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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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urgent assistance. only starts in january twenty. eighth. this is the w.'s line from a milestone in lunar exploration. for space probe makes the first thing on the dark side of the moon and beams back images not visible from also on the program. in the united states democrats are preparing to take over the house of representatives for thirteen days into the partial shutdown of the u.s. government they now have the votes to block much of the trumpet ministrations. germany's formula one imagines michael schumacher is fifty today he hasn't been
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seen in public since a skiing accident five years ago is found patrons. welcome to the program. china has completed the first ever landing on the far side of the moon the crew to chant for progress babying back close up views of a pos of the moon that's never been seen from the earth the mission is key to china's ambition to rival the united states russia and europe in space and to cement its position as a regional and global power chani force he quipped with a instruments to explore the lunar regions geology and conduct biological experiments. this animation shows the first ever soft landing on the far side of the moon. and the probe was not sent by the u.s.
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or russia but china. state media was proud to announce that touchdown at ten twenty six beijing time. by ground zero the whole process was as expected the result was precise and the landing stable the current landing location is our ideal landing place in other words we are right on target. the progress carrying instruments to map the regions geology is also carrying seeds for an experiment in cultivating vegetables in a closed environment this is the first picture from the surface sent by the chang efore lunar probe. it's unexplored territory. yet the main always has one side not facing us the moon itself is an obstacle so the back of the moon is a blind spot for the transmission of information between the earth and the mean. when seen see. the dark side of the moon as ravin unseen side than one lacking
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light it's because the moon takes just as long to rotate on its own axis as it takes to complete one orbit of earth. the mission is part of a larger chinese program of lunar exploration but the landing on the dark side is one of the country's biggest leaps forward in that space race ambitions ok carrying is a former rocket scientist you know and it's the blog nasa what show welcome to day w this is quite a week for space travel yesterday new horizons of reaching the farthest into space with the baby and now this except we've been to the moon before so why is the chinese for trip significant. well first of all as was mentioned in the intro piece they lived on the far side of the moon which is something that nobody's ever done before it's complicated and if we are as a species going to go back to the moon to study further we need to go to the other
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side so to speak and this is the first first attempt to do so and they get it splendidly right where they want to be and so why is a faucet so difficult to reach out to land safely well it's not difficult to reach because you you orbit the moon any time you send a spacecraft there the issue is as was mentioned the communication because the moon pretty much as one side always towards us the other side is blocking itself from direct communication from earth so they had to put a relay satellite in to bounce the signals around that makes this more complex it's like doing a t.v. interview we have two or three satellites in the middle but once you figure that out you know as they have then you're there and you can start doing science now what we've been become used to saying is that the whole build up of a sort of a lawyer says and the scientists look at all very fraught but china didn't offer any live broadcast of this and only at outset when once it was done why. first of all they launched the relay satellite months ago emitters have been tracking it
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ever since i mean you could tell him what it's doing in the pictures coming back and then they launched the rover in the leaders just like the beginning of december and people been listening to that it was widely known when the time roughly would be and i was even in c.d.t in studios last night like two hours before the landing and it was assumed so i don't know why they did it that way all you know is when they did in house it it was there and it's an amazing picture the nasa administrator said and thank you tweet minutes later now the rovers driving around so who knows why but its success so let's go with success ok now and has just about to launch its second moon mission while these countries now investing so heavily in space capability. well that's a question here i grew up as a child in the sixty's during apollo and here in the states we often say wow you know we do that half a century ago we you kind of wonder why these other nations that you might think have other things to worry about are going back to the moon well going to the moon
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was a preeminent technological accomplishment that only the u.s. says former soviet union had done so it's not like the gold standard if you can go back to the moon you're you're really are for arrived so now you've got china who's definitely adept at doing this india's going back to the second time japan's been there israel is going to land its own leader in the mood very soon so as they said in the one nine hundred sixty s. and it will hit you know everyone's going back to the moon maybe that all that song will be on the charts again all right that space blockade carry thank you so much. the democrats take control of the u.s. house of representatives today adding the republicans munna monopoly on power in washington and a president trump the democrats' most pressing task is to end the government shut down of the funding for they have president's border war with mexico other spirits will set on health care and russian interference in the twenty six thousand presidential election. there's a showdown already well underway as congress begins its new term even the republic
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top democrats say the latest talks with the president reduced no hint that he will sign their bill to end a partial shutdown of government services everybody in the room neither side seems pretty to budge him because he says he won't sign it and use the government as hostage we should just give in the american people don't want that that's bad for our country and that's not the way to govern and you little value because tax president trump initiated the government shutdown nearly two weeks ago. he refused to approve a budget deal because it did not include billions in funding for building a wall at the border with mexico. democrats sold the oppose his plans for the barrier and the nearly six billion dollars he wants for it an open wound. this is the result of their dispute and end to government services such as some trash
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collection. no access to museums and other federally operated sites. and no pay for hundreds of thousands of federal workers. like you now the question is how long could the shutdown last as long as it takes i think the people of this country think i'm right again i could have done nothing i could have had a lot easier presidency by doing nothing but. i'm here i want to do it right. it's a stormy start to a congressional term with huge potential for conflict. democrats say they want to use their new majority in the house to probe the president's finances and alleged abuses of power. i but trump has warned against their plans to assume a war like posture if is opponents investigations go forward.
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stride to washington capitol hill and i will be joined i d w comes from stuff and sequins welcome stuff and what does a democrat controlled house of representatives me the president trouble trouble trouble trouble or investigations investigations and investigations democrats who are now coming in here and take the house right behind me in the majority in the house and one hundred sixteenth congress being sworn in today have vowed to investigate everything trump can possibly imagine if they want to get ahold of his texts documents they want to look into this business is democrats vow that they bring checks and balances back here into the capitol building meaning that they will exert all the power they can to investigate anything what trump ever touched or brought into this presidency and that also might include his family members and advisors and staff. and all the shut down all that any signs that eva
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side is going to budge. no zero nobody's budging nobody's taking anything back there's no pathway to compromise it looks like at the moment everybody is digging in its heels the democrats have no real reason to. get to two war it's the president's position and as you have reported as we have seen in the report the president is they can also so there's nobody in washington at the moment who can actually see or believes in any way of compromise or effort by anybody now to make this work so i think we're be in for another few days at least for another few days of this government shutdown stuff and syrians and come to her washington thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world eleven man accused of murdering the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi attended an initial court hearing in riyadh saudi prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for at least five
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of them prosecutors also say they've asked for any evidence they have connected to the case but have so far received no response jamal khashoggi was killed in october inside the saudi cultureless in istanbul. south korea's intelligence agency says north korea's top diplomat in italy has gone into hiding i think ambassador joe song and he's a wife is said to have gone missing from north korea's road from the sea in november south korean lawmakers say they were informed with diplomats disappearance on thursday. and the indian state of cattle has seen a second day of protests after two women defied a centuries old blue and entered into temple one protester has died in india supreme court revoked the ban on women and showing the shop in my life temple last year but traditionalists of so had prevented them from going into. the government of the democratic republic of congo's defending the credibility of last weekend's presidential election after suggesting it may have to postpone the
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publication of initial results. the country's election commission says representatives of working around the clock to tally the results of the long awaited vote position groups however claim the delays a sign of fraud in the news comes amid to reports of a government is blocking some media including a t.v. station seen as being close to the opposition. government's also shows of the country's into that increasing those fears about election fraud. contemptible welcome call what's the latest in the internet is still down has been down for days now and this goes even beyond that so the government also cut off access to text messaging so you can't send an s.m.s. there anymore also blocked the signal for radio france international which is a big source of news in the country and internet shutdown watchdog called that blocks has been tracking the situation in the d r c and here's what they found this
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is the situation there is interesting to see where these shutdowns are taking place on this map you'll see these green dots that's where those outages outages or most of the disruptions are centered in urban areas like the capital of kinshasa because most of the country's internet users live in urban areas so that's what we're seeing here reportedly internet providers in the d.r. see said that the government ordered them to cut off internet access so presumably people think that this is the government choking off means of communicating with the outside world right i mean that's the thing one of fear is the government on the other hand they say look this was to stop the spread of fake news stop the spread of fake election results i mean this is the one of the biggest elections in the country's history right so in fact there was plenty of also news circulating on social media we have a couple of examples here for you this first one is actually a real news report this is from france twenty four the presenters saying that the presidential election would not be taking place but the problem is that this report
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is more than one year old so someone spreading this clearly with the hope that we can. use voters keep them from turning out and you can see here fake election results like these were a big concern this tweet is de bunking a fake poll that have been circulating during the lead up to the vote others though as you mentioned are saying hey this is not a fake news this is about the ruling party trying to cover up these voting irregularities that have been reported and this is an opposition politician in the country saying exactly that this is one of the top presidential candidates on his facebook page and he says the real intent here of shutting down the internet was to either prevent people from communicating fraud to the rest of the world or to prevent anyone within the d.r. see from collaborating to prevent suppression we did hear reports of some voter intimidation there in the country even security forces coercing voters to vote for particular candidates that we have seen similar stories. for instance doing this sort of thing seems to be becoming a trend you have bangladesh or the election even the same day i mean this goes
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beyond just the d r c in the past three months we've seen partial or full shut downs in sudan and in cameroon and it seems to be a growing trend i was shocked by the statistic in two thousand and sixteen there were seventy five internet shutdowns around the world one hundred ninety last year so more than doubling age in africa those are the most affected regions and often see this during protests or in this case during elections coalescent thank you so much. german chancellor i'm going to decision to open the country's borders to a wave of refugees in twenty fifteen divided the country the debate over how the new arrival should be integrated has dominated german politics ever since a string of violent incidents has also fueled social tensions over migration the latest being in the south of the country. in northern bavaria for the past few days the small town has been hitting the headlines across germany last
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saturday for asylum seekers are alleged to have a costed and attacked passers by twelve people were left injured everyone here is talking about the incident. as a starter think a lot has been done to help them but we have to live with things like this was asked and again and again. i don't think we should be the dangerous foreigner drum again because of what happened here they're idiots and it would say everywhere. the many queues of carrying out the attacks are all between seventeen in one thousand years of age they hail from afghanistan and iran they allegedly fled the scene but were arrested late saturday and are now in custody despite that the political debate has flared up since then germany's minister of the interior haustus a hole for said in an interview with a tabloid one asylum seekers commit violent crimes they must leave our land when the existing laws do not suffice for that we must alter them the left party sees things differently. to hear it just because young people who are involved in a brawl or an act of violence does not justify deporting them to
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a dangerous country where their lives may be in danger it's nice to get. the german federal government has already passed numerous laws in the past few years to facilitate the deportation of non german nationals who have committed crimes the opposition is demanding therefore that the government work within the existing legislative framework. but not all countries are willing to take their citizens back if they've committed a crime sometimes they refused to issue them with passports and other hindrance according to many people involved is that the courts or backlog. in any case the heat and magnitude of the political discussion has surprised many here in amber. not really i would like to see clear signals on immigration but at the same time there should be more support for the process of integration after all we want to make it attractive for talented people to move here. to deserve it.
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there is also concern here in bag that right wing extremists could use this incident for their own purposes some far right groups have apparently already launched an online appeal seeking to form vigilante groups. today is the fiftieth birthday of former formula one racing driver michael schumacher the seven time world champion hasn't been seen in public since a major skiing accident in france in december twenty thirty little is known about his current condition his family though has issued a statement on facebook saying you can be sure that he's in the very best of hands and that we're doing everything humanly possible to help him please understand that we are following michael's wishes on keeping such a sensitive subject as health as it has always been in privacy the birthday has given fans a chance to look back and remember michael schumacher illustrious career. a milestone marked in grand fashion. the most successful driver in formula one history turned fifty on thursday to celebrate ferrari the racing team
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with which he claimed five of his record seven world titles have unveiled this special exhibition in more danger it's a leap in honor of his remarkable achievements a day of celebration but also one tinge with sadness. she america has been out of the public eye since december twenty third team when a skiing accident left him with severe brain injuries he has not been seen in public since. but for the legions of fans like here at his museum in germany it's an opportunity to look back on sumac is incredible twenty one years in the sport and a welcome development following years of silence as questions surrounding his health of gone unanswered. first of all i wish him all the best on his fiftieth birthday. i also hope for the best for his family and hope that he gets well again . for me i'm devastated along with all his fans things came to this but i think
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it's good that his previous is being respected he is my first time here and it's the only reason i'm here to be a little closer on his birthday the fans might never get to find out exactly what happened to their hero but for now at least a chance to relive some of his achievement is a gift. business now on the day that everyone seems to be having a go at apple. that is the most valuable company in the world listed on stock exchanges but apple stock is down more than nine percent this hour the company has cut its sales forecast for the last quarter chief executive tim cook blaming slowing i phone sales in china but apple is also struggling in developed markets where the number of i phone upgrades was lower than expected. apple's bad news seems to confirm what investors have feared for some time the i phone hype could be over and so far there
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doesn't seem to be a solid plan coming out of cupertino to re excite consumers for years the i phone has been apple superstar the device brings a solid sixty percent of apple's revenue but if those sales fall as they did over the christmas quarter it hits apple hard the company's problems have been looming for months after reaching a high last summer the share price has fallen by thirty percent since september back then analysts reported that asian i phone suppliers were cutting back production because apple needed fewer parts news that sent out an alarm signal. the company says demand has weakened particularly in china apple c.e.o. tim cook blames the trade dispute between the u.s. and china for causing some customers to avoid buying u.s. products but analysts say another reason is apple's pricing strategy while prices are dropping on many smartphones from other companies apple has continued to raise
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its prices the most expensive costing more than sixteen hundred euros but fewer customers are willing to pay such costs for their device. it appears tim cook's strategy of looking to charge a high price to achieve high profits despite lower i phone sales has failed the development could sign the end of a success story that began twelve years ago. the former boss of german exchange operated georgia because it has agreed to pay four point seven five million euros to end a probe into suspected insider trading get get it was being investigated for purchasing shares in doj bursa just two months before merger plan with the london stock exchange was unveiled back in twenty six days the announcement of the intended merger shares soaring the size of the fine per spawn's to the value of the shares can get purchased. about this with.
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correspondent. what a case can get a lost his job he has to pay back all that money and the merger didn't even happen . yeah he was hoping to create europe's largest stock exchange and then he fell from grace through this probe and the merger was blocked the last minute by the e.u. but you regulators citing competition concerns because it would have affected really created a monopoly in the fixed income business but the question was and was that a successful merger or not the question was was there insider in for. maisha used to make games did he know that this merger was going to happen and prosecutors say yes he did the talks started in two thousand and fifteen way before the announcement in february twenty sixth now both can get and maintain there was nothing to the accusations but can get is.
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yes however the payment is no mission of guilt neither is ten point five million dollars for both of which also operates as frankfurt stock exchange where i am right now. but still there the company isn't going to to fight this and says it's in their best interest to let this rest and that is at least the admission of guilt of insider trading but of the fact that this entire set up of this co-payment scheme that they had set up as a bonus for a can get there was pretty bad idea and did come out of a very very bad time there's no getting no talking out about. sympathy for us in print put. a lot of dangerous chemicals washed up on a small dutch island the day after the m.s.c. zoe lost some two hundred seventy containers during the storm besides other items
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like light bulbs and flat screen t.v.'s authorities want the public to stay away from the cargo which includes hazardous substances helicopters and trying to locate all according to shipping industry estimates up to ten thousand containers get lost at sea every year. your job in a shop is hoping to not a bargain in the january sales may find themselves short of cash after a second day of strikes by security than drivers as a result some a.t.m.'s are running low the cash loving nation could prove quite a headache to ask why germans is so reluctant to pay with plastic. this hamburg coffee shop no longer except. if you're looking for your caffeine kick you'll have to either use plastic or another digital payment system. in many countries like china this is long been the norm in cash loving germany though it's pretty new. it's good. we're
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not aiming to completely change attitudes in germany it's simply that i reckon we're going we believe it's in aversive and future oriented so far it's going really well and we're sticking to it. but in germany many are yet to be convinced the older generation in particular is especially attached to cash. for sure i feel safer i give the bank less control. mostly by cart but why is it time dear elizabeth mattison runs a garment store in the center of cologne she accepts both cash card but she says the trend is going in the direction of paying with plastic she has mixed feelings about it and understands the reservations about previous see. everything to be tracked where you were where you got a coffee where you had a meal what you boss i actually don't think it's a grace. she says her children barely ever use cash that puts them in the minority
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in germany but that may not necessarily be the case for much longer. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here on. space probe cheney has successfully landed on the far side of the moon and back photos from its surface mission is seen as an important step as trying to trying to boost its space program. and there's a big shift in washington today as a new congress is sworn in u.s. democrats are taking over the house of representatives allowing them to block much of president. from. more news at the top of the hour i think that business after that event.
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be in good shape if i you see me like this. i you see me like that. cataracts and macular degeneration could be the reason that common the only problem is among older people we'll talk to an expert about the symptoms and treatment options. of those in this quality of life in good shooting next.
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swimming with dolphins for a long time it could be done off the coast of zanzibar but hordes of tourists have scared the dolphins away. the problem is it's not regulated by the government. because they are not up to seven feet and now conservationists and tour guides are working together to find a solution go at africa sixteen of g.w. or. how do you want to live in a radical way discover the bauhaus go down house world church january thirteenth on the w. of. the sun don't entice brentano's came from jurors or dealing with any and i don't know killed many civilians. coming
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committing my father such as i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself lactase the holy but suddenly life became how much kind of sob. providing insights go. news that matters d. w. mean for mines. welcome to in good shape coming up. fighting headlights painlessly and chemical free. fatty liver dangerous but treatable.


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