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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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loonie. plane an e.m.t. lanie plane. played. because g.w. news live from berlin a student confesses to stealing personal data from thousands of prominent germans a twenty year old tells police that he acted alone and that he was the hacker behind a twitter account which shared politicians and celebrities details online. also coming up mission not accomplished donald trump security advisor angers turkey by
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attaching conditions to any u.s. withdrawal from syria on current status he is making a serious mistake plus ousted chief executive pleads his it as it is carlos go and tells a tokyo court that he has been wrongly accused of tax fraud and financial misconduct and a judge's morning he could be remanded in custody for another six months plus wrestling with sexism and abuse in america we report on how the high school in pittsburgh is using support to try and encourage male teenagers to change their behavior towards women and girls. play a little. bit i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. in germany a suspect arrested for a mass status breach has confessed city police the twenty year old male says that
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he committed the crime out of anger toward statements made by the politicians and public figures that he targeted the personal information of one of thousands of one thousand excuse me politicians was published on twitter before christmas private messages and photos were also made public authorities learned about the data theft late last week officials in the state of hester have just held a press conference let's listen in for a moment i have to give you a woman for this suspect has confessed to the crimes he was suspected off and is assisting us in the investigation beyond his own crimes he has given us further details that will assist the investigation itself because of these circumstances there was no reason to keep him in custody and the suspect was released last night investigators have seized computers and hard drives from his apartment. and our chief political editor mr there has been following developments so the authorities
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who you know we've just heard some response from them that they've actually come under fire for their response to this data breach what kind of fallout can we expect. well this is already having a large political fallout with several ministers and including the justice minister feeling that they need to come out and a potentially announce fresh action and fresh legislation without us really knowing the exact details of this what we do know is that the first leaks occurred at the beginning of december and there's a big gap between that and last week when your thora t's here finally learned that there was actually a concerted effort to publish information by some one thousand people most of them politicians but also journalists people who are generally well known in the media so this is a very large scale attack it's had huge implications also in public debate and it all comes down to this twenty year old who as we learned from the police today has
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no formal i t training who said he taught himself how to release this kind of information how to hack into information is a big question marks both about what that means for data security in the future but also for those of thor's he's investigating such breaches and apparently has confessed to this attack what more do we know about him and why he might have done this yes he's fully confessed he's given police access to all his servers his computer is also to some hardware that he's already tried to destroy and police say that one of the reasons why he's being let go for now until there is a formal court trial is of course that if you confess but also that he helped beyond this case the authorities in s. investigating potential further breaches of security and potential data being released into the net he is twenty years old that means he might be seen as
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a juvenile before court which might see him get off with a lesser charge at the same time we're hearing the interior minister. he is today defending his authority saying that the acts addressed the swift the giving almost a minute by minute account of what happened in that night thursday to friday last week when the authorities were alerted to this but there's still many question marks on how this could have happened and how it could be prevented to happen again in the future the interior minister wants to see something of a cyber defense center like the antiterrorism center that we have here in germany. or in berlin thank you. a far right german lawmaker has been seriously wounded in an attack in the north of the country frank magnet's is the leader of the anti immigration a.f.d. party and graham and he says that he was assaulted by three men in the city center on monday evening the a.f.p.
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published this photo of him in the hospital and said that he was beaten unconscious with a piece of wood police suspect that the suspect suspect that the attack was politically motivated. and voices from across the political spectrum have been very quick to condemn this attack including we've heard from the foreign minister heikal mosque tweeting the following violence can never be an answer to political arguments for garlits of the target or the motive there is no justification for it whatsoever and the one who commits such a crime must be punished the leader of the social democrats under analysis had this to say the f.d.a. is a political opponent of our tolerant and peaceful society but those who fight the party and the politicians with violence betray our values and jeopardize our coexistence i strongly condemn the attack on frank magnets and of the greens one of the fiercest adversaries treating the following i hope the assailants are caught and prosecuted swiftly there is no justification for violence even against the a.f.d.
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if you fight hate with hate hate always wins. and you spoke to one of the a.f. deans leaders alexander gol and he said that the mainstream political parties in germany are partly to blame for the attack because of their efforts to sideline the far right party and its anti immigration rhetoric. remember at a pub tonight the democrat discovery that is a snitch democrat when you call a democratically elected party undemocratic if you're socially inviting folks to get violent and that's what happened here this is it's an escalation of the type of undemocratic behavior we're seeing even in the german parliament just. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world at least three people have been killed and more than two hundred injured in a train crash in the south african capital pretoria local media say that two commuter trains collided head on during morning rush hour there's been no official word on the cause of the crash. france's prime minister and wofully says that
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eighty thousand police officers will be deployed in paris on saturday in response to the ongoing yellow vest to protest last weekend saw the eighth straight week of protests the demonstrations began over a planned fuel tax but are now directed at president mccollum's economic policies. guatemala is disbanding a un backed anti corruption commission that has been investigating its president jimmy what alice the country's foreign minister told her quarters in new york at the bottom of staff had twenty four hours to leave what the u.n. condemned the move and called on guatemala to allow the commission to finish its work which has included a probe of the president's campaign financing. us national security advisor john bolton is departing turkey today having failed to meet president wretch of type pair to watch the two were set to discuss the fate of the kurds in syria as part of discussions about the u.s. withdrawal from the country u.s. secretary of state my pump aoe is also canvassing support for washington's plan in
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the region but it was bolton who earned turkey's air now turkish president has the turkish president has slammed bolton's demand that ancora guarantee the kurds to safety have a less. holy you know little. regarding this matter bolton has made a serious mistake and whoever thinks like this has also made a mistake. it is not possible for us to make compromises on this point. those who are part of the to record on syria will receive the necessary lesson there is no single difference between the p.k. k y p g p y d and dish. and during the course of the war in syria kurdish forces most importantly the y.p. gene managed to gain control over a large area bordering with turkey they have successfully fought back the so-called
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islamic state with support from the united states but alcoa does not accept them as representatives of the kurdish people and regards them as we heard from everyone there as a terror organization because of their ties to turkey outlawed kurdistan workers' party the k.k.k. . for more let's bring in as you leon who joins me from istanbul also uli how should we interpret vote here is this a deliberate snap of a senior trump aide by the turkish president. well that's what it looks like even though a spokesperson for president ad on try to downplay those earlier saying that mr bolton and his team had requested a meeting with president out on but that appointment was never officially confirmed and in the end mr bolton met with his respective counterparts in the turkish government and that was sufficient but yes the dominant interpretation here is that mr adam present out on his just so frustrated with john bolton's conditions for
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a u.s. withdrawal from northeast syria naming lee that the u.s. is kurdish allies that need to be protected that he simply refused to meet him and later at the turkish paul humans he harshly criticized bolton so overall this is not a good day for u.s. turkey relations and president and also apparently insisting that he actually has an agreement with president trying to take action against kurdish forces i'd like to have a listen to that statement and then get your reaction there. the same was gone over all of them of almost by getting in compliance with the agreement we reached with. we have largely completed our preparations for a military offensive against elements of dash are still active in syria at the same time we are determined to take steps against terrorist organizations such as p y d n y p g along with this. is to neutralize these terrorist organizations in syria
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lands very soon. so he just said very soon there how should we interpret that. well that's the big question here right now in the past week the turkish army has been massing troops along the border with syria preparing for another offensive against kurdish y p g fighters as you pointed out present add on regards the y.p. janet separatist agenda as a threat to turkey's territorial integrity that's why you wants to act and he wants to act quickly today he said that all military preparations are in north syria are complete are finished and he is set to launch this campaign which indeed sounds very imminent imminent it sounds imminent that some kind of military action might happen soon let me remind you also that turkey has local elections coming up in march and this is also missed out on in his ruling party appealing to nationalist voters voters who also like him for standing up to the west especially to the u.s.
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so take us through the scenarios here do you think that area one could be willing to risk a bridge with president trying to launch an offensive against the kurds even if trump backs off from u.s. withdrawal. well that would of course risk a confrontation between two nato allies on the ground in syria that would be immensely costly for president out on i'm not sure if he is ready to take that risk without any further negotiation maybe he will try to reach out to present trump again as he said today he will just pay respect to mr trump's an ounce in there to withdraw from syria regardless of what his aides say and you have to know that such an operation also risks friction with the russia and iran to other players on the ground so there is a lot for present iran to take into consideration here. in istanbul thank you bill . it's in other news heavy snowfall and avalanches in
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austria and germany have claimed at least five lives some one point five meters of snow have fallen in the northern alps in less than a week thousands of tourists are now stranded in villages and more snow is expected this week train services and roads have been disrupted and authorities have warned that the risk of avalanches are high. this ski village in austria is all but deserted. roads are closed rescue helicopters grounded residents and tourists were forced to evacuate after it was inundated with snow this thread the first for the light there was only took this necessary precaution because we couldn't guarantee that there would be adequate food and medical supplies. rescue teams are on standby but the extreme weather is hampering their efforts. residents were also caught off guard.
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we know were i was alone and raced here i'm never seen anything like this in the last fifty five years. in southern germany officials have declared a state of emergency schools are closed and train services have been suspended residents are overwhelmed. have been in the last of our being getting up at three am to clear the snow otherwise it's not manageable i never seen so much snow fall in such a short period. where we knew the leap into could. daily life has been up ended here as officials struggle to clear the snow many people are unable to go to work or buy groceries. this nie is that if. the snow is too heavy and wet to move with the plows. the trees are also snapping under the weight of the snow which is dangerous for motorists and why we've had to close
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a lot of streets father my guns he just wasn't i didn't have something to be. more snow is expected in the coming days and the risk of avalanches remains high. you're watching news still to come on the program a learning respect on the wrestling mat mat to see how one teacher is helping turn boys. into responsible men. but first an embattled automotive executive pleads his innocence facility at start a legend in the automotive sector hailed worldwide as a visionary executive and credited with turning this son into an industry powerhouse that was until carlos going found himself in handcuffs charged with financial crimes two months on he's finally had his first day in court. cameras ready they were waiting but carlos gone never had
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a chance to make his case to the media a police bus delivered him to the talk your district court handcuffed and with a rope around his waist. was described as thin he is set to last more than ten kilos over his last two months in prison the charges tax avoidance and under reporting his salary in documents prepared for investors and you new york attorney mr gowan concluded his statement saying he is innocent and there was no evidence or grounds but has been wrongly accused and detained him and he must. industry sources have long speculated whether the charges against poland were real or whether there was foul play gone has forged an alliance between french carmaker over north and japanese competitors nissan and mitsubishi for years he has been criticized for giving eleanor too much power within the group some in the industry say the future of the company is at stake. levy of the us there are three possibilities for the
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future of the alliance there's the status quo but that seems difficult to envision today they might go further into the alliance with an outright merger or takeover of one of the two companies all will see a rebalancing but today who can say what will happen perhaps we have reached the limits of this alliance as it was conceived at the beginning that. for now carlos gone is out at both japanese automakers he is still chief executive of were no. i think considering that i asked our financial correspondent all the buds whether or no knows something about going on that we do it. i don't know i don't know what renault knows but hanging on to carlos going at least as figureheads see oh there's an interim chief was actually in paris running the company has deputy up until now his name is chilly but all he was relatively fresh
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and that and the task but. of course renault believes that carlos cohn is not as guilty as the people in japan feel that he is but i think it's doubtful that he'll ever return to leadership for no one at the alliance. sign and it's officially he's out already anyways because there's been such a tarnishing of his image of his reputation both professionally and personally i mean there's almost nothing worse for an executive of that level you've talked of a legend accused of dipping his fingers into the till and even if he's his pronounced innocent at the end it will be these bad images that for me going says he's one hundred percent is what do people say i mean can we can we see anything reflected in the share price of these companies. well all the chairs dipped when the news came that carlos to go on was being arrested because people
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feared that the alliance would fly apart and it's been choose fully successful i mean it's a little bit under the radar because we tend to look at individual companies like volkswagen or like renault but when you look at renault nissan which a bishop they've come up from the grave practically they've been restored by carlos gone and they are selling more cars per year than volkswagen so that's what's at stake and that's why people some people here say because that's at stake because there was a power play going on between france and japan and carlos goannas sort of caught in the middle and a lot of people don't really believe he's as guilty as the courts make. of the preferred stock exchange thank you very much. reporter michael paine was at the press conference held by guns lawyers following the court proceedings i asked him if there is anything fishy about the case i think. among the no one journalists who've been covering this all or sort of
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a lot of bells are going off her head because there's something about this case doesn't seem right it's not the way that corporate cases and you can normally handle so for example if a company finds some sort of wrongdoing by a chairman or an executive normally the way this would be dealt with is they go to the person and say oh well it's the situation has to be for the company in this case what happened is that the court the other executives the league everything to the prosecutors and they ambushed him with an arrest never giving him a chance to defend himself. it was very very strange behavior all around he seemed like something that was done more for political reasons and some of the company's. goals was to go so the case whether he's guilty the r.p.m. the doctor does he need another agenda thank you very much for joining us from the scene gets news agency and i'll have more business for you later so thank you so
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much dan we're heading now to washington's latest sleight of europe the trumpet ministration downgrade have the sadness of brussels diplomatic mission in washington this step seen as a slap in the face for europe was exclusively reported by t w a move a pair savan lymes donald trump's long running opposition to the european union and other international bodies stay with us here and also in the u.s. where a new study shows up to forty percent of women say they were abused by a male while at school or in college and joining me now is brussels bureau chief max hoffman and max i understand that you've actually heard more on this story haven't you. yeah well we had the official press conference by the e.u. commission who of course was asked a couple of question not only by g.w. on that story they didn't say much i'm afraid to say here they knowledge that there was and this is how they the wording is the there was a recent change in the way that diplomatic precedence list is implemented by the
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united states protocol and that just means you know which ambassador takes precedence over another ambassador so that is implicitly confirming that there was a change and then they also said that they are still currently discussing with the relevant services in the administration possible implications for the e.u. delegation in washington so not much there just a hint that yes there is something actually ongoing and that's what was the mood there i mean how has all of this gone down in brussels. well most of people this morning didn't really know anything about that even some of the relevant embassies you would think that we're familiar with that take for example the u.s. mission to the european union we call them of course and they just said we're looking into that that's code often for we just don't know they would be a surprise that the different services around the world aren't really in the loop what they're administration is doing there but those that knew about it told us that they weren't really surprised by this behavior by the trump administration
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because we have seen and that's what some acknowledge as well much worse that was the wording from the trumbull administration when it comes to diplomacy in the past in this summit seeing it as just the latest in a series of slaps in the face from the united states given that max where can you u.s. relations go from here. you know the main battlefield at the moment isn't really diplomacy or diplomatic relationships that's really the least of the worries of the european union right there right now the main battlefield are the trade ties is trade us apparently also especially so are you the threat that there might be some extra terror slapped onto car production in the european union and those exports going to the to the usa that's of course very important to car country number one in the european union germany and the trade representative of the u. commission is set to visit actually the united states washington d.c.
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to negotiate this so that's where they're putting all their efforts and the moment at the moment and like i said when it comes to the pull missy many here in brussels have given up on the trump administration in this specific field for a long time. in brussels thank you max a new study shows that up to forty percent of women say that they were abused by a male while at school or in college a school in pittsburgh pennsylvania is trying to change that statistic by teaching young women how to conduct relationships with young men excuse me how to cheat dr relationships with women and he. reports. testosterone is in the air and resting team at kerry high school is preparing for the next competition but coach leonard of it doesn't just teach sports he has another topic on his agenda respectful behavior towards women and girls after each training they gather food cool down talk today's topic the problem of blaming gold's for sexual harassment
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how do you how do you think something like that affects the person the god grabbed you know you not only did you get assaulted not only were you disrespected but your fault. it's never. a moment when i have depression and suicide things i do but even the smallest thing can have the biggest impact on someone's life their conversations they have resonate with the book. women are looked like he said in society and. we should all be created before you know they should be doing the same thing but. you know it's just that it's something we need to talk about fully comprehend why it's made me look at them from a different perspective like see what they have to go through on sometimes a daily basis and it just makes me respect them more and it makes the way that treat them you know change i learn that this is
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a huge issue that isn't the reason we don't aren't hearing about it before because it's not being brought to light like it should be and that this program was really good to help do that. our bitch and his restaurant take part in a program called coaching boys into men it uses the trusting relationship between coaches and their team to discuss healthy relationships and violence prevention some the most rewarding stuff that that has come about with going with the kids is here in the conversations that they have that i'm not involved with i've overheard them holding each other accountable one kid says something that another kid finds disrespectful or there are comparable with i've heard them correct each other at the moment only the boys are being coached or the girls on the team think their fellow female students also have a thing or two to learn about respectful behavior it's sad how many girls like hate on each other and like they. you you can't get a compliment from
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a girl when you get a compliment from the girls like oh she don't really mean and stuff like that so it's like we also need as well as we degrade each other a lot coach or bitch believes the sessions will benefit everyone in the long run and he's sure his athletes will be role models for their peers. you're watching news i'm sarah kelly in berlin we're back in a minute stay with us. a man of many faces david coleman headley. the u.s. secret agent and islamic double agent. a key figure in a number of attacks around the world. by witnesses and secret service agents reconstruct a trail of terror. and fatal mistakes made by intelligence services. in
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forty five minutes. first day in school in the jungle. the first cloning lesson in the minimum doors grand moment arrives. joining a regular jane on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary during an orangutan returns home on d w dot com tanks. how did you. discover your concept discover with a ballet. school a legend after one hundred it is the ideals of the favs are more relevant today than they were a. hundred years ago visionaries reshaped things to come the fall
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people understood design in some way the shaping society. the powerhouse and that's cross-over with ideas that are part of our future. what makes the hour skeptics commissions some inspiring to this very exciting part of. this world. commensurately starts january thirteenth on all you. welcome back you're with to give you news i'm sarah kelly in berlin our top stories here in germany a twenty year old student has confessed to stealing the personal data of more than one thousand public figures including politicians and celebrities the hacker who says that he was working alone shared the information on twitter in the run up to christmas. u.s.
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national security advisor john bolton has angered the turkish president by saying that the u.s. will only withdraw from syria and on current guarantees the safety of kurdish militia who have been fighting alongside the u.s. in syria ancora says the kurds are terrorists. both the year twenty nineteen has only just begun but already it is clear the refugee crisis will remain an urgent issue of the global agenda millions of people around the world are fleeing war disease and poverty some however are returning to their homelands one example is so mali land in the horn of africa now somaliland declared independence from somalia back in one thousand nine hundred one though not internationally recognized somaliland has a working political system government institutions a police force and its own currency the former british protectorate has also escaped much of the chaos and the violence that has plagued somalia for decades now
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we met a woman who moved back to somaliland from the united states to open her own bakery here's her story. trays of freshly baked treats they don't just look good they're the fulfillment of a lifelong dream if. grew up in the u.s. and is an american citizen she planned to open a tea house there with homemade cakes but that through too difficult one after visiting her parents homeland the self-proclaimed republican somaliland but she decided to try her luck here in its capital hargeisa that was three years ago. and a fulfilling my dream here just feel so good it wasn't easy it's taken time because the country is still getting on its feet and sort of i have to be patient somaliland still has very little infrastructure but there are many of us here who have got things moving. now he
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fret employs for people to do the baking and to service personnel she trialed in one nine hundred ninety one somaliland declared independence from the rest of the country it's still officially part of somalia but now it has its own democratically elected government and it has peace the economy is growing although most of the population is still poor a few years ago the bad economic situation also prompted businessmen up the rattlin blacky to leave the country. and i was on the day that i left this country i was convinced that it had nothing to offer me i think everyone who leaves their home and thanks that way but if they only knew how sweet how precious and deserving of respect their own country is i'm sure they'd all stay. oh he tried his luck in saudi arabia but eventually returned disillusioned. today he has
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a flourishing business in hargeisa he sells food exchanges. money to see used other opportunities. was a. new idea and after lucky hasn't had things quite so easy he too is a former migrant who left his business and family behind in somaliland to cross the mediterranean to europe today he's back working as a day laborer in a warehouse. i was in switzerland but didn't get what i had expected and hoped for it took me by surprise i had a good life here and then suddenly i was just a migrant. and that didn't allow me to achieve what i was aiming for. after spending two years in a refugee shelter abdulahi applied voluntarily to return to his family in
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somaliland the swiss authorities even paid for his flight back but he still has debts it cost him ten thousand dollars to get to europe is now slowly paying that money back on who. i wasn't even able to provide for myself in europe i had nothing my wife would often call me and ask me to send her money because i was helpless and switzerland and she was helpless here. step by step he now hopes to rebuild his life here in somaliland in spite of everything he says he's happier than ever before back with his wife and children. the. former migrants are now opening businesses everywhere back in somaliland teahouse owner. is visiting a friend who used to live in canada she's opened a beauty salon. the women give each other business tips and tackle problems
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together. one of our country needs everything and so whatever kind of bill. this you can open you can succeed in a way that might but you have to be patient and not give up at the first hurdle and i think that's what's needed she says is more training opportunities for young people in somaliland and more information about the risks and the challenges of trying to start a new life in europe or elsewhere. abdirahman blackie who returned from saudi arabia agrees. i tell you how i describe it well migration is a virus and it's infected our society. people need to pull together to fight against it politicians academics the whole of society needs to come together to find solutions wolf is wrong and one solution would certainly be to invest more money in education and lucky composes letters for those unable to read or write
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because so many are illiterate here business is booming directly he doesn't regret his decision to return the mission have to stop what i always say i spent two years abroad for nothing i tell everyone how tough i was when and why i decided to come back they say why do you come on we know you love money if even you came back then we're not going to bother trying. at airport the latest flight lands bringing more young people back from libya what are their plans now. i'm going to look for work i don't care what kind before i went away i couldn't be bothered but now i'll be the first to look for a job. perhaps some of them will even manage to live out their dreams here. like. turn he returned from the us for her somali land has now become the real land of opportunity a life looking sweet. over japan now and the latest from the tech industry is.
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over where it's big all right the biggest. it's kind and the first this season this year whether self driving self rolling or self walking it's all there at the consumer electronics show in las vegas a growing number of traditionally known take companies have also set up shop at c.b.s. trying to give their product line a digital make over. i catch ing self driving cars connected to the drivers home devices one of the trends last week that season and for b.m.w. an opportunity to go the extra mile presenting its trial unless motorcycles for the first time in public the way we think there's going to be demand for is certainly motorcycle that's connected to the market but it also simply helps writers be better writers and also safer writers the stuff lee the me the made the mines keeps rabbits the robot known for the folder i share of the electric skateboards smart
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beauty devices it's one of the biggest tech shows featuring startups alongside established companies c.s. is expected to draw more than one hundred eighty thousand visitors hoping for a chance to see the kind of tech likely to dominate consumer suggest that seems we expect to emerge this week artificial intelligence will see a lot of products powered or enabled bit by ai in force recognition and facial recognition things like that it's a five g. connectivity which is one hundred times faster than four g. l.t.e. with forty five hundred exhibits worse the show is expecting an opera record. and the overall vibe tends to be optimistic of tech can solve problems that's what the industry's message seems to be this year in the speak us. for one problem as of a trade war between the u.s. and china is heavily impacting the tech sector we asked our correspondent at the
3:40 pm
show in las vegas to tell us more about the mood there. the organizers of the show warned that their rubber positive outlook can change significantly if a trade war with china escalates saying that tariffs can lead to higher prices to consumers have to pay for smartphones and c.v.s. and as he said we have already seen a significant drop in sales of your ass products in china reported by over firms and what we are seeing here in las vegas is a drop or a decrease of a few fewer chinese merchants here twenty percent decrease and this is quite remarkable for any then that has been jokingly referred to as the chinese electronics show so people here are concerned but nevertheless the outlook is rather optimistic with sales expected to be growing in twenty nineteen.
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as american and chinese representatives continue their talks on tariffs the stakes couldn't be higher for companies from both countries goods from chinese mass production of long concrete shelves of western electronics and toy stores u.s. brands like starbucks gillette and nike have devoted customers in china but for how much longer. the chinese buy more consumer products from america than they do from any other foreign country including japan and south korea american brands have grown to be such a status symbol in china's growing middle class that many cannot imagine life without them. young put on more trade between the two countries has reached far and wide people in both countries cannot live without the other nations products the u.s. cannot live without china and china cannot live without u.s. products either but that sentiment is tempered by the growing popularity of chinese made products which often cost only a fraction of their u.s.
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competitor. if agreements cannot be made i will have my own preference of choice in terms of famous brands of us close to me their prices are already pretty expensive if trade agreements or cooperation cannot be made i will prefer to buy our local brands instead it seems i will see it. but at the moment china remains vital to many u.s. brands that could give china the upper hand in this week's negotiations with american trade representatives who cannot afford to have the chinese stop filling up on u.s. products. thanks so much ben we're going to have a look now at some other stories making news around the world north korean leader kim jong un is in beijing for talks with china's president xi jinping the visit was announced nearly simultaneously by north korean and chinese state media it's kim's fourth visit to beijing in less than a year a second summit between kim and new u.s.
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president donald trump is likely to be on the agenda at this leaving. one person has died in an oil tanker explosion off of hong kong officials say that the vietnam registered vessel burst into flames as it prepared to refuel i didn't encourage off the islands southern coast twenty one crew members were rescued from the water three others are missing. twenty children have been injured by a man wielding a hammer at a primary school in beijing. three suffered serious injuries but are said to be in stable condition police say that they arrested a social worker at the scene violent crime is rare in china but there has been a series of knife and ax attacks in recent years many of them targeting children. to albania now where students have again taken to the streets of the capital to protest the government of the prime minister now demonstrations have been going on
3:44 pm
for a month demanding more education spending lower tuition fees and better living conditions youth unemployment is still in the country is high with many young people leaving in search of a better future student demonstrators are hoping to stop that exists. outside of this small balkan country the plight of students is largely unknown about the determined to be noticed on monday hundreds took to the streets after syria was being a second place in the world number of crucial this is because he would have been you know there's a lot of. this is what stupid. accommodation looks like surveys suggest four out of five young albanians want to leave their country egli torah law says that's no surprise when most people lack the basics while the government is embroiled in corruption scandals you toy this is the bathroom we all use there's just one toilet on every floor it's awful. the government of prime minister eddie rama appears to
3:45 pm
have gotten the message it's been making efforts to peace to students and. they can sit down. and join all the conversations about how to do this practically but the students aren't interested never lost all confidence in the political elites. a number of professors have full safire doctorates including two ministers other students are demanding their dismissal of the prime minister would because they're some of his most important cabinet members or so the students continue to protest by the hundreds sometimes in the thousands that demanding more humane living conditions that's in line breeze and more competent professors they're fighting for a better future and they appear to have much of the country on this side. some sports news now an egypt has been awarded the hosting rights for june and july is
3:46 pm
african nations cup football tournament they gyptian edged out a bit from south africa the event had been due to be hosted by holders cameroon but the latest on security concerns meant that they were stripped of the rights african football chiefs will also announce their player of the year later with egypt and liverpool forward mohammed it's a lot of favor to retain the award at a ceremony in the family's capital. now world doping agency officials are finally being given access to a moscow laboratory today and a long running saga over the state sponsored cheating in russian sports russia missed in december thirty first deadline to hand over data from the drug testing lab prompting calls for due sporting sanctions against the country a committee of the world anti-doping agency will consider the next step at a key meeting next week. so in racing driver alex sonority lost his legs after
3:47 pm
a crash here in germany back in two thousand and one but he never gave up his passion for the sport and has enjoyed a successful career since now he faces one of his toughest challenges yet a twenty four hour race. alex sonorities pretty static legs have been anything but a hindrance to his will to win the former formula one an indy car driver who didn't lead a horrific two thousand and one accident at a race in germany and his driving career sonority was back behind the wheel just two years later. the italian racer is now preparing for the twenty four hours of daytona in the us the grueling competition will be a challenge for his an r.d. especially as he's only recently returned to endure interesting still his approach to racing hasn't changed even if the mechanics behind it have the fact that you have no leg to stand next to obstacle but it doesn't mean that you driving the car with you or that you will do the siding with this time to break when it's time to go back on the power with your head so you can find the way to connect your brain.
3:48 pm
to the car you driving deficient with this no reason why you cannot be the same driver as you used to be before sonorities had plenty of success since climbing back into the driver's seat he's won races in the world touring car championship and finished first in the italian super trees no championship in two thousand and five and sonorities not just an auto racer he won gold medals in hand cycling at the london in rio paralympics still competing at fifty two years old and nearly two decades on from his life changing crash sonority has always looks forward things happen in life you convoy that but you can see that we tried to soften that and many years after my accident i can tell you that my ex and then he's probably be the greatest opportunity on my life because all the things that i'm doing these days so that if we leave it the way you condition. and maybe has positivity you will deliver another victory in daytona at the end of the month.
3:49 pm
michel well back is considered by many to be france's greatest living writer and when a new book by him is published industry did like a national event there and his latest book called serotonin has been published and robert merrill from a culture desk is here a literary star a controversial one i saw you gazing back for example at the cover there tell us more yeah i mean just to say that you say about him. treated like a national event normally in from a really new book five thousand first print run first print run of his book three hundred twenty thousand jobs he's idolized and sort of disliked. in equal measure more idolizing but he's very controversial because he holds up a mirror often to the anomalies of french society and he also is not just for money
3:50 pm
right where causes he just recently wrote a sort of praise to donald trump he's also been accused of islamophobia in the last you know so obviously controversial and he's added to this by taking a poke at. a town in northern france the vats where we're headed right now. it's just one sentence in the novel but one that has a certain angle the protectionists flaw and cruelty that bruce takes the motorway to new york and says that this is one of the places in for you to be doing that's very odd it's not true which part of our town is ugly so much has been men evaded and repaired. but there is discontent here and a number of yellow vesper testers but what oh the consumes the wealth tax needs to be reintroduced the people who contribute to the general welfare have to be rewarded we don't want to drive ferrari's but we do want to be able to eat to bring
3:51 pm
up our children and go out occasionally we once of justice. in the novel the north west is increasingly impoverished a victim of a global economy that france is helpless to keep it by the farmers in the novel resistance to the marginalized station by blocking the motorway this has led many to conclude that welbeck predicted the yellow vest movement but the novel is actually about as visionary as new york is ugly. and obvious you know if this in areas perhaps a bit too much the novel does not explicitly depict yellow vest protests there is just one passage about agriculture supposedly being ruined by the e.u. . on a journey into his own past frustrated by his present situation encounters mostly the farmers debilitating resignation in the face of e.u. agricultural policy so the parallels are there but also not the novel it's really
3:52 pm
a deeply sad book about love welbeck tortures his readers with philosophical discourses involving can't shop and how and plato and the ideas about the relationship between men and women and all this to no avail as the anti depressants for bruce is taking serotonin free entry to listlessness and impotence it's all one big dilemma. we're very well back is doing what a writer does it's a very dark novel very bleak and new york is bleak in it too i sent him a par skit with our famous angelica root this will make you happy it's better than sara tonin. maybe the local remedy could have helped well beck's protectionist by the tragic end to the proust is so depressed that we no longer think about kant and shop and how and the vagaries of love we are reminded of sophocles if the author had consulted him he would know that tragedies always
3:53 pm
stem from thailand and usually end badly. and there's all this talk of him being a visionary is it far fits i mean yeah i mean in this case i think yes it's reputation of being this sort of visionary comes from of your books there was a book in two thousand and one where he wrote about a terror attack in a holiday paradise just off the it was published there was the terror attack and then three years ago croke submission when it madge and the book imagine a muslim president winning power in france and in forcing sharia law whether back on the cover of the french statistical magazine jolly of dough which was then attacked by islamist terrorists on the day of the novel's publication as we know twelve people died in iran this attack in general twenty fifteen including one of web ex best friends actually it's really ever since then that he's been sort of you
3:54 pm
know put out as this sort of visionary figure but is he ready and it's not just about the writing i mean some of his books they have been filmed he's been both in front of them behind the camera as well he's had roles in that regard yes a number of films are being made some by him and in these films just like in his book he plays the sort of typical i'm the hero i think this is best possibly illustrated by a film that's called the kidnapping of mr. welbeck where he plays in cell being kidnapped by a gang believed all know it's a comedy drama which is based around the fact that a few years ago nobody could get in touch with mater a book of his was published and they thought oh my gosh something's happened to him what had happened to him is into connection internet connection story and that was all and he's a bit of a recluse but i mean that was all and then there's this great thing about him being kicked out of fancy making a film about that yourself he's
3:55 pm
a difficult i would say complicated person all these own admission i mean he the the antiheroes. his novels a are antiheroes of himself he seems to be attracted by the fact that he's unattracted unattractive but his books fly film together called to stay alive is a film for a struggling us is also a bit about depression to which both people have struggled from i have to say this this guy also wasn't brought up by his parents his parents rejected him well back and he was brought up by his grandmother so i mean you understand a difficult a troubled man but a very successful our culture editor robin merrill with the latest on this new book thanks so much. quick right out the top stories we've been following for you here at u.w. in germany a twenty year old student has confessed to stealing the personal data of more than one thousand public figures including politicians and celebrities the hacker who says that he was working alone shared the information on twitter in the run up to
3:56 pm
christmas. you're up to date on d.w.i. i'm sorry kelly in her land from all of us here thank you so much for watching have a great day. when.
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the law. in this is that every news line from berlin a student confesses to stealing a personal data from thousands of prominent germans the twenty year old tells police he acted alone and that he was the hound of her behind a twitter account which shared politicians and celebrities details online also coming up assailant's a time to end seriously injure a far right in german.


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