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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2019 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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[000:00:00;00] plane . plane. this is g w news live from pearl a international concern is growing over the fate of a saudi teenager trying to seek asylum in thailand the eighteen year old woman says that she is escaping physical and psychological abuse and will be killed if she is forced to return to her family but according bangkok has rejected an appeal to block her deportation also coming up a night of surprises at the golden globes in los angeles
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a movie about rock band screen despite its expectations and takes the top award for best drama and best actor and veteran actress glenn close is awarded for a film she says you don't want in hollywood wanted to make plus sports as a peacemaker a joint korean immense team prepares a handful of championship in germany and denmark to hear from the coach and the players about what it means to compete in a unified team. player. playing. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program. type police say that they will not support a saudi teenager who says that she is fleeing abuse of mohammed al qa noone has barricaded herself in a hotel room in a bangkok airport to avoid being returned to her family she says that she holds
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a visa for australia and plans to seek asylum there the eighteen year old claims that her passport was seized by a saudi official during a layover in bangkok the united nations refugee agency has now made contact with the team and is being reported it is being reported that she will be allowed to enter thailand officially for evaluation by u.n. officials now the team began posting on twitter for help on saturday and here's her latest video as rough and i'm still in the room. i have no choice. this it i have to go tomorrow. no one can help. and let's cross now to florian knows who is covering the story for us from bangkok so we just heard it there florian human rights watch saying that she is in danger if she is returned home why.
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well basically because saudi arabia does not like women to be independent to be to lead a life as a modern woman to just go out by herself there is this principle of guardianship so a woman and woman in saudi arabia always has to have a male person either her brother or father with her before she basically can do anything even going to the hospital and this woman she has tweeted that in the past she had been locked up for six months and how groom just because she decided to cut her hair short so that was basically enough for getting house arrest from her family and the most important thing is that she says she nouns islam which is a major crime in saudi arabia it's basically met with the death penalty so she said she did not have any other choice but to flee her country now so far we only have
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four words for that but she is certainly not the only person the only saudi arabian woman that tells us stories like that so it's probably very credible what she has to say and this case you know attracting attention publicity as you mentioned there from really from all around the world to just like to you know put in this into context we have some reaction from european governments in fact some tweets this one from the german ambassador to thailand minutes let's read it out for you he's treated we are very concerned about muhammad and are in contact with the thai authorities and the embassies of the countries that she has approached we also have another tweet from a dutch politician and member of the european parliament who writes the following we are watching indeed if noone faces danger by being returned to saudi arabia she must be protected. so florian we also know that the thai police are now saying that they will not send her anywhere against her wishes is this somehow
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a sign that the thai government is pushing back against pressure from saudi arabia given all of this attention that we have seen. i think it is most of all a sign that thailand is yielding to pressure from the international community and as you have just mentioned it's not only been the german ambassador and this dutch representative basically all the diplomatic missions here the western diplomatic missions one should say have come out in support and have basically urged thailand not to deport her. and that was the floor initial reporting for us from bangkok about the saudi arabian teenager who is currently barricaded in a hotel room in bangkok that interview from a short while ago when i'll get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world a u.s. guided missile destroyer has sailed near the disputed paracel islands in the south china sea this just as u.s. china trade talks get underway in beijing a spokeswoman said that the u.s.s.
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mccampbell was on a freedom of navigation operation china has called it a provocation. rebels who attempted to stage a coup in the central african nation of gob on have been arrested according to government officials is after armed soldiers seized a state radio station and declared president go go go excuse me unfit for office the elling leader is recovering from a stroke in morocco. and memorial services have been held in paris to mark the fourth anniversary of an islamist attack on the satirical newspaper charlie abdo twelve people were shot dead including four cartoonists and an editor of the paper survivors religious leaders and top french officials attended the service. actor kevin spacey is due in court on the u.s. island of nantucket today out over accusations that he sexually assaulted a teenager in twenty sixteen space he faces five years in prison if convicted the
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oscar winner is one of hollywood's highest profile stars to be criminally charged since the launch of the need to movement former crawl run a risk considering. well there have been a number of upsets at the golden globe awards in los angeles some of the films expected to sweep the board ended up failing to make the grade one of the big surprise winners was a movie about the british rock band queen and another is the wife starring veteran actor glenn close look at the lowdown on the high points from hollywood in just a moment but first this report. rami ma. the top price came as a true surprise. the jury chose bohemian rhapsody as best drama for romney male the expert trail of queen front man freddie mercury his performance also earned him the best actor in drama who feel belongs thank you to freddie mercury for giving me the . time i love you to format this is for the
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world. than. glenn close was named as best actress in a drama for her role and the wife. when they came. close appeared stunned when her name was called and her deeply personal except in speech marked the emotional high point of the night. you know women we were nurture is that that's what's expected of us we have our children we have our husbands and for lucky enough and our partners whoever but we have to find personal fulfillment we have to fill our. heart three. we have to say i can't do that i should be allowed to do that. the award for best foreign language film went to roma filmmaker alfonso ode to his childhood in one thousand seven hundred mexico he also picked up the price for best director. and lady gaga who everybody expected
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to climb to the stage as this year's best actress didn't have to leave empty handed together with her co-writers she received a golden globe for best original song. and let's bring in now our very own scott roxboro who has been following the awards and scott we have to say i mean bohemian rhapsody really the big surprise of the evening wasn't it. oh yeah definitely i didn't really have his i had remy malik on my list as potential best actor winner of the golden globes love a great imitation and he really recreates freddie mercury in this film but not the film at all on my list as a potential best picture winner because really it's a very mainstream movie and often the globes like the oscars like to go for something a bit more cutting edge or something a bit more ambitious artistically and that's why i thought a star is born would come away with the with the wind last night i mean it's
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a similar sort of big mainstream movie but goes a bit further is a bit darker takes a few more artistic chances bohemian rhapsody did but i don't know maybe this is the year that people want more warm mainstream entertainment and maybe that's what's going to be picking up the awards but it definitely did surprise me i did not have it on my list also perhaps not surprising the fact that gender equality diversity really also on the agenda at the golden globes but it's likely to impact the contracts there and hollywood's got. well i think i think it will actually. hollywood does tend to fall the money but as we've seen this year from the box office diversity has been paying off i mean two of the biggest films of the year were black panther and crazy rich asians which featured diverse casts this is the kind of thing that influences what hollywood does if you can show that there's a business behind it and there has been
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a large push since the me too movement to make for more not just more diversity but more equality in the industry and that is really taking real steps it is there are baby steps at the moment but i think what you saw on the stage last night the golden globes is a sign of things to come things that like what glenn close said about having more female stories on screen but also just this general idea that the inequality that has dominated the hollywood industry has to change if hollywood also as a business is to move forward it's got rocks verilog would beat as always thank you so much. and now the handball world championships starts this thursday in berlin and it opens with a unique match germany versus korea this will be korea's first ever unified appearance at a hand or watch championship with north korean players being integrated into the south korean team they've been training together in berlin for two weeks to make
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their athletic impact as big as their diplomatic one. the match between the korean handball world championship squad in german third division side pottstown may have just been a pretty tournament warm up but it was still somewhat historic. for the first time ever korea has a unified handball team with players from both countries in the tournament opener korea coach show young shin squad will face co-hosts germany in the german capital . at the world championship is really meaningful for us especially since we'll be playing in berlin was a divided city have found a way to peace after the fall of the wall as a unified team we want to show that korea can also find this way to. show young shin will only have had three weeks to integrate four players from north korea into the team a massive challenge in modern handball but the north koreans don't stand out much in training except for maybe their shoes which are the blue red and white of their
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flag. we felt a bit distant from each other when we first met the north koreans but you're going closer in the days we've spent together so i was and now we've become friends. everything sounds rosy for the captain but his new teammate from north korea. has a more level take it's our first world championship we've got lots of expectations about what we'll experience and what we'll learn of course we also want to strong showing you. north and south korea made history with a united women's hockey team at the winter olympics and young change the pre-selected north korean fans went birol in a p.r. coup for the regime but on the ice the first ever appearance of a combined team was a sporting disaster. code show young shin is hoping to avoid a similar showing but the gap in quality between players from the north and south is significant. technically the north koreans aren't the strongest but they really
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want to integrate into the team. they're in top shape so while incorporate that into my tactics to take advantage of their strengths. its promise to play at least one north korean in every world championship match. in the tuneup against potsdam only riquelme son made an appearance his three countrymen to watch from the bench as korea fell to the german third division side. and finally now for many getting rid of the family christmas tree marks the end of the holiday season but and that's in germany it is much more with the city hosting the christmas tree the growing world championship yes this is actually a thing the competition it sees jovial participants launching cerys as far as ten meters in a vault out of the city's traditional day for christmas tree removal the biggest
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trees have but some have to them competitors and their trees they come in all sizes this is the thirteenth edition of the celebration. and with that now you're up to date here on d. w. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thank you so much for joining us after a short break ben fizzling will take you through the business headlines is back in a few minutes. time for a critique of. our furniture that grows old boy. house with no. poor design highlights you can make yourself.


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