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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2019 3:02am-3:31am CET

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in twenty sixteen u.s. voters said no descending the first female president to the white house just two years later those voters sent more women than ever before to capitol hill and here they are the faces of a new u.s. congress more diverse than ever before tonight a melting pot in power in the house of representatives and in the white house worries of an imminent meltdown berlin this is the day. i pledge. the house will come to order today marks a new chapter in this house pursuit of a more perfect union to the speaker of the house nancy pelosi thanks to this dad
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i'm protectively proud to be his woman speaker of the house of this congress which marks the one hundredth year of when having the right to vote and guide to late all of you in the press. with over one hundred and winning members of congress the largest number in his god bless you all and god bless you in nine days the next. also coming up tonight in china's history making a landing on the far side of the moon for now beijing says this is a mission driven by science. so meaningful it has so many resources we believe that if we be necessary and a very meaningful half that goes back from the fact that the moon will happen we have not the technology to lend them.
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to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with a u.s. congress unlike any that the world has ever seen today a new congress was sworn in the most diverse freshman class of wall makers ever to ever work on capitol hill a record one hundred twenty seven members of congress are now women most of them are democrats and this means that the republican monopoly on power in washington under president trump is over well this new congress they've got their work cut out for them if they are allowed to work the tribes in the government shutdown over funding for president trump border wall with mexico house democrats are also expected to defend the affordable care act also known as obamacare amid legal threats from states where republicans hold power. and the house of representatives
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is expected to launch investigations that are aimed at the trump presidency including the president's income taxes we know that his income tax returns have never been disclosed all of this under the guidance of nancy pelosi she was a like did speaker of the house today she replaces republican paul ryan calo she has promised the president a return to checks and balances. there's a showdown already well underway as congress begins its new term even the republic top democrats say the latest talks with the president produced no hint that he will sign their bill to end a partial shutdown of government services everybody in the room neither side seems pretty to budge him because he says he won't sign it and use the government as hostage we should just give in the american people don't want that that's bad for our country and that's not the way to govern and you little god the biggest tax
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president trump initiated the government shutdown nearly two weeks ago. he refused to approve a budget deal because it did not include billions in funding for building a wall at the border with mexico. democrats solved the oppose his plans for the barrier and the nearly six billion dollars he wants for it an open wound. this is the result of their dispute and end to government services such as some trash collection. no access to museums and other federally operated sites. and no pay for hundreds of thousands of federal workers. thank you now the question is how long could the shutdown last as long as it takes i think the people of this country think i'm right again i could have done nothing i could have had a lot easier presidency by doing nothing but. i'm here i want to do it
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right. it's a stormy start to a congressional term with huge potential for conflict. democrats say they want to use their new majority in the house to probe the president's finances and alleged abuses of power. but trump has warned against their plans to assume a war like posture if his opponent's investigations go forward. yeah things are definitely changing in washington to talk about that and the new u.s. congress i'm joined now by my colleague my house where she is on capitol hill at the u.s. capitol good evening to you my answer of the new u.s. congress is the most diverse ever is that due to president drama or is that despite the trump effect. well as you mentioned brant this definitely looks like a reversal of the decision that american voters made in two thousand and sixteen and somewhat of a slap in the face to what looked like
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a tramp administration that was very white very old a little bit male and now we as you said have one of the most diverse congresses in the history of the country a signal that a lot of voters in many places in this country are not happy with the way things are going and this is going to reframe that you've heard from lawmakers really on both sides of the aisle saying this isn't working things aren't going the way they should the government isn't functioning as we see because of the government shutdown now and we were going to be looking at a government divided now over the two years of republican dominance of the government did not produce a lot of the results that many of the republicans were hoping for and now we have democrats controlling one chamber of congress as well as the hearts and minds of many americans as we start sweeping towards that twenty twenty presidential campaign you know you say we've got a divided government we've got
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a government shutdown the first on the business for this new congress is to try to find an end to the shutdown any signs of progress on that tonight. in short no frankly it is still very politically expedient for both sides to dig their heels in and the sticking point on this is as you mentioned this border wall with mexico no what we did see was the democrats lay out a plan that would reopen six of the current government departments that have been closed by the shutdown while still keeping negotiations for border security not necessarily border wall but security on the table and trump flat out rejected that according to reports saying that no the wall was the thing that he wanted he wants his money for the wall and he has to have that in order for the government to come up and now the wall has been a divisive point since the beginning of his administration with both sides really
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using it as a political football to point to and say we're against this we're for this and this is bad this is good here's why and now it's become the political it's become the centerpiece of the political quagmire that we're now in and we saw today a new speaker of the house so i didn't answer. and she says she has no illusions about trying to work with president trump is she now trump's or nemesis. well he is a president who is known for his reality t.v. chops so if you were going to cast a villain in this part of the administration perhaps it would be her she is a lot of what he stands against she is female she is a democrat she stands for a lot of policies that he is against so it is likely that he will start framing her as the villain in his story now pelosi for her part has been in public office has
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been in the government for longer than trump has she's known as a keen tactician negotiator and strategist so what she's able to make of all this political hay will certainly be one for the watching you know that's a very good points to you to the presidency. and we've heard throughout today predictions that it will never be the same after. today do you agree and do you think that the u.s. president do you think he agrees or even does he realize what has changed today. well it's certainly a new layer of challenge laid over his presidency to say the least if for no other reason than he his party does not control both houses of congress not only that the democrats have more or less said they are arming a canon of subpoenas to fire off at the white house start off a new investigations at the house could possibly look into you mentioned his tax
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returns that's a one sticking point other issues that could be related to this ongoing probe into allegedly collusion with russia during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign that's ongoing that's been a huge thorn in the president's side throughout the past two years and now all of that could potentially get worse in addition to the challenges of governing and having to actually sit down and negotiate with the opposition party and before we say goodbye what about the the impetus to find a solution to this government shutdown now that we do have a new u.s. congress when do you think we're going to reach the point where one party is going to say ok we can't we can't go any longer we have to let people go back to work and let people get paid. well that's an excellent question as we've seen there are about eight hundred thousand federal employees who are either furloughed or are working without pay and that push is going to have to come from
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the people who are saying i can't pay my rent i am now homeless i can't make my car payments i can't afford groceries because even though i have a job i'm not being paid right now and that is the government's fault it is going to be very very hard for either side to give an inch on this issue particularly as we said because of this border wall that's still hanging in the air that question is still hanging in the air but something is going to have to give and whoever blinks first is ultimately going to be declared the political loser exactly very good point my sweater on capitol hill in washington d.c. tonight my thank you. china took a giant leap for mankind today with the first landing on the far side of the moon and the mission is seen as yet another part in china's plan to rival the united
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states russia and europe in outer space and right here on earth geopolitics aside for a moment beijing success on the moon follows nicely the achievement by nasa earlier in the week the new horizons probe has gone where no probe has wrong before and i can guarantee you it's not going into the world of politics and it sent back photos to prove it and see if we have a look at the photos. there was one photo that was sent. to space rock through it looks like a giant figure there it is right there the rock at the edge of our solar system is out at the edge of our solar system. we've got an image first image being backed by china's chain. a close up view of
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a part of that never seen from earth. the far side of the moon has long remained shrouded in darkness at least from our perspective it never turns to face. for has now sent back the first photo ever taken from its surface and it sensational clear and detailed. the control center in beijing says the landing went perfectly. the combined land rover is named after a chinese goddess who lives on the moon. on the screen a chinese flag marks the spot where it came down. the whole process went as expected the result was very precise right on target. that target is the craggy base in the air the moon's south pole there's no direct
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line of communication with chang a when it's on the far side so in advance of the mission china launched a relay satellite into orbit around the moon to enable in direct contact between the probe and base. state media have held the mission as a huge success china aims to become a major space power by twenty thirty and land a human on the moon around that time. is a milestone humans have never been. made it this is a trailblazing. the rover will make astronomical observations and investigate the structure and composition of the terrain it should also yield data concerning the origin of stars and the evolution of nebulized by the way the far side of the moon isn't always bathed in darkness the moon rotates on its own excess at about the same speed as it orbits the earth so we just never
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get to see that side it is in fact also regularly bathed in sunlight. what with all the doubt beijing would prefer to focus on the moon and simply tune out the message that we got today from the c.e.o. of apple tim cook warning that revenues will not be as strong as predicted because of sluggish i phone sales in china apple stocks they took a hit markets are already jittery about a slowing chinese economy and the trade tariff dispute with washington if you add that it's the future of the world's second largest economy what's not so bright anymore you could say it's kind of like that for sawyer of the moon. apple is bad news seems to confirm what investors have feared for some time the i phone hype could be over and so far there doesn't seem to be a solid plan coming out of cupertino to re excite consumers for years the i phone
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has been apple superstar the device brings a solid sixty percent of apple's revenue but if those sales fall as they did over the christmas quarter it hits apple hard the companies problems have been looming for months after reaching a high last summer the share price has fallen by thirty percent since september back then analysts reported that asian i phone suppliers were cutting back production because apple needed fewer parts news that sent out an alarm signal. the company says demand has weakened particularly in china apple c.e.o. tim cook blames the trade dispute between the u.s. and china for causing some customers to avoid buying u.s. products but analysts say another reason is apple's pricing strategy while prices are dropping on many smartphones from other companies apple has continued to raise its prices the most expensive costing more than sixteen hundred euros but fewer customers are willing to pay such costs for their device. it appears tim cook's
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strategy of looking to charge a high price to achieve high profits despite lower i phone sales has failed the development could sign the end of a success story that began twelve years ago. well to talk more about a rising or maybe a sputtering china i'm joined now by doug bandow he's a senior fellow at the cato institute in washington he just penned an op ed piece entitled u.s. sign a relationship forty how to deal with china while avoiding war mr bennett was good to have you on the show let me just ask you about what you know it says they say that they've got a china problem and that is made worse by the trade tariff dispute is it possible to separate the the economics from the geopolitics when we talk about chinese power . well they're related though they do operate somewhat separately china
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has economic problems completely separate from the trade issue they have a lot of inefficient state enterprises they have a lot of bad loans it had a property bubble so there's been a lot of stuff going on that made analysts nervous that you throw the trade dispute on top of that that clearly has helped push the chinese economy in a bad direction and of course the economic growth is what has catapulted china into a leadership position so it matters geo politically though there are separate issues in both sides. and let me take a listen to want white house economic adviser kevin hassett said earlier today about china's economy to gillis but make no mistake the chinese economy is on a path that we haven't seen in decades so that's something that will affect companies that operate in china but the upside is that member of this council of economic advisors we estimated last year that china was stealing about five hundred billion dollars a year of our delectable property and you know it and you know we've got them to
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the table that would we could actually make some serious progress now you know as there is in speaks about china as being the ultimate cif and not the ultimate innovator we've heard from other analysts on this program but it's very difficult to to get an accurate statistical picture of the chinese economy have we have we told ourselves that china is perhaps more of a geo political or an economic threat than it really is. i think it's very easy to build them off as being the eight hundred pound gorilla when in fact they face extraordinary challenges one of them is economic another is demographic you know the one child policy has created this very weird demographic structure you know where you don't have young people you have too few women you know they people talk about china growing all before it to grow as rich so there's a lot there that can go wrong with china so i think it's important not to paint them as being prepared to dominate the world they are there is
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a long term issue there that they could become a super power they aren't there yet and if they have economic problems they're going to have political problems because the economic growth has been the reason the communist party could claim legitimacy if they lose that then the question is why should they be in charge. that's a good point you bring up earlier today i heard one analyst talking about the chinese landing on the far side of the moon and his take was that this is not being done because china wants to be a superpower or china wants this sense of national pride it's being done to distract from what is happening inside the country the problems that you mentioned do you think that beijing is is maybe pursuing you know outer space so that the rest of the world can forget about what's happening inside chinese borders.
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my guess is chinese leaders have a couple of different objectives here they certainly want china to be seen as a global leader among landing helps but they also recognize how this plays to national sentiments how it might help them domestically politically all of those things are very likely involved in the thinking process. what was your take on what we heard earlier this week with xi jinping making it clear that there will be reunification between mainland china china and taiwan at some point and also reserving the right to use military force this may be the most dangerous situation in east asia in my view now that we see north and south korea least temporarily having some reconciliation and working together the problem is chinese view taiwan as being part of china but in practical matters china has the mainland has not you know run taiwan for about one hundred twenty years except for just a few years after world war two and today taiwanese for the most part view
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themselves as taiwanese not chinese especially younger taiwanese why would they want to join a dictatorship why would they want to become part of a small part of a very large country next door it's actually poorer than they are so this is a potentially very dangerous situation the president of taiwan the day before made her comments that china should respect the democratic process in taiwan but of course president xi does not respect democratic process that's a huge difference between those countries. ok we're going to have to wrap it up there though i think for elder time we appreciate your time tonight mr doug bandow joining us from the cato institute in washington thank you. both. well one problem with global trade is that you can sometimes experience a train wreck or how about
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a ship wreck the search is on for three containers curing potentially dangerous substances after a container ship washed its cargo during a storm on tuesday night this is the result so far only one small bag of substance thought to be toxic has been washed up the panama flag ship was traveling between antwerp in belgium and very often in germany when it well said the cargo some twenty containers have been so far washed up on dutch iowans several more are expected to end up on the northern german coast here on the dutch island of test selling its finders keepers in the netherlands unlike in some other countries you're allowed to keep items that have been washed ashore and in this case there's quite a hole to be had. so much in all kinds of sizes and colors and will keep them in the attic for now and then sell them in
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the summer. i signed a flat screen t.v. in one of the containers thank you bring it in a warm and dry area so we'll see if it's still working you know. this footage released by the dutch coastguard shows the cargo ship that had been transporting the goods a huge vessel with a capacity for some nineteen thousand containers a soon as one came loose others followed a total of two hundred seventy containers have been lost only a few have been washed up so far. others may end up on the island of poor come in northwestern germany. but the containers aren't just carrying goods like susan flat screen t.v.'s three of them are said to contain potentially dangerous substances the advice from the experts. if you encounter a washed up container stay away and don't touch anything wait for the professionals to come and transport the goods safely that way you'll come to no harm. but the
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temptation is big scores of containers are still missing with storms for cars for the weekend they could travel far to their next destination. things that are washing up on the beaches right now well the thing is nearly done to conversation continues online offline is it w dot com or you can write to me. on twitter and remember whatever happens between now and that tomorrow is another day we'll see the never got. to.
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