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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2018 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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break and those two areas. are also opposition strongholds so i think that if the vote comes through and the opposition has won i think your action will be invalidated noted all over again. and we also understand the internet was cut across the country apparently to prevent speculation about the results as the move worked how people reacted to that. yes i do see the internet was cut off at about mid-morning today. people people were posting messages on social media about how they won happy about how some balik it wasn't free and fair and i think there is a reaction in the internet because people are reacting it's difficult i mean it's difficult to communicate because it's such a huge country and such a huge city can just forty million people the internet is crucial for communicating and with the internet it's definitely much more difficult for people to share messages and news to spread people or groups but there's nothing really you can do
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you just have to wait for it to come back on again they did this in twenty seventeen and it was on two and a half days so no one knows when we'll be online again why were the japanese and if you planned in can show you could talk to you thanks. brazil will have a new leader with the new year but as both an auto takes office as president activists fear that his policies could have disastrous consequences for the over ready to pete it doesn't rain forest and auto insists he will not let protecting the environment stand in the way of economic progress. smoke rises on the front lines of an environmental war the battle here is all but over once again humans have overcome nature and driven back the rain forest but it's hard to speak of winners here in the east of the amazon jungle. all this has to go so that cows can graze here this worker tells us then he wants us to leave before his boss
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sees us what they're doing here is illegal journalists and environmentalist are not welcome forrester and remember his shot though not for the first time. to meet the pit anna i feel a great sense of loss i work so hard to protect the rain forest it's such a complex ecosystem it took centuries to grow them and then just a few minutes for it to be destroyed transformed into ash and dust under a works for an organization that helps property owners use the rain forest without destroying it but in recent months more and more jungle has been cleared hundred frames the political climate. we saw in this election that the new government won't take care of the environment we're scared that all our efforts for a sustainable use of the rain forest will soon be over. but if so.
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brazil's incoming far right president try also narrow has repeatedly said that the rain forest can no longer stand in the way of economic growth what exactly he means by that is unclear but brazil's powerful mining and farming lobbies of counting on him to represent their interests the military dictatorship that ruled brazil until one nine hundred eighty five wanted the forests chopped down and ordered the country's space agency to monitor the clearance now researches the trying to protect the environment the yellow areas on this map show where the rain forest has been destroyed. the areas of the amazon that have been deforested at up to about twice the size of germany. cattle and soy farming require lots of land the farms of profitable in the short term bought in the long term researches argue intact rainforest some more important andris team demonstrates how that could work they
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map out the forest selecting individual trees to be low valuable would then this area will go untouched for thirty years. what we're missing in brazil is strong environmental policy is environmental awareness and a public committed to these issues as long as the priority is to make products as cheaply as possible overexploitation will continue no one's watching out for the forests brazil's recent presidents didn't do much for the rainforest but many fear the country's new leader will usher in unprecedented destruction. the president of the afghanistan a football federation has hit back off when he was suspended pending investigation into accusations of sexual of physical abuse of members of the afghan women's national team carrying wooden carrying said that he strongly denied allegations by unnamed players that he was guilty of violence rape and even holding a gun to
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a player's head he said the claims may have been fabricated to help the players claim asylum in europe football's world governing body for has also suspended caring for ninety days. french international some industry has signed up for west ham united as a free agent off to serve an eighteen month groping ban imposed by you wait for the european football governing body while the thirty one year old was initially banned for six months after using a drip treatment that contravened wild anti doping agency rules the ban was extended to eighteen months off three way for appeal we have to west ham takes now straight back to the english premier league and to london where he had a successful spell for arsenal. russia is running out of time to meet an end of year deadline to her. under the computer data from its moscow drug testing lab access to the data was a condition of the controversial lifting of a three year on the lab and now followed allegations a state sponsored don't pay in russian sport earlier this month officials from the
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world anti-doping agency which denied access to the data russia risks another ban if it does not comply. germany's chancellor has delivered her traditional in year's message marking an end to one of the toughest years of her political career angela merkel a call for germans to come together and show more openness tolerance and respect a little light at the end of the tunnel here at the chancellor in berlin germany's leader sure hope so chancellor angela merkel describes two thousand and eighteen and her new year's address as an extremely difficult year politically she vowed to look ahead pressing for more solidarity in two thousand and nineteen. that mystique about soil i am guided by the conviction that we will only muster the challenges of our time if we hold together and if we work with others across boundaries and borders. two thousand and eighteen saw the infighting that brought uncle america's
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coalition government to the brink in october she announced she would not run for a fifth term in office medical stressed in her speech the importance of shaping the future for generations to come referring to the challenges of migration climate change and terrorism a staunch supporter of the e.u. and diplomacy she warned against self isolation. and that's what have been certain scenes of international cooperation and now coming under pressure in such a situation we must stand up more for our convictions we must fight for them and in our own interest we must assume more responsibility on january first germany is joining the united nations security council for two years now called promised her country will use the term to fight for what she called global solutions she also said germany would spend more on humanitarian aid and security and medical spoke
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with uncharacteristic passion about these images taken by german astronaut alexander guest during his time at the international space station she said his pictures captured a new view of our planet testifying to the dangers of a changing climate but also to earth's overwhelming beauty. well ben is here now looking very dapper. with that was some good news well potentially some movement in a trade impasse between the united states and china potentially something to celebrate by the u.s. president and self-proclaimed deal maker promised a deal is in the making to end his trade war with china or trump went after country for its trade imbalance with the united states and started to dispute that led to billions of dollars worth of tariffs on cars electronics agricultural products and other goods over the weekend trump wrote on twitter that he has been talking to china's xi jinping about a deal that would be very comprehensive in his words adding big
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progress is being made the chinese foreign ministry spokesman says beijing stands ready to work with washington over news certainly did.


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