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samaras music contemporary classical. w. . how do you. sustain the way discover the bounce you talk about as we start january thirteenth on t w. a happy new year to you and a warm welcome to your remarks today we've got a healthy helping of european lifestyle and culture for you is what's coming up. vision of the future why some people believe the psychic readings. in the fusion of space and he's officially explores how communal living becomes popular among city
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dwellers. passion peaks generations of mountaineers have been fascinated with the mass. now many people start the new year off with a set of resolutions a list of things you want to change for the better and we start off the show with a look into the future to see if those commitments actually stand a chance of coming to fruition there are all sorts of fortune telling methods i myself have experienced the tuckers tradition of coffee ground reading we met some expert psychics to see how they try to predict the future. some things we already know will happen in twenty nineteen such as the one hundredth anniversary of the design school. if you cannot for turning fifty. thirty years since the fall of the berlin wall james bond's latest mission will hit the theaters
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and around china will be back on tour but not everything about the future. can be foreseen. for millennia people have been trying to predict the future the mystical methods used by fortune tellers are especially popular at the start of the year says the german protestant churches expert on esotericism current function it . can all of us via emotional we've always tried to see through the reality of things throughout human history and in all cultures many techniques rely on making you think about yourself they lead you to coming up with some answers intuitively but you feel that you were spoken to by an oracle that's the psychological mechanism behind it that you will begin with and this was but and. astrology is one of the oldest methods of predicting the future it goes back thousands of years and has been practiced in many cultures for a long time it was inseparable from astronomy but unlike this recognized science
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astrology claims that the positions of the stars and planets have an effect on humans a stroller just like in lunar clamens look at the current positions of the planets in relation to their positions at a client's birth they say this allows them to make individual statements about a person. it's a good way of clarifying which process is in developments you're currently going through in your life. and to highlight the potential that's hidden within you astrology really can make that visible the challenges in your life which are more difficult for you to tackle and the. might be easy if you need to find a solution. no one's exactly sure how these modern fortune telling methods came about they were certainly popular in the middle ages throughout all levels of society they were a form of entertainment and often an aid to decision making. whether it was
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palm reading. tarot cards. crystal gazing or reading coffee grounds they all have one thing in common. sending. these things all have an element of chance that you draw terrill cards at random or you throw bones or sticks and interpret the patterns they make. so you first take a random element and then you interpret it because you believe that nothing's down to chance it was. because of the correlation between above and below the cosmic forces control the way you through it. many psychics are convinced they have a special gift not asunder the torah says he inherited his from his father the italian often uses taro cards when clients come to him for advice. come in many different forms but what's always important is the combinations of symbols drawn
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and what conclusions can be made in regard to the questions asked. anyone can draw cards but you need skill to read them what counts most is someone's experience at interpret ings the cards. printed. asunder also uses the pendulum as a medium he senses forces that are transmitted through his arm by the movement of the pendulum he uses this for help with questions involving decision must be made. is also as popular as ever but none of these methods have ever been scientifically proven. as i think. having someone understand you is a really important aspect and you talk to someone who is completely committed who listens to you and validates you even if it's all humbug if the conversation does you good you'll walk out feeling satisfied. of all the methods astrology might be the only one that can say something general about this new year so what's in the
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stars for twenty nineteen think you could plan anything you stacia in twenty nine thousand you have to put in such a chariot under a very good stuff. made the stars smile on a very successful twenty nineteen. now it's time to take a look at current events in express where among other things we show you how countries around europe celebrate the peson e all three kings day first up though we start our roundup of the news with some ice cold cold sets in italy. the ice music festival is underway in new talian region of value sort of a giant eagle houses the stage and even the musical instruments are made of ice.
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but don't worry nothing can melt except the audience's hearts the menu is a two thousand six hundred meters altitude on the prisoner glacier in northern italy the festival runs through march thirtieth. many countries across europe celebrated epiphany on sunday put children in spain general six may well be the highlight of the entire christmas season that's when they get their presents. in many european cities like the kurdish capital warsaw recessions move through the streets. under fifty makes quite a splash in greece where they go for a nice cold epiphany swim. and also just priest consecrates across and throws it into the full set daring swim is jump in and bring it back to lands.
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the christmas season is slowly winding to a close to nowhere is that plainer to see internet sit in western germany besides record christmas tree throwing the competition. around forty people took part in the tongue in cheek sporting event which. comes from sweden where people throw christmas trees out of their houses and see sting january the thirteenth. time now to take another look into the future in this case the future of homes and science fiction novels and films the years ahead of full of flying cars and gigantic megacities but in the light signals iyam a new exhibition takes a more practical look at future living concepts it's called together and showcases new living concepts that see architects attempt to create more communal and social
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spaces in ever bigger cities so let's head to saxony for a proper look at what our lives could soon look like. this wooden house in leipsic a sustainable ecological and shared property of the residents. most of the rooms are used by everyone the start of living that's becoming increasingly common. the exhibition together at the leipzig museum of applied arts shows the different types of communal living including the early twentieth century tenement buildings. and the first people coming. london's particular estate is a residential area built to the one nine hundred sixty s. in the british capital it contains the baltic incentive for performing arts emmys in school offices and homes. there are numerous early examples of this modern day communal living and various reasons for the renaissance of this lifestyle.
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we share much more now there are lots more ways to share things like cars and homes when we go away there's more pressure in the cities rent prices have gone up so the idea really is that we should share space and save money at the same time. we have more single person households now that also plays a role. and an aging society we need new ways of living that soon these new conditions more limbs but they will on the path of. the exhibition contains photos and explanations of various types of communal architecture around the world with elaborate models to set the scene. here you can see what's communal and what's private. communal living doesn't necessarily mean everything is shared there are options for people who need their privacy. as.
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a very important example is a new type of layout called cluster living. that each resident has their own mini apartment with one or two small private rooms a small bathroom and a kitchenette. and bought some of. these many of the hot months or all centered around a big communal area with a big kitchen and a big living room i. was of course and so you have the advantage of being able to retreat when you need to up. one of these cluster apartments has been replicated in the original size of the life sick museum. these other smaller private areas. and these other spacious shared areas. this type of cluster living is well beyond the test phase in berlin up to twenty people share this clay felt co-op housing and investors can squeeze these residents
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to maximize returns. so are communal buildings an attack on the real estate sector . in the food i wouldn't call it an attack but it does show that you can develop projects differently and that there is a demand. the real estate sector always lags behind to be the not that innovative these projects came about because the market wasn't offering anything of this kind so people got together to develop it themselves because they wanted to have it differently and they had other ideas about life. the move towards sharing space and living together doesn't only say about private lives but also the cities we live in that space where the individual more space for everyone. now exploring the highest of mountains may not be possible for everyone so we're
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doing it for you and this week series the coal of the mountains we'll show you europe's most stunning summits today we're off to see the mighty mouse a home in switzerland so only twelve on the list of europe's highest mountains but it holds specially for climbers and tourists alike it's the stunningly shape's peak that makes it stand out from the crowd in the alps but the muscle home wasn't always known just for its beauty your max reporter meghan li found out more. the matter horn a symbol of switzerland and the power of mother nature. for years no one would attempt to climb it because of its menacing height and dangerous slopes. current lauber has climbed the matter for no less than four hundred times it's estimated that five hundred mountain climbers before him have died trying to tackle it still
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he understands why mountaineers are so determined to conquer it. the massive hole is a tricky mountain it can also be very dangerous but when you see the mountain as an alp and you have to go out it's like that for the famous mountains like mad to everest. as a mountain pioneer you have to climb the. most it is wrong or that. the matter worn remain unclimbed after most of the other great alpine peaks had been attained . that history is documented here at the matter or in museum insomuch visitors can learn everything about the first descent and life in the village during that time director at the schmidt is an expert on the story involving the matter horns first pioneer edward whimper clime ended in disaster when four members of his team
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including the french kind near michel cool fell to their deaths and. i wanted to be the fast. he released himself from the rope to be the first to the top on this one secure it must have been a triumph in all his mountaineering korea. on the way down of these seven heroes would become tragic heroes. but the accident which took place in fractions of a second. turned these heroes into dead men. so that was incredibly bitter. and. there's no denying the tragedies a lingering effect on sam ash many people come here to learn more about it. if you put two and two together you'd probably have to assume that limbo cut the rope that was around michelle crowe but he never admitted it was not and how does.
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that play. time and disaster were later portrayed in several films including the mountain calls which can also be seen in the museum. segment in the meantime has developed into so much more than just a destination for mountain climbers it's car free environment and world class ski trails attract tourists of every kind from all over the world so what makes the matter horn so special. as a throw based on that is that it's so special because of its shape it has a very special full as a well known french mountain is said if a child has to draw a mountain it will resemble the matzoh whole view so when mr that's washington saw a city that's not the world. record snowfall in so much recently kept the matter
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horn out of sight for days but even in bad weather the drawn to this mystical mountain carries on. and will be traveling to many more of europe's best known mountains to learn about the history and tourist development but what about you which peaks have you explored send us a picture of yourself hiking in the mountains as a thank you will give away an exclusive your max wristwatch to one of our lucky contestants you can find all the details on our website d.w. dot com slash lifestyle now if you're a bit of a chocoholic like me you'll certainly enjoy our next report we're off to a chocolate factory in wales where liam bird just founded his appropriately named company gnome gnome he creates delightful delicacies flavoring his chocolates using carefully selected ingredients and that can be almost anything including onion and must it so let's get
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a taste just because christmas is over it doesn't mean we counted a few treats every now and then. the testing kitchen of the no known chocolate factory. to get to. the test subject today is a chocolate filled with car maryland welsh sea salt as far as possible no norm uses local products but the cocoa beans of course are imported from the tropics and the company has them processed in their country of origin madagascar to give them a very particular flavor. rather than the being being sent from madagascar what happens is that penis roasted and ground. gracey capture all of these incredible subtle flavors of a great force. no no my experiments with new taste from two years in chocolate me in purges develop such flavors as old book with a hint of leather or red onion or mustard the results are always tempting
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liam's creative collaborator is austria where i would definitely say that all three of you ladies and shit i'm. basically those crazy it is. so soft to use and yet it creates. limburg just went into business in two thousand and thirteen with three thousand five hundred euros of starting capital operating from a trailer park in his parent's yard now twenty employees turn down some two thousand chocolate bars a day by hand on this former farm insulin body in western wales in just a few years norm norm has made a name for itself in britain and in scandinavia but that's just the start for liam burgess he's on to conquer the global market to make the best build the greatest chocolate factory in the world and i guess the mission is to try and.
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combine all of the different senses. made people happy and the name of leon's branding on norman is fairly self-explanatory for anyone who have thoroughly enjoyed a good childhood. don't know. if you're at its best your imax brings in or as we look forward to your comments check out our your imax instagram stories and discover how exciting and diverse your heart can be. follow us on instagram. now next we head east for this week's extra tour which takes us to bug area we wanted to give you a closer look at the capital soft yeah it's situated in the west of the country and is home to over one million people the city was founded many thousands of years ago and boasts several roman ruins so as a lot of history and culture to explore and we'll do just that.
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with mountains in the background the bug arion capital and it's perhaps most famous landmark the alexander nevsky cathedral sophia has been shaped by seven thousand years of history under the roman possession time and ottoman empire has. been stunning stuff cancer cough is an act and tour guide in sofia is very optimistic about the city's future ten years ago so if there was more grain now it's like more colorful more vivid a lot of interesting places a lot of events occur. which i'm sure can be seen from all over sophia at least when the clouds don't block the view. of the sun is left to cough straw a group begins the day with a visit to sophia's oldest market the women's market bombers from all over bug area
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sell their produce here as well as unusual souvenirs. this metro station is called savvy cars which was the roman name for sophia while building the station workers found remains of the original city and simply left them on display . less than one hundred meters from the roman excavations is the bunya bashing mosque built by the ottomans and right next door the sephardic synagogue the jewish and muslim communities in sofia and they're relatively small but the building still have great significance in the city. what we sold so far a mosque a theme of go to christian orthodox churches really really close with each other that's why we like to call the square here the square of dollar runs because we like to say that there are only one stone throw away from each other but they never for. each other. if you start to feel a little cold during your winter tour sophia's the. springs are never far away the
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public box and no longer in use but anyone is free to sample the hearts natural mineral water. next it's on to the presidential palace and then one of the city's best kept secrets the church of st george all the rotunda as it's known locally can you guess why this roman complex together with this church was surrounded by this building like this to keep it secret exactly to hide it i told you that the communist guys they were not really keen on religion because either you have the god like communist leader like many or you have got. the byzantine frescoes inside the early christian church are up to one thousand years old base of five sophia's checkered history on the many lands of paint was any join the twentieth century that they will once again i'm confident.
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if it is probably the most underrated place in in europe a lot of history and not the first but that things that have to be seen here so i would be open for all the world to see the beauty of our the. bug area was ruled by the communists for nearly fifty years until nine hundred ninety today the museum for a socialist start serves as a reminder of life under the communist regime. after their busy tour the group are ready for a hearty meal at a traditional restaurant called the crux my. bug areas rich history is also reflected in the local cuisine typical eastern european dishes a mixed with spices from the middle east guerin combat made of pork is very typical
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. damas for joining when shot but there's still plenty to see and experience the friday bar is one of the most popular pubs in sofia god stanislav is now an actor on stage together with friends. the following. hottie a misfit is contagious even for those of us who don't understand a word of all gary. well for now that's all from us we'll be back with plenty more european culture tomorrow including a look at the career of one of the greatest living legends of rock music so see if very very soon i'll buy from. next time on your next british music legend jimmy page seventy five the self-taught guitar maker ok steve with his band. to create guitar sounds that had great truth like
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lasers wishing for jimmy page of a very happy day. on here max. we
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make up about three quarters of a fix and up next. the surface. they want to shape the continent's future six part of it enjoying some stores as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seven percent plus for shark. story people world over information. means they want to express. facebook and twitter today in touch
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follow us. to thank you folks . thanks. glenn.
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got the news live from berlin a student confesses to stealing personal data from thousands of prominent germans a twenty year old tells police that he acted alone and that he was the hacker behind a twitter account but shared politicians and celebrities details online. also coming up mission.


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