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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2018 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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you're up today tell me about the top of the hour but of course as always the web sites are many ways around the clock that's at d.f.w. dot com a lot of jones is up next with news of potential progress in trade talks between china and the united states have a good. luck . a muse honest mistake she's not seen the one single since the team sat still holds a cold shake it's not the twenty's time simcoe side bottom
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sophists plain old people have put big dreams on the big story. plenty movie magazine on the demi and. donald trump claims there's been progress in the trade talks with china speeching ping the news gave asian markets a welcome boost but is it sustainable we go to singapore for more. also on the show baltic nations like lithuania and estonia leading the way for the digital age we ask how can germany hope to catch up. hello and welcome to d.w.
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business i want to get jones in berlin good to have you with us on this last day of the year twenty eight and if there was one topic dominating the economy in twenty eighteen then it was trade with u.s. president donald trump attacking partners in the e.u. as well as canada and mexico with whom he signed an updated version of nafta now called u s m c a and then there was china of course trump went after the country for its trade imbalance with the united states and started to trade spat that ended in tariffs on cars electronics agricultural products and other goods worth billions of dollars over the weekend trump said on twitter that he has been talking to china's xi jinping about a comprehensive trade deal and that progress is being made and on the last trading day of the year chinese stocks ended the session in positive territory for more let's cross over to andrea hang in singapore andrea how much of those gains are
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actually down to those trade talks between the u.s. and china a lot of it has to do with the chinese the u.s. talks that provide a very big boost to the market sentiment over the last few days now is also a rare glimpse of hope in what seems like a very tumultuous year for age in twenty eighteen and according to reports trump had a good call the chinese premier. c chimping so this is possibly hinting at. being well underway as well as even a truce and a mutual beneficially agreement being mapped out now of course not all asian markets ended on a positive note tokyo's nikkei is not trading today geo bank holiday but it ended some twelve percent down what are the biggest risks for asian markets right now well confidence overall is low for markets in asia and it is expected to remain so
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over the next few quarters of course all eyes in deep breaths being held over the chinese and us talks and how those will pan out whether or not there will be a crisis is going into twenty nineteen what remains to be seen it will be an exit whether or not it is unexpected it won't be unexpected rather. any any silver lining on the horizon for twenty nineteen or the next two quarters may find asia trying to stabilize the talks go on but according to a survey conducted recent the japan and korea ages most mature markets was seen as the biggest pessimists for twenty nineteen and meanwhile thailand thailand philippines and malaysia one of the biggest optimists for twenty one thousand so will want to look at those three markets over the course of the next two quarters
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all right andrea hang in single person q so much and happy new year to you. well markets here in europe are not trading on this last day of the year but off entre correspondent in frankfurt bought scared us this out for what's ahead next year in twenty eighteen the markets went downhill much growing much faster than anyone could have imagined especially in germany where the back twenty percent and so going into the new year people are still. from the dismal twenty. seconds of the new year are a little bit damp and a lot of analysts are seeing further growth a horribly market for the data for example there's been a little bit higher share prices at the end of the year. certainly nowhere near the record high the darker than twenty eight also there are better prognosis who are
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intent on the growth economic growth continuing most of the major economies germany included but also in the united states and in china. economic growth is uncertain what rate will grow and. the striving for the success. will be the major problem areas which makes for the hold the trade war interest rate hikes and the brics that anyone who problem areas where up you will have a problem running one major one. market correspondent in the box there now the new year marks the end of the european central bank's controversial bond buying program the scheme was introduced back in two thousand and ten in response to the euro zone's financial crisis since then the e.c.b. has purchased bonds with some two point six trillion euros critics say the acid bond program violated rules that prevent central banks from financing government
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debt the end of the program comes amid uncertainty over whether the e.c.b. will raise interest rates next year. and one of the major challenges for germany is this but also next year to catch up with the digitalisation from high speed internet to the digital classroom europe's most powerful economy is struggling to adapt to the digital age unlike estonia the small each member states in the baltics has developed into a major digital hop in a still nia coding has been part of the national curriculum for years these children are learning how to program their own music software and games. high speed wife i if you pick wishes in the country in fact the government declared internet access to rice as far back as the year two thousand. here in germany on the other hand universal high speed internet still feels like a distant dream especially in rural areas. is the sort of germany is
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largely covered by forests some twenty percent in fact. so before we start delivering foxes and birds with high speed internet we need to do our homework and locate the villages and rural areas that don't have sufficient coverage that would be the next step. should the. next step that critics say has been far too long in coming they say germany's lack of digital infrastructure could prove a major barrier to business in the future. and for more i'm joined by professor adam vampa president of the w. the center for european economic research good to have you with us the business with data has long since been done by others about all he u.s. companies of course dominate the market and we're on our way to becoming a digital colony of the americans that's actually it's a possibility and we have to really take care that we are not kind of losing the
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speed which is americans but also the chinese doing their i'm i'm you know i'm quite optimistic in the sense that you know we have see data protection in insurance that's really something we have and the others don't have it in the same degree so we have some jury peanut advantages but we have to use and so there's still a lot to to be done now with so much catching up to do just the german economy still have a fighting chance you know the next big step is the internet of things here so that you know you can talk to your refrigerator and but also the machines communicate with each other and you have sensors everywhere and germany is quite good in things so our industrial sector is very strong or automobile sector is very strong so if we kind of combine zs knowledge we have and use the data smartly i think we really have a good chance to compete with the other states. and
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staying with the digital age listen lanie out boasts the e.u. says foster's to broadband internet its i t sector attracts entrepreneurs and big names and to make sure they can navigate around the capitol on foot safely it's even put down a lane for mobile uses the smart phone like it or not we simply can't do without it and vilnius is now blazing a path for those who just can't seem to get enough of it without lifting their heads in the east. it's fun to be experiencing something new and it's also very interesting to find these little signs on the way on the roads and this also makes you feel a bit safer those signs on the ground indicate the direction things appear to be headed lithuania has europe's fastest broadband internet the capital vilnius is geared towards i.t. boasting twenty percent growth in the sector in the past three years we are actually really. hungry for good investments for service
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centers to open a business and we have a lot of them we have big names bark wise or best and you know who would do our nice that who do the services in the city of illness and naturally there is high speed internet access in the mobile lane whether news surfing and staying connected without the usual pitfalls. that's been tested and telling our tourists from russia from then economic growth that they can use it for free and it's not really common for such a thing to happen a lot of people walking the phone like i just i just know go so i think it's a really nice invention. there were by the way no collisions in the vilnius mobile lane at least as long as we were filming. well we have just enough time for this italy's column and has approved its revised budget for next year that of course after the european union rejected its original spending plan the move
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means that the country will avoid fines the e.u. threatened to impose as a punishment for breaking the blocks fiscal rules italy's populist government has promised to increase spending on the poor and to lower the retirement age but the e.u. said that the original bunch and would have raised the country's public debt beyond acceptable levels. and that is your business update here and you can find more on our website at t w dot com or follow us on twitter thanks for watching and see you soon.
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