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tv   Close up - How to Make Cultural Social Integration Work  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2018 8:15pm-8:45pm CET

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and there are now even more bears to say hello to you last week the chengdu pam the bay state to new cubs a boy and ago. you're watching news i'm having a home for him but i have plenty more at the top of the hour do join me then if you can't if you can't wait till then of course there's always our website that is d w dot com. and language courses. video. anytime anywhere.
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in europe right now immigration and integration are major challenges for most cities and towns. many people are asking how these two complex issues can be tackled effectively. to communities one in germany the other in belgium seem to have found a way to help people from different cultures come together better as one community . it's the first day of the new school year in mechelen belgium people from one hundred thirty eight different nations live in this town. it's
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a complicated situation especially at schools. most of the pupils at st peter's school aren't native born belgian children they're from migrant families who live nearby. school principal declared tense wants to create a broader makes in the classrooms and thus promote integration it's never too early to start. we want to help i ask what is a kind of integration point in these neighborhoods where they are together and if together and to learn to. cope together to work together to learn together to. have fun but also have discussions still to see that there are different people in this world and i think it's very rich. school integration programs like these seem to be working that's also thinks too bad samas who's been mayor of mechelen for eighteen years has made
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a lot of positive changes. i resoldered there are what we call in emerging concentration schwarzenegger schools read only a vast majority of people with a migration background and white blue cross parents wouldn't center kids anymore to those schools because they're afraid of the quality of the school and also are afraid that there could be a little bit to only one as soon stand alone in the school and no parent like that i'd be. so someone has decided to invest in a program that actively encourages belgian parents to send their children to the nearest school regardless of the ethnic mix. you need a village to raise a child that's true but you also need the parents are central in it and have to understand for a minute what their task is in the education of their kids. in the school guarantees quality education. and officials track the students' academic
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performance that gives belgian parents confidence so much so in fact that the number of non migrant pupils is now rising. nora has been attending st peter's for a year now in belgium children start school at the age of three her parents hannah and vincent decided to send her to their neighborhood school. will i connect with want our children to attend a school that reflects our town. we want them to meet children from different conscience. from amala sort on our third. nora's parents aren't worried her education will be worse off for it on the contrary. they say look for on the religion it's a win win situation for us michael in this way we can meet other parents and the children can play together. but out of it. at the end of the one nine hundred
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ninety s. such integration programs were few and far between the town had a number of problems and many blamed immigrants. become other very difficult periods where for example extreme right in more than thirty percent of the vote was a polarized city a city with a lot of negativity the most difficult thing is he's always really find a balance between having a city where people respect rules of the other and having an inclusive city and finding that. equality between safety and inclusion does it it's a big challenge. mayor somebody set out to meet that challenge. in stuttgart the capital of biden voted back in germany integration and inclusiveness have been a top priority for decades about six hundred thirty thousand people live in stuttgart. from more than one hundred sixty different countries around two hundred
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seventy thousand people immigrated here that's nearly forty three percent. for the city of stuttgart integration means creating conditions of equality for all residents. with a quote of that multiculturalism just means there are lots of different cultures and one so to make society diverse but we all belong to stuttgart we ought to play by the same rules for the browns everyone can be themselves one can see them fighting over. immigration and integration have been natural part of life in stuttgart for nearly fifty years it is new money is preparing an exhibition for the city museum part of it focuses on immigration in the one nine hundred sixty s. a number of turkish guest workers arrived in stuttgart this small statue portrays one of them. was mr danforth and it's fascinating that most people instructor with
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a migrant background have some sort of keepsake like this from when their parents first arrived in the sixty's and seventy's i have a photo of my father when he arrived he's at the train station with his french girl come. this is a german language course on records they were donated by a greek immigrant. the doesn't go forward is this week off of them how much land he bought the records in greece before he came to germany even though he didn't own a record plant but he was sure that as soon as he found work in germany he could buy one at all but according to the plans go to twice. by the one nine hundred seventy s. the challenges that immigration posed for the city of staccato were obvious this official report is from one nine hundred seventy six this was certain it provides a summary of the situation at the time right along with some proposals for the future. one of the situations that we still face today were outlined in this
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document document. that was absolutely. it's got a chapter on integration and how to make migrants want to stay in one of the local government had already been dealing with the issue for fifteen years or so they were ahead of their time and i thought. germany was in dire need of extra hands in the one nine hundred sixty s. so much recruited people from southern europe and turkey to come and work in the booming industrial sector it was a new experience both for the immigrants and for germans. i mean what is going to take that like out from yugoslavia stayed with me for a while i asked him to stop eating so much garlic you could smell it all over the house but he didn't so he actually. stuck gods mayor at the time. actively promoted and intercultural dialogue.
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not least because he had a vested personal interest. actually my mother in law is great but my wife doesn't speak greek. to him it was beyond question that migrants should be able to help shape city policy and vote people blame of those that many of our migrant citizens who were born here are more like locals than foreigners integration brings us closer to each other and our unique problems. but i. got also came up with innovative ideas for integrating the local housing market these included a quota program which guaranteed a mix of germans and foreigners in neighborhoods and apartment buildings to prevent segregation. of these apartment blocks in the district of because are managed by the city. housing
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authority. mimicked bose tamir was a teenager when his family moved here from turkey in the one nine hundred seventy s. . and these are fertile been the health of oxen i grew up in this neighborhood. there were a lot of germans here back then and not many immigrants can find in them but i made friends quickly sprogs again because i had german friends and that helped me learn the language is the for the not really but it was a vibrant neighborhood when done up and soon more immigrants came. to me as family lived here on the first floor. the same occupancy guidelines are still in place today. for that and all these policies help promote integration fall but only if germans are part of the ethnic mix the idea is to make immigrants part of society that is a good source of them. to contribute to that idea most of your serves as
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a volunteer on the housing authorities advisory board. today he's meeting a family from macedonia that urgently needs a place to live. the family has been looking for a new home for two years. bureaucratic red tape is not making things any easier. right now they're forced to live separately the father is in a one room apartment the mother and the couple's two sons are staying with friends . so the kids want to be with their father. well that's a problem. of blame if i want my own room i want to home. it's house. most to me and knows he can help this family find a home just by explaining their situation to the housing office to give them a better understanding of what's going on. he'll do what ever he can.
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back in mechelen there are no such housing quotas so mayor summers has had to come up with some new ideas to undo past segregation. in the one nine hundred seventy s. a number of cheap housing estates were built. they filled up quickly predominately with immigrants. they were only interested in the quantity but not in the quality of what they were building there so then you put people together in houses over better quality where you can hear the neighborhood but if you are in the ranch you . and you live in a kind of here and get zero atmosphere and that's not good because those people deserve better. housing social supports and the promotion of interethnic dialogue summers works to get everyone on board to face communal challenges together. get
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trees here seek it after his new ideas have made him something of a celebrity. tell has invested one hundred eighty million euros in public housing projects so far we want to put middle class and life also in those social houses and they have to pay a low rent but they have to give something back to us they have to give eight hours a week they have to put in voluntary work in the neighborhoods because it's often a problem but in neighbors like this not so many people have a job they see work to see progress they get a bit of network it brings days. versity in the neighborhood. summers has worked hard to fight segregation and promote ethnically diverse neighborhoods where everyone feels welcome and safe. for us. it's about it's really satisfied in mechelen and then absolutely i used to live in
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the hague in holland but i like living here. the globe and the regular is great britain is all should look like trees and. the mayor is also responsible for making sure his community is safe because integration can succeed only when people feel secure. a liberal politician someone takes a zero tolerance approach to crime he had more than four hundred surveillance cameras installed around the town. in the beginning a lot of people said he's a right wing politician he's invests a lot in police and security and clean streets but it was an important starch because easy to recreate a trust also for people a difficulty speak to changing reality over a diverse city. the security cameras free up more police to go out on street patrols. that increases their presence in the
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community. and all of the other the food civil not. living up to the north of the pit. the perhaps most important of all people in low income neighborhoods also feel safer which is open the door to more diversity. mechelen has shown that it is possible to be tough on crime and to promote integration but it takes a lot of work. the investments seem to be paying off. in. most people's in mechelen that i. no telling me that the cameras are giving them a more secure environment to shop a by example because he hold a shopping areas covered by cameras so they know if something happens they know we've got the possibility to i do identify the author of the crime. in the city also uses volunteers counsellors and social workers to stay in touch with the
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community and help reduce crime to foster integration summers says freedom and security must go hand in hand. that creates a much more relaxed down and more safe town and that's what people also appreciate and when you feel safe your mind gets on.


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