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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is the job you do live from it is the biggest breach of data in german history and now police have detained a suspect. personal details of on hundreds of celebrities and politicians and their children were stolen and posted on the internet why have all the details of the arrest and asked why german authorities have been so slow to react also coming up your security advisor john bolton is in turkey to discuss american plans to withdrawal from syria ankara has welcomed the move but kurds inside syria fear
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turkey is planning to attack them. and a state of emergency has been declared in parts of southern germany and austria after snowfall hit unprecedented levels a number of people are dead authorities are warning the situation could be about to get much worse. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us german police have arrested a suspect in a hacking case that's all stolen data from some one thousand politicians and celebrities including on the macro being posted on the internet this personal information has been made available for millions of users the data was released on twitter in the run up to christmas personal phone numbers home and e-mail addresses
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were made public and in some cases private messages and photos as well authorities learned about the data theft late last week. our. chief political editor michelle has been following developments for us michelle what more can you tell us at this point about the latest well here's what we do know we know that to twenty year old man who's in custody is actually talking to the police that's certainly what d.p.a. the german news agency is saying and his apartment has been searched so this seems to be a very strong indication that he is linked at the very least to this massive data breach here in germany which is being taken extremely seriously what we don't know at this point in time is whether this man is indeed the hakken known as all but that's the twitter account that was used to release this information in an avid to calendar style over the matter of weeks we are waiting for a press conference to take place shortly to hear from the police more details on
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this arrest on this interrogation show this is the country's most serious data ever talking about some one thousand politicians and celebrities how damaging has it been for the people affected. well it's being taken extremely serious many politicians leading politicians find very personal data suddenly in the limelight and it is a scandal on several levels not just because of the quality of the information but also because it took the oath ortiz so long to alert many politicians affected here and to that particular risk and that exposure now we've learned since this really came to the attention of the interior ministry at the end of last week that there was a notification that individuals did come forward as early as december talking about this data breach but it took authorities a very long time to put together the pieces and to truly understand the magnitude
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of this and this is why the interior ministry the intelligence agencies also here in germany find themselves under intense criticism and we see a political clout rather expose not just through the day to breach but also what appears to be a lack of preparedness to detect such a date of breach and to then act swiftly to stop it ok michel to bring us up they want more details as they come in for now thanks very much now for a look at some of the other stories making news this hour a far right german lawmaker has been syria seriously injured by unknown assailants in the city of braman police say that. a local leader of the. party was hospitalized after being beaten unconscious of the piece of wood is believed to be politically motivated. world bank president kim
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jong un has been. in china for talks at this hour with his chinese counterpart more than three years worst term is set to expire kim says he's joining a firm that thank you bests in developing that's wrong that report there will have that correctly when we have a chance here saudi arabia officials have denied reports that riyadh has requested the extradition of a saudi team seeking asylum in thailand mohammad noon barricaded herself in a bangkok hotel room she says she's feeling abused at the hands of her family after rejecting islam united nations officials are eating the eighteen year old. france's prime minister edouard felipe says eighty thousand police officers will be deployed in paris on saturday in response to the ongoing yellow vests protest last weekend's all the eight straight week of those protests demonstrations began over
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a planned fuel tax but are now directed at president mccrone economic policy. and here's a story now about kim jong on north korean leader kim jong un is in beijing for talks with china's president xi jinping that visit was announced nearly simultaneously by north korean and chinese state media as kim's fourth visit to beijing in less than a year a second summit between kim and us president all tromped is likely to be on the agenda at that meeting. not. the u.s. national security adviser john bolton is meeting with officials in ankara today to discuss the upcoming withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria turkish president you tired on has held the pullout as the right call but kurds in north eastern syria which borders on turkey fear that ankara is
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planning a broad military offensive against the kurds have fought alongside american forces against so-called islamic state in syria but turkey considers the kurdish forces terrorists writing in the new york times article on rejected any role for the kurds in restoring peace to syria and he said that turkey is the only country capable of stabilizing syria after america was drawing. syrian kurds here in communally northeastern syria are angry in december donald trump surprised everyone by announcing that the u.s. would pull out of syria and quickly that could leave the kurds vulnerable to attacks from turkey which sees some of them as terrorists the kurds have been fighting tooth and nail against islamic state alongside u.s. troops it's been a costly fight. the kurds fear being abandoned by a u.s. withdrawal and so too do many of the u.s. allies in the region. enter john bolton u.s.
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national security adviser he's jetting around the middle east clarifying confusion putting out the fire the trump started his message the u.s. isn't simply packing up and leaving in december trump told the pentagon to prepare to leave syria within one hundred days now he's changed his mind we are pulling back in syria we're going to be removing our troops i never said we're doing it that quickly bolton recently in israel also says the withdrawal is conditional but we're going to be discussing the president's decision to withdraw but to do so from northeast syria in a way to make sure that isis is defeated and is not able to. reach revive itself as the old man he's now an accurate to assure turkey that the u.s. will leave but bit by bit that chimes with rich a type out on turkey's president turkey sees itself as the dominant regional power
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writing in the new york times this week he said he agreed that the u.s. should withdraw but slowly. u.s. secretary of state mike pump a.o. is also currently touring the middle east he has raised concerns that turkey might try and attack the syrian kurds company has said atta and had made a commitment to president trump that forces who fought with u.s. troops against islamic state would be protected. bolton will also press for a pledge from ankara that it will not attack kurdish fighters in syria as a condition for a u.s. troop withdrawal. before turkey which has a longstanding and bloody feud with the kurds that will be hard to swallow. it's to the us now in a new study shows up to forty percent of women in america say they were abused by a male while at school or college as did abuse america reports one school as per pennsylvania is trying to change that it's using sports to raise awareness among
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teenage boys and girls about sexual or us. testosterone is in the air resting team at kerry high school is preparing for the next competition but coach leonard arm of it doesn't just teach sports he has another topic on his agenda respectful behavior towards women and girls after each training they gather for a cool down talk today's topic the problem of claiming goals for sexual harassment how do you how do you think something like that affects the person. the god grabbed you know you not only did you get assaulted not only were you disrespected but your fault. is never a. moment when you have depression of suicide. but even the smallest thing can have the biggest impact on someone's life their conversations they have resonate with the buddhist women who are looked like powerless as he said
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in society and. we should all be created equal you know they should be doing the same thing but. you know. it's something we need to talk about fully comprehend how it's made me look at them from a different perspective like see what they have to go through on sometimes a daily basis and it just makes me respect them more and it makes the way that treat them you know change i learn that this is a huge issue that isn't the reason we don't aren't hearing about it before is because it's not being brought to light like it should be and that this program was really good to help do that. our bench and his restaurant take part in a program called coaching boys into men it uses the trusting relationship between coaches and their team to discuss healthy relationships and violence prevention some the most rewarding stuff that that has come about with doing with the kids is here in the conversations that they have that i'm not involved with i've heard
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overheard them holding each other accountable one kid says something that another kid finds disrespectful or there are comparable with i've heard them correct each other at the moment only the boys are being coached when he goes on the team think their fellow female students also have a thing or two to learn about respectful behavior it's sad how many girls like hate on each other and like they. knew you can't get a compliment from the girl when you get a compliment from the rose like she don't really mean and stuff like that so it's like we also need as well because we degrade each other a lot coach or bitch believes the sessions will benefit everyone in the long run and he's sure this effluents will be role models for their peers. every snow fall avalanches in austria and southern germany have claimed at least five lives many people are missing someone and
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a half metres of snow is falling and the northern outs on less than a week's time thousands of tourists are now stranded in villages more snow is expected this week train services and roads have been disrupted and authorities warn that the risk of avalanches remains high. this ski village in austria is all but deserted. roads are closed rescue helicopters grounded residents and tourists were forced to evacuate after it was inundated with snow. this ready for. we took this necessary precaution because we couldn't guarantee that there would be adequate food and medical supplies. rescuers are searching for missing people and more teams are on standby and the extreme weather has hampered their efforts residents were also caught off guard. i was alone and raced here i'm never seen anything like this in
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the last fifty five years. in southern germany officials have declared a state of emergency schools are closed and train services have been suspended residents are overwhelmed. hi rose you've been in them all. i'll be getting up at three am to clear the snow otherwise it's not manageable i'm never seen so much snow fall in such a short period. where we knew the leap into the. daily life has been up ended here as officials struggle to clear the snow many people are unable to go to work or buy groceries. this nie is that if the should be as snow it's too heavy and wet for the snow plows so it has to be cleared by hand with shovels the trees are also snapping from the weight of the snow which is dangerous for motorists and why we've had to close a lot of streets just last night it does have some frisbee and. more snow is
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expected in the coming days and the avalanche alert remains at the highest level. although if that you can always find out more about these and other stories at our website you know dot com for now though for me brian thomas an entire team thanks for being with us. nico is in germany to learn german. american eagle why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to stuff the w.c. learning course nico speak.


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