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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2019 12:02am-12:15am CET

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got to go and insists he is innocent and poured in tokyo the former nissan boss fully denied accusations he committed tax fraud. also on the show as officials from china and the u.s. continue their negotiations in beijing we'll see how american companies are trying not to lose valuable chinese customers because of a trade war. and the c.e.o.'s electronics show in las vegas looks into the tech future despite the global trade dispute. it's time for business on the w how you know it's good to have you with us got to go on was considered a legend in the automotive industry seen as a visionary and credited with turning nissan into a powerhouse that was until he was arrested charged with financial crisis two months on he's now finally had his first hearing in court but his lawyers say it could be another half year before his case goes to trial. cameras ready
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they will waiting but carlos gone never had a chance to make his case to the media a police bus deliver to him to the talk your district court handcuffed and with a rope around his waist. was described as thin he is set to last more than ten kilos over his last two months in prison the charges tax avoidance and under reporting his salary and documents prepared for investors. and you knew coming out of the mr golan concluded his statement saying he is innocent and there was no evidence or grounds but has been wrongly accused and detained him and he must. industry sources have long speculated whether the charges against poland were real or whether there was foul play go on has forged an alliance between french comic of an old and japanese competitor sneed son a mitsubishi for years he has been criticized for giving illinois too much power within the group some in the industry say the future of the company is at stake.
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let me have that and yes there are three possibilities for the future of the alliance there's the status quo but that seems difficult to envision today they might go further into the alliance with an outright merger or takeover of one of the two companies all will see a rebalancing but today who can say what will happen perhaps we have reached the limits of this alliance as it was conceived at the beginning that. now carlos gone is out at both japanese automakers he is still chief executive of one no. corporate news now and in an ever changing leadership position amazon has now surpassed microsoft as the most valuable publicly traded company in the u.s. it's a further sign that a seesaw stock market continues to reshuffle corporate america picking or. really let loose volatility on global equity markets has seen technology and internet
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stocks jockeying for leadership for weeks now but shares in e-commerce behemoths amazon jumped three point four percent on monday on data favorable to retailers that pushed it ahead of microsoft by market capitalization so amazon is now the world's largest public company where seven hundred ninety seven billion dollars more than the g.d.p. of switzerland that now puts microsoft in second position after the shuffle. alphabet the parent company of google is now in third and apple which topped the list for years has slipped into fourth place the i phone maker had a market capitalization of one point one trillion dollars only last fall but shares nosedive last week when it lowered its sales outlook based on we could a man in china and speaking of tech giant samsung delivered disappointing earnings
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figures on tuesday as it reported a big drop in profits they were down by nearly one third in the last quarter the first straw up in two years the south korean smartphone maker is now facing tough chinese competition while demand for its components has softened and the trade tensions between the u.s. and china stems from also worry that this this this quarter won't live up to its projections. meanwhile american and chinese representatives are continuing their discussions about trade relations the stakes for companies from both sides are high goods from chinese mass production have long conquered shelves of western electronics and toy stores and in china u.s. brands like starbucks gillette or nike have to vote at customers now the ongoing dispute among political leaders could erode the loyal base with unforeseen consequences for business. the chinese buy more consumer products from america than they do from any other foreign country including japan and south korea american
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brands have grown to be such a status symbol in china's growing middle class that many cannot imagine life without the. young but imo trade between the two countries has reached far and wide people in both countries cannot live without the other nations' products the u.s. cannot live without china and china cannot live without u.s. products either. but that sentiment is tempered by the growing popularity of chinese made products which often cost only a fraction of the u.s. competitor. if agreements cannot be made i will have my own preference of choice in terms of famous brands of us close to me their prices are already pretty expensive if trade agreements or cooperation cannot be made i will prefer to buy our local brands instead. yeah. but at the moment china remains vital to many u.s. brands that could give china the upper hand in this week's negotiations with
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american trade representatives who cannot afford to have the chinese stop filling up on u.s. products. all right let's take a deeper look into these negotiations for that i'm now joined by our financial correspondent on wall street has a reason and we use good night to you now investors had been rather skeptical these talks would make a big difference and yet we are seeing the markets rather higher why the optimism well have we have we needed to keep in mind for a while we saw no advancement at all in trade negotiations i've heard also we've increased. from both sides and constant criticism from tromso somehow is refreshing for money best to return perspective to see the u.s. president claiming that talks are going very well while negotiators seem there to be not when there are differences and that said even progress has been made on issues including protégés as u.s. goods and services differences that remain one main challenge is figuring out how
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to make sure we fulfill its goal means a man especially when it comes to issues like pressuring foreign partners into transferring technology against their will protect intellectual property or don't subsidies made by the government towards don't mistake companies and all of these issues that you mentioned also affect tech companies they are however recovering from recent losses including apple can we expect these ups and downs we've seen to stop. i think it's a very to say the volatility especially among the tech companies that is here to stay but discerning to an experience to words. to those i'm eighteen also cheap in the third industry so now we are seeing some investors taking advantage of that said in the case of awful for example troubles with softness the night phone sales probably will continue as attorneys consumers seem to be favoring local brands but it also indicates all facebook golf and or amazon we can still not rule out some regulation coming from washington especially when it comes to protection or even
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trying to break up some of their operations to reduce its power and influence so as for now though it seems their biggest tech stocks are experiencing a comeback but there is still have to prove it's here to say and we're only at the beginning of this week thank you very much as a result of giving us the latest from new york. and we stay in the u.s. from the other coastal as vegas now where the first big tech event of the year is taking place whether self driving rolling or so walking it's all there at the consumer electronics show a growing number of traditionally non tech companies have also set up shop at c.e.o.'s trying to give their product line a digital make over. i catch him self driving cars connected to the driver's home devices one of the trends last week that he was going for b.m.w. an opportunity to go the extra mile presenting its driver less motorcycle for the first time in public the more we think there's going to be doing and for is
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a surly motorcycle that's connected to fireman but it also still it helps riders be better riders and also safer writers the stuff lee than me the made to us kids robots the rubber clone for the folder i share of electric skateboards smart beautify since it's one of the biggest tech shows featuring startups alongside to establish companies c.s. is expected to draw more than one hundred eighteen thousand is a choice hoping for a chance to see the kind of tech likely to dominate consumer suggest the themes we expect to emerge this week are artificial intelligence go see a lot of products powered or enable day by day i mean the voice recognition and facial recognition things like that it's a five g. connectivity which is one hundred times faster than four g. l.t.e. with forty five hundred exhibits worse the show is expecting from our program for change and the overall vibe tends to be
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a optimistic old tech can solve problems that's what the industry's message seems to be this year in las vegas. but still of course the c.s. is taking place against the backdrop of the u.s. china trade war and its potential to cause harm to the tech sector earlier i asked u.c. santa of the strategic communications director of the consumer technology association the organizers of c.b.s. whether that is actually weighing in on the atmosphere there. we are having day one city and the mood is exciting it's thrilling it's the opening day of the show we have over four thousand attendees four thousand exhibitors one hundred eighty thousand attendees coming so the energies here. trade is always going to be a topic of mine because no one likes the uncertainty of paying extra taxes for their products and the we're aware that the tech industry is going to pay one billion dollars more every month in a trade war is resolved with china but don't be fooled see it as a full circle we have stones of exhibitors here and the energy is very high. we'll
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follow along that's it for business to bite. the. odd. we make up oh but we
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