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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2019 9:00am-9:16am CET

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qualified for the world cup in russia. the political situation makes life very difficult for everyone in syria not just the football players bashar assad it's a part of the team it's a heavy burden. many people say this team is very political because it's very much linked to one person kind of because nobody should see the head in the deficit of what it is. with the president but it if we're not. going to be part of the concerted in the new ones who are you going to pop up in public. thought them are the felons the are the what does the cup team syria or team assad what is it part of.
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the symbol of. some sort of. you from syria. when you're fan of. the big fair we've got a very very big hurdle i mean i've got a very very very very big big big fan i don't really want to see. a loss and we have a shot of that. project syria and bashar only it's an infamous phrase in support of president bashar assad but these guys are fans of the dictator and they use football and stage for blunt propaganda. now kuwait verse to syria. the last warm up game before the asian cup time for the pre-match press
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conference within the gulf region coup why just regard it as liberal it's a monarchy we're only one family rules but journalists who criticize the king can go to prison for up to five years. for me it feels like a different planet but for my fellow countrymen totally relaxed down the deliverance phrases we hear from football coaches all over the world we have no reason to under you in the world here but you going to speak to tom ridge. as a fellow journalist and experienced sports reporter for whites public sports channel . was there a discussion within quiet that the syrian team comes to quite yet because the. government or. the good with. the years is
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like a lot of what. other countries they wouldn't invite the syrian national team because of of the politics of the of the obvious no no no sidewards smallgoods is. a long way from home but. so i wonder of politics is always be. the how not. the left side the right side in the middle. always in the middle as the switzerland of the region but relations where once strain between the countries so there is a political dimension to this football match but no one really wants to talk. to white it's one of the very few countries in the world to invite syria for a friendly manner. before kuwait syria played in countries like. kid of this town
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in china. you have china you have russia you know it's it's not this football family it's a special family and they can be proud to what they have achieved. should have a long long time to serve to be nominated for the nobel a lot of the you know the weight of the. book and you. know the peace prize for fisa. this man has a different opinion on us on the issue in journalist who fled to turkey in the us at the end and we watched some of the you know the body look at syria our series we love bashar we support bashar assad. bashar assad's regime so no no no we cannot. i don't think so it's bashar assad it is.
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it is not this working in it is like one hundred. people so. i thought what this british. serious national team don't live in syria. for example a place in the lebanese premier league. we have many many of his was union guys for outside this you know we have in the germany in the oil and. when something in the in my not the you looking all game how many people sponsor you coming aboard the national team the national team here for twenty three million . of the quad you. know he is famous for clearing the ball like a volleyball player goalkeeper eba him. he's one of just six national team players who play in. the syrian premier league in spite of their still
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a professional football league how did she handle lobbying and how it got there for the use of off. and. i wouldn't have believed would be. under bob. rudd you cannot look at. the start of this sort of and know. if you're watching. a major wash before. i let a store have i last so you had the and he had to be powered off and he had the bill much more been witnessing the political standing and help but i fear to get out of the car i feared given.
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at the stadium syrian flags i had it out for free. and some fans have brought a sad picture of this football match at times mimics a propaganda shot. i i. and these other fans of school what. most of the syrians in cool white are foreign workers a community of around one hundred fifty thousand people but barely any refugees kuwait has kept its borders largely close to those seeking refuge from war. but when it comes to football the dogs seem to be more open. syria wins by the way life can be so easy when you support the right team but real life is more complicated.
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we try to bring back normal life with football we all focus on football we try to do the best boys are extremely hard work us they all fight us for that country. fighters for their country the bigger the success the bigger the stage the potential propaganda. this team makes football fans like me think about the war in syria. in kuwait i have met very nice and tumble people here is one of the score as of yesterday. but this team sucks us many losses. syrian football players like she have reportedly missing like other footballers and thousands of other civilians have
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been detained in military prisons in syria. so i i.


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