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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is live from berlin tonight police in germany say the suspect responsible for one of the country's biggest cyber attacks is a student living at home with his parents the twenty year old telling police that he acted alone and that he was the hacker behind a twitter account which exposed politicians and celebrities details on lol also coming up the. assailants attack seriously injure a far right german politician police say it could have been politically motivated
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and mission not accomplished donald trump's national security advisor angers turkey by attaching conditions to any u.s. withdrawal from syria. that he is making a serious mistake. it's good to have you with us here in germany a twenty year old student has confessed to stealing the personal data of thousands of public figures including politicians and celebrities now the young man who has not been named released a slew of information via twitter exposing private messages pictures and even credit card details he is the latest hacker to expose the hope in german officials cyber defense. this is the twitter account that's shaken germany's political world
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the suspect a twenty year old german student was released after allegedly making a full confession. so in answer to the question does the perpetrator come from the extreme right i can say no he does not. there's no indication that he has any connection with a politically motivated criminal activity. the hacker even revealed the personal data of the german chancellor angela merkel every party in the german parliament was hit apart from the far right alternative for germany the cyber attack apparently told police he was angered by statements made by politicians and celebrities. interior minister who was the who says the hacker was quickly tracked down as a whole for insists security has not been compromised and the authorities are alert to possible data theft measures include tighter i.t. regulation and extra security personnel duty since abilities protecting
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confidential information is the job of everyone responsible for security. and regional level i've also suggested an early warning system if. they hold for us that the theft and manipulation of data was a worrying prospect for politicians considering the upcoming elections. bush did for an open door in may we have european elections. i've no wish to be alarmist. but we must be prepared to recognize and prevent anything that might impact on these elections. this latest incident highlights how easily data can come under attack in the internet age. well a far right german politician has been seriously injured in an attack in the north of the country frank magnet's is the leader of the anti immigration a.f.d.
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party and braman he says that he was assaulted by three men in the city center on monday evening the a.f.p. published this photo of him in the hospital and said that he was beaten unconscious with a piece of wood police suspect that the attack was politically motivated. who earlier we spoke to one of the leaders alexander galland and he says that the mainstream political parties in germany are partly to blame for the attack because the parties tried to sideline the far right party and its anti immigration rhetoric of inman and about tonight the democratic discovery it is us in this democratic when you call a democratically elected party undemocratic your essential inviting thugs to get violent and that's what happened here this is it's an escalation of the type of undemocratic behavior we're seeing even in the german parliament. where the if these political opponents were however quick to condemn the attack the country's
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foreign minister us tweeting violence can never be an answer to political arguments regardless of the target or the motive there's no justification for it whatsoever anyone who commits such a crime must be punished and the leader of the social democrats andrea nullus had this to say the a.f.d. as a political opponent we're tolerant and peaceful society but those who fight the party and their politicians with violence betray our values and jeopardize our coexistence i strongly condemn the attack on frank mock it's. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world of flights have resumed at london's heathrow airport after being grounded for about an hour tonight because police say a drone was seen in the area heathrow is the second busiest airport in the world drone sightings at london's gatwick airport grounded flights for several days last month affecting thousands of passengers the united nations said that it has moved
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an eighteen year old saudi woman who fled her family over the weekend to a safe place. mohammed al canoe remains in thailand while the u.n. process is her application for refugee status australia says that it will consider a case if she applies for asylum there north korean leader kim jong un is in china arriving by train for talks with chinese president xi jinping the surprise visit is kim's fourth to beijing in less than a year the two leaders are believed to be discussing a planned second summit between kim and us president donald trump. speaking of the u.s. president and washington's unpredictable treatment of its allies turkey has rebuked the u.s. national security advisor after he called for the protection of kurdish fighters in syria turkish president richard tell you a better one scolded john bolton today after bolton seemed to make their protection
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a prerequisite for america's withdrawal from syria listen to what aired a one said earlier. regarding this matter bolton has made a serious mistake and whoever thinks like this has also made a mistake. will not it's not possible for us to make compromises on this point. those who are part of the terror curried or in syria will be taught the necessary lesson. yet although i'm not there is not a single difference between the p.k. k y p g p u id islamic state which is not us and not. during the course of the war in syria kurdish forces spearheaded the fight against so-called islamic state with support from the united states kurdish forces most importantly the y p g also managed to gain control over a large area bordering turkey but under regards them as
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a terrorist organization because of the charges to turkey's out criticized and the workers' party the p.k. k. . it doesn't get simpler gets more complicated doesn't it here let's pull in north carolina he is with us he's our mideast expert chief editor of the magazine zenith which focuses on the middle east good to see you again happy new year by the way what do you make of what we saw happen today with the turkish president basically refusing to meet with the u.s. national security adviser yet not only would meet and themself like protocol wise that wouldn't even if that wasn't promise and wasn't required but not even the foreign minister would see so so bolton bolton was not. completely and he was entitle to meet with the national security advisor or with one of the security advisers foreign policy advisers mr hughes you see i think what other one is doing here is he's trying to exploit the fact that the u.s.
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doesn't have a strategy that the u.s. is in a very insecure situation and nobody really takes trump's tweets and announcements anymore seriously and though they are very. serious because they have serious consequences and i think the bigger the power game is that simple. the u.s. is in a weak position and one does everything he can just to exploit that situation and embarrass them and that doesn't mean that they wouldn't receive him another time maybe both would be obliged to fly to turkey to by the way the chief of staff was with them u.s. syria and boy so there was quite a solid team traveling to today yeah and it makes you wonder who is actually in charge of u.s. foreign policy in syria is it the u.s. president or is it john bolton i just we don't know tonight what about the future of the kurds in northern syria do you think because of this this uncertainty with the u.s. do you think everyone would actually take a chance and militarily well yes that so many times he said he would
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crush the terro empire the so-called in his words of the why p g p. a but the problem is this could be a very uncomfortable situation so far it's been rather easy for the turks not to maneuver in syria that's been very difficult but at least the military complains have been rather successful but going after the y.p. g. in that area that they are heading to like the eastern part of syria in the east of the euphrates and that insecure situation is is is a risk and i think at the moment he tries to more like politically and rhetorically win this fight now and he can tell his followers now look i haven't there is i have defeated even the united states i haven't. backed up against that and i think that is backed off against the story and i think that's a victory politically that we've talked so many times about syria you know if the u.s. has a strategy when you heard the news that the u.s.
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president had said that he was pulling all those forces out did did you think that it was something that was going to happen in the near future. you know it's very easy to say i was not surprised i can tell you i was not surprised and i think we've discussed this in the studio before last summer i've talked to a number of u.s. officials that have clearly said we're going to pull out there wasn't really there weren't really clear it's going to happen in the next couple of months or in the next year but they they remain some big years about it no they want. to withdraw you know well now that he he kind of you know. and there were other other voices that like in due time or whatever the exact quote is so they don't really know and . let's say nobody really knows nobody has a strategy at the moment for at least in the west and so it's also easy to ridicule trump about his behavior here but i think the problem is this is having consequences for the people on the ground false promises false hopes that have been
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stirred up and they see the consequences now and they can no longer trust the u.s. if they have decided to do so you know that's a very good point there is always we appreciate you coming in share your insights thank you you thank. or frustration is melting in the democratic republic of congo where the public is still waiting for the results of an election that was held last december voters chose a replacement for president joseph kabila who's been in power for almost eighteen years but the results of the poll they've been delayed sparking accusations of election rigging and fears that fresh violence could break out in sub-saharan africa's largest country. congolese voters have had enough of wait saying they want the results of their country's presidential election. but after the vote itself was postponed three times over two years now the results have been to late say. the electoral commission says the delay is due to technical problems.
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but the opposition says officials say using the time to tweak the results in the ruling coalitions favor which its leaders deny. these delay is looking for the if you see this indeed is israel what. they've called for calm but patience is wearing thin. you because it's waiting for the results to be announced is painful. no problem on the side of power the celebrating their victory already is on the opposition side they're doing the same in the end we don't really know who won we live in fear. and independent commission tells you in forty eight hours you will have results they postpone it for a week after a week it's suspended for another two weeks and then we had not yet sure of a timeframe at this point we don't have any more trust in than those in the leaks.
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president could be less preferred successor former interior minister emanuel run on sunday shut dari was up against strong opponents the clear front runner in pre-election polls was newcomer martin for you know and the well respected catholic church is claiming he's the winner but even when the official results come from the electoral commission a lack of trust on all sides means a peaceful handover of power is looking less and less likely. well in africa but of a different color an egyptian footballer mohamed salah has been chosen as the african player of the year for the eighteenth the second year in a row that he's picked up the author. beat out his liverpool team mate sorry also may as well as arsenal striker pierre emery. for the able progress from the confederation of african football so has scored thirteen goals in the premier league this season for table toppers liverpool. you're watching the news live from
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berlin more news coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our web site talk talk we'll see tomorrow but. where is home. when your family is scattered across the globe. with the kids if you could get away sleep at night because the journey back to the roots and get a minimum of the. bush family from somalia live around. them want to i didn't crash into systems. family starts january twenty third.


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