right. she is in kinshasa and has been following the election is for us the highway in d.c. so there were some irregularities at some polling stations as we've seen in our piece was this a fair election. i can say that the election was fair election worked out.
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there was when people didn't have been trying to find their name underneath their drawers and you that. so i guess is that the rate of this it was very you know even if people wanted to vote but the race was low and everything went. ok so a lot of doubt there about the credibility off this election but opposition leader martin fire has strong support and we saw that in the run up to this vote does he stand a chance against could be his protege emanuel shot a he. i don't know if i can say that he has a chance but americans are is really popular in many parts of the country in contrast and in other places like in the east but of the party where the country where the nation was dismissed for example but there is also and that is your position think she's also has many people who trust him so there is
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a street main leaders not that i'm silly to think of me and emanuel hasn't said i and we don't know exactly when. but if they lection he said and the result is what people voted for i don't think i mentioned them as i'm sure they're as ancient in contrast had to be the one we be chosen by the people. all right talking about the people right now you've been talking to sources at polling stations what do they want from the next president what are they told you. people go here to say that they want change laws then everything they want to live in bad condition they want the next president to be very involved in social issues they want someone who will bring peace they want someone with being bring jobs because people. don't have jobs and they want someone who is very very involved in changing the face of the congo especially at international level all. right that's the japanese wendy fashion
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reporting from kinshasa for us of course that result coming through in the coming days thank you. ok to another election now in bangladesh as prime minister has seen a has secured a third term in office software a landslide victory in the country's divisive national elections the electoral commission say is seen as coalition won two hundred eighty eight out of three hundred seats in parliament but opposition members have rejected the result as raked amid widespread allegations of voting irregularities. to some she's a humanitarian to others she's an autocrat shaikh has seen the daughter of the founder of bangladesh now set to serve a third straight term in office has seen is credited with boosting the economy and giving refugee shelter to her supporters her victory represents both hope and security. i expect the new government to keep their promise of creating more jobs
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for young people and also to increase the age for working in the government sector . hopefully they will continue with the progress they've already made. we feel safe under this prime minister and we believe we will be safe under her in the future. we have many hopes and wishes as she comes here is the daughter of a model. but sunday's vote was plagued by allegations of vote rigging and voter intimidation has seen as critics accuse her and her party of authoritarianism of detaining opposition candidates and supporters despite heavy security election campaign violence spilled over into voting day with clashes turning deadly opposition alliance leader come out hussein has called the vote farcical and is seeking fresh elections. situation that has been created by appallingly bad
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elections can be corrected by holding appropriate elections under the neutral in the history of the election commission because the solution and to hold another election as early as possible under a neutral administrative dozens of candidates withdrew from the race before polls closed the rival parties have been jostling for power for decades but with a key opposition figure imprisoned and the alliance on the back foot sheikh hasina is likely to retain her post. or any aspect of correspondent mission. following the election christi for us from the bangladesh a capital cost her if this result with all the inconsistency is around it is still credible the credibility of this election has definitely been drawn into question over here has spoken to at least two waters who faced some kind of intimidation or how this meant at the polls this of that they were not able to cast their vote freely one of them even said that his water was already cost for him he was not able to actually put down the stamp on the other also have reports of reporters
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saying that this ballot box stuffing but any decisions and any investigation into these discrepancies would have to be done by the election commission the election commission is the party who which can actually declare any kind of water rigging so far the election commission has said that the water has gone through freely and fairly but of course that allegations against election commission as well off a bias towards the ruling party. now to some of the other stories making news around the world a tokyo court is extending form a new send chairman called just go pretrial detention for a further ten days due to the latest allegations of financial discipline that made against him go and has been detained in japan since november on allegations of falsifying financial reports. at least three people are dead and dozens missing ofter an explosion in an apartment building in russia although as he's believed a gas leak caused the blast in the nine story building in the city of might need to
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watch the explosion occurred in the early morning when many residents were asleep. as trade eighteen comes to an end it's time for us to take a look back the u.s. will great political change north and south korea took the first steps toward peace and denuclearization in germany i'm going to machall signet that signaled the end of an era with her plans to step down as chancellor before the country's next elections and breaks it deliberations continued i'll correspondents travel the globe to bring us these and many of the stories haven't. to volunteer like these weak lifeguards it's been an unrelenting few days of the day when the fires broke out stakes desperately searching for survivors then came the search for bodies we couldn't meet i mean to assist us with a new complete unknown of the proof consuming. and the hope was to be most of those
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that the hope is what can democrats. even if better recluses democrats are excited by the idea that he could generate enough voter enthusiasm to take texas from a reliably republican state. to a swing state during presidential elections were. these venezuelans are arrived here this morning and are stranded now because through started asking for a passport and they don't have one. place to treat the brothers three plus three brothers in the middle east that's. all systems go everything is ready for space.
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with this app already eastham hopes to become one of the world's biggest of the asian hops if you now fly long distance wire dubai francs and paris to london chances are you may soon be changing planes here instead. indonesia's on forces are constantly airlifting in relief goods things that people here need most water sood medication. right here in this village council office five people will be to death by a mob last month police say the people were driven by videos walks up claiming that
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kidnappers are on the loose. travel just so bad that we had to leave our car behind and jump on a motorbike many of the truck drivers told us that he basically is an open secret that if you're right some of the security forces who are in charge of arranging the traffic you can jump the line put it on. the majority of the snakes here of animists and they're used to create anti things that save the lives of hundreds in the community around the. neighborhood we have to ask you was just to get a yes. i did yes.
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you're watching data everything is from berlin wall coming at the top of the island don't forget you can get all the latest news and information are on the that's on our website to. see an excel and. we're going to one official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans years in colombia legally and illegally. already. returned to venezuela. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to.


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