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tv   Reporter - Everyones Welcome A Hotel run by the Disabled  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2018 10:15pm-10:30pm CET

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as with the united states and started a dispute that led to billions of dollars worth of tariffs on cars electronics agricultural products and other goods over the weekend trump wrote on twitter that he has been talking to china's xi jinping about a deal that would be very comprehensive in his words adding big progress is being made the chinese foreign ministry spokesman says beijing stands ready to work with washington over news certainly did give stocks a boost today but remember by the two sides agreed to a trade truce earlier this month markets celebrated and plunged when it became unclear exactly what was agreed upon there's still so much uncertainty over global trade and the path that equities set to take is look back and look ahead with our financial correspondent in frankfurt all the dots. in twenty years in the markets went downhill much for and much faster than anyone could have imagined especially in germany where the dax was above twenty percent and so going into the new year
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people are still shell shock from the dismal twenty. for the new year are a little bit damp and a lot of analysts are seeing further growth for the markets for the dax for example seeing a little bit higher share prices at the end of the year but certainly nowhere near the record high the dax reached twenty eight also there are better prognosis for economic growth economic growth will continue and most of the major economies germany including but also in the united and an. economic growth is uncertain at what rates it will grow and people say the signing or the success of twenty nine will be the major problem areas which may twenty eighth called the trade war the interest rate hikes and the brackets that. any one of the problem areas where i
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will have problems. the eurozone could see its first interest rate hike in the new year that is the first since twenty eleven but it probably won't happen until much later in the year in the meantime the european central bank is weaning the block off stimulus winding down its most controversial measure its massive bond buying scheme proponents said it helped stabilize financial markets critics called it market manipulation b.c.b. president mario draghi made the announcement mid december the european central bank won't buy bonds on the financial markets start in january. regarding known standard monetary policy measures are met purchases under the asset purchase program will end in december two thousand and eighteen the e.c.b. has been buying government bonds as part of its quantitative easing program which was later expanded to include corporate bonds to make financing cheaper for
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companies the e.c.b. has spent a staggering two thousand six hundred fifty billion euros on bonds which it will be holding onto for now. the exit b f route side who would those months at the moment the e.c.b. has been fulfilling the mandate that it has for the whole eurozone well financed. it is now pulling back from financial relief for southern europe to fulfil its monday at both northern and southern european countries that we can e.c.b. has proceeded with caution allowing the markets time to adapt to more expensive financing for now the main question is whether the e.c.b. will raise the interest rate next year. and finally japanese have been flocking to retailers to stock up on what has got to be one of the world's most elegant new year's gastronomical rituals it's all about sumptuous boxes packed with traditional
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foods often delicacies such as caviar and truffles a lack of boxes sometimes with two or fried les is called. the most luxurious ones at the pump and store in tokyo can sell for nearly fifteen hundred dollars. if you're watching the daily news from berlin will have more for you next hour see than.
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