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tv   Doc Film - Founders Valley - India Drowning in Plastic  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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as many painting and drawing skills as works are in the style of different areas an art history and he's put them all together in a stop motion film that's already had three hundred thousand viewers on the am. as a smoker pass on a cigarette piece aimlessly glide through various artistic styles an heiress. whether it's european impressionism own chambers a japanese painting or chinese entering was. just one minute show tours the well the hot. and next week the craze for sporting events is booming around the globe especially in the middle east the future is said to be particularly bright for professional players be enthusiasm could set new trends in the region change through gaming next time on shift.
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coach a bit early. to link to news from africa and the world or link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news a visit and while we're plenty debutantes much they can join us on facebook at g.w. for cause. i'm not laughing. about the sometimes i am but i still often wish that. i think sneak into the german culture looking at the stereotype clad anything to save the country that i now live full time. emergency vehicles grandmother they are to me it's all that. hey look if i'm rachel join me for make of having fun d.w.
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is d.w. news live from berlin now as the world at times it's now you by ringing in the new year. was. to the south just put on the walls tallest tower the bush with a ball slug showing fireworks display horse are coming off. the w. tracks elections in bangladesh in congo to contras hoping that twenty nine thousand will bring them increased ability bangladesh's of prime minister sheikh hasina rejects calls for a new vote third consecutive election victory has been marred by deadly violence. and tensions are running high in congo voters obese votes are being counted in sunday's landmark presidential poll and made widespread allegations of voting irregularities. you're.
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playing. time at home free glad you could join me. revelers around the walls are ringing in the mid eighty's lasers and far less. odd locations across you brian. and while new zealand australia and australia and most of asia already a few hours into twenty nineteen are still many more parties to come and we will be bringing you the biggest celebrations trauma across the globe as the world says goodbye to twenty eighteen and hello twenty ninety well germany will be ringing in the new year in just under three hours time and here in berlin
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a big new year's eve party is getting underway with hundreds of thousands of people expected to attend is a huge challenge for the authorities. the warm up packs are already getting the credit into the mood on a relatively mild new year's eve in berlin numerous bands and d.j.'s will take to the stage at the city's landmark brandenburg ace. doesn't it all super very good good i was actually really nice i actually enjoyed the film i don't really speak german but i really feel the passion be honest thing to do mentioned and that one does not mix of different people from all sorts of countries they're very nice beer berlin beer but. the queues to get into the party are long security is toys and dangerous objects like fireworks are banned inside the two kilometer long party zone the police and firefighters are in full force and are calling on the public to treat them with respect they have increasingly been the targets of
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attacks in recent years. because we're hoping for a healthy start to the new year and i hope that the people are happy we're here because we're the ones such ensure this party can happen where it's going to stay the party is and often come the fireworks were allies of the brandenburg gate at midnight but the party short to continue into the early morning. and turning to that vote in bangladesh now when the prime minister has been declared the winner of sunday's national at a low profile her party reportedly told supporters not to celebrate their lopsided victory on monday she dismissed allegations of vote rigging commission. the listeners are totally free. independent no doubt. this comes amid mounting concern over voter intimidation there were reports of voters forced to cast their ballot openly in front of ruling party officials but the electoral
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commission dismissed these as stray incidents yet several voters told about intimidation at the polls. one man who wishes to remain anonymous says a voting official took his thoughts and ink the ballot that had already been filled out for him without his permission. it was defeated be a pro want to get speedy and it was due and if you have to experience and. i actually if you like you can to express whatever you feel right that moment but i just feel like i was. there. and an expert on bangladeshi politics described the effects of intimidation on a generation of young people who had never voted before. young people expected but there are some. that so this is this is a very good for. during the campaign the opposition said
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thousands of its members had been arrested for political reasons. and opposition leader khaled it has been in jail since february but shaikh has seen a says the opposition would have done the same if they had been in charge and she's the one leaving the country now for a record third time in a row. and our correspondent michele jaiswal is standing by for us in the capital dhaka sonu misha is this election victory for she has seen and have party or have those reports of their regularities soured triumph. well sheikh hasina has common daughterly confident she has came this victory and has claimed a position as a representative of the people she says the vote was entirely free and fair and that bangladesh has voted to reject the policies and the stance of the opposition
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this means of course of the says longest this is the longest serving democratically elected prime minister of bangladesh but that's where the question lies washee democratically elected opposition leaders do not think so and media reports as well as water accounts and social media would also speak to the contrary but the sheikh hasina lead of army lead government is not batting an eye quite as you mentioned there a lot of confidence there from shaikh has enough but how widespread are these charges that the vote wasn't free and fair and indeed could they need to a new election while multiple media reporters said that they will solve stuffed ballot boxes while on field guest of the and the accounts of social media especially jarring you of course heard from the water that who've just made it out right now but there are also stories like one district where there were more warts for the leading of on the lead than that
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actually illegitimately bordeaux's we also heard another story where one water said that he cost his water for the communist party but in his wants to do and there was zero votes for the cons of the communist party he asks where did my will to go but when it comes to you lection the election commission us come out today and be as supposed to be the ones investigating any claims of the regularity yes but then we have a statement today that there's going to be no do you lection she because you know we continue to hold body. nevertheless though i mean those are some serious allegations from witnesses and with that in mind i mean how most bangladeshis feeling about these charges of irregularities are they angry. but bottom of the issues are definitely angry at us for what we are hearing on the ground but more importantly bonga the issues are scared they're not coming out or police and pumping out in protest are trying to challenge this election in
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a more open way than hit in force on social media or speaking amongst their friends and this is actually also crucial to why they have won beauty election back in ninety six it was actually she can see not in opposition who actually managed to push through a new lection with the vet with a similar claims to what the opposition is making right now but then she had a massive fall for body and the people's movement this time you will not see that you know right nima should jaiswal reporting for us from dhaka thank you very much . as get you up to date now with some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. senator elizabeth warren has taken a key step towards running for president in twenty twenty the democrat from massachusetts has formed an exploratory committee and she has had several run ins with president donald trump who called her pocahontas pointing to doubts about her claims of having native american groups. at least four people are dead and dozens of missing following explosion in an apartment building in russia the blast in the
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nine story block in the city of magneto growth cap and earlier early in the morning when many residents were asleep authorities believe it was caused by a gas leak. security forces in sudan have fired tear gas at protesters who were planning to march on the presidential palace anti-government demonstrators want to step down crowds gathered in the capital khartoum and they were confronted by riot police who blocked a march. now to congo where there's a tense wait as the votes from sunday's presidential election a counted millions of people took part in the event that could see the first peaceful transfer of power in decades but questions over its fairness of mounting with accusations of mismanagement and erect irregularities especially in opposition areas. so too many parts of congo returns to polling stations today to study lists of initial results posted outside provisional nationwide results are
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not due out for another week so today was plagued by technical problems and allegations of vote rigging our ballot election i don't think the elections were credible too many people found their names want on the electoral lists they were told to go to other centers and even there they didn't find their names so as a result many didn't get to vote so we are. seeing is like this one in the matter district of conscious or not uncommon long lines formed as voter. machines malfunction and simulate we've been here since this morning and it's dark already but we're here we will vote on. the national conference of catholic bishops deployed thousands of observers across the country they reported numerous problems but it led the vote overall relatively calm. to ensure the credibility of the results we asked the electoral commission to continue posting the results of
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the manual count in front of the polling stations and to undertake any other action that guarantees the transparency of the process. as vote counting got into way across one of africa's largest countries the significance of the election was clear this could be congo's first peaceful transition of power since it gained independence from belgium in one nine hundred sixty long time leader joseph kabila is stepping down after nearly eighteen years at the helm. opposition candidate martin for you though is considered one of the front runners here and others allege the vote was fraudulent with wreaked machines. in manual ram as a diary is president kabila is preferred successor a former interior minister he's on the european union sanctions for violent repression of protests there are now fears that violence could return to congo particularly if kabila candidature dari is declared the winner. he wus and
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if you can to joins us on the line from the congolese capital kinshasa now an idiot we understand the votes are still being counted at this stage and yet both the ruling coalition and the opposition a claiming victory tell people why you are reacting to that. so yeah as you say everybody thinks they've they've won i think firstly there's a very strong some optimism among voters people have waited for seven years for this election it's two years later than the constitution allowed. i was walking around in my house today and everyone's talking excitedly about who they voted for and sure enough got into fingers. i've spoken to lots of people and so far i'm yet to meet anybody who voted for should our. president because hunting success i'm going as you say you seem confident yesterday you said i will be the president of the republican so we'll see if we will see any of you but of course with that in mind i mean one has to ask the question whether the opposition actually sounds
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a chance against the president could be his protege and then us should ari. sadly i don't think the opposition do stand much of a charm the whole campaign has been massively rigged in favor of that are you and he has the backing of the state for example of an opposition candidates running amok in your to the police started firing at the court and three people were killed and then as a result his rally was abandoned can shove them two of the areas in the east of the country were banned from voting because your insecurities in a girl are break and those two areas. are also opposition strongholds so i think that if the vote comes through and the opposition has won i think the election will be invalidated noted all over again. and we also understand the internet was cut across the country apparently to prevent speculation about the results as that move worked how people reacted to that. yes you know if you say the internet was cut off at about mid-morning today. people people were posting messages on social media
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about how they want happy about your stay when.


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