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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2018 5:00pm-5:16pm CET

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lives around. them made it into systems. literally starts january twenty third w. this is the dubliners life from above and twenty nineteen begins with a back. i . count down to the new yass just ended in hong kong with victoria harbor providing the backdrop drop to
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a spectacular fireworks display also on the program bangladesh's prime minister says her conscience is clear a shake a senior rejects the calls for a new photo after winning her first consecutive election despite its latest being mobbed by deadly violence but her rivals have called her victory a fraud. although meanwhile is awaiting the outcome of its lamarck presidential elections sunday's votes are being counted and tensions are high on allegations of widespread voting irregularities. i'm phil gallo welcome to the program. revelers across the world are ringing in the new year the colts have just struck a midnight in hong kong which saw hundreds of thousands of people like victoria harbor so watch the traditional fireworks display.
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that is not to look much like fireworks but believe me they were there when you hear that they are near here january first is a major event in hong kong but in mainland china the big celebrations take place in february about the beginning of the lunar new year. ready a few hours old in new zealand much of australia there are still many more parties to come from the biggest celebrations from across the globe as the world says goodbye to twenty eight even twenty nine to. bangladesh's prime minister has been declared the winner of sunday's national elections the country see an actual commission says she cast seen as alliance won two hundred eighty eight out of three hundred parliamentary seats which have victory has been overshadowed by allegations of photo making its opposition members demanding fresh elections. to
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some she's a humanitarian to others she's an autocrat shaikh hasina daughter of the founder of bangladesh now set to serve a third straight term in office has seen is credited with boosting the economy and giving refugee shelter to her supporters her victory represents both hope and security. over there but i expect the new government to keep their promise of creating more jobs for young people and also to increase the age for working in the government sector. hopefully they will continue with the progress they've already made. we feel safe under this prime minister and we believe we will be safe under her in the future. we have many hopes and wishes and shake us here is the daughter of a role model. but sunday's vote was plagued by allegations of vote rigging and voter intimidation has seen as critics accuse her and her party of authoritarianism
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of detaining opposition candidates and supporters despite heavy security election campaign violence spilled over into voting day with clashes turning deadly opposition alliance leader come out hussein has called the vote farcical and is seeking fresh elections situation that has been created by appallingly bad election can be corrected by holding appropriate election under the neutral ministration of the election commission to conclude this election and behold another election as early as possible under a neutral ministration dozens of candidates withdrew from the race before polls closed the rival parties have been jostling for power for decades but with a key opposition figure imprisoned and the alliance on the back foot sheikh hasina is likely to retain her post after some of the other stories making news around the world at least three people are dead dozens of missing following an explosion in an
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apartment building in russia the blast in the nine story block in the city of mack need to go up and early in the morning when many residents were asleep authorities believe it was caused by a gas leak. security forces in sudan a fire tear gas the protesters who were plotting to march on the presidential palace and the government demonstrators want omar al bashir to step down a crowd gathered in the capital khartoum confronted by riot police who blocked them . the votes from sunday's presidential election are counted wellens of people took part in an event that could see the first peaceful transfer of power for decades but questions over elections fantasy with accusations of delays and irregularities especially in opposition areas. thirty years in many parts of congo returned to polling stations today to study lists of initial results posted outside provisional nationwide
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results are not due out for another week. day was playing by technical problems and allegations of vote rigging. i don't think the elections were credible too many people found their names won on the electoral lists they were told to go to other centers and even there they didn't find their names so as a result many didn't get to vote. scenes like this one in the letter district of contrasts are not uncommon long lines formed as voting machines malfunctioned. we've been here since this morning and it's dark already but we're here and we will vote for. the national conference of catholic bishops deployed thousands of service across the country they reported numerous problems but to clear the vote overall relatively calm. to ensure the credibility of the results we ask the electoral commission to continue posting the results of the manual count in
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front of the polling stations and to undertake any other action that guarantees the transparency of the process. as vote counting got into way across one of africa's largest countries the significance of the election was clear this could be congo's first peaceful transition of power since it gained independence from belgium in one thousand nine hundred sixty longtime leader joseph kabila is stepping down after nearly eighteen years at the helm. opposition candidate martin for you who is considered one of the front runners he and others allege the vote was fraudulent with wreaked machines. emanuel ramasamy said diary this could be pretty good success as a former interior minister he's on the european union sanctions for violent repression and protests. have announced he is that mind and could return to congo particularly if saddam is declared the winner. well they did lose so wendy bash
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joins us now on the line from the dossiers capital kinshasa and welcome wendy from what you've seen and heard was this election fattah. i everyone can say that in action or actually daily action was really cowed c.q. it is and i am on the ground right now i was thinking we'd done people were putting it told me that they had to leave good polling station nate in the night because they didn't have the chance to work so i don't know in which way we can say that they should work but from here from what i've seen and heard you cheated because you feel that you were very fair and does the opposition stand much of a chance against president kabila as proxies i am manual shuddery. come very complex question because he here in kinshasa a minute i said are you not so popular if you ask people in the state tell you that
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they will for example format that for you maybe for kitty kitty kitty who is also big head of vision but first said very i can't say that he could be last year but maybe in the other area of the country and even for bad i'm not that sure but we need to wait for going to the election this generally and we'll have the actor the correct one and as you speak to vote says what do they tell you they want from the next president. most of them were change most of them when you ask them what do you expect what are your expectations for they want change because they go away the very rich country back there is a contract if i don't don't it will leave you very poor situation i don't want don't them want you'll change the economy go changing they want to i did too many things like employing man and there were doubts. but most of them want
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change we the election and the new president. for. talking to you thank you so much for joining us wendy battery in kinshasa. thank you when you have the latest cease fire between government troops and who think rebels is holding its hope this will bring relief to the population millions of whom are suffering from starvation but an investigation by the associated press has found that much of the aid arriving in yemen ends up in the wrong hands united nations world food program has also said today its food is being stolen. goods on sale at a market in yemen desperately needed wheat and cooking oil a closer inspection shows these products come from the united nations world food program and charity groups aid that should have been given away across the nearly four years of war. twenty nine million people getting enough food.
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i think we came here they wrote down our names but they didn't give us anything they gave to other people but nothing to us they left us without anything. to look at. large volumes of have been flowing into yemen donors sent more than four billion dollars worth in twenty eighteen but the u.n. says it can only track twenty percent of the deliveries observers say who the rebels are blocking or diverting aid some of the food goes to their own troops or is sold on the black markets. this is a it is not present on the ground it has no direct impact. on the contrary the more years pass the worse the situation becomes especially in the areas controlled by the who things we're seeing very painful pictures. to who fees were due to hand over control of the whole day to ports under a peace deal recently negotiated in sweden but the u.n.
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says rebels are failing to fully on of their agreements the residents of her data are still waiting for relief. or data has become a city of ghosts it's an empty city because of the war see jenna gresham prices have become very high and a crazy way. to back out of buying and selling has become difficult we live in a desperate situation we can't meet our daily expenses it's not living we are physically and spiritually dead and another year. on a months long and. geisha by the associated press also found problems with a distribution in areas controlled by the yemeni government and it's the weakest who are suffering the most unique says some four hundred thousand yemeni children aged under five are at risk of death from malnutrition. and germany's chancellor has delivered her traditional new year's message marking
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an end to one of the toughest years of her political career. calls for germans to come together and show more openness tolerance and respect a little light at the end of the tunnel here at the chancellor e. in berlin germany's leader sure hope so chancellor angela merkel describes two thousand and eighteen and her new year's address as an extremely difficult year politically she vowed to look ahead pressing for more solidarity in two thousand and nineteen. that misty about i am guided by the conviction that we will only master the challenges of our time if we hold together and if we work with others across boundaries and borders. two thousand and eighteen saw infighting that brought uncle america's coalition government to the brink in october she announced she would not run for a fifth term in office medical stressed in her speech the importance of shaping the
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future for generations to come referring to the challenges of migration climate change and terrorism a staunch supporter of the e.u. and diplomacy she warned against self isolation. because this heightened it and that's what have been certain scenes of international cooperation and now coming under pressure in such a situation we must stand up more for our convictions we must fight for them and in our own interest we must assume more responsibility on january first germany is joining the united nations security council for two years merkel promised her country will use the term to fight for what she called global solutions she also said germany would spend more on humanitarian aid and security and medical spoke with uncharacteristic passion about these images taken by german astronaut alexander guest during his time at the international space station she said his pictures captured a new view of our planet testifying to the dangers of
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a changing climate but also to earth's overwhelming beauty i think. that's it you're up to date more from the head of the homefront at the top of the al or of course around the clock on the website that's t w dot com have a good game to have a good day have a good new year. where i come from we had to fight for a free press that was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if you newspapers when official information as a journalist and have worked all of this translate many can trust and that all the .


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