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tv   Kick off - The Asian Cup 2018 - Part 2  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2019 12:30am-1:01am CET

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i thought that in la yes i know what you have to fertilise treat the water on the ground. and then around sixty percent of the shrimp survive. that's a very good result. that you need fertile ground sounds good water you know what i mean when shrimp needs salt water so the poems have to be filled with water from the sea that's replaced regularly the foam school serious environmental damage to prevent possible disease the pharmacy if the shrimp heavy doses of prophylactic medication when the pond water drains into the sea it's taken up in the marine food chain studies show aquaculture is increasing the worldwide danger of antibiotic resistance soloing. the medications are in the food that the shrimp eat these animals contains a wide range of different substances. but we only use antibiotics when the shrimp grow sick and the disease shows signs of spreading out in the last few
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decades ecuador has become one of the world's largest producers of shrimp ponza harvested every three months and business is booming along with petroleum and been known as the course stations have become one of the country's top exports. last year just under four hundred fifty thousand tonnes was sent abroad bringing in three billion dollars and exports are expected to expand this year. diesel power to ration systems help people sitting levels in the poems tiny exhaust from the generators pollutes the air now not far from the old palms shrimp farm is a testing a new method developed in singapore and it's the palms are placed in land rather than at the shore that gives farmers much more control over conditions the palms a smaller but yields a much higher five to twenty five years as an art. cultural engineering t.m.a.p.
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not under arrest they turned a chapter. now he's sealing a new career as a shrimp pharma. if people if we feel it more to my side and we feel that if we're not our breeding well that is much healthier than the traditional methods you don't need nearly as many antibiotics. and because of the roofs that cover the wrong you can control the temperatures better. but also because the water is unchanged you have more control over you have to do not. see him i mean. a pump like this yields around eighty to one hundred strength per square metre upset this area a lot more than traditional breeding methods. that's largely down to the fact that more preaches supply. here is well significantly
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increasing that value on the whole for the global market. maybe seeing. people who drive down homey that the consistency of that last year's eve burner model so it's better and we say that the taste is exactly the same. emotional about . that even though the shrimp up being raised in fresh water brought them salt water and if ation the town's farms to be set up practically anywhere rather than only along the coast. but it takes the animals a while to get accustomed to the different conditions. this is where we put that when they come out of the lab. depending on the solemnity they stay here five to eight days. then we take them out and we put them in this time. it has a lower salinity levels they stay in there for another eight days after that we put them out in the pond. a muslim system like this cost around two hundred thousand
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euros to set up the water is free used again and again and the system is powered by solar energy. and that i say is still testing it out and soon will be selling his first harvest of shrimp. this weekend i'll gladly ideas series we're off to the coke assists. marionettes are headed to georgia to meet the results will residents of one small village now they've begun using solar energy to heat water which has a knock on effect it protects local farmers. leave. at six thirty a good fetches the hot water like she does every morning.
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the cows utter has to be cleaned before milking. a little later as well as the family's breakfast she makes cheese and requires a lot of patience she can tell the cheese is ready when the consistency is just right. everything here runs like clockwork with no time for breaks. while respected as a housewife i have a lot of work to do i clean i make the food milk the cows and lots of other things i would have to say there's always something to do their office floor or. none to go to bennett says sixteen and was a nurse for thirty years she lives with her husband son daughter in law and grandchildren. who i always need hot water i'm glad we have this system. they received a solar powered water heater from
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a local energy cooperative. that clothes really had it right on my saved up a bit of money and sold a few things i know it was my husband who really wanted this work never it's quite expensive but it is manageable. like. and was he trying to make her daily work easier i looked at it good i think it was mainly about saving electricity but i can't say for sure when we had the wood stove we had to go out collecting firewood and make sure we had enough so maybe that had a lot to do with it. sure let's buy that i ship to. the cheeses ready not on contraband is going to take it to the market. people here bring produce they grow or make at home like doubles fruit herbs.
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and cheese. and this is nona has barely unpacked before a trader calms and buys the lot depending on the type of cheese she pays between one euro fin. and two euro's fifty a kilo. a safe that you don't get much but if you live frugally you get by we try to get by on it. these are packing love is also in charge of the housework on her home plus the farm and the grandchildren. she still heats water the traditional way on a wood burning stove in the living room she needs a lot of hot water and therefore a lot of wood her annual would supply costs between two hundred and two hundred forty euros in georgia average income is under three and a half thousand euros
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a year cloud comes from what we save money so we can afford the wood but sadly there are a lot of families who don't manage what we're doing better than some we can pay for firewood the poor families current. form is going to have. the men collect the wood from high up in the forests of the carcasses mountains. they're still allowed to fill trees here. gogu to here is twenty seven and he comes here regularly. go to estimates that each and every house in his area consumes about two to three truckloads of wood every year alone clue to sit in a room which are so short a little something to do if we cut down trees anywhere else we could cause rock
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slides which are dangerous for the residents so it was. the forest might seem lush but deforestation is rife across georgia the number of trees being cut has to be limited to ensure long term sustainability currently over twelve times that number is being felt. the work of two mechanics is helping to solve the problem they're cutting solar panels. the machine dates back to world war two but it still works there part of the energy cooperative the systems they produce here should help to reduce wood burning and therefore carbon dioxide emissions. the cooperative as provided solar powered water heaters to more than one hundred homes in the village. johnny
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is a thirty nine year old teacher and head of the energy cooperative its name means turn on the sun the system is being installed here today. situation lately residents know about the hot water systems and they know that banks are providing loans for them. that you don't have to go from door to door people who are interested come to us. yet or has been using the system or self and she's impressed that while that may mocks the colts i've had one at home for three years already it's great it saves money and makes the house work easier. back from the markets and the grandchildren are awake her son and daughter in law are at work so she has to look after the children no time for a break this is horrible i'm sixty years old and i think my life is almost over i
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do anything to give my children and grandchildren a better future i hope they have a better life. and hot water straight from the tap is a good place to start. this week on global snack we visit a very special fust thing in dublin. but quite spag palin's melting pot and traditionally a bastion of subculture but it's also home to an exciting food scene but. there's a lot more to it than combat shops. now open for nine months goldie's has become a popular local haunt. it's speciality is fries fries with the difference that.
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we fry them either in v fat or peanut oil so guests can choose if they order a vegetarian dish they're got in peanut oil if they order a meat dish they get be fat regulars who eat meat get and be fat without asking one of the. blood is left touchiness it on the idea of deluxe fries while training is chefs the fact that the eatery says fourteen different sources isn't the only evidence that they learned their craft in stock restaurants because of the and the picking of this is our peking duck it's pulled up yes but we marinate duck legs and salt and sugar for twelve hours to make the meat as juicy as possible and then we breeze it in the oven melt the whole. we turn the skin into a crumble and then we shred the meat so there are no bones or fat. no we simply all
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mine is and we serve it with operation plumbing in news. and we fried the crispy skin in fact we got a whole heap of this that stuff my ex come back. to. guests love it to go to these goes through a ton of potatoes a week. along with peking duck its most popular dish is fries with black truffle source. movement known to certain i'm dutch so i have high standards when it comes to frogs with the i miss them and are lemon they just aren't as good here. this is the only place where the fries are better than in holland or belgium a portion costs between five and ten euros and of course take care of his also an option. for us if we love chips but it's not like we would kill for jobs if we just wanted to fill a gap in the market to get those but that's right usually you just get chips on the
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side when you order a curry sausage or a burger but in the thinking about things that berlin doesn't have and we decided it was chips i'm for the really die hard fry fans this even video are devoted to these deep fried delicacies down in the basement. and that's all from three thousand this week as we love hearing from me so drop us a line global three thousand d.w. dot com and take a peek at all facebook page. society see you next time till then take cash.
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fostering integration and keeping residents safe how can cities make the case that
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. the belgian city s mission and i'm still counting gemini have achieved the extraordinary. residence feel included in the local community and. cultural and social integration with. close up coming up on. your own max sounds. romantic to doc and wrote a memoir so long there's this week on your remarks everything's different incident celebrities are calling the shots. today british photographer rankin this in charge hotline is right in place they can see my upset if your meds addition to. your romance of thirty minutes spawn d.w. .
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