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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2019 8:00am-8:30am CET

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin democrats reclaim power in the u.s. house of representatives the new house has more women and more diversity than ever before and a leader is determined to take on president donald trump democrats first order of business ending the government shutdown with county funding the president's border wall also coming up an uncertain fate for dozens of migrants stuck called rescue ships malta aid groups say conditions are deteriorating on board as e.u. officials verge member states to let them land. and we take
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a look back at yesterday's clash between liverpool and manchester city as former one who's leading coaches you're going cluck and have the owner went head to head in the premier league title race. hello i'm terry march and welcome to the program the democrats have swept back to power in the u.s. house of representatives and they immediately flexed their new authority by passing a new budget bill that snobs president trumps key demand billions in funding for a u.s. mexican border wall them across the presiding over the most diverse house in u.s. history which for the first time includes two muslim women. everybody. selfies with friends and supporters rushy that's how you can one of the first two
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muslim women elected to congress a historic moment. so really nice when people like us were in her office when we when it was really look forward to seeing all the great things that she'll do and all of those that she will represent and the voice that she will provide to to those of us that typically are overlooked. the congresswoman from michigan still has to learn her way around caputo hill just like a fellow democrat on the press play from massachusetts who brought her family to celebrate the swearing in day with her i'm humbled i'm grateful and many people have asked me if i'm up for it if i feel pressured to either because of historical significance of being a first store because of the crossroads we find ourselves at as a country where the fact that we are coming into congress in the midst of a government shutdown and to that i would just say that i don't feel pressured i feel a tremendous responsibility and out there are doing everything possible to meet that
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every day. the new congress has already made history by sitting a record number of women and becoming the most ethnically diverse while the republicans still have more seats in the senate the new democratic majority in the house of representatives is poised to serve as a check of the u.s. president their first challenge as the government shutdown the standoff between the democrats and strum could set the tone for a combative two years. and in these two years it's this mormon who will face off against president struck. nancy pelosi next and she is taking the gavel us the new speaker of the house nancy pelosi reclaim the post she already held from two thousand and seven to twenty eleven nation is in stark alone. two months ago the american people spoke and demanded and i don't think called upon the beauty of our constitution our system of checks and balances that protect our
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democracy remembering that the legislative branch is article one the first branch of government co-equal to the presidency and she vision to share. the new majority quickly went on the offensive approving bills to reopen the government but without the money for the border will president trump demands with a conflict likely to intensify for the new elected lawmakers this is only the beginning. let's look at some other stories making headlines around the world today russian prosecutors have formally charged u.s. citizen paul whelan with espionage a former brain was detained in moscow last friday is going is now seeking his release on bail suspects family denies he was spy and says he was visiting moscow to attend a friend's wedding. brazil's new conservative administration has launched
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a purge of government contractors who don't share its far right ideology around three hundred officials have been dismissed since president roh was sworn into office suite targets those seen as sympathetic to the centrist and left wing parties that govern brazil for over three decades this. explosion occurred outside a local office of germany's far right if deep party on thursday police say an unknown substance was detonated at the store front in the center of durban in saxony no one was injured investigators are looking into whether the attack was politically motivated. and southern thailand is preparing for the most powerful tropical storm to hit the region in almost thirty years forty years have suspended ferry service and air travel to a popular tourist. islands in the gulf of thailand thousands of people have been urged to evacuate or seek shelter from low lying areas it's.
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aid workers say the health of nearly fifty migrants stuck on a rescue ships off the coast of malta is deteriorating the migrants were rescued in waters off libya's coast within the last two weeks to rescue ships which are run by german aid organizations are now located near multan activists say those on board are suffering severe sea sickness brought on by rough seas and heavy weather malta italy and spain have refused to let the passengers disembark reflecting sharp divisions in the e.u. over migration policy. now. for the migrants at sea the days are beginning to melt into one. since their dramatic rescue off the libyan coast in december they've been in limbo in the narrow confines of the ships . they say that conditions on board are getting worse and that they have no idea where they will end up. i don't would be i'll tell you.
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i'm heading to only do i'm going to utah but i do come through. we need to head when i see can see you doing student p.c. . just. to see a lot of. several german and italian cities have reportedly offered the migrants refuge in the netherlands on wednesday agreed to take in some of them but italy has so far refused to let those on board to some park blocking their onward journey. a spokeswoman for the european commission said migration commissioner dimitris over a hopeless has been speaking with member states to break the deadlock mission ever more calls for them to provide their support and contribute to the joint efforts to embark on board. morsi dirtiness only in the states.
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and the situation folks once again as many times. since four december and in argentina in the mediterranean. but as the men women and children floating in the mediterranean are learning the hard way the union is anything but united on migration. sports now and last night's huge clash in the english premier league did not disappoint defending champions manchester city edged out league leaders liverpool two one they brought it from the sports is here to talk us through. the action heyday so how did the drama unfold well it was an incredibly intense affair i mean even though it's still relatively early in the season it really felt like this could be a deciding momentous match and both teams played like it you felt it was super tight and although it was a really exciting match to watch there weren't that many chances things are razor close throughout and it looks really like things weren't going to open up too much
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until sergio where zero scored an amazing goal late in the first half to open things up and once he broke things open it looked like liverpool wouldn't have too much of a chance against manchester city they did manage to score a beautiful team goal about an hour or so into the match but we royce and they had another great finish to level things off a two one which is how it ended and his goal was great every goal was really beautiful in the match there was tons of great stuff to see it was really a thrilling nailbiting match and i think the end score was a fair one ok so liverpool lost but liverpool beat manchester city three times in twenty eighteen what was different this time yeah i mean you could always say new year new luck of course but i think there's a bit more to it than that i think manchester city coach pep guardiola did a great job of having a strong game plan and executing it well mentions your city did really good to control the match and to frustrate liverpool for an end dino stood out to me in the
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manchester city midfield he did an excellent job of just taking up tons of space clogging out passing lanes and making sure that liverpool's famous front attacking three rarely got time on the ball so they did a good job of limiting chances before they even started and then it where oh stood out a top for manchester city with his really nice strike and then also just working hard throughout the match and he relishes these matches against big teams he scored thirty seven times against big six clubs in the prem so he's been really strong with matches. and so now we're going to hear from coach pep guardiola manchester city to see what he thought about the result i think it was it would just been chuckle and both teams played to it to win. nothing so it was not the final it was a final four has because losing to date was only zero. and we need today we are already there so we know the premier league is everybody tie again so we'll see the
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top in the future to relax rest because in three days we have another big test in the effect up. talking about a big test ill to come sunday what does this mean for the premier league title race things are just incredibly tight up top so liverpool are still in first but they only have a four point cushion ahead of manchester city so this match really puts a lot of pressure on them and tottenham really aren't too far behind the top two and then chelsea you are only ten points out in fourth place so you feel that it's really tight and the liverpool will be a bit disappointed to have this mounting pressure on them it's exciting for the neutrals and it's really been impressive what liverpool have accomplished considering that manchester city won with a nineteen point cushion last season no one really expected it to be so competitive so it's been great for us to. and now will be able to hear from you're going top
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coach of liverpool about his take on the result as well quite often do inmates lighting tech lives and blocks in their own six out books that doesn't happen too often for cd i would say so that's a big. credit to my boys that we did that but in the end we lost it and we have to take the take that some of us came in last in our life and know from that point of view. it's not really cool but it's one of the three results they could have happened it's with the one we didn't like but still have to take it to know let's keep a moon. ripple coach you're still sounding upbeat despite his defeat so who are you putting your money on assuming you're a betting man for the premier league title yeah unfortunately i'm not a betting man but if i had to do it i think i would stick with the or pool as cops said it wasn't their first ever loss but it was their first of the season maybe it's because he's such a lovable guy but i i think they have what it takes to pull out the dave thanks so
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much they brother from did that your sports hall call is famous for its iconic neon sign and they've been lighting up rows of shops restaurants on the island for decades but as modern alternatives grow more popular hong kong could be at risk of losing a unique part of its heritage unless artisans and activists can say that. it is one of the last to master craftsmen of neon signage in hong kong business people bring in their hand drawn designs that he makes the neon signs that hong kong is famous for. he works with glass tubes which he painstakingly bends into shape it's precision work who found his profession by chance i was the boss when i found it was the summer holidays when i was eighteen my father thought i was doing nothing so we got me
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a job with the neon sign make. we was offered the opportunity to stay on and he decided not to go back to school it's quite a challenge to form the complicated chinese characters the work has remained the same bending the glass. touching the ignition coil. and filling the tube with fluorescent gas all is done by hand but for wu much has changed hands. up until fifteen or twenty years ago i worked every day for seven or eight hours making me own troops since today it's maybe four or five days a month. so within his incl now comes mainly from other jobs the neon signs said used to be hong kong's trademark are becoming a rare sight carden china has been documenting those that remain beneath this is closer to. the hong kong i used to. she runs
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a group that hopes to protect hong kong's neon heritage many old signs have been taken down because of new safety regulations and a cheaper alternative to neon is replacing those that remain. here until the blue and yellow one. after the l.e.d. and one day i think i just think that's nice you could actually come to see the signs symbolize wealth in a city that once set trends for the rest of the continent for chan a part of hong kong's identity is fading. from cars that she was was concluded a day maybe. time to make up the. hong kong is a changing city. many people from hong kong fear a loss of political and cultural independence carden chyme wants to keep the craft
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of bending the young glass alive so she's planning workshops with master craftsman i. am going to see things change we have to accept this. i think the key is for us to find new uses for neon lights. for example using them as lamps and decorations for interior design. perhaps we use vision may be the best way to avoid losing an art form so closely linked to hong kong. or japanese cash machines about to run dry monica terry i went to a cash machine yesterday and got some money out and there's a very good reason if you're in germany and in need of cash then maybe it would be a good idea to get some money out now and that's because an ongoing strike by security van drivers has some eighty ems running low now one of the country's largest unions called for the work pilots after five rounds of unsuccessful wage talks the union is pressing employers to boost wages by around ten percent of the
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strike action started already on wednesday and it's caused a run on cash machines before money runs out. of course that also forces you to ask a very specific question namely why are germans so reluctant to pay with plastic. this hamburg coffee shop no longer accept cash if you're looking for your caffeine kick you'll have to either use plastic or another digital payment system. in many countries like china this is long been the norm in cash loving germany though it's pretty new. it's good on the. we're not aiming to completely change our attitudes in germany it's simply that i reckon we're going we believe with innovative and future oriented so far it's going really well and we're sticking to it but in germany many are yet to be convinced the older
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generation in particular is especially attached to cash. for sure i feel safe very gives the banks less control. concerts mostly by cart but why six times a year elizabeth mattison runs a garment store in the center of cologne she accepts both cash and card but she says the trend is going in the direction of paying with plastic she has mixed feelings about it and understands the reservations about previous e stanko might come after you need both everything to be tracked where you were where you got a coffee where you had a meal what you bought i actually don't think it's a grace. she says her children barely ever use cash that puts them in the minority in germany but that may not necessarily be the case for much longer. well just before the holiday season rome managed to clinch a budget deal with brussels that will avoid disciplinary steps against italy but
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doubts the italian economy persists and many italians are growing tired of the deal siskel policy or we went to northern italy to she the opinions of some entrepreneurs. this company and the tensor has been processing natural stone and marble for more than one hundred forty years but since two thousand and six revenue has dropped by eighty percent. i do that if we used to have higher profits that allowed us to invest in the workforce and on materials so that nowadays with high taxation and banks that explosions we don't make the same profits anymore there's no lack of work it's the taxes that are killing entrepreneurship they're too high with us are. usually slow economic recovery since the financial crisis still weighs on entrepreneurs some say they're tired of living under the e.u.'s strict fiscal rules. and i still think that the e.u.
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is a good thing. but it asking too much of actually i don't see this is a good thing. but leaving the e.u. i don't know. despite growing disaffection with the e.u. most entrepreneurs would prefer to stay in the common market. for a bit longer i believe that the problem with the e.u. is the one size fits all rules from member states but we're all in different situations we need more flexibility in the different situations of every state need to be taken into account when you think that your new play is a. great company produces sparkling wine exports to the e.u. account for thirty percent of sales. it's a pretty are lucky i hope our politicians will think of companies out of those of us who don't want to leave the european union. the italian government has backed down in its budget standoff with the e.u. but until the country finds a way to boost its economy more confrontations can be expected. all right let's
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talk a little bit about those possible confrontations holger schmieding chief economist at bear broadband good to have you with us. was the first time that we hear your member state. playing about the strict e.u. fiscal rules. a lot of people say it's time for a major overhaul do you agree no i do not agree with that the fiscal rules are basically find the problem is really italy they have a government that wants to spend money which the country simply does not have a country with the demographic low birthrate simply cannot afford to lower the retirement age that is going to cost the country a lot of money and the problems arising from that have nothing to do with e.u. fist moves so how can it really solve its domestic problems and stick to fiscal rules. italy would need to continue the reforms of the previous governments the previous governments have adjusted the retirement age for instance the previous
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governments had relaxed the rules on the labor market under the previous two governments the economy was actually starting to grow at a good one percent which by italian standards is good that the italian economy now seems to be grinding to hord little growth for this year is largely the fault of the new government so what italy needs is a return to sensible policies because italy has this huge mountain of debt the second highest debt ratio to g.d.p. in the eurozone we know that the banks are struggling in italy how much of a liability could italy be for the stability of the italy could theoretically be a significant liability for the stability of the e.u. if the government pursues policies which actually weaken the economic growth potential of a country with high debt then at least the tail risk of a debt crisis a few years in the future is there that tail risk is something which weighs on confidence which weighs on business investment in italy and as italy is
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a significant part of europe don't it also has ramifications for the entire region and of course the ada rypien union faces many challenges this year not just italy there is of course and i know you spend a lot of time professionally of course in england there's still breaks it and we still don't know what's going to happen how is it going to play out very much hope that we avoid the heartbreaks at i think there will be about ten weeks between the u.k. parliament probably rejecting the current brics it do you and the actual brics it date in late march and i do hope that in these ten weeks the britons would decide to either stay in the e.u. or more likely to get a softer breck's a deal with religion where you are accepting may steal our which would be better than accepting mase deal which could for instance be a norway like. state is where britain stays very close to be using a market which would be under the circumstances comparative be good for ordinal ok
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so that's probably your new year's wish the clock is ticking off it was for this meeting to pick on him is a bare back bone thank you so much for your time you're welcome. i'm not just saying that because he's here it's a man's world certainly when it comes to the gaming industry only about a quarter of people working there are women and most of them in marketing and graphic design programming and game design for men but to every rule there is an exception made linda cool is a female game designer. linda cruiser is going back in time to ancient rome through the use of her phone she's testing a new app that shows what things may have looked like here two thousand years ago when the german city of cologne was the roman settlement of colonia the app aims to bring ancient times back to life and young people back into museums so only certain
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things can be displayed to look at through a mobile device i can add many more links and take exploration of the past to a whole new level. up to incomes of. the game designer is thirty two years old and passionate about her work as a child already she created board games and years later began programming at twenty six she launched her own game studio she won the german developer prize for her language learning game squirrel and bear. cruise has four employees and plans to hire two more but she wants to keep operation small. business one hundred sixty growing means you also have to take a look at how you're structured and of course when you have four teams all working on projects someone also has to manage organize and get money for it all. that would probably be my job but that means i could no longer work creatively which wouldn't suit me. cruz's game serena super green aims to get girls more interested
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in technical jobs she says women are missing out on ideal work that plays to their strengths and offers the flexibility many want they need to overcome old obstacle. there's a correlation with technical jobs and opportunities we've neglected within our culture's always been telling young women that's not for you you can't do that image that certain jobs don't even land on their list of possible career paths it's really going to find mr. cruz a fine thrown career ideal for women game development is a communicate a field that can be combined well with family needs and flexible working hours but for more women to become game designers cruz a says they need to consider it in the first place. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. democrats back to power in
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the u.s. house of representatives the most diverse congress in history cost a new budget bill in a small two presidents don't much trump leaving out of billions in funding for his first mexican border. and dozens of migrants remains stuck on maltose coast after being rescued in the mediterranean in nature december eighth workers say their health is deteriorating and urges you not to accept that. we want you to miss my from berlin well coming up at the top of the hour. such a. good move. from . the bottom.
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of the to. cut. to twenty nineteen agent top. pick of life checks out this major political events. with the favorites and the long shots. and of who's playing favorites the chinese. oddball about the trendy nineteen accusers caught on. g.w. . swimming with dolphins. for a long time it could be done off the coast it sounds far but hordes of tourists have scared the dolphins. way. the problem is it's not regulated by the government
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. because they're going to have to step in see them now conservationists and tour guides are working together to find a solution go out to africa sixteen million dollar. amount of in a timeless way discover the vulture best now house world starts january thirteenth on. where is home. when your family is scattered across the globe. if it existed please leave the book as a journey back to the roots government of. the shah's family from somalia lived around the. time one needed urgent assistance and. move
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family starts generally twenty first month t.w. . the asian cup starts to be sweet.


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