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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2019 2:15pm-2:30pm CET

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this week i phone sales in china. pencil and we'll have that story for you and more coming up and this. is going to. tell my managers you know who can say nothing to change you know the banks pain. and so was the language of a bank money. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines. i'm not laughing at the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whimper that means the germans thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes of
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a class that is think the future of the country that i'm playing. piano music scene everything in a scrum on their own to me it's all about who they know i might show join me to meet the germans on d.w. post. a giant stumbling as an apple take a tumble as sales figures show chinese buyers losing their appetite for the i phone . take the bull by the old exploit your buzz a boss agrees to pay millions of euros to end an insider trading probe. spotlight and write you but a t.v. ad huge flood story like to find out the hard way the chinese investment comes with a price tag. and i. a hot summer has boosted germany's switch to bring you all
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energy. i've been on let's do business one of the world's most valuable companies in the world apple has seen its shares tumble down seven percent enough for hours trading and after the tech company cut its sales forecast for the last quarter chief executive tim cook blaming slowing i phone sales in china but apple is also struggling in developed markets with the number of by phone upgrades was lower than expected. apple's bad news seems to confirm what investors have feared for some time the i phone hype could be over and so far there doesn't seem to be a solid plan coming out of cupertino to re excite consumers for years the i phone has been apple superstar the device brings a solid sixty percent of apple's revenue but if those sales fall as they did over the christmas quarter it hits apple hard the company's problems have been looming
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for months after reaching a high last summer the share price has fallen by thirty percent since september back then analysts reported that asian i phone suppliers were cutting back production because apple needed fewer parts news that sent out an alarm signal. the company says demand has weakened particularly in china apple c.e.o. tim cook blames the trade dispute between the u.s. and china for causing some customers to avoid buying u.s. products but analysts say another reason is apple's pricing strategy while prices are dropping on many smartphones from other companies apple has continued to raise its prices the most expensive costing more than sixteen hundred euros but fewer customers are willing to pay such costs for their device. it appears tim cook's strategy of looking to charge a high price to achieve high profits despite lower i phone sales has failed the development could sign the end of a success story that began twelve years ago. craig oldham is
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a market analyst at the way and in london we asked him what this lower sales forecast says about apple and the spot phone market especially in china anything that confirms some of our feeling is that we've been to realize that for the last month we've had reports from suppliers the form of one of our largest clients of court orders this largely points to apple in many cases so this is not necessarily an entirely unsurprising story but coming straight from the horse's mouth as it were is was quite a shock now what it tells us is that apple faces many challenges we could look at some of the deeper rooted issues which may lead to the ball is not quite the innovative it once was in the excess is what we'll grade from the acts that people wanted to say so that's going to impact the number of people grading from one hundred sets of the other compared to maybe what we would have seen in the past i think there is a deeper rooted issues again with the global economy which is what's been called
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polluted so sickly in china where we are seeing. that the celebration than we maybe would have expected a couple of years ago but again the pottery issues the what grades that the company offered the reason some of the older handsets maybe that some people from. grading but my fear is they sold so many to the. jewish not innovating like it once did and there are all the competitors out there particularly in china where we're looking at hallways one example but there are a number of all those that are innovating fast pace and the gap between the two phones is not as great as the prices and therefore there is a majorly price sensitive issue. the former boss of german exchange operated georgia has agreed to pay four point seven five million euros to end a probe into suspected insider trading and can get i was being investigated for purchasing shares in george burns or just three months before a budget plan with the london stock exchange was unveiled back in twenty six days
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the announcement of the intended mergers and shares soaring the size of the fine corresponds to the value of the shares can't get a purchased. talk about this with. correspondent . what a case can get a lost his job he has to pay back all that money and the merger didn't even happen . yeah he was hoping to create europe's largest stock exchange and then he fell from grace through this probe and the merger was blocked the last minute by the e.u. but you regulators citing competition concerns because it would have affectively created a monopoly in the fixed income business but the question was and was that a successful merger or not the question was was there insider information used to make games did he know that this merger was going to happen and prosecutors say yes
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he did the talks started in two thousand and fifteen way before the announcement in february twenty sixth now both can get and maintain there was nothing to the accusations but i can get is this. yes however the payment is no mission of guilt neither is the ten point five million dollars for berger which also operates a strength for stock exchange where i am right now. but still the company isn't going to to fight this and says it's in their best interests to let this rest and that is at least the admission of guilt of insider trading but of the fact that this entire setup of this co-payment scheme that they had set up as a bonus for can get there was pretty bad idea and did come out of a very very bad time there's no getting no talking out of that. simply it's worth
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it. what was another bad idea of the three hundred thousand votes as jody you've logged a class action lawsuit against the automaker it will compensation the losses in value to their vehicles used emissions cheating scandal the company has already paid out billions of dollars in fines and compensation to drugs diseases in the u.s. in germany. it's have so far only been offered software upgrades federation construed mobilizations has filed the lawsuit. china has been investing heavily in africa and other nations having a major infrastructure upgrades but what does china hope to get in return is a purely an exercise in soft power chinese investment in sri lanka has left the country shackled to death in one thing beijing will considerable power as a result. as state of the arse international airports with no flights and no passengers for years this gleaming facility in the hop on toto
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district of sri lanka has been lying empty says when really for one million. it's been explained. within the us but so far we don't see any present. in this so from emergency in america and in future. fights the airports opened five years ago and is among a number of ill fated construction projects in the country other examples include a conference center that hosts no events a hospital with no doctors or patients. and a highway junction with little or no traffic all of these initiatives funded by china. i go to the bag i take along in the band me look i'll give you hundred
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rupees but you have to build your house according to this this and this and he had to buy all the bricks from me to take people. whatever that's what is happening and then just twenty percent interest on top of that is where. the deals with china were inked by sri lanka's former president mahinda rajapaksa he himself comes from the district of happen toter the projects here bear his stamp including the chinese funded poor. couldn't pay back its loans in exchange for a one point one trillion dollar debt relief it granted china in one thousand nine year lease for the poorest there are rumors that beijing could be eyeing us up as a military base they are not giving anything to us simply because as i said before because the just want to actually live there no they obviously commercial plus
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political interest in there. so what the problem is what do we do. really need the cash we need investments and nobody is coming many of the countries china invests in have been shackled by huge debt as a result enabling beijing to wield considerable power control lanka rajapaksa has of late been staging a political comeback with a reputation as a pro china strongman his resurgence is welcome news for beijing. germany has big plans it wants to boost the share of renewable energy outwards to sixty five is said by twenty three looks like the country is getting closer to achieving back goal thanks to the problem it's meant to be sold in climate change. the future is looking brighter for solar energy in germany coming off of one of the hottest summers in german history the renewable energy industry has several reasons to celebrate the number of hot sunny days helped produce
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a staggering increase in the solar power generated climbing to sixteen percent last year that helped increase the contribution of renewable energy and germany's power grid to more than forty percent for the first time and that's good news for the clean energy industry and lawmakers. that's because germany still needs even more sources of clean energy as more gas and coal fired power stations are shut down to help meet the nation's emission reduction goals. and business of the.
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euro max wow farai must write a document wrote a memoir summers this week on europe everything's different. celebrities are calling the shots. today it's all in fashion designers in the media be a jockey is in charge. of your roman next. board.
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how to. discover your concept. discover with the powerhouse. legend after one hundred lives the ideals of the bombers are more relevant today than late was a. hundred years ago visionaries reshaped to color evolve people are still designs with shaping society. with ideas that are part of our future. of our house and man does cross over into began to consider music savvy about to meet our house means edition of the future.
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what makes the powerhouse and its traditions inspiring to this very. it sounds how hard to overflow. a. pulse world through mentoring starts in january thirteenth on d w. the fla. rome has so many fascinating things to discover. the video can doxy is near the famous spanish steps.


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