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tv   Kick off - The Asian Cup 2018 - Part 2  Deutsche Welle  January 1, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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the climate used green energy solutions and reforestation. coming to interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and more determined to build something here for the next generation localised dio's the multimedia environment series on t.w. . in just a few weeks' time the seventeenth asian cup kicks off in the united arab emirates. kenya bus alone know went to dubai to check out the team representing the host nation how big is football in the country anyway and what kind of role does it play
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that. is just the not isn't sure he's passed for the real solution for the sport among the teams who qualified is syria how are the players able to focus on the game with the civil war still raging. we try to bring back normal life with football so says ben stein a reporter a recruit helps hope to the syria coach and his team. big money and political footballs now on can't tell us. about the last of my so. cool white and one of the world's richest nations i will meet the syrian national football team perhaps the most controversial team in the world and i will meet their new code. a german like me. i will meet
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a sports team but all i can think of as politics it may look like an easy job for every quarter but it's not going to be watching a football match but in the back of my mind will be one of the worst humanitarian crisis for time the ongoing so in tragedy and it's millions of refugees and those guys play football the syrian national football team is a team for twenty three million syrians or a propaganda tool for the country's president bashar assad a men accused of committing war crimes is this his team the dictators team as some have suggested. millions of syrians are refugees because of the civil war and still there is something called the syrian national football team who do they represent how does it feel to play for so no one speaks about politics because everyone the so focused on that job here. but. can we really
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separate politics from football. it's what it's. a long way for but it's all presidents a new world even. is joining the changing room is success. it's everywhere around the world it looks like the same procedure when political leaders like. me german football champions. sat chance with the syrian squad but the difference is that former players of the syrian national football team are reportedly missing such as defend their jihad for example. syrian regime. program. at play and prison for being on the right or wrong side in. white the
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syrians prepare for the asian cup they have a new coach. a german like me his new job seems like a very risky adventure because he lives and works in a war time country run by a dictator if i start to be involved in politics i get lost i cannot do my job and that i have learned from my first appointment in iraq be absolutely focused for your job already has experience working for tori terry mason's he was the national team coach on the east german regime. he coached iraq during the time of saddam hussein and he coached. and now syria. i am focused to do my job as a football coach this is my mission and this is my job what other people put in our sport in football if i read all this nonsense that
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superstars should not shake hands with putin that should not be a world cup in qatar and all this. things to put politics in our sport is not very helpful football is similar to ping pong it's just a bit of fun and my game with more money is free of politics the rookie in the team plays football in the netherlands a very open society now he plays for a country cut off from the world why. syria. so what now can i play for the national team of all and then i will play for the national team of syria to show the people and to give them back also because my parents also from syria and i want to give something back to the people of course i don't speak arabic as good as the other ones so. it's really difficult and but the only thing i know is when everyone is together here no one speaks about politics
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because everyone is so focused on their job here and they want to do so good in this team so i don't see no one speaks about politics now. it's like i guess it's mom and more info from holland to manage their ideas and more of it ok you have nothing to convince only the players because our families are very very close together you have to convince families i have had to give promise that those boys on my sons and i have to take care for them i have been a role model because i live in damascus all the time and i i explained there is no no danger to come to damascus the syrian national team's homeless for more than seven years this team hasn't played
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a match at home national teams from other countries are not allowed to visit syria because of the ongoing civil war which created the biggest refugee crisis our time . after this team is surprisingly good they have no money no proper training facilities and still they're very successful they're almost qualified for the world cup in russia. the political situation makes life very difficult for everyone in syria not just the football players shot on a south support the team is a heavy burden. many people say this team is very political because it's very much linked to one person kind of because nobody should see to hook it up to sort of what it is. with the cards and put it back if you can model. but it would be part of the concerted in millions who are you going to but the
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problem that the thought that the movement the kremlin does belong to the team syria or team assad what is it. for your money. off a child. a symbol of. some sort of. you from syria yeah i mean in you your family. i think fair bought a very very big hurdle. for a very very very very big big big i mean you want to see. a loss and we have
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a shot of that. project syria only it's an infamous phrase in support of president bashar assad these guys are fans of the dictator. and they use football as stage for blunt propaganda. now kuwait versus syria the last warm up game before the asian cup time for the pre-match press conference within the gulf region coup wives is regarded as liberal it's a monarchy where only one family rules but journalists who criticize the king can go to prison for up to five years. for me it feels like a different planet but for my fellow country man totally relaxed down to deliver us phrases we hear from football coaches all over the world we have no reason to under any burden will be here in time we've got to stick to the cause which.
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is a fellow journalist an experienced sports reporter focal white's public sports channel . was there a discussion within quiet at that the syrian team comes to quite yet. the government or. the good with. years is like a lot of what. other countries they wouldn't invite the syrian national team because of the politics of the of the obvious no no sidewards smallgoods is the a long way form but. so on of politics is always be. the hot not. the left side of the right side in the middle. always in the middle just the switzerland of the region but relations where once strain between the
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countries so there is a political dimension to this football match but no one really wants to talk about it. cool white is one of the very few countries in the world to invite syria for a friendly image from kuwait syria played in countries like. kid of his time in china. you have china you have russia you know it's it's not the football family it's a special family and they can be proud to what they have achieved. should have a long long time to serve to be nominated for the nobel i'll bought you know the weight of the. book in that you. know the peace prize for fisa. this man has a different opinion and as
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a syrian journalist who fled to turkey and it specialist at the end and we watched some of the body look at syria series without question we support bashar assad this question to him so no no no we cannot. and i don't think so but it is really it is not just working in it is like one hundred. people so. i thought what this british and. u.s. national team don't live in syria. for example a place in the lebanese premier. we have many many people the syrian guys for outside this you know we have you know germany in the oil and. when something in the in my not you looking all game how many people coming aboard
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the national team the national team here for twenty three million syrian guys because. he is famous for. clearing the ball like a volleyball player goalkeeper by him. he's one of just six national team players who play in the syrian premier league in spite of their still a professional football league how to shoot and the lobbying and how it could go for the. i would have been moved would be. sure he can feel full pension make under bob nose job but as you cannot look. at the start of a normal. if you're watching. a major wash before. i let the store have i last saw we were at the end he had been he
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often he had. been was my brain was making a political stand now but i fear to get out of the car i fear given. at the stadium syrian flags i had it out for free. and some fans had brought a sad picture of this football match at times mimics a propaganda shot. that i i. and these other fans of coup what. most of the syrians and cool white a farm workers a community of around one hundred fifty thousand people but barely any refugees kuwait has kept its borders largely closed to those seeking refuge from war. but
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when it comes to football the dogs seem to be more open. syria wins by the way that can be so easy when you support the right team but real life is more complicated. we try to bring back normal life with football we all focus on football we tried to do the best boys are extremely hard work us they all fight us for that country. fighters for their country to be good to success but we got a stage for potential propaganda. this team makes football fans like me think about the wall in syria. in kuwait i have met very nice and tons of people
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here is one of the score as of yesterday. but this team sucks us many losses. football players like. reportedly missing. footballers and thousands of other civilians have been detained in military prisons in syria. eligible i. being hosted by the u.a.e. what's the state of play when it comes to football in the country. barcelona gives us the lowdown. on.
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united arab emirates the futuristic oasis in the middle of the desert. with fast cars and fancy skyscrapers. where money is plentiful and living lavish is the standard way of life. a small nation with big ambition. we never say that we have to reach just like somewhere in the middle i want to be always number one the same goes for sport but not just any sport football but even hosting in two thousand nine hundred eighteen course there are still some things that money can't buy. you some of. the guys it's me and danielle and this time i have a little something different for you we're here in the united arab emirates in dubai now when we think of football and the emirates usually the first thing that
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comes to mind is the own limited bank behind european football in giant man city anyone but on the verge of the biggest. asian cup history what we want to know is is just another luxurious pastime or is there real action for the sport in the land of riches let's go find out. as a part of the continent with the post fastest growing community you if you will struggle to bridge the gap between football as a sport and football as a culture however even though they haven't been around long they have already seen their fair share of growth since playing their first competitive match in one nine hundred seventy two. could choose to be just like. most of the people out here like practicing
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especially maybe in schools and you can find it in the neighborhoods and dad are really into football has a passion for the sport let me tell you first of all maybe we have to think about the population on the different nationalities of the people living in the country maybe the much of the majority is of the ex-pats and ex-pats have some different sports enjoy in one thousand nine hundred ninety before even having a pro league they qualified for their first and only world cup in italy they lost all of their games but managed to score goals against the eventual champions west germany was was the right was beach that world cup in one thousand nine hundred that was even before being question of but now everybody is talking having like i wish to have much more than that in two thousand and seven we decided to go professional. football league and we started the season two thousand and eight two thousand and
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nine and maybe like two years ago we were number one asia as a leak professional league and that wasn't really like that we had brought about over. her us. since the last time they hosted the asian cup in one thousand nine hundred six the expression close but no cigar can characterize the u.a.e. as performances in the a.f.c. they finished runner up in ninety six and third in two thousand and fifteen but have never taken the number one prize currently the team has improved to number seventy nine in the before world rankings but for them there is still more work to be done i think overall. i might say. also to have some achievements that will show that we are doing but i think last year with big expectations of winning the asian cup at home the u.a.e. went shopping in italy and came back with our best. city. with
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italian giants ac milan and asian cup winner with japan in two thousand and eleven ok i'm a little bit nervous because this is the coach of the ninety eight ninety nine you know i'm here that literally made me dream as a child but. i got to be professional but go. out all. the in order. and that's when they were born or. in your room. i always look at. joining. a majority in. the movie one of the.
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yeah. me through. the battle of the you first of course. i mean on the squad. of it. coie check was cause. or put it on you. the study. and some of the russians assuming. that the any. of the they made out the. weird loading that the reviews are on. at the. top of the original report they were all. of us are caused by the put all those. critical critical.
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at all some of our chemical. mischler throughout the plant them enough but the political. culture is the driving factor for passion around the globe culture has a big influence on how people live the football experience in the u.a.e. a country whose population is made up ninety percent of ex-pats so many different cultures can be found in the same place. located just across town is the u.a.e. f a where we can get some more information about their plans for future success. so we're here at the u.a.e. football association so we're everything the ball is planned and organized and what we've noticed is that they're actually very dedicated to the growth and development of football in this country from walking around we see attention to detail dedicated to all aspects of football from beach football to use football and even
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the women's game so not just the most profitable aspects so how do you actually measure passion for the sport there's no number there's no value that you can give it from my. experience oftentimes the individuals with the most passion are the ones who make little to no money at all from the sport. who are young alcohol really is a former you eat football player who is now a thief a board member on the women's football committee and the technical director and head coach of the women's national team which until recently didn't exist. what is the support like for the women's program here they have a good support from the government especially for women who talk about football is
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it good support because i think we have the national teams group which is if you came before three years we did not think that as many goes who loved football. colleagues in the school or. level of football but they couldn't play because of. people they did not accept football as a few men gave the women's game but now everything changed after visiting the f.a. i'm left with the impression that real support is actually there and not only in terms of money out the and money alone can't buy passion but it can help you to have success which in turn can spark the interest of the nation so maybe this is the biggest asian cup in history right here in the u.a.e.
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is just what this country needs to get the ball going. here. feel. free. to move.
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this is. old change the brazil hard line. takes office says the new president his election marks a radical shift to the right self to decades of centrist through green and gay campaigners in particular worry about the impacts of his policies. in germany say that a man who round a car into a new york crowd intended to kill foreigners are the latest from our reporting in the western city of. the.


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