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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2019 11:02pm-11:30pm CET

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the atlantic there is enough geo political t.n.t. to do the kind of damage not seen in decades a new deal for britain perhaps or what about the us president declaring a national emergency that could just trigger a national emergency well those are just two sticks of dynamite tonight the risks that we are facing as we face a new year off in berlin this is the day. rex it means and we're going to make a success of their life respect china and i respect. but chilling out there not just paid only they are approaching the political value chain. the doors of the word will not stop the evolution of the word but two days ago i called the fake news the enemy of the people and they are they are the enemy of the free. we
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know that cyber crime is an international challenge in this day and. the rise since were read land less in attempting to meddle in the twenty six fifteen elections. also coming up tonight police here in germany say they now know who was responsible for one of the country's biggest cyber attacks and they know where he lives with his parents up to this latest on the say the suspect said he stole the data and published it because he was angry about statements they had made public place to finish an oil. we begin the day with a look at twenty nineteen in all of the volatility uncertainty and some very scary what is the new year begins with more risks to the global order than most of us
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have ever know well tonight we examine the next twelve months with the help of one of the world's well most closely watched and respected top risk lists every year the risk assessment firm eurasia group compiles what it sees as the biggest risks to global order and stability and here are the headliners this year for europe bracks it is the most acute risk next week the british parliament will vote on a brics a deal the chances are very good that there will be no deal when it begins march twenty ninth and no one knows what that will mean for the u.k. or for the european union and to that growing populism here in europe twenty nineteen will be the year for populist movements to seize political power like the party right here in germany the relationship between the u.s. and china it is looking more dysfunctional than ever that's one reason global stock
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markets and the global economy looks set to falter this year and one more that we consider especially important here the growing threat and destructive power of cyber attacks hackers are enjoying a wild west existence in cyberspace and everyone and everything in our connected world is now a target i want to take a listen to what the chairman and the president at eurasia group are saying about these risks. i really worry about a cyber conflict trever ministration is going to get more aggressive posture. is going to try to intimidate other countries they're probably not going to fall for sure but. from does have friends around the world not a monopoly on flying under his flag the bill willingness and the visually as government to go after us led institutions higher now that i've seen.
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your sisters will wither under constant pressure first when trying to. nearly every major event in europe is undermining the european union the global absolute will come on who is the less rich country. and population look at you to feed on those left behind i don't want to go for zero seven we have nowhere near the resilience that we need to respond to the next crisis whether it's terrorism or cyber attack or most likely the next major economic downturn and that's the reason why bad seams are top for us two thousand. well the gentleman worried about those banned scenes is my first guest tonight on the day his latest book is the new york times best selling you us versus them the failure of globalism in it he argues that the world is an increasingly polarized place with divisions growing between countries and also inside those countries. well i'm happy to welcome back
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to the day tonight in bremmer president of eurasia group in joins me tonight from new york city good evening to you in it's good to see you again i guess we we have to start with that what the u.s. president is doing this evening he's addressing the nation and there is concern that he could declare a national emergency in order to get that border wall with mexico financed with doing that would that in your opinion with that constitute over that trigger a major crisis i mean does that become a major risk factor this year. um no it's a minor risk factor and it's significant and on the dash board precisely because the world is led in principle by the united states it's the world's largest economy it's the world's most important superpower. but this is the first time in the
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history of my firm twenty one years when the united states at home has been on the list and even though it's only number five it is precisely because president trump this year is likely to test american institutions and the balance of power in ways that are hitherto unprecedented and that national emergency we're talking about tonight and what might be the longest government shutdown in u.s. history is really just a beginning for that i think the real question will be how does president trump react when the investigations reach their conclusion and they come after his family his finances his company and his person in a direct way when he tries to wriggle lash out. and is willing to
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use any power he can grab including some that may well be extra legal does congress respond and react in ways that uphold the sanctity of the separations of powers how about the supreme court i will tell you i personally believe that if these u.s. institutions are tested in that way by trump they'll get through ok but i don't think that's a guarantee in the fact that the question means that it's completely appropriate that's the way you start the interview that we do in the seed what we're talking a little bit about these bad seeds that you referred to would that are being planted this year i mean is president trump is is he one of those bad seeds. well he's one of them but of course it's not just about the united states i mean if it was just about trump then in a couple of years time you know or six maximum once trump is gone then we don't have to worry about anymore and that's really not the case at all right it's about
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an hour roshan of american institutions that's been going on for many years now and is becoming more acute under president trump it's an erosion of domestic institutions and leadership even including in germany though not as it usually there and of the european union itself and its bureaucracy its about the fact that every major international relationship in the world today u.s. russia u.s. china transatlantic interim middle east intro to europe they're all actually trending in negative directions that's the first in my life that that's been true and while that's not portending crisis tomorrow it's not urgent in terms of the markets or in terms of the global economy it's very clear that this isn't sustainable it's very clear this is heading us in a very bad direction indeed and the next crisis we have whether it's
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a pandemic or it's a cyber attack or it's a terrorist attack or it's most likely the next economic downturn we are really not prepared either as national governments or as a world to respond in any way effectively to that and how do you see europe populism in europe is increasing. anti e.u. sentiment growing and we are also in the end of the uncle i'm marco era all of those things coming together we've got a lections this year the european parliament you've got regional what she's here in germany is this a perfect storm that we're seeing for europe this year. again this is it if you say this year the answer is no why because the e.u. is not tunisia you're not facing an arab spring and if the europeans get really angry we see what happens in italy they just elect the dysfunctional five star
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movement in league government which does sort of stupid things and that is backed down so it's not like you have middle classes or working classes that are suddenly starving and they're going to overthrow their governments germany most german workers feel relatively upbeat about the economy no the problem is that the supranational experiment in democracy and common identity the e.u. at a global level the most important such experiment that's ever been done is kind of failing and it's failing in slow motion it's failing with brax it it's failing with the f.t. it's failing with mccraw the twenty three percent is failing with it the end of merkel's tenure but it's not urgent we're watching it happen in slow motion that's what we call geo political climate change i mean you know all of the climatologists thirty years ago the science was in we we knew where the world was heading but because it wasn't urgent and it was only affecting some people and countries would
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really care about we never do anything about it now unfortunately geo political climate change doesn't take thirty years to play out it takes more like thirty months but i don't think it's twenty nineteen and as a consequence the love urgency that you're not going to see the headlines driving a perfect storm for europe in twenty nineteen but the trends are unmistakably in that direction and we want to get your take tonight on something has happened in the the us tonight on u.s. television networks they're coming under fire for their decision to air the us president's speech tonight seven got a little bit of a social media reaction with the view from the journalists matthew glaze he has and he writes don't give trump free airtime to wire. out the shutdown was no interruptions context or fact checking and then we've got the former u.s. secretary of labor robert reich he makes the point in two thousand and fourteen networks refused to air president obama's address on immigration because they
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claimed it was over overtly political yet even their trump crows about the wall at every rally features it in campaign ads and has an embroidered on how they will air his address it seems and we've got trump supporters disagreeing with that the chair of the republican national committee one of the daniel tweeting seriously don't want trump is giving his first prime time oval office address of his presidency and mainstream media has to deliberate over whether or not to broadcast it ridiculous and looking at this from europe it's just hard to believe that the media have treated the president's differently on this and do you see where you're standing in that the mainstream media and some way fueling the fire of populism in the u.s. by giving a platform to the u.s. president. to a degree i mean certainly mr iglesias i think would personally be happy if the
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mainstream media were to air trump speech in full but had it on time delay so the individual networks could fact check the president and all of his misstatements as they were coming about but to be very clear if you were to do that you would get more outrage that we already have plenty of from people that already can't stand trump and people that support trump would be blaming the mainstream media and would say that they're spinning it for their own preferences and the fact is the country is woefully divided mainstream media is partially to blame for this i mean you can't ask these companies their media companies they make advertising revenue on the basis of how many people are watching them and eight main stream trump an oval office speech it's not quite the super bowl right i mean because americans like football more but i mean you know trump is like
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a never ending car crash for the for the cable news companies is the gift that keeps on giving a lot of terribly and so they have a codependent very deeply dysfunctional relationship i hate you don't leave me and that's the way the media feels about trump it's also the way trump feels about the new york times and c.n.n.'s have you see who he says is fake news but he can't stop watching and he can't stop tweeting about it he can't stop making money for them i mean so it's truly i mean when you take a step back and you say is this the way liberal democracy is supposed to work are these really the public servants of the american people and public service sounds like an oxymoron in this environment and i just stand why from the german perspective it has to be a little confusing yeah well put their number with eurasia group on the risks
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facing the world in twenty nine c. there we appreciate your time tonight and your valuable insights thank you. well here in germany police say that they have found the person responsible for last month's cyber attack one of the biggest ever in the country and they found him at home living with his parents the twenty year old student has confessed to stealing the personal data of thousands of public figures including the german chancellor angela merkel. this is the twitter account that's shaken germany's political world the suspect a twenty year old german student was released after allegedly making a full confession. so. in answer to the question does the perpetrator come from the extreme right i can say no he does not obviously there's no indication that he has any connection with a politically motivated criminal activity. the hacker even revealed the personal
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data of the german chancellor angle america every party in the german parliament was hit apart from the far right alternative for germany the cyber attack apparently told police he was angered by statements made by politicians and celebrities. interior minister horse the who says the hacker was quickly tracked down as a whole for insists security has not been compromised and the authorities are alert to possible data theft measures include tighter i.t. regulation and extra security personnel to the sensibilities protecting confidential information is the job of everyone responsible for security that both federal and regional level i've also suggested an early warning system if. they who first said the theft and manipulation of data was
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a worrying prospect for politicians considering the upcoming elections. bush did for an open door in may we have european elections. i've no wish to be alarmist. but we must be prepared to recognize and prevent anything that might impact on these elections in the. this latest incident highlights how easily data can come under attack in the internet age. and joining me now is christoph abos he is head of the cyber security research program for police when it's a berlin based think take service good to have you on the show let us talk a little bit about what we're dealing with here the suspect is a twenty year old high school student still lives at home with his parents described by police as not a great computer expert. he must be good at something if if he was able
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to do what he did right i think it's good that collecting data as far as i'm aware of a lot of these information were out there on the internet at some of the web and so it's less about technical expertise and more about commitment and actually the motivation to do harm. but he was still able to get things as e-mail addresses and fax numbers for angle miracle for the german chancellor how is it possible for example maybe some event the chancellor attendants published some information for example plant private e-mail address telephone number something like this and. he just found it on the web so that that is not completely impossible so what is then the biggest threat here is if he's not a great computer expert he is very. brilliant in taking the information he does have in putting it out there on social media for the public to see and that scares
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a lot of people that it's not actually true but i think the media. with it because i would say of course the intention is to harm people to do harm to politicians but if we don't talk about the contents of this information about and actually let's say. humiliating aspects of the data and just about like what happened and what kind of information what people are affected i think as long as we keep this kind of judgment agreement we're fine and be a success those people have. the most but the perception will always be if someone can get the information of high profile people and then publish it on twitter on social media they have violated people's private sphere is right. is there any way then that you as a computer expert is there any way that you can guarantee people that that there is
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absolute security present i wouldn't guarantee any want to do this absence of surety what you can do is take care of the basics so you propose words like passwords all the passwords and update your software and of course if some some condoms received by e-mail or whatever. strange to you don't click at it try to avoid this kind of content and you should be beyond that aware that as long as you are on the internet your expose your vulnerable hands you should keep that in mind that you're that they're dangerous lurking in the deep web and. you should be aware that there is no certainty that you don't get this do you think this is a story more about a country and its prominent people and they are maybe their computer illiteracy and not really a story about a country's weak cyber defenses i would say yes. because for example the attacker did not succeed to penetrate dean that word of the government it was just private
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accounts that would get compromised and it sense he choose targets months wrong months and b.s. because even said today that no government was affected and in that sense it's not about hearts have a security but about the human factor about people that make mistakes and those attackers exploit these mistakes yeah and exactly in the you know where to find those mistakes that is for sure chris of cyber security expert because what we appreciate you coming in tonight thank you my pleasure. i've. well who is in charge of u.s. foreign policy in syria that is apparently a point of contention tonight between the turkish president richard tell you a better one and u.s. president trumps national security advisor john bolton at a one reportedly refused to meet with bolton today a public snub after bolton said that u.s. troops will not leave syria without a guarantee of safety for the kurds from turkey and turkey regards the kurds as
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terrorists or one says that he has a promise from trump that u.s. forces are leaving syria or during the course of the war in syria you may remember kurdish forces spearheaded the fight against islamic state with support from the us kurdish forces mostly most importantly the p.g. also managed to gain control over a large area bordering turkey on who regards them as a terror organization because of their ties to turkey's outlawed kurdistan workers' party the peak eight k. . all right for more on this now i'm joined by daniel yok he is a middle east expert he's the chief editor of the magazine which focuses on the middle east good to see you again. we've got mr bolton basically. given the finger if you will by the by and by turkey over what he said today. who's telling the truth here. ed on is a. has a lot of political instinct and he's
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a power player but at the same time we should not forget the way he handles personal relationships and his vindictiveness a jumble said two years ago in a life broadcast as a as a commentator basically when he was still with the american enterprise institute and while there was a coup attempt going on in turkey he said i know that out of town is not a friend of the united states he kind of he didn't support us in the iraq invasion and if he goes down i'm not going to shed any tea for him and i think bolton has made remarks like this very critical of before regardless of what you think about it on being himself bullying on. politicians all the time you could say ok he should be too sensitive about it but i think there's also a certain degree of indictive ness on our own side now both said something and he said it out of israel. and out on picked it up in his populist approach and said. we want
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a guarantee that he doesn't go killing the kurds i'm not quoting it. the safety here into you so. adams rebuke was the p k k the p y d the y p g the terrorists that we are fighting in syria terrorists in his words are not the kurds because the kurds as a people or the kurds as a culture of the kurds in syria are our brothers even use the word brother and now if you look at turkey itself i mean there is a substantial kurdish minority in turkey and i think adam wants to make clear on the he wants to win it politically he wants to show that he has backed off against the u.s. he wants to exploit the very sensitive and very insecure situation of u.s. foreign policy but he also wants to make clear we are fighting terrorism and we're not fighting the kurdish people we got about thirty seconds here is the time but what about this claim but you're the one that he has a personal promise from drop that u.s. troops will leave and that they're leaving soon whatever happened on that phone call one should not count on add on's personal promises but shortly not
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a president trumps i think that is is that truth and. when they discussed it it's a very good point because always good to have your insights thank you. well the day is nearly done the conversation continues online. or on twitter at u.w. news you can follow me of t.v. if you use the hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see then everybody.
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