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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2019 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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argument three starts january thirteenth w. . this is d w news why go from berlin tonight police here in germany you see the suspect responsible for one of the country's biggest cyber attacks is a student living at home with his parents the twenty year old tells police that he acted alone and that he was the hacker behind a twitter account which exposed politicians and celebrities details online also coming. assailants attack and seriously injure
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a far right german politician police say that the incident could have been politically motivated. and wrestling with sexism and of use in america we report on how one high school in pittsburgh is using sports to try to encourage male teenagers to change their behavior towards women and girls so. i'm going to go off it's good to have you with us tonight here in germany a twenty year old student has confessed to one of the country's biggest ever cyber attacks he says that he's still the personal data of thousands of public figures including politicians and celebrities and that he released that information via twitter exposing private messages pictures and even credit card numbers now he is the latest high profile hacker to expose the hopes in german officials cyber
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defense. the attack on a string of high profile victims has caused consumation now the twenty yard suspect has apparently told police he was behind the message data breach. so as i am with you what's your concerning his motive i hope you understand that at this point we cannot provide you with the final picture to understand but the suspect said he searched for and published data the reason was that he was angry about specific statements the injured parties made publicly. the hacker is thought to have acted alone he used twitter to publish personal information including phone numbers and email addresses as well as photos and private messages the attack targeted as many as thousand celebrities journalists and politicians including the chancellor i'm going to merkel all the political parties except for the far right if he were hit in the. thirties acted very quickly very efficiently and around the clock.
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i can say with full conviction that our security agencies are guaranteeing the safety of the public and our politicians at all times. despite data being leaked in december in the form of for the advent callender the cyber attack only came to light last week the investigation is continuing and questions about the security of the german government's digital infrastructure half yet to be answered. or earlier i spoke with the w.'s chief political editor. and i asked her why the twenty year old suspect has already been released despite an apparent confession. he's given police access to all his servers his computer is also to some hardware that he's already tried to destroy and police say that one of the reasons why he's being let go for now until there is
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a formal court trial is of course that he confessed but also that he helped beyond this case the authorities in s. investigating potential further breaches of security and potential data being released into the net he is twenty years old that means he might be seen as a juvenile before court which might see him get off with a lesser charge at the same time we're hearing the interior minister here today defending his authority saying that the acts of the other swift the giving almost a minute by minute account of what happened in that night thursday to friday last week when the authorities were alerted to this but there's still many question marks on how this could have happened and how it could be prevented to happen again in the future the interior minister wants to see something of a cyber defense center like the antiterrorism center that we have here in germany is the leader of the entire immigration party in braman he says that he was
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assaulted by three men in the city center on monday evening the a.f.p. published this photo of him in the hospital and say that he was beaten unconscious with a piece of wood police suspect the attack was politically motivated. earlier we spoke to one of the of these leaders alexander gallant he blames the mainstream political parties here in germany for the attack because of their efforts to sideline the far right party and its entire immigration rhetoric. of inman and about tonight the democratic discovery it is us in this democratic when you call the democratically elected party undemocratic your essential inviting thugs to get violent and that's what happened here it's an escalation of the type of undemocratic behavior we're seeing even in the german parliament. where the if these political opponents were however quick to condemn that attack the country's foreign minister tweeting violence can never be an answer to political arguments
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regardless of the target or the motive there is no justification for it whatsoever anyone who commits such a crime must be punished and the leader of the social democrats andreea knowledges she had this to say the a.f.p. is a political opponent of our tolerant and peaceful society but those who fight the party and their politicians with violence betray our values and they jeopardize our coexistence i strongly condemn the attack on its. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world of flights have resumed at london's heathrow airport after being grounded for about an hour today because police say a drone was seen in the area heathrow is the second busiest airport in the world sidings at london's gatwick airport grounded flights for several days last month affecting thousands of passengers flying home for christmas the united nations says that it has moved an eighteen year old saudi woman who fled her family at the
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weekend to a safe place mohamed el canoe and we mains in thailand the un processes her application for refugee status australia says it will consider the news case if she applies for asylum there. are now to the united states saying washington's unpredictable treatment of its allies turkey has rebuked the u.s. national security advisor after he called for the protection of kurdish fighters in syria turkish president won scolded john bold bolton today after bolton seemed to make their protection a prerequisite for america's withdrawal from syria listen to what everyone said earlier. regarding this matter bolton has made a serious mistake and whoever thinks like this has also made a mistake. it's not possible for us to make compromises on this point.
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how those who are part of the terror occurring in syria will be taught the necessary lesson. yet and i'm not there is not a single difference between the p.k. k y p g p u id and islamic states. during the course of the war in syria kurdish forces spearheaded the fight against the so-called islamic state with support from the united states critical forces most importantly the y.p. g. also managed to gain control over a large area bordering turkey but on her it regards them as a terrorist organization because of their ties to turkey's outlawed kurdistan workers' party which is known as the p k k. it doesn't get simpler gets more complicated doesn't it here let's pull in daniel gairloch he is with us he's our mideast expert chief editor of the magazine zenith which focuses on the middle east good to see you again happy new year by the way what do
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you make of what we saw happen today with the turkish president basically i'm refusing to meet with the u.s. national security adviser yet not only would meet him themself like protocol wise that wouldn't even if that wasn't promise and wasn't required but not. even the foreign minister of oil would but he's also bolton bolton was not completely and he was entitle to meet with the national security advisor or with one of the security advisers foreign policy advisers mr hughes you see i think what other one is doing here is he's trying to exploit the fact that the u.s. doesn't have a strategy that the u.s. is in a very insecure situation and nobody really takes trump's tweets and announcements any most seriously and though they are very serious because they have serious consequences and i think the the the power game is that simple. the u.s. is in a weak position and the other one does everything it can just to exploit that situation and embarrass them and that doesn't mean that they wouldn't receive him another
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time maybe both would be obliged to fly fly to turkey to by the way the chief of staff was with them u.s. syria and voice over there was quite a a solid team traveling to a lot of the yeah and it makes you wonder who is actually in charge of u.s. foreign policy in syria is it the u.s. president or is it john bolton i just we don't know tonight what about the future of the kurds in northern syria do you think because of this this uncertainty with the u.s. do you think everyone would actually take a chance and go in militarily well he has said so many times he has said he would crush the terro so-called in his words of the why p g. a but the problem is this could be a very uncomfortable situation so far it's been rather easy for the turks not to maneuver in syria that's been very difficult but at least the military complains have been rather successful but going after the y.p. g.
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in that area that they are heading to the eastern part of syria in the east of the euphrates and that insecure situation is is is a risk and i think now at the moment he tries to more like politically and rhetorically win this fight and he can tell his followers and all. i haven't there is i have defeated in the united states i haven't. backed up against that and i think that is backed off against the story and i think that's a victory politically that we've talked so many times about syria and you know if the u.s. has a strategy there when you heard the news that the u.s. president had said that he was pulling all his forces out did did you think that it was something that was going to happen in the near future you know it's very easy to say i was not surprised i can tell you i was not surprised and i think we've discussed this in the studio before last summer i've talked to a number of u.s. officials that have clearly said we're going to pull out there wasn't really there
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weren't really clear it's going to happen the next couple of months or in the next year but they remain some biggest about it with me if we withdraw now well now then he kind of you know. and there were other other voices that like in due time whatever the exact quote is so they don't really know and. let's say nobody really knows nobody has a strategy at the moment at least in the west and so it's also easy to ridicule trump about his behavior here but i think the problem is this is having consequences for the people on the ground false promises false hopes that have been stirred up and they see the consequences now and they can no longer trust the u.s. if they have ever considered to do so you know that's a very good points there is always we appreciate you coming in share your insights thank you thank you went out to the weather heavy snow fall in avalanches in austria and germany have claimed at least five lives about one and
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a half meters of snow have fallen in the northern helps in less than a week thousands of tourists are now stranded in villages and more snow is expected this week train services and roads have been disrupted authorities are warning that the risk of avalanches remains high. these forest rangers on patrol in southern bavaria this road has been closed since sunday the reason trees buckling under the weight of snow could defended those two trees over there are in a critical state if the top comes down on to a car or a pedestrian they're probably dead. in many places emergency workers are out trying to minimize the risk. several people have already been killed in weather related accidents in the alps. but locals know full well it's not just the roads that's a dangerous. the danger is that the masses of snow come down off the roofs when the
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kids are playing underneath it so intelligent to play somewhere else. in austria authorities have ramped up the avalanche warnings power lines have been brought down living large areas without electricity. there was some respite for about a hundred tourists have been trapped in a searing a ski resort authorities used to love in the snow fall to move back you ate them. but with many roads impassable thousands of people remain cut off from the outside world. sports is now the italian racing driver alex is an argue lost his legs after a crash right here in germany back in two thousand and one but he never gave up his passion for the sport and he has enjoyed a successful career since well now he faces one of his toughest challenges yet
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a twenty four hour race. alex sonorities pretty static legs have been anything but a hindrance to his will to win the former formula one an indy car driver who didn't let a horrific two thousand and one accident at a race in germany and his driving career sonority was back behind the wheel just two years later. the italian racer is now preparing for the twenty four hours of daytona in the u.s. the grueling competition will be a challenge for his an r.d. especially as he's only recently returned to enduring tracing still his approach to racing hasn't changed even if the mechanics behind it have to the fact that you have no legs and that's the obstacle but that doesn't mean that you dive in the cup with your legs to do the siding with this time to break and when it's time to go back on the wood with your hat so you can find the way to connect your brain. to the car you driving efficiently this no reason why you cannot be the same driver who used to be before sonorities had plenty of success since climbing back into the
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driver's seat he's won races in the world touring car championship and finished first in the italian super trees no championship in two thousand and five. and sonorities not just an auto racer he won gold medals in hand cycling at the london in rio paralympics still competing at fifty two years old and nearly two decades on from his life changing crash sonority has always looked forward things happening like you convoy that but you can see when we tried to surf that. many years after my accident i can tell you that my accident he's probably be the greatest opportunity of my luck because all the things that i believe these days related to when you finish. and maybe has positivity you will deliver another victory in daytona at the end of the month. well a new study in the united states shows up to forty percent of women say that they were abused by a male while at school or in college well school in pittsburgh pennsylvania is
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trying to change that statistic by teaching young men how to conduct relationships with women he. reports. testosterone is in the air resting team at kerry high school is preparing for the next competition but coach leonard off of it doesn't just teach sports he has another topic on his agenda respectful behavior towards women and girls after each training they gather food cool down talk today's topic the problem of climbing goals for sexual harassment how do you how do you think something like that affects the person they got grabbed you know not only did you get assaulted not only were you disrespected but your fault. there's never a moment when you have depression and suicide is good but even the smallest thing
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can have the biggest impact on someone's life that's the kind of stations they have resonate with the bonus women are looked like powerless as he said in society and. we should all be created equal you know they should be doing the same thing but. you know it's just that it's something we need to talk about. it's made me look at them from a different perspective like see what they have to go through on sometimes a daily basis and it just makes me respect them more and it makes the way that you know change i learn that there's a huge issue that isn't the reason we don't aren't hearing about it before because it's not being brought to light like it should be and that this program was really good to help do that. garbage and his arrest there is take part in a program called coaching boys into men it uses the trusting relationship between coaches and their team to discuss healthy relationships and violence prevention
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some the most rewarding stuff that that has come about with doing with the kids is here in the conversations that they have that i'm not involved in i've heard overheard them holding each other accountable one kid says something that another kid finds disrespectful or there are comparable with i've heard them correct each other at the moment only the boys are being coached when he goes on the team think their fellow female students also have a thing or two to learn about respectful behavior it's sad how many girls like hate on each other and like they. do you can't get a compliment from the girl when you get a compliment from of those like she don't really mean and stuff like that so. we also need as well as we degrade each other a lot. of each believes the sessions will benefit everyone in the long run and he's sure his athletes will be role models for their pin use.
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of years here now to talk about an embattled executive what pleading his innocence in court so that's right and it's a case that has shocked the auto industry brand we're talking about a man that was a true legend in the car business hailed worldwide as a visionary executive and credited with turning nissan into an industry powerhouse remember that was until carlos go in the found himself and can't cuffs charged with financial crimes two months on he's finally had his first hearing in court but his lawyers say it could be another half year before his case goes to trial. cameras ready they were waiting but carlos gone never had a chance to make his case to the media a police bus delivered him to the talk your district court handcuffed and with a rope around his waist. was described as thin he is set to last more than ten kilos over his last two months in prison the charges tax avoidance and under
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reporting his salary in documents prepared for investors and unique opportunity mr golan concluded his statement saying he is innocent and there was no evidence or grounds but has been wrongly accused and detained him and he must. industry sources have long speculated whether the charges against gold were real or whether there was foul play gold has forged an alliance between french comic of the north and japanese competitors nissan and mitsubishi for years he has been criticised for giving of iron ore too much power within the group some in the industry say the future of the company is at stake. levy of the us there are three possibilities for the future of the alliance there is the status quo but that seems difficult to envision today they might go further into the alliance with an outright merger or takeover of one of the two companies all will see a rebalancing but today who can say what will happen perhaps we have reached the
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limits of this alliance as it was conceived at the beginning. full now go on is out at both japanese automakers still chief executive officer no. real continue speaking about cars or at least to a certain extent because whether self driving sorrow for rolling or self walking it's all there at the consumer electronics show in las vegas currently taking place a growing number of traditionally non tech companies have also set up shop at c.e.o.'s trying to give their product line a digital make over. i catch ing cell driving cars connected to the drivers home devices one of the trends last week that season and for b.m.w. an opportunity to go the extra mile for sending its trial unless motorcycles for the first time in public where we think there's going to be demand for is certainly motorcycle that's connected to some argument but it also helps riders be better
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riders and also safer writers that's definitely the me that made the mines featuring startups alongside to establish companies c.s. is expected to draw more than one hundred eighty thousand visitors hoping for a chance to see the kind of tech likely to dominate consumers' agenda that seems we expect to emerge this week artificial intelligence you'll see a lot of products powered or enabled by by ai. poyser recognition and facial recognition things like that it's a five g. connectivity which is one hundred times faster than four g. l.t.e. with forty five hundred sixty that's worse the show is expecting from our program. and the overall buy tends to be optimistic over the tech can solve problems that's what the industry's message seems to be this year in the speakers. and those concerns on the trade war might ease a little bit american and chinese representatives are continuing their discussions
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about trade relations to states for companies from both countries are high as we know. goods from chinese mass production have long conquered shelves of western electronics and toy stores u.s. brands like starbucks gillette and nike have devoted customers in china but the prolonged discord among political leaders could erode the soil base. the chinese buy more consumer products from america than they do from any other foreign country including japan and south korea american brands have grown to be such a status symbol in china's growing middle class that many cannot imagine life without them. would imo trade between the two countries has reached far and wide people in both countries cannot live without the other nations products the us cannot live without china and china cannot live without us products either but that sentiment is tempered by the growing popularity of chinese made products which
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often cost only a fraction of their us competitor. if agreements cannot be made i will have my own preference of choice in terms of famous brands of us close to me their prices are already pretty expensive if trade agreements are cooperation cannot be made i will prefer to buy our local brands instead it seems a little. but at the moment china remains vital to many us brands that could give china the upper hand in this week's negotiations with american trade representatives who cannot afford to have the chinese stop filling up on u.s. products. and on a corporate node amazon has surpassed microsoft as the most valuable publicly traded company in the u.s. it's a further sign that a seesawing stock market continues to reshuffle corporate american spec in order. re let loose volatility on global equity markets has seen technology and internet
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stocks jockeying for leadership for weeks now but shares in e-commerce behemoths amazon jumped three point four percent on monday on data favorable to retailers that pushed it ahead of microsoft by market capitalization amazon is now the world's largest public company where seven hundred ninety seven billion dollars more than the g.d.p. of switzerland that now puts microsoft in second position after the shuffle alphabet the parent company of google is now in third and apple which topped the list for years has slipped into fourth place the i phone maker had a market capitalization of one point one trillion dollars only last fall but shares nosedive last week when it lowered its sales outlook based on we could have manned in china. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here in germany
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a twenty year old student task confessed to stealing the personal data of more than one thousand public figures including politicians and celebrities the hacker who says he was working alone shared the information on twitter in the run up to christmas. and watching you know news from berlin brentwood back after the break to take you through the day don't go into.
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trust but verify a cardinal rule of business on supervisory board. in the eurozone. in the fight against corruption tax evasion and data theft. how important are checks and balances to a functioning economy. made in germany in sixty minutes on d w. how do you. sustain a disco the bauhaus you talk about starts january thirteenth on t.w.
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facebook d w africa. how dangerous does the world look in twenty nineteen on both sides of the atlantic there is enough geo political t.n.t. to do the kind of damage not seen in decades a no deal for britain perhaps or what about the us president declaring a national emergency that could just trigger a national emergency well those are just two sticks of dynamite tonight our world and the risks that we are facing as we face a new year i burned off in berlin this is the day.


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