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lucian's money. and i will continue to ask you. to get every bit of. this is due to you news live from berlin a student confesses to stealing personal data from townsend's of prominent germans the twenty year old tells police he acted alone and that he was that hacker behind a twitter account which exposed top politicians and celebrities details online also coming up. assailants attack and seriously injure a far right german politician police say the incidents could have been politically
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motivated and that the mission not accomplished dollars from security advisor angers turkey by attaching conditions to any us were drawls from syria on forces he is making a grave mistake. on leyla her rocker great to have you along everyone. here in germany a twenty year old student has confessed to stealing the personal data of thousands of public figures including top politicians and celebrities the youngster who has not been named released a slew of information via twitter exposing private messages pictures and even credit card details he's the latest high profile hacker to expose the holes in german officials cyber security. the attack on
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a string of high profile victims has caused concern nation now the twenty year old suspect has apparently told police he was behind the message data breach. so i am with you that's your concerning his motive i hope you understand that at this point we cannot provide you with the final picture to understand but the suspect said he searched for and published data that the reason was that he was angry about specific statements the injured parties made publicly. the hacker is thought to have acted alone he used twitter to publish personal information including phone numbers and e-mail addresses as well as photos and private messages the attack targeted as many as thousand celebrities journalists and politicians including the chancellor i'm going to merkel all the political parties except for the far right if he were hit in the. thirties acted very quickly very efficiently and around the clock. i can say with full conviction that our security
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agencies are guaranteeing the safety of the public and our politicians at all times . despite data being leaked in december in the form of for the advent callender the cyber attack only came to light last week the investigation is continuing and questions about the security of the german government's digital infrastructure have yet to be answered. well davies frank often has been following developments for us frank what more do we know about the suspect and why he might have done this. well as we just saw in our report he's he seems this us because this twenty year old young man from the state of hesse in central german a and he is cooperating fully with the police he confessed towards the investigators and as much as we know from the police he also said that he was angry about these public figures mainly mainly parliaments
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parliamentarians of german parliaments media people and celebrities and that's that seems to be the reason why he did not i think one thing is very important to point out is this hack seems to have been targeted against individuals social media accounts and not public infrastructure public internet infrastructure of germany for example not against a network of the drum in this type of palm and i think this is very important to know in the days to come because i think we will have a major debate about these put social media networks here in the days in the coming days interestingly frank the suspect has been arrested but has already been released is that normal in a case like this it is say twenty years the suspect is twenty years old only he's confessing his cooperated fully with the police according to the police he handed over all his hardware and also software in terms of the service he used
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for for his attacks for his hacks in the last few months in the year of two thousand and eighteen and in front of a german court he'd be treated according to juvenile law and that means there's no major reason to keep in keep him in custody for what kind of consequences can we expect the authorities to take now. already the german interior minister says. the public should raise awareness when it comes to the use of social media platforms like facebook and twitter it seems to be that these public figures who are not aware of the security read risks of using these platforms and i think when it comes to the political debate especially as we saw that the heart of the tree of the green party just announced that he will cut down all of his platforms i think this will be in the sense of the debate very soon so security data security on facebook and other us aren't frank hofmann reporting thank you.
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a foreign german lawmaker has been seriously injured in an attack in the north of the country frank magnus is the leader of the anti immigration a of d. party embracement he says he was assaulted by three men in the city center on monday saying the f.t. published this photo of him in the hospital and said he was beaten unconscious with a piece of wood we suspect the attack was politically motivated. well earlier due to the news spoke to one of the a visa leaders alexander gaul entity set the mainstream political parties in germany are partially to blame for the attack because of their efforts to sideline the far right party and its anti immigration rhetoric. when you call a democratically elected party undemocratic you're socially inviting thugs to get violent and that's what happened here this is it's an escalation of the type of undemocratic behavior we're seeing even in the during the parliament as. well the
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political opponents or however quick to condemn the attack foreign minister heiko mosque tweeting violence can never be announcer to political arguments regardless of the target or motive there is no justification for it whatsoever anyone who commits such a crime must be punished the leader of the social democrats meanwhile andree on alephs at this to say the a of d. is a political opponent of our tolerant and peaceful society but those who fight the party and their politicians with violence betray our values and jeopardize our coexistence i strongly condemn the attack on frank magnets and gem of the green one of the fiercest adversaries tweeting i hope the assailants are caught and prosecuted swiftly as no justification for violence even against the if you fight hate with hate hate always wins. sticking it with
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washington's unpredictable treatment of its ally. size turkey has rebuked the u.s. national security advisor after he called for the protection of kurdish fighters in syria turkish president russia tiber to want scolded john bolton after bolton seemed to make their protection a prerequisite for america's withdrawal from syria listen to what i want said a little earlier. regarding this matter bolton has made a serious mistake and whoever thinks like this has also made a mistake. it's not possible for us to make compromises on this point the us call those who are part of the terror corydoras in syria will be taught the necessary lesson. yet alone there is not a single difference between the p.k. k y p g p u i d islamic states no it's not us and. now our during the course of the war in syria kurdish forces spearheaded the fight
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against so-called islamic state with support from the united states kurdish forces most importantly the why p.j. also managed to gain control over a large area bordering turkey but unquote regards them as a terror organization because of their ties to turkey's outlawed crist on the workers party also known as the p.k. k. . while the diffuser yulia han is on the story for you she is in istanbul and yulia the turkish president scolding and snubbing even a senior trump aide how high are tensions right now. well this was definitely no good day for tookie u.s. relations apparently bolton and his team had expected to meet president adlon himself but that meeting never happened a spokesperson of president add on they to try to downplay this saying such an appointment was never confirmed by the turkish side and anyways bolton already met
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with high ranking turkish officials in ankara today and that needs to be sufficient but many others say that a president out on was in fact so frustrated by bolton's conditions for u.s. withdrawal from syria naming lee that washington scottish allies that need to be protected by turkey that he simply refused to meet bolton and later in a speech he lashed out at him saying that his conditions were unacceptable to turkey and that's why the national security advisor off president trump had to leave much earlier than originally expected or you have president meanwhile insists that he has a standing agreement with president trump to take action against kurdish forces let's take a listen here is in his own words say much goal of all of them of all in compliance with the agreement we reach with president trump we have largely completed our preparations for a military offensive against elements of islamic states who are still active in
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syria. at the same time we have determined to take steps against terrorist organizations such as p y d n y p g along with islamic states will mobilize to neutralize these terrorist organizations in syrian lands very soon. how to get there yes. begs the question where does very soon mean. well in the past weeks the turkish army has been massing troops along the border with syria preparing for another offensive against kurdish fighters as you mentioned present out on considers the y.p. janet separatist agenda as a threat to turkey's territorial integrity that's why he wants to act fast today as we just heard he basically said out troops our army is ready for such an operation so that sounded pretty imminent so it's a it's so realistic to expect some kind of military action soon in the upcoming
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weeks i'm not sure though about the extend of this open aeration but it's very difficult for a president out on to take a step back now you have to take into consideration that there are local elections coming up here in turkey and he is of course trying to reach out to nationalist voters here of voters who also like him very much for standing up to the u.s. the waters of course are so much to do right now when it comes to the u.s. his position regarding pulling out of syria but it's so begs the question you know with washington our parents backtracking is present one really willing to go against president trying to launch an offensive against the turks even if backs off from the u.s. which are all. well he knows how risky that would be it would risk the confrontation of two nato allies in syria that's a no it's an easy thing he will have to you know think about the consequences of
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that so i'm not sure if he's willing to take the risk without having any further negotiations today the turks asked washington to disarm the y.p. g. fighters in syria there are other open questions they for example asked washington to hand over or destroy its military bases there so all of these questions are answered at the moment and such an operation would also risk further friction with a russia and iran the other big players on the ground in syria so there is a lot at stake and a lot for present out and to think about bill your honner reporting from istanbul turkey thank you are some source now and in soccer's agent cup currently underway in the u.a.e. the two thousand and seven champions iraq have been in vietnam and a five goal thriller iraq twice from behind in a scintillating match adding pressure at the right moment have not been with the game winner as he scored in the final minutes to seal a three two victory for iraq. and egypt has been awarded the hosting rights for
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june and july as african nations cup football tournament the egyptians edged out of bid from south africa the event had been due to be hosted by holders cameroon delays and security concerns meant they were stripped of the rights will african football chiefs will also announce their player of the year later with egypt and the proposed forward mama solid being a favorite to retain the order at a ceremony in the senegalese capital dakar. washington user so have a lot more to tell you about here's what's coming up. the man who saved japan's second biggest carmaker gets his day in a tokyo court carlos gone says he did not commit tax fraud and if you need a look like for ghostwriter by b.m.w. hopes of driving motorcycles could end traffic jams is so one of the innovations at this year's a consumer l.-a tronic show in
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a las vegas. are writing down a whole lot more of business news coming out which have yet to get us in that just under a minute and i'll see at the top of the hour. the . coach of british. sure link to news from africa and the world tour link to exception stories and discussions from the news and z.z.z. i want would say d.w. dot com smash africa join us on facebook t w africa.
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