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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2019 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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ray. you were thirteen w. w news live from berlin and it is the biggest breach of data in german history now police have arrested a suspect the man a twenty year old is alleged to have stolen information about more than one thousand public figures and posted the data on the internet so was he acting alone and why did he do it we'll speak with our correspondent also coming up mission that
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knocked accomplished donald trump security advisor endorse the turkey by attaching conditions to any u.s. withdrawal from syria on for us says he is making a serious mistake plus carlos ghosn protests his innocence of the former news on fox heads to court in tokyo where he fully denies accusations that he committed tax fraud. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program here in germany i suspect arrested for a mass data breach has confessed to the police the twenty year old male says that he committed the crime out of anger toward statements made by the politicians and public figures that he targeted a personal information of one thousand politicians was published on twitter before christmas private messages and photos were also made public authorities learned
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about the data theft late last week officials in the state of has to have just held a press conference let's listen in for a moment. perhaps a woman for over for this suspect has confessed to the crimes he was suspected of and is assisting us in the investigation beyond his own crimes he has given us further details that will assist the investigation when it's off because of these circumstances there was no reason to keep him in custody and the suspect was released last night investigators have seized computers and hard drives from his apartment miles. let's bring in our chief political editor of the helicopter who has been following all these developments and if you could just begin by walking us through what is happening is it normal to release a suspect like this it is because. there are two reasons to keep somebody in custody if there's a concern that this person will try and kind of learn the lines destroy evidence or
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whether that person might actually try and leave the country or at least to go underground so authorities no longer have access to him well the opposite seems to be the case here this twenty year old young man he called for a tip fully investigators say that he gave them information that goes beyond this case even helped to retrieve hardware that was already partially destroyed so they could regain access to certain data so he went above and beyond to cooperate and that might also increases the chances that he might be treated as what do you piers to be a twenty year old kid who could be tried as a juvenile which would mean a mild a sentence but we're only in the beginning here this still an investigation going on but for now we know who this hack all bit is who released this information over the past couple of weeks and one of those key points in the investigation is
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really what his motive might have been and just to remind our viewers the right wing a f d was the only party not affected what do you think that tells us. well this initially pointed toward see if we didn't get any information on the political acid shoes of this young man actually his identity is being protected and there are very few details given about his thinking one of the few points that we learned of course is that he was frustrated also with statements of those individual politicians so he didn't target any specific group but it appears everybody except the far right if tea party we can read a lot into that but investigators refused to go into detail of what this young man actually said in more detail about his motivation except that he was simply frustrated with those particular politicians mahela with the latest on the story thank you farai german lawmaker
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has been seriously wounded in an attack in the north of the country frank magnet's is the leader of the anti immigration a.f.d. party in bremen he says that he was assaulted by three men in the city center on monday evening the a.f.p. published this photo of him in the hospital and said that he was beaten unconscious with a piece of wood police suspect that the attack was politically motivated boyce's across the political spectrum have condemned it. was we've heard the attack has been roundly condemned indeed including by many of magnets as political opponents justice minister tweeting the following. foreign minister excuse me violence can never be an answer to political arguments regardless of the target or motive there is no justification for it what so ever now anyone who commits such
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a crime must be punished the leader of the social democrats and had this to say the a.f.d. is a political opponent of our tolerant and peaceful society but those who fight the party and their politicians with violence betray our values and jeopardize our coexistence i strongly condemn the attack on frank magnets and tempos demeanor of the greens want to be a fifty's fiercest adversaries tweeting the following i hope that the assailants are caught and prosecuted swiftly there is no justification for violence even against the a.f.d. if you fight hate with hate hate always wins. some other stories now making news around the world at least four people have been killed and more than two hundred injured in a train crash in the south african capital per toria local media say that two commuter trains collided head on during morning rush hour there's been no official word on the cause of the crash. one person has died in oil tanker explosion off hong kong officials say that the vietnam registered vessels burst into flames as it
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prepared to refuel at an anchorage off the island south in southern coast excuse me twenty one crew members were rescued from the water three others are missing. north korean leader kim jong un is in beijing for talks with china's president xi jinping the visit was announced nearly simultaneously via north korean and chinese state media it is kim's fourth visit to beijing in less than a year a second summit between kim and u.s. president donald trump is likely to be on the agenda at this meeting. went on to a story of a brewing diplomatic to between the e.u. and the u.s. after the trump administration downgraded the status of brussels diplomatic mission in washington this step seen as a slap in the face for europe was exclusively reported by d.w. the move appears to be in line with donald trump's long running opposition to the european union and other international bodies.
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and joining me now is g.w. brussels bureau chief max hoffman and max i understand that you've actually heard more on the story haven't you. yeah well we had the official press conference by the e.u. commission who of course was asked a couple of questions not only by the w on that story they didn't say much i'm afraid to say here they acknowledge that there was and this is how they the wording is the there was a recent change in the way that diplomatic precedence list is implemented by the united states protocol and that just means you know which ambassador takes precedence over another ambassador so that is implicitly confirming that there was a change and then they also said that they are still currently discussing with the relevant services in the administration possible implications for the e.u. delegation in washington so not much there just a hint that yes there is something actually ongoing and that's what was the mood there i mean how has all of this gone down in brussels. well most of people this
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morning didn't really know anything about that even some of the relevant embassies you would think that we're familiar with that take for example the u.s. mission to the european union we call them of course and they just said yeah we're looking into that that's code often for we just don't know it would be a surprise that the different services around the world aren't really in the loop what their administration is doing there but those that knew about it told us that they weren't really surprised by this behavior by the trump administration because we have seen and that's what some acknowledge as well much worse that was the wording from the trumbull administration when it comes to diplomacy in the past in this fact some of it seeing it as just the latest in a series of slaps in the face from the united states given that max where can you u.s. relations go from here. you know the main battlefield at the moment isn't really diplomacy or diplomatic relationships that's really put the least of the worries of
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the european union right there right now though the main battlefield are the trade ties is trade us apparently also especially so are you the threat that there might be some extra terror slapped on to car production in the european union in those exports going to the to the usa that's of course very important to car country number one in the european union in germany and the trade representatives of the commission is set to visit actually the united states washington d.c. to negotiate this so that's where they're putting all their efforts at the moment at the moment and like i said when it comes to the poor mysie many here in brussels have given up on the trumpet ministration in this specific field for a long time. and brussels thank you max it watching t.v. news still to come on the program it may look like a ghost rider but the m.w. hopes that self driving motorcycles and traffic jams it's one of the innovations at
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this year's consumer electronics show in las vegas. and we will find out how a former indy car and formula one racer has overcome in her run this injury and continues to pursue his passion at high speeds now carrying the race of his life. the first u.s. national security advisor john bolton is set to depart turkey without having met with president. on the two were expected to discuss the fate of the kurds allied with the united states in syria as part of wider discussions about the u.s. troop withdrawal from the country now earlier bolton said that under a mess guarantee the safety of the kurds before washington pulled out the turkish president slammed bolton over his comments and called them unacceptable. you know a lot of. you know i'm going to them regarding this matter bolton has made a serious mistake and whoever thinks like this has also made
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a mistake then it is not possible for us to make compromises on this point. those who are part of the to record on syria will receive the necessary listen there is no single difference between the p.k. k y p g p y d n desh. now during the course of the war in syria kurdish forces most importantly the y p g that we just heard anyone mention they managed to gain control over a large area bordering with turkey they have successfully fought back the so-called islamic state with support from the united states but does not accept them as representatives of the kurdish people and regards them as a terror organization because of their ties to turkey's outlawed kurdistan workers' party p k k. let's get more on the story because dorian jones has the latest from istanbul so dorian how are we to interpret these statements is this
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a deliberate snub of a senior trump aide by the turkish president. well present are the ones refusal to meet with bolton he insisted was a deliberate snark he said that the bolton had met with turkey's defense minister and his spokesman and that would be entirely sufficient but given what heard one had said into his parliamentary deputies today very strong language attacking bolton everyone here is sees this as a direct snub to bolton and according to turkish media reports bolton is cutting short his visit to further evidence of this is being seen as a major setback in u.s. turkish relations and president and i want also apparently insisting that he actually has an agreement with president trump to take action against kurdish forces i just wanna have a listen to what he said on that front and then get your reaction aren't you so much going over there was almost ready in compliance with the agreement we reached with mr president we have largely completed our preparations for
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a military offensive against elements of dash who are still active in syria. at the same time we are determined to take steps against terrorist organizations such as p y d and y p g along with dash. we're going to mobilize to neutralize these terrorist organizations in syria lands very soon. so some some looming statements there dorian what do you think very soon means of this context what. well i think that's what everyone will be asking turkey is continuing to amass his forces all along the syrian border across from where the syrian kurdish militia are base and also where u.s. forces are still deployed now now it seems that the original feeling was following the trump. commitment to immediately withdraw u.s. soldiers that had prevented an imminent operation now that withdrawal is in doubt following bolton's visit it seems certain or anything is now possible although it
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has to be said we are getting reports within the turkish military high command there are big reservations about launching an operation in winter and that's when u.s. forces are still deployed bringing the risk of a possible clash between the two nato allies something that both sides really would be keen to avoid and that would also carry the risk of financial implications turkish lira is very vulnerable any major rift or new crisis with the u.s. could see a major depreciation in the currency as well so these are major factors for earth want to weigh up in this decision to launch an imminent operation into syria how likely do you see the possibility that he will indeed launch that operation risk of breach president trump and really go against the kurds in syria. well i think the term president heard one is putting all of his analysis and decisions on his relationship with trump this deal too we've drawn from the year of
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syria by u.s. forces with parents following a conversation between president heard one and president trump one is on the line he says that he sees it as a deal with trump and we'll be looking to trump that what he says all know its side of the deal and i think that the narrative we're getting from one crew the problem isn't we've crumpets with these other ministers and key ministers around that is where the problem lies heard one still believes if he can talk with trump he can deescalate and in this potential crisis but if trump does backtrack both one could well feel color and feel he would have to carry out this operation especially as there are critical local elections in the next two three months appearing weak to the united states doesn't play well with turkish voters dorian jones in istanbul thank you dorian. egypt has been awarded the hosting rights for june and july the african nations cup football tournament the egyptians edged out
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a bit from south africa the event had been due to be hosted by holders cameroon but delays and security concerns meant that they were stripped of the rights african football chiefs also will announce their player of the year later with egypt and liverpool forward mohammed salaam the favorite to retain the award at a ceremony in the single in the capital dhaka. it's an i talian racing driver alex zanardi lost his legs after a crash here in germany back in two thousand and one but he never gave up his passion for sport and has enjoyed a successful career sense now he faces one of his toughest challenges yet a twenty four hour race. alex sonorities chris static legs have been anything but a hindrance to his will to win the former formula one indy car driver who didn't let a horrific two thousand and one accident at a race in germany and his driving career sonority was back behind the wheel just
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two years later be italian racer is now preparing for the twenty four hours of daytona in the u.s. the grueling competition will be a challenge for his an already especially if he's only recently returned to endure interesting still his approach to racing hasn't changed even if the mechanics behind it have the fact that you have no legs and that's the obstacle but that doesn't mean that you're driving the cup with your legs who you decide when this time to break when it's time to go back on the power with your head so you can find the way to connect your brain. to the car you drive and efficiently this no reason why you cannot be the same driver as you used to be before sonorities had plenty of success since climbing back into the driver's seat he's won races in the world touring car championship and finished first in the italian super trees no championship in two thousand and five. and sonorities not just an auto racer he won gold medals in hand cycling at the london in rio paralympics still competing at
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fifty two years old and nearly two decades on from his life changing crash sonority has always looked forward things happen in life you convoy that but you can certainly try to surf that. many years after my accident and i can tell you that my accident probably be the greatest opportunity of my luck because all the things they really did to win you condition. and maybe has positivity you will deliver another victory in daytona at the end of the month. and has more news now and we're talking about a big day in court for a very high profile auto executive extremely high this guy was a true legend and possibly is still a true legend in the auto industry hailed worldwide as a visionary executive and credited with turning his son into an industry powerhouse that was until callous code found himself in handcuffs charged with financial crimes he's finally had his first day in court.
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cameras ready they were waiting but carlos gone never had a chance to make his case to the media the police delivered him to the talk your district court can't cuff and with a rope around his waist. was described as thin he is said to have lost more than ten kilos over his last two months in prison the charges tax avoidance and under reporting his salary in documents prepared for investors. and you knew mr gowan concluded his statement saying he is innocent and there was no evidence or grounds but his been wrongly accused and detained him and thought he must. industry sources have long speculated whether the charges against poland were real or whether there was foul play gone has forged an alliance between french carmaker north and japanese competitors nissan and mitsubishi for years he has been criticized for giving the nor too much power within the group some in the industry
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say the future of the company is at stake. levy of the us there are three possibilities for the future of the alliance there's the status quo but that seems difficult to envision today they might go further into the alliance with an outright merger or takeover of one of the two companies all will see a rebalancing but today who can say what will happen perhaps we have reached the limits of this alliance as it was conceived at the beginning that. for now carlos gone is out at both japanese automakers he is still chief executive of were no. more on the story let's bring in our financial correspondent will be tracking this from frank only tell us more about renault and go on and please do tell us if renault know something we don't know about. i don't know i don't know what reno knows but hanging on to carlos going at least as the figurehead c o
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there's an interim chief was actually in paris running the company has no deputy up until now its name is chilly but all he was relatively fresh and that and that task but. of course for no believes that carlos gone is not as guilty as the people in japan feel that he is but i think it's doubtful that he'll ever return to leadership for no one at the alliance. and it's a bishop would already anyways because there's been such a tarnishing of his image of his reputation both professionally and personally i mean there's almost nothing worse for an executive of that level you talked of a legend accused of dipping his fingers into the till and even if he's he's pronounced innocent at the end it will be these bad images that remain says he's one hundred percent innocent what do people best say i mean can we can we see
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anything reflected in the share price of these companies. well all the chairs dipped when the news came that carlos to go on was being arrested because people feared that the alliance would fly apart and it's been choose fully successful i mean it's a little bit under the radar because we tend to look at individual companies like volkswagen or like renault but when you look at renault nissan which a bishop they've come up from the grave practically they've been restored by carlos go on and they are selling more cars per year than volkswagen so that's what's at stake and that's why people some people here say because that's at stake because it was a power play going on between france and japan and carlos goannas sort of caught in the middle and a lot of people don't really believe he's as guilty as the courts make him believe as far as the preferred stock exchange thank you very much.
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samsung delivered grim earnings figures on shoes day as it looked a big drop in profits they were down by nearly one third in the last quarter it's the first profit drop in two years south koreans profit make the is now facing tough chinese competition while demand for its components has softened trade tensions between the u.s. and china samsung also warns that business this for one live up to its earlier projections. samsung has mungo's companies strutting their stuff at the consumer electronics show which kicks off today with a b self driving self rolling also walking it's all there in las vegas and as it has been the trend in recent years a growing number of traditionally known tech companies have set up shop at c.v.s. trying to give their product line at digital make of. i catching self driving cars connected to the driver's home devices one of the trends last week that season and for b.m.w. an opportunity to go the extra mile presenting its driver less motorcycle for the
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first time in public he would think there's going to be demand for is certainly motorcycle that's connected to firemen but it also helps riders be better riders and also safer others the stuff lee than me to meet the mindless cheats robots the rebel known for the folder. shareable electric skateboards smart beautiful isis it's one of the biggest tech shows featuring startups alongside to establish companies c.s. is expected to draw more than one hundred eighteen thousand visitors hoping for a chance to see the kind of tech likely to dominate consumer suggests the themes we expect to emerge this week are artificial intelligence go see a lot of products powered or enabled bit by ai. force recognition and facial recognition things like that five g. connectivity which is one hundred times faster than four g. l.t.e.
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with forty five hundred exhibitors showing is expecting a number of records. and the overall by tends to be optimistic of tech can solve problems that's what the industry's message seems to be this year and the speakers . as we heard that you know your correspondent alexandra phenomena is there in las vegas we asked her about the mood of the tech industry saying that it's one of these sectors heavily impacted by the u.s. china trade dispute the organizers of the show warned that there are over a positive outlook can change significantly if a trade war with china escalates a saying that stereotypes can leads to higher prices to consumers have to pay for smartphones and c.v.s. and as you said we have already seen. significant drop in. china reports. and what we are seeing. a decrease
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a few fewer chinese merchants here. and this is quite remarkable for an event d'etat. referred to as the chinese electronic show so people here but nevertheless. optimistic with sales expected to be growing. you know your correspondent. there and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. german police say a man arrested for allegedly stealing from the public because as he was acting a lot of information much of a personal was posted on the internet in the run up to christmas. news from. business from you that.
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night reception and confusion game brings action to ancient egypt. but small software can do it maybe even to some of the nuns of the hieroglyphs.
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it's a boon to egyptologists the world over. to oral tradition. w. . and. our friends out. now is about. down again we bring you the highest the most boring inspiring and of course the most popular snowbound regions in europe because the winter is at its best right here all of the mountains all series this week. your movements in sixty minutes d.w. . with him how to be done because our viewers were the highest but you know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on
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a trip but i would not have put myself and my parents or my adventure on the bottom of the doom of the but i need a fleet would. love one to the other one of the but a few of the i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there wasn't going to. want to know their story for my grades further fighting and reliable information for more grants. get a better. hello and welcome to new edition of tomorrow today the science show on d w. coming up on the program. fresh brewed coffee is it healthy or not. our skin is literally crawling with men.


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