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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2019 3:00pm-3:15pm CET

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be our guest transferred airports indeed managed by for our part. this is due to be a news live from berlin a massive this cyber security breach rocks the german capital as data from hundreds of politicians and public figures is released online private phone numbers documents and credit card details were published on twitter last month victims want to know why it took until yesterday for them to be informed. also coming up a birthday party goes tragically wrong for five teams during an escape from
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challenge in poland they were trapped when fire broke out just. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us victims of a massive data only care in germany are asking why it took so long for them to be informed personal information from hundreds of german politicians and celebrities was published online in december but only became public on friday the data was posted on a twitter account over four weeks and the style of an advent calendar now the leak impacted politicians at all levels including the german chancellor angela merkel the foreign minister heikal moscow and also the president of the boy in the stock. in fact there were very few politicians who were not targeted by this leak most were from merkel's conservatives but also from the social. i'm across and the left
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party now the notable exception the far right the party confirmed yesterday that none of their lawmakers were affected german authorities say the government's i.t. network was not compromised and are looking at where the information came from the intent remains unclear some politicians are demanding action. and what i heard shocked me this is a grave attack on democracy in our country. there are massive problems in our digital security architecture we put tensions haven't looked off as enough in recent years the government has grown and neglected that if . we have to take action this is a turning point. all right this is a turning point a need for action very clear message there from german lawmakers we have our political correspondent maximiliano with us here in studio she's following the latest developments on the story for us max what are authorities saying about this hack and this leak what are they saying about what's been published and what they
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found out so far who's behind this well the german federal information security agency has said yesterday they have been meeting with intelligence services and they're also we know been working together with for example of the american intelligence services to investigate that data leak it was quite significant is that this leak already happened mid december as you said yourself it was a part of a sort of german christmas admin calendar but only yesterday the agency came forward and said we're looking into this investigating it and the problem is that was a publicly circulated link and security experts say that was part problematic because people who are accessing the link kane's know what information can i get about german politicians and public figures could potentially have gotten mail web by opening these links and going through these files would we know about who's behind it we don't know much about who's behind it yet we know that their twitter channel over which these things were said. circulated has been suspended already and there
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is spend some concern that this tour to china was linked to the riots that have been some decisions but also that china which was found in two thousand and fifteen was in active for a while so it could also have been hacked itself what about the fact that the authorities essentially kept victims in the dark for weeks so why is that well one thing is always that investigators in some cases of criminal activity keep the public in the dark to be sure like to get ahead of the investigation but what is quite different about this attack is that this wasn't a data breach for example of a system like it happened in two thousand and fifteen with a german bunds talk attack where the german infrastructure system was hacked and then a data leak happened this was more like a data so it's of publication so a lot of data has been accumulated over several years even this is a lot of the data is even coming from older hacks and then put into profiles of these public figures what about the far right and we mentioned that none of their
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lawmakers were targeted what is the party saying about that we spec to the spokes person of the parliamentary group yesterday and they say they claim that the reason why the party hasn't been affected is because it hasn't been in parliament before two thousand and seventeen as i said a lot of the data that has been published part of this data league has been from previous hacks from example dating back to two thousand and twelve so the party was and parliamentary member in the dream a national parliament by then and of course that is the conclusion for from some that this is something happening because of a far right motivation but one should be always careful about that because one thing security experts say is that attribution in cases of data hacks of data leaks is always something that can easily manipulated and something that therefore shouldn't be jump to conclusion that quite quickly right a lot of questions still to be answered there are a political correspondent maximilian acosta thank you so much. now five teenage girls have died after
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a fire broke out in an escape game room game in northern poland now typically these games involve locking participants inside a room where they find clues and solve riddles to get out escape rooms have grown in popularity but now people are questioning whether they're safe. it was supposed to be a unique birthday party experience for a group of fifteen year old girls but it's unlikely any of the teens locked into the escape room ever thought they might not make it out alive to missions we joined the families of the victims in their grief the fire broke out at five in the afternoon in one of the escape rooms enclosure lynn used to be in. all five of the teens in the room died in the fire. an employee of the game center where the room was located suffered severe burns. polish media reports show people had already voiced concerns on the game center's website complaining of a strong gas smell inside while others said the set up was little more than a decorated garage the local fire department has called for immediate changes.
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our decision has been issued starting tomorrow all escape routes game centers and clubs will undergo fire safety inspections. reviews of which special attention will be paid to evacuation plans under scary prudes in these types of locations. there should be a moderator able to unlock the rooms now some other stories making news around the world airports and ferry services have reopened in southern thailand after a powerful storm caused power outages and flash flooding tropical storm barreled across the gulf of thailand on friday forcing tens of thousands into emergency shelters and leaving tourists stranded meteorologists say the storm was unusual striking well outside the typical monsoon season when you know in iraq at least nine people have been killed and dozens injured after a fire at
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a women's shelter in the capital baghdad police say the blaze started after a fight between residents to shelter houses homeless women and unmarried mothers. the orthodox church of ukraine has been formally granted independence at a ceremony in istanbul cementing an historic split from the russian church the move was announced in october sparking an angry reaction in moscow and for centuries the ukrainian church has been under the control of religious leaders in the russian capital. and a fish has sold for a record three point one million dollars in the first auction of the new year at tokyo's fish market the nearly three hundred kilogram bluefin tuna was caught off japan's northern coast bluefins are considered a vulnerable species due to decades of overfishing. debt authorities say the swiss shipping company m.s.c. will have to pay for the cost of cleaning up debris and collecting shipping containers that fell off one of its vessels in the north sea the ship lost more
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than two hundred seventy containers during a storm earlier this week now damaged containers and their contents are washing up on dutch and german beaches. the t.v.'s are easy it's the styrofoam packaging that's harder to clean up just some of the washed up cargo that tumbled off the container ship not all containers sink some bob just beneath the surface creating a nasty hazard for unsuspecting trollers. then all the regular on deck gets broken in the worst case it can happen that the boat capsizes we've all had. the larger ships can carry almost twenty thousand containers a lot of work for the dockers whose job it is to fasten the cargo as well as the twist locks on each box the containers are doubly secured. you can see in the operator here that the containers are fixed with rods to the so called gallery this
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is pure manual work and depending on how large the ships are it spites across several day. but that's not always enough huge vessels can roll dramatically in rough seas exacting tremendous centrifugal forces on stacked containers it's what may have cost. almost two hundred eighty. that some containers go overboard cannot be prevented it happens again and again but the magnitude of the time was such a new ship is unusual. and twenty eleven the rena hetta reef off new zealand it broke into and sank three months later taking with it hundreds of containers there are only rough estimates of how many steel boxes go overboard each year between fifteen hundred and ten thousand sea ex-pats out of a total of some one hundred thirty million shipments a year but every single dangerous goods container that gets lost is a hazard. environment minister once tracking systems introduced me to this is by
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the in the good at least for those dangerous goods we would be remarks happier if we knew where they where at a very early stage the dangerous cargo that m.s.c. zoe last has not yet been located chemical bags however have washed up on some dutch beaches but in northern germany worried locals have so far found only t.v.'s . soccer's twenty two thousand nine hundred cups gets underway today in the united arab emirates the hosts will kick things off against bahrain and regional powerhouses like japan south korea and australia are the favorites but that also nation is optimistic heading into the first match of the turn at. the u.a.e. have never won the cup but they've come close in one thousand nine hundred six they were runners up and they were hosts back then too they're hoping to top their performance and build on their showing in the last tournament in two thousand and
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fifteen when they finished third for the kid that was before to open for we'll have the support of the fans and people in the stadium. and we hope that we can show them a good game. and will be better than what we did in the last competition we hosted in the united arab emirates in one thousand nine hundred ninety six. for both feet of the. save the u.a.e. are helped by a highly experienced italian coach alberto zucker oni who already has an asian cup to his name soccer only guided japan to the title in two thousand and eleven bahrain will be hoping to start off on the right foot against the hosts they'll also have opponents thailand and india to contend with i feel that we are ready for this tournament and of course. this is bahrain's fifth straight appearance munition cup but they've only ever advanced once from the
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group stooge. the dakar rally is one of the world's most arduous racing events it gets underway on sunday with competitors from across the globe battling it out in the unforgiving peruvian desert conditions are tough for every competitor in the grueling ten stage event but this year one homegrown racer faces a bigger test than last. peron is about to make history the twenty four year old is set to become the first person with down syndrome to compete in one of motor racing is most demanding events to tackle rarely if a five thousand kilometer ten day marathon race through the peruvian desert doesn't sound tough enough already look at his condition means he'll be at a significant cognitive disadvantage to his fellow competitors but he doesn't let that hold him back. if you want to do something special work hard and reach that goal. he
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won't be driving the car himself that responsibility rests with his father lucas will be his copilot gets on with the hands on aspect of the drive lucas will have to keep his wits about him. he's the eyes of the car you can see if there's another competitor out there we're going to be true james is not like you are on a track someone can come straight at you and you want to see them. in preparation for the grueling ordeal the father son duo competed in september's this stuff you know in courageous a warm up event also hosted on the sand dunes of peru. seven well that name this time is to simply finish nobody would be shocked if they did a whole lot better than that of the rule lucas has a habit of surprising people. the international i suspect of all is open in harbin china sculptors from twelve countries face temperatures below minus ten degrees celsius to create their frozen masterpieces we'll be back at the top of the hour but for now a look at some of their dazzling work. story
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