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its members had been arrested for political reasons. and opposition leader khaled at c.n.n. has been in jail since february. but shaikh has seen as says the opposition would have done the same if they had been in charge and she's the one leaving the country now for a record third time in a row. now to congo where there's a tense wait as the votes from sunday's presidential election a count it means of people took part in an event that could see the first peaceful transfer of power in decades but questions over its fairness amounting with accusations of mismanagement and irregularities especially in opposition areas. so tense in many parts of congo returns to polling stations today to study lists of initial results posted outside provisional nationwide results and not to out for another week day was plagued by technical problems and allegations of vote rigging . i don't think the elections were credible too many people found their names want
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on the electoral lists they were told to go to other centers and even there they didn't find their names so as a result many didn't get to vote so. scenes like this one in the net or district of conscious are not uncommon long lines formed as voting machines malfunctioned. we've been here since this morning and it's dark already but we're here and we will vote for. the national conference of catholic bishops to ploy to thousands of observers across the country they reported numerous problems but declared the vote over rule relatively calm. to ensure the credibility of the results we asked the electoral commission to continue posting the results of the manual count in front of the polling stations and to undertake any other action that guarantees the transparency of the process. as vote counting got into way
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across one of africa's largest countries the significance of the election was clear this could be congo's first peaceful transition of power since it gained independence from belgium in one thousand nine hundred sixty long time leader joseph kabila is stepping down after nearly eighteen years at the helm. of position candidates. martin for you too is considered one of the front runners he and others allege the vote was fraudulent he's and the european union sanctions for violent repression of protests there are now fears that violence could return to congo particularly if kabila candidature diary is declared the winner. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. senator elizabeth warren has taken a key step towards running for president in twenty twenty democrat from massachusetts has formed an exploratory committee she's had several run ins with president donald trump has called her pocahontas pointing to doubts about her claims of having native american roots. at least four people are dead and dozens of
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missing following an explosion in an apartment building in russia the blast in the nine story block in the city of magneto gorse happened early in the morning when many residents were asleep authorities believe it was caused by a gas leak. security forces in sudan have fired tear gas at protesters who were planning to march on the presidential palace anti-government demonstrators want omar al bashir to step down crowds gathered in the capital khartoum and they were confronted by riot police who blocked the much. brazil will have a new leader with the new year but then otto takes office activists fear his policies could have disastrous consequences for the already depleted was in rain forest fire sent out who insists he will not let protecting the environment stand in the way of economic progress. smoke rises on the front lines of an
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environmental war the battle here is all but over once again humans have overcome nature and driven back the rain forest but it's hard to speak of winners here in the east of the amazon jungle. all this has to go so that cows can graze here this worker tells us then he wants us to leave before his boss sees us what they're doing here is illegal journalists and environmentalist are not welcome forrester and remember his shot though not for the first time. to meet the pit anna i feel a great sense of loss i work so hard to protect the rain forest it's such a complex ecosystem it took centuries to grow them and then just a few minutes for it to be destroyed transformed into ash and dust. andre works for an organization that helps property owners use the rain forest without destroying
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it but in recent months more and more jungle has been cleared on drip claims the political climate. isn't view we saw in this election that the new government won't take care of the environment we're scared that all our efforts for a sustainable use of the rain forest will soon be over. brazil's incoming far right president try a bowl scenario has repeatedly said that the rain forest can no longer stand in the way of economic growth what exactly he means by that is unclear but brazil's powerful mining and farming lobbies counting on him to represent their interests the military dictatorship that ruled brazil until one nine hundred eighty five wanted the forests chopped down and ordered the country's space agency to monitor the clearance now researches the trying to protect the environment. the yellow
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areas on this map show where the rain forest has been destroyed. the areas of the amazon that have been deforested add up to about twice the size of germany. cattle and soy farming require lots of land the farms of profitable in the short term but in the long term research is argue intact rain forests are more important on trees team demonstrates how that could work they map out the forest selecting individual trees to be logged for valuable would then this area will go untouched for thirty years to pull huge what we're missing in brazil is strong environmental policy is environmental awareness and a public committed to these issues as long as the priority is to make products as cheaply as possible overexploitation will continue no one's watching out for the forests brazil's recent presidents didn't do much for the rain forest but many fear the country's new leader will usher in unprecedented destruction. well cars in
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china are celebrating a three day long new year's holiday and for many it is the perfect time to visit some of the national treasures giant and physicists have been flocking to this pond of breeding center in chengdu in southwest china to see the best do what they do best founding and they're now even more best to say hello to you last week the chengdu panda bay state beach to new cuts a boy and a girl. and just a reminder of the top story we're following for you. it is so farewell twenty eighteen and hello twenty nine t. the biggest party in the russian capital moscow has been taking place in subzero temperatures at red square and russians what he said of breaking down off the docks christmas into the seventh of january.
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and of course watching d.w. news i'm helen humphrey in bali and happy new year from all of us here and to stay with us here in twenty ninety five and out. with the different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech freedom of press. giving freedom of
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choice global news that matters w made for minds. a museum says mr bush what's going on subsistence. the so-called changes not the two in his time since those lists a lot of. people have put big dreams on the big story in. the movie magazine on d.w. . talking of peterson's colleagues call her the breakfast queen she's a k. member of the staff at the scott house hotel in tampa. almost
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every staff member has a disability. the hotel was founded twenty five years ago. it now has three stars and is usually fully booked. that means plenty of work for claudia and her colleagues. in. the world. and. that's a good thing. it's six forty five in the morning cloudy is on the early shift morning. morning cloudy air it's good that you were headed today. today claudia is responsible for getting breakfast ready claudia is forty seven years old she has her own ritual before she greets the first guests. or oh dear
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jesus dear god i pray for myself in the camera when i hope we have a good day that things go well and that we have good food amen on this earth and by praying relaxes me i know that jesus will always help me move. through and here's catherine. this guess didn't turn up ok so he won't be here for breakfast. culture and fisher is the hotel's call manager the managers organize the day's work and provide support and guidance for the staff. so we've got one two three four five six guests. good morning everything ok yes thanks. you know how about you find things you know have some coffee tea what story. coming right out of him and well.
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it's. the birth of his chest is cloudy his favorite. movie beautiful flower the fragrance. what sort of flour is it this is a to look lovely. sometimes i give my wife to look. for her great my husband always gave me red roses and wouldn't because you. haven't done that for a while and. you know that i was married a long time but my husband passed away. claudia's husband died six years ago but she's never forgotten them they met paul they were working at this hotel. she still carries their wedding picture whether. evaluative have to value my land he ran the laundry here. it's a good feeling to have had
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a husband who worked here to. listen to me here i had some wonderful years here together. when he was involved. in value by me is i know that he's still with me but i can't see him but i feel like he's here absolutely. we were one heart and soul we loved each other so much it was always given the. many of claudia's colleagues live here right next to the laundry some of them live with their caregivers claudia has her own apartment but she likes to stop by for a visit. there is help to go i heard you're injured yourself show me your yo yo yo yo that looks bad. for you this is where our colleagues have breakfast.
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half an hour later the workers on the day shift arrived. culture and fisher refuse to day schedule. except for the two managers all thirteen staff members have some kind of disability. they are paid according to their skills and receive support and guidance throughout the day why don't. you notice of all that. the tide was even by then of us that sometimes we have to help them with various procedures even though those jobs don't change on the guy by the changes. you don't like that all of us need to. mufon so we always keep an eye on the situation and we offer help when it's needed but an obvious upload. this system fisher explains that clements will be working with her stand today
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about my job working in the only building my. payments passions parents for the co-founders of this hotel they believed that their son should have access to a normal paid job despite his mental disability. that was twenty five years ago clemens has been working here ever since. today he's taking care of the lavatories . ok that's done. what set list for the year to so i don't forget anything. i always take off each task to make sure everything gets done flow was is the hard times. i'll just take one last look here. this routine helps claimants to keep an overview and do his work well he enjoys the
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recognition. yes well christie's grocery store which that's important for me to listen and gives me a sense of accomplishment was just enough reason to soften. and when someone tells me i've done a good job it gives me a real boost because this one because this was an exact truth of it all it does is it it's who was who mother was first of all i'm glad when people are knowledge my work and offer me some help and really motivates me to list them. as you do for the culture. that. claudia's putting away the breakfast food. other that's a cloudy. party it doesn't like to throw away food like this. who love you look at all the poor people you see on the streets they've got nothing
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i'll be honest i feel sorry for them. in the united. all for all. my health is really important i want to stay in good shape so i don't get sick can be either of them you go to yoga mat or home right sort of. course. when i sit down i do this. you know that's why you're so flexible exactly i do sit ups for my back so my back is more flexible and i can move around better. but first is supposed to be over but i guess derives a bit late to like some pranks.


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