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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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doris grant a moment arrives. joint direct attack on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. returns home on d w dot com tang's. a christmas season cyber attack here in germany personal information of hundreds of politicians including the german chancellor stolen and published on twitter in the admin's calendar tonight after an emergency meeting of the government's cyber defense agency we still don't know was this the work of a foreign government or was it an inside job by a political party or was it simply a hacker in his or her bedroom trying to see how far they could get to go off in berlin this is the day.
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this is a concerted attack on our democracy and we must strike back the. government takes this very seriously this will because we'll never stop trying every day there are many attacks on forgive them and it's a discipline this version of them buys it we don't yet know for sure how this information got into the public domain it's an interesting line that this is not this incident should be a turning point in the debate over cyber security it's easy. because once you create a climate of fear and insecurity in our country and. then. also coming up tonight a shocking threat from the u.s. president trump says he's willing to keep the government shutdown for years. as the government shutdown stretches on and hundreds of thousands of workers are without
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their paychecks democrats late last night proposed a solution that's unlikely to get passed the block of trumps unused. we begin the day with one of the most aggressive and far reaching cyber attacks ever here in germany the personal information of hundreds of politicians and public figures has been published online and attacked confirming germany as a preferred target of cyber criminals no news of the breach triggered an emergency meeting today of germany's national cyber defense agency there are many unknowns tonight the interior ministry says it remains unclear whether the attacks were the result of a hack or a data leak here is what we do know german chancellor angela merkel was one of those targeted her fax number and two e-mail addresses used by the chancellor were published but her office says no sensitive material was released it appears that all political parties in germany were hit in this attack except for the far right
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a.f.d.c. party there is no confirmation tonight on whether this means that the attack was intended to maybe protect the a.f.d. d.w. contacted the party of spokesman for the a.f.d. confirmed the party was not targeted and this attack is not the first and it is all the more alarming because cyber security experts have been mourning for years that an attack like this was inevitable you may remember that the german parliament the bundestag was hit by an attack several years ago sensitive data from parliament was stolen and the country's intelligence agencies pointed the finger to russia so why were german politicians and political parties so easily breached this time well that is just one of the questions to be posed tonight but first here is more on what we have learned today. the data breach goes right to the top german chancellor angela merkel of leaked information includes a fax number e-mail addresses and several less is purported to be from her office and it's not just the chancellor. personal data and documents from
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hundreds of politicians and public figures published on the internet internet. but. based on the first analysis politicians and officials from all levels were affected from the european parliament the german parliament means regional state parliaments and local officials of cornell in mind that. politicians from every german political party were targeted except the right wing populist. the leakers used twitter to publish personal data such as phone numbers identification documents charts invoices and even photos of their children justice minister cancer going to said the leak was a deliberate attempt to damage faith in the country's democracy the left parties call for a full investigation. of the it's an attack on the social cohesion of our country i've read and heard that many artists journalists and politicians are
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affected. the aim is obviously to create a climate of fear a climate of insecurity in our country. the leak was first discovered thursday evening but it seems the first documents started appearing in december with a twitter account releasing information daily in the style of an adding calendar none of the internal documents that were released a thought to be highly sensitive at the moment there's no known suspects or any clear motives. let's not kid ourselves there's no such thing as personal privacy and we're all vulnerable to attacks like this but they need to be stopped at the far side and this isn't the first time german politicians have been hacked in twenty fifteen russia was accused of a series of cyber attacks that stole data from computers in the german parliament and last year the german government's eye team network came under a fresh attack russian hackers were also blamed for that. well one of those german
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politicians targeted in this attack is hoagland he is a member of the german parliament with the s.p.d. the social democrats he joins me tonight from malta mr lynn it's good to have you on the program we appreciate your time tonight tell me how did you discover that you had been targeted i was in fall heroine mazar yesterday evening by calling by one of the lead us off my apology fraction and were you surprised me to this have not been outed i'll tell you ok were you surprised me were you surprised that you had been attacked to be honest not not sure really because it was the first time that i was attacked so there was always a fear of a repetition and it happened we know that the country's cyber defense agency met in an emergency session today have you been briefed on that meeting and what is known
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about the situation. there is a lot of security in this process process off investigation the information i have is that there is no real evidence of a huge attack with a certain virus that some evidence. but i'm not absolutely sure it's just the actual status that they're anonymous off fishing actions of collection of off leaks off a failing pos once and all that and that it's been collected over a period of time so it's not one huge attack but a collection of a number of total different attacked with a difference horses and methods and we know mr lynn that there have been previous
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cyber attacks here in germany against the government and there have been many warnings that more has to be done or bigger attacks are inevitable do you find it a warming then that this type of breach could even take place yes it's allowing and even if we find out this time it's not to the question of the black off cyber security off the official infrastructure structure and that there were private leaks and deficits it's still shocking that politicians here and people of public interest that the public interest owner well and it's i want us to to improve our security system to find out how it happened and with which intentions it happened and it is your task you're right it is your responsibility so what has happened as parliament and the government have you been neglecting this
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. knew i don't think that we. i myself i'm member of flee committee often showing tyria fast and we spoke about these weaknesses several times but maybe probably lady joan political kasha has not yet on the stilts but danger at times off of a crime and the danger of the combination of criminal attacks and political intentions i mean that's an interesting point do you do you think that your colleagues here here in berlin the government are they somewhat naive about the realities in the dangers of cyber attacks. i wouldn't blame my colleagues if it's a problem it's a collective problem maybe we all hold jump political cultural don't political
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system the institutions have being a too naive or underestimated the intentions and the energy people invest to do something like this with i suppose the plan to raise insecurity fear to make democracy unstable we tonight we still don't know who was behind this if it is shown that a political party is behind this attack what should be the response if it was a political party the boot be. huge scandal and hopefully the end of this party. if it's so probably surroundings of a sought political movement it's still very alarming and they asked some
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information. strengthen this theory but we have no final proof but if events of the new mascot of the political right to attack the german democracy democracy has to be very active and has to give clear strict strong ounces and if it is shown mr lynn that a foreign power is behind this attack what will germany do if we find out that there is a foreign power behind is behind this we have to do the same there has to be. modest oh no too modest some pot all clear reactions if they find out we saw in the united states that.
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democracies are very vulnerable in modern times and we do not allow this and we won't allow this this is my. era unsub to go question yeah and it's important to win for regional elections in germany this year as well as the european parliament election coming up mr hill when joining us tonight from malta a member of the german bund is talking the german parliament mr libby appreciate your time tonight thank you thank you five on. our list because the story now here at the big table with me is due to be social media editor karl nessman and you're in berlin our chief political correspondent and crane let me start with you the government says that no sensitive data has been leaked what does that mean what does that tell us. that means that so far what we're seeing of this leaked data is all personal material meaning cellphone numbers
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chats facebook posts e-mail addresses and as we heard in the report even photographs from people's children what it is not is the kind of material or the kind of hacking that we have seen here in germany in two past attempts where hackers directly targeted infrastructure of the german government of members of parliament and therefore also released sensitive political information that is not the case here and so even if those facts number is out there we don't have clear political e-mails from her to others on policy matters. we were told that all political parties were affected by this except for the right we popularized the contact the deed this evening they confirmed that what is being made by the fact that b. were spared from this. well since this story broke this morning there's been of
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course a lot of speculation about who the perpetrators might be and we know that the cyber defense unit that's looking into this is certainly trying to figure that out but the first speculation was well could this perhaps be russian affiliated hackers and we have seen that in the past or at least the suspicion has been that they were behind past attacks then there was some talk about this very fact that. politicians don't seem to have been targeted does that mean that someone affiliated with the party might have been behind it now some cyber experts are saying they think this could quite likely prove to be almost a prank mischief making by young german men probably who are most likely sympathizing with right wing groups like the a.f.d. and who simply want to embarrass and provoke fears they don't like so
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at this point that's where the speculation is trending but it really is just speculation that no one speculations and i don't. know that politicians have been affected. it goes beyond politicians and we've been looking through this information as we heard reported there is are public figures we see german actors we see german t.v. presenters one in particular who is well known for playing pranks on the far right for example interestingly there's journalists and here as well at least forty journalists in germany had their private information leaked in this as well and we have to say most of these figures are known for having left just views more in the liberal side of the political spectrum what happened here is called doc saying in fact that's how the hackers referred to it this is when you were least private information your home address your private phone numbers the intention here is to encourage harassment get people to visit your house get people to call you maybe get death threats something like that in fact we heard that martin schultz of the s.p.d. reportedly started receiving phone calls on. private number and that was how this
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was maybe first discovered of course it's easy to speculate but we're really curious what's going on here but it is fairly clear that the focus here of this hack was going out of its way to target people on the left side in germany. it looks like this leak which happened but it was up four weeks ago in early december but no one in the german government noticed in yesterday's what's been going on in the past four weeks we're just now picking up on this i mean it's been it's been weeks but likely whoever did this had trouble getting the word out about their league i mean we know this because of the twitter account that they were using to try to spread this information and this is what we mean here there are a couple of twitter accounts that were tweeting out information those have since been taken down by twitter this is one of them here you can see it had more than nineteen thousand followers we suspect that many of those were bots but those weren't real people take a look at how this account was doing it and releasing the information we heard from the report it was and in the form of an advent calendar each day of december another bit of information was being released along with
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a link to that information it was organized this was clearly meant to drum up some excitement but no one brant seem to care i mean look at this week for example this is from december eighth promising some dirt on german actor til schweiger it has what one reads tweet five likes as you can tell i mean these were hardly getting clicked on at all in december eventually the perpetrators had to hack another twitter account with two million followers use that to get the word out and that's when people started noticing again speculation but whoever was behind this it's not likely that they had a big organization behind them otherwise they wouldn't have this much trouble getting the word out all right cohen has been or she political correspondent linda green to both of you you thank. well there has been intense speculation about who went to such lengths to publish such an spectacular material one twitter user tilman very found an interesting nugget of information he writes that the original tweets leaked to di tube videos in one of those films
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a windows error message pops up and it is in german indicating that it maybe was recorded on the german system he writes. was that the case to talk about that a lot more i'm joined now by teresa locker she is author and author and editor at mother board right here in germany an online magazine dedicated to tech and science it's good to see turks let me let me ask you just because that window popped up it was in german does that mean that it had to be in a german speaking place not at all doesn't run not at all this this could be a lead but nothing more and you can easily. actual physical location with simple programs for free that you can download on the internet and that tweet mentioned did too which is like you tube but it uses blocked change technology decent realized it's hard to hack it's impossible really to erase content so what does that tell us then about the investigation and trying to find out who's behind this i've seen before with some farai it or make stream of. you
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tube or who got their content deleted on youtube by because they violated the community standards and they uploaded their content because it is apparently what they call censorship free eat the problem doesn't care too much what people upload on it so this is also could be in connection with the fact that you know no a fifteen. politicians fair exposed it is definitely a platform that was used by far right extremists what do you make of the fact that . the government's infrastructure seems to be still survivable to any type of community was years ago when we talked about it as a having the cell phone number of the german chancellor and a lot of people have the impression that really nothing has happened since then yeah. the actual government networks were deemed safe today so this was
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all the private information that was leaked by politicians but also you two were as an isis and moderators so what i do make of that is. people are still could be a little careless with whatever they publish on their private channels some people i talked to dave while i was verifying information also told me that today they learned for the first time what a safe password is after what are they saying yeah and these are people with with two million five million followers who publish content online and that is their full time job and so i think what it also tells us is that this the dot is very very scattered and it comes from many different sources and i think this is also why the government asked the n.s.a. for help if you're saying isn't it the n.s.a. and the ask them quickly to say what is it yeah well the n.s.a.
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was demonized before but now what this has happened it tells me that the taking a very very seriously right now. but also be sources off of the doctor that published are so many you know you have apparently cloud cloud accounts on the internet you have social media consequent e-mails phone numbers bank statements but also faked out that was in the in the mix so i think the investigations are supposed to be spread wide and far and also are going to take a lot of time and we have used to have that this began last month four weeks. and there were some members of parliament trying to get the attention of the cyber security. but as we understand it tonight nothing really happened until a high profile member of the social democrats started getting phone calls from on
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his number that is private and then he said how is this possible so if you take four weeks for a cyber attack to even register with the authorities is that it's just incompetence is that negligence i mean how does that have to be fair the links that got spread around on twitter four months ago there where and really with much attention because they were just distributed by this account who had roughly sixteen thousand followers. this accounts fred links that were abbreviated into small cryptographic chunks and. they also didn't say clearly what was in them so the links didn't really get much attention until another you tube account got hacked and then. via this account the link spread and gained a huge amount of attention and now we see what the result is all right through the looking at always it's good to have you come in to share your insights especially
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with a story like this we appreciate it thank you you thank. well get used to it but is the message from u.s. president donald trump as he says he is ready to keep the u.s. government shutdown for your tribe is refusing to sign any budget bill without funding for his wall on the mexican border his warning is not what american workers of businesses want to hear the shutdown now entering its third week is making it harder than ever to make ends meet or reporter bias waiter's sent us this report from washington. kevin kelly spent christmas without his family while they took a vacation he decided to stay behind in d.c. and earn some extra bucks striving for the ride sharing app lift on an average day kevin said he would drive her around ten hours and make two hundred dollars since the government shutdown though he said he's made less than half that usually it's you know pretty active
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a lot of people coming in and just about but combine that with the time off with the holiday with the furlough so there's a ghost town around here and so it really impacted and. didn't have the opportunity to make the money that i that i anticipated i'm making. the most visible effect of the shutdown is the closed national museums and parks this affects tourism which affects local economies in most quarters the shutdown is thought of as a purely political move one without any actual ramifications in the real world but it's not just government workers who are getting shorted on their checks the ripple effects of people being out of work are being felt across the district especially by small business owners. even local stores that don't tend on tourists have to survive on the government workers who live in the neighborhood. and sam works at this local dry cleaner's and he said business has been extremely light since the
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shutdown. i have to shape my my life a little different now because i never know what's going to happen next and i never know when you know my boss might say i. don't have that much i don't i don't need you today or tomorrow and that would hurt a close government means its workers have no extra money to spend even on essential like food gigi an emigrant who has owned and operated this convenience store for twenty six years said there's been almost no one in her store for two weeks when i feel scared. and you know wanted. i hope you know and the solution would come. but i soon saw you know it's not right this is the human cost of a political fight with no end in sight full shelves and an empty store. well the conversation continues online. dot com on twitter you can follow me off
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t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you on monday or.
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this is d w news live from berlin should i get emergency meeting of germany's cyber defense agency is called after the data of hundreds of politicians is released online private phone numbers documents and credit card details have been published on twitter was this the work of a foreign power or someone inside germany and so far there are no leads it's also coming up fifty migrants on a ship but not allowed to disembark in europe tonight we'll talk to the mayor and then italian city who says the migrants are welcome in his town.


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