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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from the world welcomes twenty nine thousand. miles or fireworks display on sydney harbor bridge as the australian city becomes one of the first to ring in the new here also on the program. because ash is the prime minister says her conscience is clear shake scene rejects calls for a new vote after winning her third consecutive election despite this latest being
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mobbed by deadly violence a rival say her victory is a fraud. meanwhile is awaiting the outcome of its landmark presidential election sunday's votes are being counted and tensions are high following allegations of widespread voter irregularities. the german chancellor hundred american delivers her new here suggests calling for more openness tolerance underspent as one of the toughest political career draws to an. i'm filled gal welcome to the program. australia has rung in the new here these pictures are from sydney's famous a fireworks display at the opera house i'm die hard but watch by the way to one and a half million travelers on the waterfront.
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called celebrates the arrival of twenty nineteen in just two hours we'll bring you live pictures from their fireworks and new year's updates from around the globe as the world says goodbye to twenty eighteen and good morning twenty ninety. backlashes prime minister has been declared the winner of sunday's national elections the electoral commission says a shake a scene as alliance won two hundred eighty eight of three hundred parliamentary seats but have victory has been overshadowed by allegations of vote rigging and opposition members demanding fresh elections. to some she's a humanitarian to others she's an autocrat shaikh has seen a daughter of the founder of bangladesh now set to serve a third straight term in office as scene is credited with boosting the economy and giving refugee shelter to her supporters her victory represents both hope and
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security. i expect the new government to keep their promise of creating more jobs for young people and also to increase the age for working in the government sector hopefully they will continue with the progress they've already made. we feel safe under this prime minister and we believe we will be safe under her in the future. we have many hopes and wishes as she comes here is the daughter of a model. but sunday's vote was plagued by allegations of vote rigging and voter intimidation has seen as critics accuse her and her party of authoritarianism of detaining opposition candidates and supporters despite heavy security election campaign violence build over into voting day with clashes turning deadly opposition alliance leader come out hussein has called the vote farcical and is seeking fresh
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elections. creation that has been created by appallingly bad election can be corrected by holding a property left from the administration of the. dissolution and behold another election as early as was a neutral ministration dozens of candidates withdrew from the race before polls closed the rival parties have been jostling for power for decades but with a key opposition figure imprisoned and the alliance on the back foot sheikh hasina is likely to retain her post. well take a look down at some of the other stories making news around the world at least three people are dead dozens more missing following an explosion in an apartment building in russia blasting the nine story block in the city of mack need to go off the top and early in the morning when many residents were asleep or forces believe it was caused by a gas leak. police in the philippines say at least two people have been killed and
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thirty five others wounded after a bomb went off outside a shopping mall in the southern city of quarterbacks so that if they were doing a show those are buying goods for traditional new year's festivities. a reuters news agency says the problem to activist ahmed nonsocial has lost an appeal against the ten year jail sentence in the united arab emirates it was sentenced in may on charges of criticizing the u.s. government on social media. and who attends waiting as the votes from sunday's presidential election are counted millions of people took part in an event that could see the first peaceful transfer of power for decades but questions over its fanous are mounting accusations of delays and irregularities especially in opposition areas. eager voters refused to give up at the ballot box election day is over in the democratic republic of congo but by nightfall many had yet to cast their vote frustrated by turmoil at overburden polling stations scenes
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like this one in the limited district of kinshasa were not uncommon long lines stonewalled by malfunctioning machines. that simulate we've been here since this morning and it's dark already but we're here and we will vote no to that little bit as we call the technician he came but. the count is missing the memory card. as vote counting gets underway in one of africa's largest and poorest countries the significance of the election is palpable. this could be the first peaceful transition of power since again independence from belgium in one nine hundred sixty long time leader and strongmen joseph kabila is stepping down after nearly eighteen years at the helm of the main opposition candidate martin for you lou and others allege that the vote has been marred by rita machines voter suppression in opposition strongholds and general mismanagement. says it.
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all these irregularities will certainly have a negative impact on the election process his coalition will make sure that there are consequences when the time comes. very new. allegations rejected by president kabila as preferred successor emmanuel rama zani . who would have just voted and i am now satisfied because today is the result of the electoral process we started several years ago. and i think victory is on my side and the tonight i will be president is. the. congolese voters will have to wait a week for provisional results a new leader could be installed by the middle of january. when the bashing joins us now on the line from the capital kinshasa welcome when they. are watching
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if seen and heard was this election fair. which i everyone i can say that generation or cheney's election was rico take it today and i'm on the ground right now i was speaking with some people was listening is getting told me that they had to leave for the station made in the night because i didn't get the chance to vote so i don't know him which way we can say that they literally were from but from here from what i've seen and heard it's pretty difficult to say that it was very fair and does the opposition stand much of a chance against president could be less protege and not the welsh either a. complex question because here in kinshasa i am one of them as i said i is not so popular if you ask people in the street that we send you that say hey vote for example for myself i knew maybe for finnick to see katie we'd also head of position but for sure that i can say that she was
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begging for food last year but maybe in the other are you out of the country and even for that i'm not sure but we need to wait for that he got those election the six of generally and we had the actor the correct one and as we speak to vote he says what did i tell you they want from the next president most of them want change most of them when you ask them what do you expect what are your expectations we see for they want change because the conway's a very rich country but they resist contrast decide ok some people need to hear a very poor situation so most of them once will feel change economy go change and they want to access too many things like employment and i have no doubt whose job. most of them want change we did and they can and the new president. should be forced to talk to you thanks so much for joining us when the bashing in kinshasa.
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thank you now to yemen where the latest ceasefire between government troops and who few rebels is holding its hope it will bring relief to the population millions of whom are suffering from starvation but an investigation by the associated press has found that much of the aid arriving in yemen and are being blocked or diverted by warring parties with even ending up on the black market. goods on sale at a market in yemen desperately needed wheat and cooking oil a closer inspection shows these products come from the united nations world food program and charity groups aid that should have been given away after nearly four years of war. twenty nine million people getting enough food. and then we came here they wrote down our names but they didn't give us anything
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they gave to other people but nothing to us they left us without anything. in the. large volumes of have been flowing into yemen donors sent more than four billion dollars worth in twenty eighteen but the u.n. says it can only track twenty percent of the deliveries observers say who the rebels are blocking or diverting aid some of the food goes to their own troops or resold on the black markets. this aid is not present on the ground it has no direct impact. on the contrary the more years pass the worse the situation becomes especially in the areas controlled by the who thinks we're seeing very painful pictures. to who these were due to hand over control of the whole data ports under a peace deal recently negotiated in sweden but the u.n. says rebels are failing to fully on of their agreements the residents of her data are still waiting for relief. or data has become
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a city of ghosts it's an empty city because of the war see jenna gresham prices have become very high and a crazy way. to back out of buying and selling has become difficult we live in a desperate situation we can't meet our daily expenses it's not living we're physically and spiritually dead at the end of a you. know on a months long and. the geisha by the associated press also found problems with aid distribution in areas controlled by the yemeni government and it's the weakest who are suffering the most unicef says some four hundred thousand yemeni children aged under five are at risk of death from malnutrition and. germany's chancellor. year's message marking the end to one of the toughest years of a political career. called for germans to come together and show more openness
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tolerance and respect. a little light at the end of the tunnel here at the chancellor in berlin germany's leader sure hope so. chancellor angela merkel describes two thousand and eighteen and her new year's address as an extremely difficult year politically she vowed to look ahead pressing for more solidarity in two thousand and nineteen. but i am led by my conviction that we will only overcome the challenges of our times if we stick together and work together across divisions . so summon. two thousand and eighteen saw the infighting that brought uncle america's coalition government to the brink in october she announced she would not run for a fifth term in office meco stressed in her speech the importance of shaping the future for generations to come referring to the challenges of migration climate change and terrorism a staunch supporter of the e.u. and diplomacy she warned against self isolation. and that's the foundations of
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global cooperation are being put to the test in such a situation we must stand up for must fight for what we believe in and for our own good we must take on more responsibility. on january first germany is joining the united nations security council for two years merkel promised her country will use the term to fight for what she called global solutions she also said germany would spend more on humanitarian aid and security and medical spoke with uncharacteristic passion about these images taken by german astronaut alexandre guest during his time at the international space station she said his pictures captured a new view of our planet testifying to the dangers of a changing climate but also to earth's overwhelming beauty. well it's twenty eighteen comes to an end it's time for us to take a look back on
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a year that's so great political change north and south korea took the first step towards peace and denuclearization in germany i'm going to machall signal b. end of an era by saying she would not run for another term as chancellor and brags that deliberations continued correspondence travel the globe to bring the sat beside many other stores. to volunteers like these weak life and when lensing came when the fires broke out stakes are desperately searching for survivors then came the search for bodies economy i mean a sissy wants to know a new breed a new macbook to consume me from the need to. be cautious with this at the hope it's what freedom across. even if betto recluses democrats are excited by the idea that he could generate enough voter enthusiasm to take texas from a reliably republican state. to
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a swing state during presidential elections. these venezuelans are right here this morning and are stranded now because peru started asking for a passport and they don't have one. clue . the brothers treat them. right in the middle that's. all systems go everything is ready for space. with this airport eastham hopes to become one of the world's biggest of the asian
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hops if you now fly long distance why dubai frankfurt paris or london chances are you may soon be changing planes here instead. indonesia's armed forces are constantly airlifting in relief goods things that people here need most water sood medication. right here in this village council office five people were beaten to death by a mob last month the police say the people were driven by videos wazza claiming that kidnappers are on the loose. travel yes so bad that we had to leave iraq i'll be on a jump on a motorbike many of the truck drivers told us barely
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a severely open secret that if you're right some of the security forces who are in charge of a range of the traffic you can jump the line put it on. the majority of the snakes here of animals and they're used to create and to finance that save the lives of hundreds in the community around the. i maybe we have to ask you let's just take a. chance. stay with sports a japanese ski jumper rio you call you how kobayashi has won the opening round of the prestigious four hills torment in germany he adds doubt the competition in opus doff a loss the fact he's huge first jump of one hundred thirty eight point five meters
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the victory gives him a chance of becoming the first japanese athlete to win the four hills since nine hundred ninety eight. russia is running out of time to meet an end of year deadline to handover computer data from its basco drug drug testing laboratory access to the data as a condition of the controversial lifting of a three year bout on the lab that followed allegations of state sponsored doping inversion sport earlier this month officials from the world anti-doping agency were denied access to the data russia wrists another battle if it does not comply. twenty eighteen will also be remembered as a year of sporting excellence with the likes of the french national football team and formula one dr lewis hamilton reaching new heights for others was a year to forget the notably world champions germany making a humiliating exit from the football world cup but it's also been a year in which for show that he could build political bridges. the world cup in
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russia turned out to be a feast of football despite political controversies sport did the talking france deservedly won their second title with the youthful exuberance of killian and batting a shining through the football benefited from the new video assistant referee. i lifted the new leaf to is the best world cup ever luca moderately croatia to an unlikely final and helped real madrid to a third straight champions league and club world cup triumph river plate prevailed after a bitter cup on the door as final against rivals baka juniors in tennis novak djokovic spans back to form with two grand slam titles while caroline wozniacki finally got her hands on one in a stray. serena williams came back from becoming a mother but a meltdown in the us open final left now you only are sucker the winner.
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lewis hamilton reign supremum in formula one his fifth title putting in just two behind german great mikhail schumacher. it was more british obsessed with getting thomas delighting the welsh public by winning his first tour de france. and kenya as elliott could choke a stone deaf let six by smashing the marathon world record in berlin. the winter olympics in south korea so estella debts become the first woman to win gold in two separate sports at the same games. young china also led to a foreign of relations between north and south korea directly because of swartz a joint women's korean ice hockey team as heralded a new future. two thousand and eighteen really opened your eyes and in many respects of course the initiative to have the two koreas north and south korea marching to go this way opening the
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door to a peace process on the korean peninsula and beyond the power of sport for good will be the biggest legacy of twenty eight seen. let's look back at the business world over twenty eighteen with a lot of concerns which which wasn't the best i can i can assure you of that phil and if there was one topic dominating the economy in twenty eighteen then it was trade with the u.s. president or trump attacking partners in the e.u. as well as canada and mexico with whom he signed an updated version of nafta now called u s m c a and then of course there was china trump went after the country for its trade imbalance with the u.s. and started a trade spot that ended in tariffs on cars electronics aquaculture of products and other goods worth billions of dollars over the weekend trump said on twitter that
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he has been talking to china's ping about a comprehensive trade deal and that progress is being made. and on the last trading day of the year chinese stocks ended the session in positive territory for more let's cross over to andrea hang in singapore andrea how much of those gains are actually down to those trade talks between the u.s. and china a lot of it has to do with the chinese china us talks that provide a very big boost to the market sentiment over the last few. now it is also a rare glimpse of hope in what seems like a very tumultuous year for twenty eighteen and according to reports trump a good call the chinese premier see chimping so this is possibly hinting at. being well underway as well as even a truce and a mutual beneficially agreement being mapped out now of course not all asian markets ended on a positive note tokyo's nikkei is not trading today jus
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a bank holiday but it ended some twelve percent down what are the biggest risks for asian markets right now well confidence overall is low for markets in asia and it is expected to remain saw over the next few quarters of course all eyes in deep breaths being held over the chinese and us treat talks and how those will pan out whether or not there will be a crisis is going into twenty nineteen what remains to be seen it will be a mix of whether or not it is unexpected it won't be unexpected rather. any any silver lining on the horizon for twenty one thousand well the next two quarters may find trying to stabilize as the talks go on but according to a survey conducted recent the japan and korea ages most mature markets was seen as
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the biggest pessimists for twenty nineteen and meanwhile thailand thailand philippines and malaysia one of the biggest optimists for twenty one thousand so will want to look at those three markets over the course of the next two quarters all right andrea hang in single person q so much and happy new year to you. well markets in europe are not trading on this last day of the year but our financial correspondent in frankfurt gave us this outlook for what's ahead next year. the markets went downhill much deeper and much faster than anyone could have imagined especially in germany where the back twenty percent and so going into the new year people are still far from the dismal twenty. for the new year are a little bit damp and a lot of analysts are seeing further growth for me markets for the day for example
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seeing a little bit higher share prices at the end of the year but certainly nowhere near the record high of the darker than twenty also there are better prognosis for economic growth economic growth will be continuing most of the major economies germany included a bit also in the united states and in. economic growth is uncertain of what rate will grow and people say. for the success of twenty nine will be the major problem areas which may twenty eighth sort of called the trade war. and the brackets that any one of the problem areas where up when we will have problems with twenty nine. really box there from the front and stock exchange the new year marks the end of the european central bank controversial bond buying program the scheme was
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introduced back in two thousand and ten and response to the euro zone's financial crisis since then the e.c.b. has. some two point six trillion euros critics say the acid bond program violated rules that prevent central banks from financing government debt the end of the program comes amid uncertainty over whether they will raise interest rates next year. and a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you. it's farewell twenty eighteen and good day twenty nineteen a massive file let's display on sydney harbor bridge has seen the australian city become. one of the fust to ring in the new negiah. it watching the news live from berlin wall coming up at the top of the hour student .
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fees on fire. sale at ca is one of the world's most successful d.j.'s. in our special this week we made him backstage. i am going to try the show momentum and armadillo it in your mind's eye and even the. public space. we can't
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see. we can't feel it and yet it's everywhere. high energy radiation from space. what's the impact of it on our climate. and how dangerous is it for humans. space radiation. in forty five minutes. in a timeless way to discover the pulse effect now house world starts january thirteenth . where is home. when your family is scattered across the globe. with existing to be.
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a journey back to the roots which again minutely. the shah challis from somalia live around the world i'm one of them i did urgent assistance of. good family starts in january twenty third on t.w. . hello and welcome to our pop exports special. this week's show is all about german d.j. and producer felix yam we show this electro pop superstar up close and personal rock out with him on stage.


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