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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2019 9:00pm-9:15pm CET

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this is deja news live from berlin gary and smog again in protest of labor reforms thousands take to the streets will go to pay to keeping up the pressure on prime minister victor all over and over time and all that critics say is the slavery will get the latest from greece capital also coming up. germany's i.c.u. security agency defends how it handled a massive data hack as hundreds of politicians is and how the figures as personal information is released online some victims say old boys he's failed to inform them
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about the suspicious activity soon enough. and in the bundesliga winter training camp is in full force with the title favorites gold mint and buy in munich are gearing up for the second top of the season. i'm christine will go welcome to the program. thousands of people have been protesting in the hand carry in capital budapest today against what they're calling a slave label it was pause for just before christmas and allows employers to demand hundreds of hours of overtime from their workers prime minister victual bongs reforms have come under intense criticism and triggered repeated protests over the last several weeks. braving icy conditions thousands returned to the streets of budapest with a message for hungary's president stop obama they want his right wing government's
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new overtime law to be repealed it allows a massive increase in how many extra hours employees can ask the staff to work from two hundred fifty to four hundred hours it also lets employees take up to three years to pay the overtime labor unions say it's slavery. we hunger ians work too much already we just can't bear it anymore ok the problem is if the company goes under or if you quit then you lose all your overtime pay. hungary's overtime rules been hugely controversial ever since it was proposed when it came to a vote in parliament the opposition blew whistles and made noise to try to stop it from passing without success since then thousands of gone out regularly to protest accompanied by an overwhelming police presence in one protest opposition politicians were thrown out of the state television station as they tried to read out a petition against the law people gathered outside for hours calling for free speech
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and freedom of the press the opposition of joined labor unions in calling for a year of resistance in hungary they hope to increase the pressure on the rightwing government until something changes. all right let's go now to correspond to shift and toss in the herion capital budapest west. and so what's the situation been like in the capital city. well today thousands and thousands of people once again protest against what's dave u.s.t. out to critic prime minister viktor orban a day clearly expressed their anger about lawyers stay would call it which basically means to employ your sick can force employees to work sold four hundred hours extra if a year and they only get they once industry years but it only started because during this protests you can see that people also are demanding more media freedom
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and also in need then of course that's what i also heard today very cold and in the end said people marched through downtown to where i am now that is a department building i can say a tense calm has now returned to really thousands and thousands of people were standing here bracing to cool i made it. all right stephanie yeah so trade unions have been at the forefront we've heard enough from them to say but what kind of broad support is there for these protests. well i think his support is growing. but i have to say of course much will depend how much opposition there will be we've seen the ruling see this party against the garion prime minister viktor orban i have to answer with her dad besides the opposition parties an increasing number of the trade unions second only to protest and then there is a very interesting movement called momentum which was really started by young
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people they want to shoulder research a new generation of politicians possible in this nation we have to see of course all these plays out and i think what is also interesting that besides budapest also older down syndrome that you are joining in these protests as well and very quickly if you can stand on just how big of a process for victor all bonds government. at the moment he is not very impressed even did an order to show with that during the debates behind me but to defeat will hope to change his mind they are already talking about a nationwide strike later this month and i think much you'll be cancelled that's how we will react in the near future all right that's correspondent stefan boss in the hungarian capsule would have passed for us thank you. and welcome. now to some of the other stories making news around the world there's been more clashes in paris today but thousands of so-called you know this protest is returning to the streets calling for president to mangle necron to step down the protests began last
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year and now scrapped feels hacks but have grown into a broader after a rising against foreign english and ses so far it's received less than half of the ballots and yet this week the catholic church said they was ok when and age the results should be made public. a polish city is in mourning all to five teenage girls were killed in a fire it happened while they were inside and this caper him when he fell off the rocks in a room and have to solve crimes to get out firefighters have named substandard safety procedures. a u.n. special envoy is in yemen to shore up a fragile cease fire in the port city of data griffiths arrived in yemen's capital sanaa to meet with the rebel leaders hill later travels or saudi arabia for talks with yemen government officials who the annoying this in her days of calling for a full implementation of un backed truce hailed as a breakthrough in if it's true in humans four years civil war the conflict has
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unleashed the world's worst humanitarian crisis the port city of data is the entry point for most of food aid into the country. then you know we are asked will see in the director of the charity oxfam in yemen how hopeful he was that yemen's a fragile ceasefire would hold. i think four years of war the wall has seen the war commence and crisis media insists having children are suffering from malnutrition in the country that the bank of crimean that they cannot make decline to collapse and also the infrastructure. so. i think we have really really hope so far things are moving on right track after the sudan again and we have seen positive signs from both the conflicting parties however we do not hope that a month in difference does it would be important to have some kind of more cream in
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the. last year and also after this you will see that we had so. hoped that even country what after. his visit here and also and we had and then there will be a meeting in the end sometimes in january associate what i heard shocked me this is a grievous tax on democracy in our country. in addition i feel there are massive problems in addition to security architecture we protections have to look after this enough in recent years can we come up you know the government has crossed and the collective. phenomena says we have to take action this is a turning point is and if you want. all right you've been listening to german politicians responding to a massive data. and will hear because german side the defense agency is defending the way it handled a massive data personal information from hundreds of german politicians is and
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celebrities was published online back in december but only became public knowledge yesterday and victims are demanding to know why the cyber security body sais it didn't alert them earlier because it wasn't able to connect the dots and didn't know the extent of the breach until yesterday now the data was posted on a twitter account over four weeks the leak impacted politicians at all levels including chancellor angela merkel foreign min cycle mas and one distraught president. in fact there were very few politicians who weren't talkative most were from medicals conservatives the santa lived social democrats the left party were also affected but the notable exception was the far right of the party conference yesterday that none of them will make his word fix it now german authorities say the government's i-t. network was not compromised and they're looking at where the information came from the intent remains unclear some politicians have demanded action.
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now dutch authorities say the swiss shipping company m.s.c. will have to pay for the cost of cleaning up de brézé and collecting shipping containers that fatal for one of its fizzles in the north sea the ship lost more than two hundred seventy contain is during a storm earlier this week now damaged containers and their contents a washing up on dutch and german. the t.v.'s are easy it's the styrofoam packaging that's harder to clean up just some of the washed up cargo that tumbled off the container ship not all containers sink some bob just beneath the surface creating a nasty hazard for unsuspecting trawlers. then all the regen on deck gets broken in the worst case it can happen that the boat capsizes we've all had. the largest ships can carry almost twenty thousand containers
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a lot of work for the dockers whose job it is to fasten the cargo as well as the twist locks on each box the containers are doubly secured so. you can see in the operator here that the containers are fixed with rods to the so-called gallery this is pure manual work and depending on how large the ships are it spites across several day. but that's not always enough huge vessels can roll dramatically in rough seas exacting tremendous centrifugal forces on stacked containers it's what may have cost the m.s.c. almost two hundred eighty that's a little fact that some containers go overboard cannot be prevented it happens again and again but the magnitude of the time was such a new ship is unusual with me. and twenty eleven the rena had to reef off new zealand it broke into and sank three months later taking with it hundreds of containers there are only rough estimates of how many steel boxes go overboard each
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year between fifteen hundred and ten thousand sea ex-pats out of a total of some one hundred thirty million shipments a year but every single dangerous goods container that gets lost is a hazard. environment minister once tracking systems introduced in this is by doing the good at least for those dangerous goods we would be read much happier if we knew where they where at a very early stage. the dangerous cargo that zoe lost has not yet been located chemical however have washed up on some dutch beaches but in northern germany worried locals have so far found only t.v.'s. football now and the opening game of the asian cup almost provided the first shock of the tournament with hosts u.a.e. needing a late goal to secure a draw against rain the lower ranked visitors opened the scoring through mohammad.
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but with just two minutes remaining converted a penalty for the one one finals all the bundesliga may be in its mid-season break but that doesn't mean the teams can't put their feet up and relax most have already started their winter training camps with title contenders dortmund and buy in munich in woman temperatures as they prepare for the second half of the season. on spain sunny southern coast is a great excuse from the dreary dortmund winter though the newly arrived two league leaders will likely be pleased with the weather they're not in spain just to catch some rays and sign autographs. head coach lucien fava and his squad have their work cut out if they want to stay on top of the table they're just six points ahead of a chasing byron munich a serious injury to stalwart dortmund defender manuel the conjuring may mean the team will already have to dip into the sixty four million euros they received for selling christian pulis sic to chelsea. heads to london at the end of the season
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which could prove a distraction i hope you know people understand that you know my decision and i also hope that you know they understand that i'm here one hundred percent and i'm very focused you know finish out the season with a really excited buyer in munich are calling qatar home for the mid-season brick it's been an up and down start to the campaign for the defending champions it was only a few weeks ago that coach nico was under fire for his team struggles but an up tick in form to end twenty eight team has biron now in second place and coach back in the good graces of the club and its fans. the camp is also an opportunity for eighteen year old canadian wizkid alfonso davies to show his stuff after arriving in munich he's aiming to break into the first team but if by and keeps up the momentum it won't be easy for him. it watching data from berlin wall coming at the top of the alan don't forget you can get all the latest news and
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information around the clock that's on our website. kill the body move. and in the end this i mean you're not allowed to stay here anymore he wasn't you. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers would lie and say. what's your.


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