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tv   Made in Germany - Everything under control  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2019 5:30am-6:01am CET

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again you need to be able. to. discover the i. subscribe to documentary on you tube. that. everything is under control we like that don't we we like the feeling that someone is steering the ship someone who watches out for us spots the ice before you ram it
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in the economy it's also important to exercise control to make sure everyone plays by the rules governments do that but companies especially large ones have to keep things under control as well that's what we're talking about today on made in germany control on the lack of it. because in recent history we've seen a staggering failure of control in some areas here in germany we look in a stunna schmidt at v.w. is diesel gates candle that has poisoned the german car industry's reputation or the epic mismanagement that made berlin's new airport one of the most expensive infrastructure ruins in german history it shows what happens when control fails in big business controllers exercised by the supervisory board usually men over sixty but changes afoot in germany twenty sixteen law states that at least thirty percent of blue chip board members must be women now we meet with one of the new crop she
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is a woman and she's just thirty five. she's young powerful and in charge . understands room some regulations she studied law for a few semesters and at one point wanted to be a police detective instead she now keeps tabs on the managers of two major companies as a member of the supervisory board it's my kind of i don't like being monitored in day to day life except in predictable situations like when riding the train. my friends there i think it's a. human way but i don't think anyone likes being monitored otherwise. but that's exactly what. supervisory board members tend to be older men most wear dark suits are over sixty and are well connected she's been one of them for a year now joining the men for board meetings but without a business suit her presence is
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a sign that things are changing gear. when looking at pictures of board members showing a diversity. german attempts at gender quotas were step in the right direction if you don't want a bunch of guys who all know each other and are all members of make up a supervisor with five different handouts and then they're on the executive board as well. as a. ten years ago founded an agency for digital communication and consulting in berlin last year german telecom company freenet to join its supervisory board freenet sells mobile phone contract and digital t.v. and has an annual turnover of three and a half billion euros forensic units job is to check whether the executive board has managed the process of digitalisation correctly. the supervisory board's main
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job is to monitor what's going on but also to advise the the executive. most important characteristic you need is curiosity to be curious to be able to ask important questions about what the executive board is doing and what decisions are making. as a supervisory board member she has to be discreet as she's dealing with confidential matters. when she first started she visited freenet various company locations and spoke to employees today she is checking over documents and balance sheets if she overlooks anything she can be held liable for it a supervisory board member of freenet earns an average seventy thousand euros a year if i am very proud of myself. i'm not doing this to boost my status or because i like having a fancy title. but i want to be a role model for young women to show that you don't have to be fifty and we're a business or to work in a top position. it's because it's on. she's not
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permitted to say what ideas she's put forward or what objections she has raised since being on freenet supervisory board. but she's happy to speak about how she got to where she is she's been invited to speak at the female future force day in berlin it covers new opportunities for women's careers networking and the call for more women in senior management position. plenty to know a college dropout she founded an agency became germany's youngest female supervisory board member at the same time she's a mother to a two year old daughter now she wants to see more women in her position. it's good to know my this is about my future i don't want my daughter to ask me in a ten or fifteen years time what's all this about your company and the whole woman thing and anyone having women in top positions should be the norm up and diversity
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should be the norm and that's how i see the future so as to meet its. two months ago the thirty five year old took on a second supervisory board position she's now advising and overseeing an insurance company as it moves towards greater digitalisation but no more than that she sets to supervisory board mandates are enough. wherever control is lax corruption is rife tax avoidance is also easy and that has helped create one of the most serious economic dramas in e.u. history the greek debt crisis after many billions in financial aid and years of a sturdy demanded by creditors like the e.u. and the i.m.f. greece is now supposed to take its economic destiny into its own hands again.
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the greeks finally back in control of their own country for years the government in athens has had to answer to e.u. or thora to use to keep it from spiraling into bankruptcy. the european commission european central bank and the international monetary fund have provided greece with bailout loans totaling two hundred eighty nine billion euros. in return for massive public spending cuts. national debt remains high. twice the country's annual economic output. poverty and unemployment haven't disappeared either athens still has to maintain public spending restrictions as a condition for delaying repayment deadlines. economic growth is slow so there still aren't enough jobs. young people are leaving a country in which they see no real future for up to five great university
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graduates move abroad and not only graduates since the crisis began almost eight hundred thousand greeks have left roughly a tenth of the population. are leaving because problems such as ingrained corruption which helped spark the crisis are not being tackled effectively if at all. greece's being paralyzed by the rigid austerity measures a state analysts fear that could last decades until greece has paid off its debt. it's called bucks graft or bootle and in greece it's called faqih lucky money that you pan official to make things go smoothly let's call it by its name is corruption and corruption has greatly contributed to the greek debt crisis so how to fight it christina tramon he knows the. advice the great governor. anticorruption council
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and says the private sector has to be made aware that graft is poison for the economy and for that business we met up with and often. personally my family my grandfather who is a war veteran was diagnosed with prostate cancer he had eighty six percent basically he was a handicap and he was asked for a bribe for emergency care. to see that there is a leading anti corruption activist in greece the other people in the corruption has become internalised we just have certain fields. to simply overloaded from even it to us that when we get to the hospital we're afraid of getting poor treatment so we pay a bribe to buy ourselves a sense of security. it is that we have to change of course. i've talked to a lot of groups and must even use all my impression is taken for granted to bribe the priest was so they take it for granted they feel like that's how things get
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done they feel that if you don't preach the wheels they will never get what they need they will never get the permit they won't get that medical attention they won't get their job done on time. here at the local hospital speaking with doctors above description a whole new approach in a country where the issue of bribes is routinely swept under the carpet i asked him what needs to be done to change he said two things citizens think to stop thanking doctors with bribes they have to just accept that this is our job and that we are doing what we are paid to do because if they stop giving it they will stop basically feeding this mentality and the second one is that salaries need to raise and the citizens need to actually report is a production without fear. you
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. but first. i. get a license to. run a business for example they say oh bill you have a weird weird situation for the short run yes but in the long run it hurts everyone so i think what needs to change is that the sacrifice of public benefit the private gain needs to stop. the way we think about their life. to monkey works with journalists to try to raise awareness of the problem through the media but because of the economic crisis other issues like unemployment grab the headlines. out of us corruption are the greek economy and the greek society right cause i mean maybe it's time to be nice because first of all it's creating a negative impression to the outside world first and foremost we are
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a nation right now the dire economic boost we need for investment for. a in two thousand and fifteen to monday set up a website where people can report incidences of corruption amongst doctors officials and politicians all anonymously around eight hundred thousand people have visited the site so far but she says it hasn't really changed anything you are working on the awareness of the greeks ah there are other things. to stop corruption maybe some legal measures that are needed but the risks need to be higher law enforcement needs to actually happen i feel the greeks we have we have a plethora of laws that deal with corruption one thing we don't have is a whistleblower law and we are one of the very few e.u. countries that don't actually have one and we haven't ratified it so i think adopting
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a whistleblower law that would protect individuals who speak for the public interest by uncovering fraud waste and abuse would be seen to uncovering a lot of corrupt practices that have gone undetected do you feel sometimes like a lone wolf fighting against corruption because almost nobody stands up and says i want to fight against corruption not anymore i feel like the crisis has actually broken the almighty in many ways the website that i built and broken and worked out as well but i feel people due to their disappointment in the system and decades of mismanagement are willing to step forward and talk about corruption more openly than they did before. the fall of the wouldn't you like to live in a greece without corruption. of coolness but then everyone would have to be able to live from what they have from students to pensioners. the constant wage and pension cuts would have to stop.
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but that strict control no tax system works so some companies try to avoid control and move their business to tax havens very often these are tropical islands and the caribbean the e.u. and the g twenty have vowed to close down tax havens around the world on the blacklist yolland of. as many as many letterbox companies as it has inhabitants and the crackdown on fake companies and tax avoidance schemes has hit the economy that hog. the caribbean and its tax havens are a source of frustration for the e.u. the small island of aquila is a british overseas territory it has beautiful beaches about ten thousand residents and more than ten thousand offshore letterboxed companies. but it's what's not here that makes and without attractive to financial investors
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there's no excessive will register of companies and no taxes neither on income nor on profits investors remain anonymous at least they have until now or the. reasons for having privacy you know high net worth individuals celebrities you know they visit the island they don't want everyone to know that's the that's their yacht you know their privacy can be at stake so they are there are legitimate reasons. but the e.u. takes a different view it wants to know who has invested in hotels like this one for example otherwise it's threatening to put the island on its blacklist. language it would then join places like trinidad. or guatemala. seven countries are blacklisted in all and
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under close observation. sixty five others are on the gray list and have already vowed to improve steve garlock feels the flood of new rules goes too far he says making everything transparent would be too expensive and jeopardizing wheeler's business model. right we do not believe there's a necessity to do it but if big brother the police want to flip us on this then yes we will have to do it the reason we're on the list is because one small change we want to whitelist we haven't changed anything they've changed the rules and we have to comply with those rules but the e.u. sees the changes as a milestone in its fight against tax evasion particularly the blacklist even if there are no concrete sanctions yet against any blacksheep. internazionale and with international investors will study the list and in the long term they won't be able
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to invest in those states on the list for fear of the consequences that could have for their business. on the one hand these tax havens fear the investors sanctions but equally the investors who hide the money the fear getting course. you know what's missing some critics say are potential tax havens within the e.u. such as monaco luxembourg. and london. and. in fact they've not even been looked at transparency international is demanding that the e.u. put its own house in order first and then look beyond the e.u. to. on top of this countries that have this new close ties to the. united states was clear that they would never make it into the list even though recent studies show that. they could actually make it to the list
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if if if it was an objective process. that's music to the ears of the residents of angola who want the same laws apply to all i believe by the end of that we have to comply and we work. very diligently and we see no reason why we should not comply so we should go from being on the gray list to being on the good list and. since last year's devastating hurricane earl pressure is growing on the financial sector to keep generating profits for the islanders. to end up on the blacklist it would be another disaster for the island. data has become a commodity now some say it's the new oil companies want to make money with it governments want to control it and citizens want to protect their privacy
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governments block websites they don't want their people to access those veliz own website d.w. dot com is blocked in many countries because some governments just don't like a free press but there are ways for citizens to take back control. with the internet gives us a voice. but his access to the internet is restricted we who are richer lives in turkey his government has blocked many websites such as wiki pedia when the entrepreneur surfs the web he uses encrypted d.p.n. technology. movie end gives me security i can access sites that are blocked you never know exactly why certain sites are blocked but with v.p.n. i can access them all then yes i quite agree with you it is very comical that.
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the more people restrict the internet the more potential customers we have. simone check your develops v.p.n. software he found his company's inmates in berlin in twenty thirteen. he actually profits from the increasing censorship in many countries around the world not just in turkey it's meant. as a kind of n.g.o.s activist we're not n.g.o.s we're not activist we're not rebels but we're a profit oriented company that at the same time tries to do something good with the profit and the monetary success we have to use the internet in the way the internet's inventors and once imagined it that is free and uncensored. they've installed one hundred fifty servers worldwide through which customers access the internet although they may be located in turkey and they might access
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the internet via the netherlands for example or from singapore even though they're actually in china. in istanbul. logs in virus server in london now he can reach every website including wiki pedia using a v.p.n. is not illegal in turkey. but in his workshops you know he advises against buying commercial products. because we have nothing against zen made itself we're actually pretty grateful to the company for making people aware of encryption but if you use v.p.n. you're revealing your entire internet traffic to the provider and if this provider is a company that bothers me if i can't trust my own government why should i trust the commercial providers such as inmate. has built up an online platform with
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this he explains to young people in turkey how they can set up their own v.p.n. in twenty minutes using free software from the internet. in software startups then made us thirty five employees good share your typical is responsible for turkey. sensor. data protection is the second reason why v.p.n. is increasingly popular for example in the u.s. and in germany. there may be no censorship in those countries but users worry that someone could steal their data and companies are afraid they could lose millions to hackers everywhere off. and. so you go with your connect and ports. and i think. don't know what will help. for any kind of threat. out of just
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makes a living consulting companies on cyber security. many are unaware of how quickly and easily they can encrypt the data. dollars of. our companies have great potential for growth thanks to the internet if we succeed in keeping the web free and safe we can increase those opportunities we're not even able to imagine what a free internet could mean for us. and wherever that freedom doesn't exist there are young people who simply created. fear can be crippling for individuals companies and markets even the global economy fear protects us but also needs to be kept under control my colleague all of as a few thoughts for you on fear.
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oh my god. i'm really scared of bridge. but no matter. you we have to cross them. one way or another. it's the only way to get to the other side the shaft and. yes. yes this is super. it's a let me tell you something overcoming fear is great it's an amazing feeling. yes
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yes i've done it. yeah. it's good in life our challenge is not just crossing bridges but facing down our fears we all know those fear us fear of failure at work free of change. yeah come on fear show yourself here you contract tell me if the author. who exist and by the way has been so many off my former fiers i'm now my best friends.
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time for you to take back control of your time for me and the team member lynn thanks for watching robert. gibbs. get. the ball.
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frankfurt. international gateway to the best connections of air road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by from. u.s. president donald trump has used his first oval office address to demand five point seven billion dollars in congress for a border war with mexico he called the situation a humanitarian and security crisis but stopped short of declaring a national emergency with a government shutdown over the issue democratic leaders accused of holding the american people hostage. the suspect arrested for
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a mass data breach in germany has confessed to the place.


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