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the way. the three men train starts in january thirteenth w. . you. this is your review is live from berlin a student confesses to stealing personal data from townsend's a prominent germans the twenty year old tells police he acted alone and that he was the hacker behind a twitter account which exposed politicians and celebrities details online also coming up assailants attack and seriously injure a far right german politician police say the incident could have been politically motivated. plus the mission that a nazi but complex donald trump security advisor angers turkey by attaching
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conditions to any u.s. withdrawal from syria on crow says he is making a serious mistake. thank you so much for your company everyone here in germany a twenty year old student has confessed to stealing the personal data of thousands of public figures including top politicians and celebrities the youngster who has not been named released a slew of information via twitter exposing private messages pictures and even credit card details he's the latest high profile hacker to expose the holes in german official cyber security. the attack on a string of high profile victims has caused concern nation now the twenty year old suspect has apparently told police he was behind the message data breach. so as i
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am with you what's your concerning his motive i hope you understand that this point we cannot provide you with the final picture up to to understand but the suspect said he searched for and published data that the reason was that he was angry about specific statements the injured parties made publicly the hacker is thought to have acted alone he use twitter to publish personal information including phone numbers and e-mail addresses as well as photos and private messages the attack targeted as many as thousands celebrities journalists and politicians including the chancellor angela merkel all the political parties except for the far right f.t. will hit. thirty's acted very quickly very efficiently and around the clock. i can say with full conviction that our security agencies are guaranteeing the safety of the public and our politicians at all times
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. despite data being leaked in december in the form of food and vet callender the cyber attack only came to light last week the investigation is continuing and questions about the security of the german government's digital infrastructure have yet to be answered. andy w.'s frank kaufman has been following the developments for you frank the authorities have come under serious fire for not spotting the data breaches sooner what kind of consequences can we expect. there's already a major consequence effect out of german parliamentarians celebrities media people journalists have a huge interest into the state security agencies there's a huge gap between the first investigations of the government's i.t. security agency and the calls of december about these tweets bringing up sensitive
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high profile profile politicians in this country and then the firm investigations of the police for example that started only a couple of days ago and then in about forty eight hours they were able to get the perpetrator to get the. person who did these hacks a twenty one year old students who obviously did not have a major network behind him and this is of course raising a lot of questions amongst the victims frank what more do we know about the suspect and why he might have done all this a twenty year old angry young man obviously who was angry about public wooding public appearances of people like the green party's leader about hobbit or other politicians celebrities journalists etc so that's the main salt a young man was able to get all the stata but not from government service and that is very important to point out but from social media platforms this was not
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a hack against the digital infrastructure of durban a for example what we have seen here of three years ago two thousand and fifteen against the network of the german bundestag the federal parliament that was hacked obviously by secret service officials from russia i know this is a hack against social media. individuals social media platforms of public figures of the country not frank is this case likely to change the german public's attitudes to a social media. look this already stalled it's i'm very convinced about that and you can see this in the first reaction of again the green party leader all but hobbit who is representing an electorate that is seems to be more or less sense a left in the country traditionally very critical when it comes to data security he said he will cut off his facebook and his twitter account and i have the feeling that this will be it will have two two effects on the one side and people in the electorate saying well the green party and people like mr harvick seems to be very
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naive in the age of the internet but on the other hand also in specially amongst parents people. and story families saying well maybe there's something into the heart and maybe facebook and others have a security problem when it came when it comes to daughters security frank hoffman reporting thank you very much and we're going to say in germany were a foreign german lawmaker has been seriously injured in an attack in the north of the country frank magnet says the leader of the anti immigration a of tea party embracement says he was assaulted by three men in the city center on monday evening the date published this photo of him in the hospital and said he was beaten unconscious with a piece of wood police suspect the attack was politically motivated. while earlier today when you spoke to one of the a visa leaders alexander gaul and he said the mainstream political parties in germany are partially to blame for the attack because of their efforts to sideline
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the far right party and its anti immigration rhetoric. democratic disagree it is a democrat when you call a democratically elected party undemocratic you're socially inviting thugs to get violent and that's what happened here it's an escalation of the type of undemocratic behavior we're seeing even in the drone of parliament. while the a of these political opponents were however quick to condemn the attack foreign minister heiko mosque tweeting violence can never be an answer to political arguments regardless of the target or motive there is no justification for it whatsoever anyone who commits such a crime must be punished meanwhile the leader of the social democrats andrea knowledge at this to say the way of de is a political opponent of our tolerant and peaceful society but those who fight the party and their politicians with violence be tray our values and jeopardize our coexistence i strongly condemn the attack on frank magnets and the gym of the
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greens one of the a of d.'s fierce as adversaries tweeting i hope the assailants are caught and prosecuted swiftly there is no justification for violence even against the if deep if you fight hate with hate hate always wins. are now to the story of a brewing diplomatic to between the european union and the us after the trumpet ministration downgraded the status of brussels diplomatic mission in washington all this step seen as a slap in the face for europe was exclusively reported by g.w. news the move appears to be in line with donald trump's long running opposition to the european union and other international bodies. on this a story with max hoffman and of use of brussels of bird chief hi max so when this downgrade happen. we understand it happened towards the end of last year but it
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didn't become clear right away because as you mentioned the officials in washington d.c. weren't notified by the us administration so as we understand they noticed by not being invited as much as they were before they lost that status and then that became obvious at the funeral of george bush sr the former president because usually the e.u. embassador to the united states would have been called among the first twenty or thirty embassadors but he was called last and that's when it became clear and that's why when they also got official confirmation all right that's a very painful low what does it say about how the trumpet ministration were guards the european union first of all i think president trump has made it quite clear that he's not a supporter of the european your union or international organizations multilateral system as a whole he's repeatedly taken swipes at the european union for two things basically he's claimed that the european union was founded to take advantage in trade matters
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of the united states and he also says that they're not doing their part of fair burden sharing for example in the nato or for other things that we have two quotes here that really illustrate that in a very very clear fashion where they say i'm not popular in europe i should be popular and you know i was popular in europe i would be doing my job because i want europe to pay so you know when i say i'm sorry folks you have to pay up i shouldn't be popular in europe they do a poll i was at eighty eight percent and now i've been you know very low number in europe i don't care about europe i'm not elected by europeans i'm elected by americans and by american taxpayers frankly. max i understand that the status of the european union has now been restored i just wonder has there been any lasting damage made by the downgrade to a bilateral relations between the e.u. and the u.s.
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yes we understand at least one of our sources confirm that the colonel bassett or the you to the united states has been now been restored or upgraded as you will to the status that he had before this whole conundrum lasting damage well you know it all adds up this is of course not the only thing where this to be the only incident between the two about ministration in the european union that maybe you could just be swiped away but of course this this is this is part of a growing number of concerns but the real battlefield is not in the diplomatic field it's not diplomacy it is trade with the european union still having that threat hanging over their heads by the trump administration to slap some tariffs on their car exports something that would really hit especially of course germany that's what they're trying to prevent at the moment and that's what they're not why they're trying not to make a big fuss about this latest chapter with the diploma diplomatic incident in the
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u.s. because they don't want to sour relationships even further aren't because they've got bigger fish to fry thanks max hoffman w.'s brussels chief. our us bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. at least three people have been killed and more than two hundred injured in a train crash in the south african capital pretoria local media say two commuter trains collided head on during morning rush hour there's been no official word on the cause of the crash. north korean leader kim jong un has arrived in china by train for talks with president paying a surprise visit is kim's fourth to beijing in less than a year the two leaders are believed to be discussing a planned second summit between kim and us president donald trump. turkey has rebuked the u.s. national security advisor after he called for the protection of kurdish fighters in syria turkish president. scolded john bolton after bolton seemed to make their
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protection a prerequisite for america's withdrawal from syria listen to what are the ones that are earlier. regarding this matter bolton has made a serious mistake and whoever thinks like this has also made a mistake. it's not possible for us to make compromises on this point the us the those who are part of the terror corydoras in syria will be taught the necessary lesson. yet on them up there is not a single difference between the peak ok y.p. g p u y d islamic state which is not a. well during the course of the war in syria kurdish forces spearheaded the fight against so-called islamic state would support the united states critics forces most importantly the white p.j. also managed to gain control over
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a large area bordering turkey but i will guard them as a terror organization because of their ties to turkey's outlawed kurdistan workers party also commonly known as the p k k. while the user yulia han is on the story for you she is in istanbul and yulia the turkish president scolding and snubbing even a senior trump aide how high are tensions right now. well this was definitely no good day for to the u.s. relations apparently bolton and his team had expected to meet president adlon himself but that meeting never happened a spokesperson of president add on they to try to downplay this saying such an appointment was never confirmed by the turkish side and anyways bolton already met with high ranking turkish officials in ankara today and that needs to be sufficient but many others say that a president out on was in fact so frustrated by bolton's conditions for u.s.
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withdrawal from syria naming lee that washington scottish allies that need to be protected by turkey that he simply refused to meet bolton and later in a speech he lashed out at him saying that his conditions were unacceptable to turkey and that's why the national security advisor also present tromp had to leave much earlier than originally expected or you have president meanwhile as says that he has a standing agreement with president trump to take action against kurdish forces let's take a listen here is in his own words the same was gone over with all in compliance with the agreement we reach with president trump we have largely completed our preparations for a military offensive against elements of islamic states who are still active in syria. at the same time we have determined to take steps against terrorist organizations such as p y d n y p g along with islamic states will mobilize to
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neutralize these terrorist organizations in syrian lands very soon are you to make is a particular use yes. begs the question where does very soon mean. well in the past weeks the turkish army has been massing troops along the border with syria preparing for another offensive against kurdish y p g fighters as you mentioned present out on considers the y.p. g.-n. its separatist agenda as a threat to turkey's territorial integrity that's why he wants to act fast today as we just heard he basically said out troops our army is ready for such an operation so that sounded pretty imminent so it's a it's so realistic to expect some kind of military action soon in the upcoming weeks i'm not sure though about the extent of this oh peroration but it's very difficult for a president out on to take
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a step back now you have to take into consideration that there are local elections coming up here in turkey and he is of course trying to reach out to nationalist voters here voters who also like him very much for standing up to the u.s. the waters of course are so much needed right now when it comes to the u.s. his position regarding pulling out of syria but it's so begs the question you know with washington now apparently backtracking is present one really willing to go against president trying to launch an offensive against the turks even if backs off from the u.s. for drawl. well he knows how risky that would be it would risk the confrontation of two nato allies in syria that's a not so an easy thing he will have to you know think about the consequences of that so i'm not sure if he's willing to take the risk without having any further negotiations today the turks asked washington to disarm the y.p. g. fighters in syria there are other open questions they for example asked washington
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to hand over or destroy its military bases there so all of these questions are answered at the moment and such an operation would also risk further friction with a russia and iran the other big players on the ground in syria so there is a lot at stake and a lot for present out and to think about ilya honner reporting from istanbul turkey thank you. aren't some sports news now italian racing driver alex is an already lost his legs after a crash here in germany back in two thousand and one but you never gave up his passion for this fortune has enjoyed a successful career sense on how he faces one of his toughest challenges yet a twenty four hour race. alex sonorities pretty static legs have been anything but a hindrance to his will to win the former formula one indy car driver who didn't let a horrific two thousand and one accident at a race in germany and his driving career sonority was back behind the wheel just
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two years later be italian racer is now preparing for the twenty four hours of daytona in the u.s. the grueling competition will be a challenge for isn't already especially as he's only recently returned to in durance racing still his approach to racing hasn't changed even if the mechanics behind it have to the fact that you have no legs and that's the obstacle but that doesn't mean that you driving the car up with your leg to do the siding with this time to break when it's time to go back on the wood with your head so you can find a way to connect your brain. to the car you drive and efficiently there's no reason why you cannot be the same drive and who used to be before sonorities had plenty of success since climbing back into the driver's seat he's won races in the world touring car championship and finished first in the italian super trees no championship in two thousand and five. and sonorities not just an auto racer he won
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gold medals in hand cycling at the london in rio paralympics still competing at fifty two years old and nearly two decades on from his life changing crash sonority has always looked forward things happen like you convoy that but you can certainly try to surf them in the many years after my accident and i can tell you that my accident probably be the greatest opportunity of my luck because all the things that i'm doing these days are related to when you condition. and maybe has positivity you will deliver another victory in daytona at the end of the month. that's a right way of going out about it again all right let's set up you're here to talk about going in a sense are guilty which way is he going to go this is a hard one to call no one knows which ways which way this case is going to go when talking about another legend a legend in the auto industry hailed worldwide as a visionary executive and credited with turning this son into a powerhouse today officials led a handcuffed calos going into
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a tokyo court to find out a little more about why he's spent the last two months behind bus. cameras ready they were waiting but carlos gone never had a chance to make his case to the media a police bus delivered him to the talk your district court handcuffed and with a rope around his waist. was described as thin he is said to have lost more than ten kilos over his last two months in prison the charges tax avoidance and under reporting his salary in documents prepared for investors. you know when you can't get out of the mr go and concluded his statement saying he is innocent and there was no evidence or grounds but has been wrongly accused and detained. you must. industry sources have long speculated whether the charges against poland were real or whether there was foul play gone has forged an alliance between french carmaker
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north and japanese competitors nissan and mitsubishi for years he has been criticized for giving it one or too much power within the group some in the industry say the future of the company is at stake. there are three possibilities for the future of the alliance there's the status quo but that seems difficult to envision today they might go further into the alliance with an outright merger or takeover of one of the two companies all will see a rebalancing but today who can say what will happen perhaps we have reached the limits of this alliance as it was conceived at the beginning that. for now carlos gone is out at both japanese automakers he is still chief executive of were no. michael pan works for the asian gets a news agency in tokyo and was at the press conference held by guns lawyers following the core proceedings michael what's god had to say for himself.
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well he was only given a ten minutes to say anything for himself and that was done in the court itself so as your report said not in public to direct journalists or to the world but what he said was to completely say that what he did acting honorably legally and into nothing wrong and that he was looking forward to proving this to the court and to the world sensually of the entire case against him one fall flat or once seen him in the light of the facts and evidence so how serious are the accusations we are talking about a huge amount of money but he's said to have mismanaged. well that's right so the crimes of their of them the sorts of things that can put a person in jail for four years so obviously the first accusation which she was
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arrested for was for supposedly under reporting his income to the stock exchange and therefore sort of. a stock holders who later learned that it wasn't actually money that he received but it was money which according to the prosecutor it's being fully arranged to give to him self after he retired from his position is chairman and then after that there were additional charges about how he might have used the nissan to sort of cover himself out of the two thousand and eight financial crisis by putting them sort of to make them liable for some of his personal losses but this issue was also addressed quite clearly by as lawyers saying that part of the agreement which go away was that any losses that were incurred from that secure arrangement. would have but won't bore none of them so a court imposed lawyers that there was no real case there either michael and
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someone reporting on this case what do you think is going on it sounds very fishy. yeah that's right i think the least among them the one journalists who've been covering this all of our sort of alarm bells are going off in our heads because this doesn't there's something about this case doesn't seem right it's not the way the corporates cases and you can normally handle so for example in a company find some sort of wrongdoing by its chairman or an executive normally the way this would be dealt with as they go to the person and say well you need to fix the situation this could be a company in this case one. everything to the prosecutors. well never.
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ever strange. or for. any. pain. thank you very much for joining us from the gets news agency. the world's largest comic is about to begin selling green energy. has created a billion subsidiary called ele to sell electricity generated from renewables the plan is to offer charging stations for electric vehicles in homes and in parking lots b.w. says the company will also sell household electricity all of it from carbon free sources bush complements the comic has been focused on even billet. let's get a word from a financial correspondent in frankfurt on this one is this a marketing gimmick can sit all that bad publicity you got over the emissions
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scandal. they can certainly use some help from the green faction if you will at the moment it is all marketing though you're right on that basically it's public relations because all the things that volkswagen wants to establish aren't there yet but if it does it right and if it does with a lot of drive then it will be part of answering all those questions that people who are skeptical of economists have about the whole concept where do you charge is the energy that i'm putting into the car really clean how do i pay for it and how is the infrastructure going to look if folks wagon makes a go at that then it will be part of an answer to putting the cars on the road. at the frankfurt stock exchange. you're watching the w. news for more next hour.
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