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tv   Close up - How to Make Cultural Social Integration Work  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2019 6:15am-6:45am CET

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as to a blocked access to the internet in an attempt to prevent speculation about the results on social media it could be the first peaceful transfer of power in decades but questions are mounting with reports of mismanagement and irregularities. at least four people are dead and dozens missing following an explosion in an apartment building in russia the blast in the city apartment happened early in the morning when residents were asleep authorities believe it was caused by a gas leak. and unsettling year comes to an end for the global economy the financial markets managed to look up on the last day of trading u.s. president donald trump says he's made big progress in great tolls with china. and mr moneybags turns off the spigots will the eurozone get along without the massive
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stimulus program that's kept it afloat since twenty fifteen. and the city tackles conflicting priorities cyclists at the lighted but retailers in madrid are up in arms about fewer cars on the main drag. and then fizzle and let's do business share prices are higher around the world on the last day of the year as the u.s. president and self-proclaimed deal maker reckoned a deal was in the making to end his trade war with china trumpet going after the country earlier this year for its trade imbalance with the united states he started to dispute that led to tariffs on cars electronics agricultural products and other goods worth billions of dollars over the weekend trump wrote on twitter that he has been talking to china's xi jinping about a deal that would be very comprehensive adding big progress being made. a chinese foreign ministry spokesman says beijing stands ready to work with
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washington well let's go over two years called who's standing by at the new york stock exchange for us to get some analysis on this story yes what's the likelihood of this tweet of trumps leading to a breakthrough. well i mean the trade dispute would test been one of plenty of concerns that triggered the recent himself here on wall street and investors took between to buy into the stock market at this point but actually opinions differ if progress is really as big as the u.s. president claims one thing is sure the deadline is approaching fast the deal should be reached by march first and there are quite a few skeptics year on wall street who are not really certain if it's going to be easy to reach a deal by that was no surprise there are a few skeptics still twenty eight was the worst year old wall street since two thousand and eight so much for that bump from trump the everyone was expecting
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although we did experience earlier in the year for a short period of time at least. now certainly with some of the policies of the current administration actually might backfire if we think about the tax cuts for example which are increasing the debt load of the united states and quite a bit but also the whole trade dispute of course is quite some uncertainty but on the other side we also shouldn't forget so on the year blue chips are down by about six percent so that it's not a disaster if we consider how long we saw stocks rising and still since election day a good two years ago blue chips are up by around five thousand points so clearly the big hype that we saw especially in twenty seven is not here anymore briefly will twenty nineteen be more of the same or is this going to be the
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year of the crash. what traders do expect is that the volatility might stay with us meaning that those big jumps and also drops that we've seen recently they could continue one of the reason being that the market has changed self has changed quite a bit in the past couple of years you have algorithms so meeting computers dominating trading and it can escalate and the ups and downs i'm on the market if overall wall street will do better it really depends on what's going to happen with the trade dispute what is that building was the global economy and also what's happening to corporate profits so a lot of unknowns also for the new year and many on wall street for us. have been released parliament has approved its revised budget for next year after the european union rejected its original spending plan the move means rome will avoid fines brussels threaten to impose as
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a punishment for breaking the bloke's fiscal rules italy's populist government had promised to increase spending on the poor and to lower the retirement age the e.u. said the original budget but have raised the country's public debt beyond acceptable levels. the eurozone could see its first interest rate hike in the new year the first since two thousand and eleven that is but it probably won't happen until much later in the meantime the european central bank is weaning the block off stimulus winding down its most controversial measure its massive bond buying scheme proponents said it helped stabilize financial markets critics called it market manipulation. b.c.b. president mario draghi made the announcement mid december the european central bank want to buy bonds on the financial markets start in january. regarding known standard monetary policy measures are net purchases under the us it purchase program will end in december two thousand and eighteen the e.c.b.
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has been buying government bonds as part of its quantitative easing program which was later expanded to include corporate bonds to make financing cheaper for companies the e.c.b. has spent a staggering two thousand six hundred fifty billion euros on bonds which it will be holding onto for now. it's it being a food decide who would those months at the moment the e.c.b. has been fulfilling the mandate that it has for the whole eurozone well financed. it is now pulling back from financial relief for southern europe to fulfill its monday at both northern and southern european countries not the e.c.b. has proceeded with caution allowing the markets time to adapt to more expensive financing for now the main question is whether the e.c.b. will raise the interest rate next year. a major challenge facing germany in the new year is catching up with digitisation from high speed internet to the digital class
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for europe's most powerful economy is struggling to adapt to the digital age and like a stone a small the e.u. member state in the baltics has become a major digital hub. in a still nia coding has been part of the national curriculum for years these children are learning how to program their own music software and games. high speed wife is ubiquitous in the country in fact the government declared internet access a rice as far back as the year two thousand. here in germany on the other hand universal high speed internet still feels like a distant dream especially in rural areas yes this is sort of germany is largely covered by forests some twenty percent in fact. so before we start delivering foxes and birds with high speed internet we need to do our
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homework and locate the villages and rural areas that don't have sufficient coverage that would be the next step in the good news the. next step that critics say has been far too long in coming they say germany's lack of digital infrastructure could prove a major barrier to business in the future. all major european cities are struggling to make new e.u. automotive emissions standards here in germany policymakers to comply with the stricter pollution rules in the spanish capital of madrid politicians have been more proactive. cameras at the ready to ensure red lines aren't crossed electric vehicles can still pass through here but drivers of older diesel and petrol cars will soon face fines if they do the same behind the push for cleaner air in downtown madrid is this woman. she wants to reduce traffic in the city by a third. and there's four hundred sixty hector area there are major
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restrictions in place on the most polluting cars. they're no longer allowed to pass through. until the end of february drivers of older diesels will be issued with a warning if they enter the restricted area after that they'll face a ninety year old fine authorities say the ban is already making a difference madrid's ground via is less congested than before freeing up space for cyclists in particular. people are already reacting an increasing number are traveling in this area by bus traffic overall is down. but not everyone supports the ban retailers and delivery companies are especially critical some even calling it a disaster isabel garcia runs a furniture store and says she depends on customers being able to return by car she points to a survey commissioned by critics of the. airport the seven percent of those polled
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say they no longer want to come into the city center to shop. that means she'll also need to replace her van. the problem is we need a van that meets our needs while also adhering to the city's rules we visit multiple dealers but to find nothing on north or fifth another port in the met gala milloy critics like garcia have accused city authorities of going too far officials say they're open to tweaks but are asking for patience similar anti pollution measures have been in place in other areas of madrid for some years now here is how one restaurant owner described the transition. of course that we have a change is always difficult at the beginning it was hard to above all because of the parking tickets people thought well i want to go to the city center and i have to pay but now everyone's adjusted they know it's a european wide development that city centers are more for pedestrians and less for cars but low emissions zones may not be enough to guarantee clean air either weeks
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after the ban came into effect in madrid pollution levels on some days were still too high prompting officials to temporarily cut the speed limit on the city's ring road and finally japanese have been flocking to retailers to stock up on what become one of the world's most elegant new year's gastronomical rituals it's all about sumptuous boxes packed with traditional foods of delicacies such as caviar and truffles a lack of boxes sometimes with true war three layers of cold or sixteen but most serious ones can sell for nearly fifteen hundred dollars. business is good and happy new year. the be. the
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best. the to. the to. abolish absolute speed above. any which she. observed always on the beach with me
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to the future. driving on w. . i was going to. change you know the banks. and so was the language of a banker. speaking the truth global news that matters. to a. lead. looking climate change you know i think. so it's very obvious to me walk with me and don't take all elevators i do i do that every time i think about an elevator or lift and there's a stairway be about i take the stairs. and i try and walk wherever i can instead of
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going in a car or even in public transport it's just me you know doing some things that i think would be very common and we just got out of the habit as it became great museum quick to the court of appeals but actually it's not very hard to change those various encourage individuals to i think you know people who recently making a difference. in europe right now immigration and integration are major challenges for most cities and towns. many people are asking how these two complex issues can be tackled effectively. two communities one in germany the other in belgium
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seem to have found a way to help people from different cultures come together better as one community . it's the first day of the new school year in mechelen belgium people from one hundred thirty eight different nations live in this town. it's a complicated situation especially at schools. most of the pupils at st peter's school aren't native born belgian children they're from migrant families who lived. nearby. school principal deal clay tends wants to create a broader mix in the classrooms and thus promote integration it's never too early to start. to wonder i am here to ask what is
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a kind of integration point in these neighborhoods that they are together and if together and to learn to. cope together to work together to learn together to. have fun but also have discussions still to see that there are different people in this world and i think it's very rich. school integration programs like these seem to be working that's also thanks to by some us who's been mayor of mechelen for eighteen years he's made a lot of positive changes. i resoldered there are what we call in religion concentration schools read only oral frost majority of people with the migration backgrounds and white blue cross parents wouldn't center kids anymore to do schools because they're afraid of the quality of the school and also are afraid that there could be a little bit the only one as. stand alone in the school and no parent like that i'd
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be. so someone has decided to invest in a program that actively encourages belgian parents to send their children to the nearest school regardless of the ethnic mix. you need to village to raise a child that's true but you also need the parents are central in it and have to understand for a little what their task is in the education of their kids in. the school guarantees quality education and officials track the students academic performance that gives the belgian parents confidence so much so in fact that the number of non migrant pupils is now rising. nora has been attending st peter's for a year now in belgium children start school at the age of.


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