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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin turkey sentences another journalist to prison a court jails d.w. reporter paley or reporting on a former prime minister and his alleged links to fall short company is also coming up the british parliament begins a key debate ahead of a vote on the government's deal next week but with the prime minister unlikely to
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get the votes he needs what all of the options for the u.k. . u.s. president don't trump addresses the nation to try to drum up support for his controversial border war with mexico the democrats accuse him of misleading the american people and dealing in fear not. plus freezing conditions bring central europe to a standstill heavy snowfall wreaks havoc in parts of austria and southern germany several people have died and emergency services mourned the risk of avalanche remains hot. he's done it again egypt and liverpool's muhammad is named african men's footballer of the year for the second time in a row is now targeting a big prize on home turf a landmark day for egyptians football.
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well i'm terry martin thanks for joining us of course in istanbul has sentenced a reporter who works for d w two thirteen months in jail pending face to insult and libel charges over a report on a former turkish leaders time to offshore companies the allegations emerge from the so-called paradise papers that leaked information about tax havens of major international firms and public figures former prime minister of the not the u. debris and his sons sued in november claiming an attack on their personal rights the international consortium of investigative journalists condemned because conviction is yet another disgraceful attack on free speech in turkey. well scott griffin is deputy director of the international press institute in vienna and joins us now scott what's your reaction to this verdict. thanks for having us this is an absolutely outrageous attack on press freedom and it's not a view
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a clear attempt by politicians basically to punish journalists who are looking into it doing their job of looking into the activities of powerful people and how the new care obviously made some people very angry with the report says she's not only sentence in this case yesterday but she faces another civil case might a former prime minister and she's facing having to pay up to eighty thousand euros and damages for defamation and she's also the defendant in another civil case filed by president ever wants to the minister of economy in turkey and a defamation case as well as another hearing in that case as scheduled for next month so putin is going to be in the courts for quite some times it seems is now she's just one of many journalists being prosecuted in turkey how difficult is it for journalists to do their work in that country. it's extremely difficult there are around one hundred fifty seven journalists right now behind bars in turkey and scores of others who are facing charges but are currently on trial and we've also
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seemingly been monitoring the trials of journalists actually in person over the past few months we've attended about fifty trials together with our partners we see that journalists are being held for up to either or even more and pretrial detention without charges when the charges are filed there is no evidence to support them in some cases journalists have been even prevented from attending their own trials and defending themselves in person it's an extremely difficult situation and pending this case unfortunately fits into this pattern basically of trying to stifle any kind of critical reporting about the turkish government given the current political situation in turkey what can be done there to improve the situation for press freedom. i think this case actually offers an interesting opportunity to raise awareness because many of the other cases involving journalists have been charged with terrorism related offenses in the turkish government to sort of you seeing at terrorism as as
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a shield or trying to sell it to the rest of the world as sort of you know it's easy is easy to explain to people who try to sell to people that terrorists and other journalists are somehow involved and that this case is really about a journalist who wrote about the financial activities of those in power and there's no justification for bringing these charges at all i think we can see clearly that all of these cases against journalists are a question of the government trying to crack down and it's speech that it doesn't like and it's essential in these moments to to raise awareness internationally about these cases to explain all of these cases that involve journalists who are just doing their jobs it's essential to have this kind of international solidarity and that's what we really should be doing over the next few days about this another case is that this is a highly high profile case because of what she was involved in but as i said there are dozens you know are more than one hundred fifty journalists who are behind bars or not as well known who are also doing valuable work and we also need to be there for their standing up for them and calling for their release scott thank you very
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much for talking with us today that was scott griffin the international press institute in vienna. british parliament is beginning five days of debate ahead of the historic vote on the government's deal for taking the u.k. out of the european union earlier prime minister theresa may told lawmakers that our government was still negotiating with your leaders to seek assurances over issues that worried many in parliament vote was originally set for mid december but may have postponed it when it became clear that the deal did not have majority support this afternoon may outlined areas in which her government is still working with e.u. officials the crucial vote draws closer through three and amounts that we're looking at one is the undertakings and assurances we are looking for from the european union and those will be available we kind of those will be available to the house before the house votes at the end of this debate we are also looking at what more we can do to mystically i've set out there is the secretary of state will be clearer and more detail will set out what we're going to do in relation to the
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pilots who will come on and and in relation to the question of the role of palm and the future we will be looking we are looking to ensure that we can provide the assurance and confidence that this house needs in relation in relation to the question that's has been at the forefront of members concerns in relation to the the backstop. branded obvious big it must here and now she's with us in london has been following this debate from the beginning big at the moment of break that truce has come for the british parliament five days of debate scheduled ahead of tuesday's vote the deal is on the table what's left to be discussed. well the question is is there going to be anything that's different this time around than before christmas when there was the original vote scheduled and prime minister may have postponed it just because she had hoped that maybe someone will
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come around and back with had you know now this doesn't seem to have happened we've seen that opinions with m.p.'s have hardened actually over christmas there was a recent poll done amongst and pains and that clearly showed that those who are advocating for remain have have hardened positions and also those who want a clearer breck's it and cutting those ties with the e.u. much much quicker than driesum a is suggesting so it doesn't really look like they're coming around to reason may is hoping that the e.u. will somehow provide some new assurances so interestingly she and also some others who back her believe that the ball is in the e.u. scored remains to be seen what's happening between now and the vote next week ok well this vote we presume will happen does prime minister theresa may have anything to hold on to any straw of hope that this deal will be approved.
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well from the conversations i've had with people with m.p.'s and others who know this well it really doesn't look like she has any way to get her deals free because people feel it's a matter of principle days who have advocated for grades it many of are disappointed because they believe that the e.u. and the u.k. will still be tied to closely at least in the period of the withdrawal and others are hoping that there is more momentum now for a second referendum and this really is the case so we're seeing people demonstrating in front of the house of parliament more and more and they are really trying to get their voice heard they're hoping that there will be a second vote and i hope that the first word will be overturned so there are a couple of options here the deal that prism is worked out with the e.u. might get approved or be rejected then we might have a hard break that are there any other options will could there be another
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referendum well yes i think the chances for another referendum are becoming more day by day a few months ago when people had launched a campaign for people's vote so called people's first second referendum on the deal there wasn't really that much hope but now when we see that parliament is really in a stalemate and that just the parliamentarians from both sides of the breck's a divide really are locking horns and there isn't any deal that seems to be emerging that parliament can just agree on it's really the question what is the other alternative of course there is a general election this is what labor's voting for but if that doesn't happen and the government has no really no reason to call for another election then a second referendum seems more and more likely to get thank you very much for bringing us up today did it must there in london. to the u.s.
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now where the standoff over president donald trump's proposed border wall with mexico has worsened after the u.s. president used a prime time t.v. address to insist congress fund the measure speaking from the oval office trump said illegal immigration at the border was causing what he called a humanitarian crisis and he said wall was the only way to secure the country this is just commonsense the border wall would very quickly pay for itself the cost of illegal drugs exceeds five hundred billion dollars a year vastly more than the five point seven billion dollars we have requested from congress the wall will also be paid for indirectly by the great new trade deal we have made with mexico. well for now we're joined by tyson barker from the aspen institute germany based here in berlin good to see you tyson good to see you know
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president trump has used his first oval office address to the nation to drum up support for his border wall he said it was an appeal for common sense as he put it in a compromise in the name of national security what do you make of a well i mean we have to ask ourselves why now i mean you know he's been in office for two years this is something that he ran on this was kind of one of his big three catch phrases during the campaign and you know for a long time for the majority the entire time of that two years he had unitary control g.o.p. control of congress and for some reason this acute situation this humanitarian crisis is arising now and i think that the reaction of the of the american public has been why now why does this seem so manufactured which is a word that you heard a lot from his critics and from the press now what he did not do is declare some sort of national emergency which would have allowed him to bypass congress affective lead to to deal with his wall why didn't he do that well reports coming
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out from the white house in washington are that they are preparing for that possibility to come and i think that that's something that they're still considering he's going to meet with house and senate democrats today to continue negotiations but the truth is this is a real separation of powers question because the power to appropriate money lies squarely in the hands of congress that's considered to shuttle issue and if he were to deploy money to build this border walford on national security grounds then others might question what else can be justified to do to reappropriate money on national security grounds what about health care what about education are these also national security questions what kind of precedent with the set this would clearly land in the courts now looking at what trump had to say in his address he made a number of assertions which fact checking teams are taking issue with anything culture . attention well let's start with first and foremost this definitely caught. chuck
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schumer's attention he said that democrats support the steel slot option as opposed to a concrete wall which is factually not the case this is this is never been the case and this is definitely something that's not going to go forward and they've addressed the other thing is really context you know they took a lot of statistics for example that more people die of a drug overdose in the united states than died in the vietnam war that has an element of truth to it but the truth is that not all those drugs are coming from mexico and he said you know the border bubble paid for itself not just because the money's coming from him directly from mexico through a trade drill which is not exactly true but also because it will clear up the drug drug epidemic and not through a border wall that's not going to solve the problem tyson thank you so much the tyson barker from the aspen institute here in berlin thank you. well mexico's president has called trump's wall project an internal matter for the u.s. but near the mexican border itself there was a range of reaction to trump's oval office speech here's what some residents of
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texas in california had to say it was logical to think that everything on logic was you had a lot of common sense they had very much a lot of passion and it was not it comes to it was certainly not barricaded it was perfectly straight it was a please i saw a logical plea and i support it i don't know if it's taking his racism or you can take it is personal plan he has of governing but it's not necessarily it's not necessary that. makes you feel like we are second rate citizens and by we i mean the next to understand mexico. zero it makes me feel like i'm not. of course the standoff over trump's demand for a border wall with mexico means the partial government shutdown goes on today marks day nineteen those affected or sharing their experiences on social media using the
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shutdown stories federico budget over w. social media is here with more hi federico eight hundred thousand federal employees out of work not getting a paycheck how is this affecting them and their families so we are seeing lots of tweets from people who live from paycheck to paycheck who say that they're afraid they won't be able to afford even the basics like food or rent or medicines here's a tweet by a man from los angeles for example he shares his story saying i am a small factory owner with government orders that are on hold with deadlines stane place should i send my thirty workers home pay them from credit line who fought and prayers help another example from a young woman who writes my partner a federal employee will not be receiving a paycheck on friday we will have to pay one hundred percent of our bills on my income only thankful for saying that counts to help us but not everyone is as
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fortunate and we've also seen that hundreds of accounts have been created under fund right rising go fund me for example to from people who are trying to raise money to help pay their bills not getting paid for weeks on end can be a big problem for families are these people able to file for unemployment benefits can they expect to be reimbursed i mean it depends some of these people are still expected to work even without pay it's the case for example for people who work at customs at airports in jails and they would then be paid every track to vliet once the shutdown is over and then it's a different case of four people who are in for a load for a good worker so people who have been forced to take an unpaid leave at. the moment they can apply for and like anyone who doesn't work for unemployment benefits however it's still less than the usual earnings and then there's a big debate surrounding contract workers so people who work for external companies contracted by the u.s.
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government a lot of them are there's about a four million of them and they a lot of them are in particularly difficult situations and he is one of them a sharing her thoughts on line she says federal government contractors are the forgotten population affected by this shutdown over a ridiculous wall if we don't work we don't get paid there's no retrack to pay for us so people are really upset with good reason what is president trope saying about all this is he just blaming it on the democrats who in his speech at least in his speech from the oval office and last night he focused more on the need for a border security he didn't really have much to say to federal employees but he did make a comment a few days ago when he was asked whether he relates he could relates to the pain of federal workers who cannot pay their bills and this was his response take a listen i can relate sure that the people that are on the receiving end will
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make it just that they always do. make people understand exactly what's going on but many of those people that won't be receiving a paycheck many of those people agree one hundred percent with what i'm doing. not sure everybody would be interested except that way federico budget from from d.w. social media thank you so much. tens of thousands of ukrainian soldiers fought in the war in eastern ukraine many are now suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder figures show that suicide rates among former combatants or surging yet the government in kiev refuses to acknowledge their plight now a volunteer organization has stepped in to help nikolay reports from ukraine. it's been a year since and that he returned home from the front line fighting may now be hundreds of kilometers away but the conflict still hasn't let go.
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everything could be fine and. constant vigilance to save them days life in the trenches is now getting in the way of adjusting to normal life his body releases adrenaline at random. i get all hot and lose control over my arms and legs my heart starts beating like crazy my blood pressure jobs sometimes i get full panic attacks and then he spent three years on the frontline in donbass before the war he was a past that evangelical church when conflict broke out he volunteered with the nationalist as a patel and later training as a paramedic. struck and your friend through the snow to safety you fall down in the bullets are flying over your head you get a few metres further and just end up falling down again because the fire's too heavy. that coming here even finding a job is a struggle many businesses won't employ veterans for fear they could turn violent
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and since returning and that he has not received any support from the government and he's not alone but the military's top brass denies it has a problem on its hands on the command tells us that most soldiers get back to normal after just three days at home confronted with figures suggesting a surge in suicide rates they tell us that soldiers are no more likely to take their own lives than anyone else. kids active is that of filling the gap left by government we high up in the cup paid in mountains about as far from the conflict as you can get to ukraine and they will be spending two weeks with. it when was the last time you drew something new it's been a while. so you think you know and it's been thirty five years at least. i've never done anything like this i'm glad i came here i mean a really good. job. but the future of the project is under threat. it look at
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this in this eighty percent of my time as an fundraising trying to get people to just take notice of what we're doing it's getting harder and harder to see any twenty percent of my time is actually left to help these people. even after just a few days and be seems like a different person one with a plan to control the world. for the war i was a pastor. a service difficult i don't. use immunity or war i want to use the experiences i've gained here to help others like me. but he will guard i've seen myself how tough it is but also those that were simply left the army a year ago and i still care one way of what we should. oh yes the business news now ben is with us to tell us about worker unrest in one of south asia's fastest growing economies yet we're talking about bangladesh and its garment industry not the safest of places to work and it pays
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a pittance the government did increase the minimum wage just recently but it's only a small raise and employees say some factory owners are even possible that on to work its demonstrations turn violent. it's. police fire grubber bullets and tear gas into crowds of demonstrators on the streets of dhaka and some of them fought back with stones over fifty protesters are reported to have friends injured in the exchanges so far along with twelve policeman. the garment industry plays a key role in the asian country bangladesh is the second largest manufacturer of clothing globally and its factories supply some of the world's largest retailers although the industry has turned the nation into a major exporter the benefits haven't trickled down much the minimum wage is still just eight thousand taka around ninety five dollars a month the striking protesters want more. and we are demanding twice that
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sixteen thousand taka. the basic monthly income has to be ten thousand taka and salaries have to be sixteen thousand the authorities are giving us nothing. unions have warned that the strikes may spread to other cities the protests are expected to continue. you know usagi foreman works for al bangali service sanjeev why has this wage battle erupted into violence well the absolute at the first lead the perspective in two thousand and eighteen a great base to restructure was introduced for the first time so the workers would receive wages according to their position experience etc so according to this structure a walker in seventh grade would go to his own eight thousand talk as we heard in the report the last increase was in two thousand and thirteen which was five thousand three hundred talk on from there it looks like a big increase but still it's not good enough for most of the workers in got this right and to make matters worse worse there are claims that orders haven't even
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passed that wage hike on to some workers is that is a truth to those claims. well just allegation which is coming from the workers very much it's not just the actual hike that they think is insufficient the workers are accusing the owners of manipulation that is while increasing the reach the owners join other losses so the workers will get less money one hundred and so it's part of the amount not being big enough and the other the other hand they're getting less money at the end which is of course not acceptable to them let me point out to viewers export earnings from the sector what thirty billion dollars a year to bangladesh surely those others have more than just a bit of wiggle room yeah actually the owners are indeed dependent on the workers and the workers are also wrote of the deadlines and credibility of if there's no export if they want to stall then everybody will suffer so this is a mechanism which has been driving the sector in spite of all the troubles and there's not been any stop or any other problem so even this time we take that
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there's a discussion. which was set up a city for about one month i told number panel that you look into this problems and after a little come up it's another increase but whether that would satisfy the workers or not that's not quite easy. of course is that you know one thing i just wanted to point out sorry besides pay what about conditions is the sector any safer to work in considering the disasters of the past. you know i mean we all know about the deadly run up as a disaster over so many people lost their lives and i myself have visited one or two factories recently and a few years about a few years back and one can see there are some factories which are really open to foreign visitors ministers and they look quite ok and even if there's a problem they can leave the house but the big factories are still looking to very close to the city center in a very congested area they don't look really even if you call yourself you realize that if there's
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a problem they start either is no easy out so the safety standards are not yet actually off to the market and it has been sheer luck according to most of the people that nothing bigger has taken place in the recent past and they also equipment like boilers and other hazardous chemicals and other things which are kept in those same buildings which would create a big problem and fire around and says this will proper fights that are in many of the factories that may be another disaster i mean it's just a matter of time when the next is us to start saying it's not good to hear sanjay foreman thank you very much for your analysis for us there. always the coming clothing docketing skies for the global economy. thanks ben. you're watching d.w. news still to come. let's
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check on guitarist jimmy page celebrates his seventy fifth birthday we look back at his riffs records and walk a mile access to. this and much more coming up in just a couple minutes from now. playing has been some doubt as. devotion menachem pressler. the acclaimed musician has been thrilling audiences for decades and he's well and truly in the twenty first century as well as the pianist menachem press and the ones i know include islamists don't. we make up of what we watch as of africa and that's because we are the services.
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they want to shape the continent's future it's part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges of the seventy seven percent platform for africa chart i. bring to me. everyone who loves books has to go insane. to tell you literature list one hundred german must reads. come to terms of. discovering the concept discover it with the bulb. school. legit after one hundred lives the ideals of the fox are more relevant today than they were come to terms of. things to come to power the best people in the way
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of shaping society. with ideas. pulse world the part documentary starts in january thirteenth on t w. welcome back you're watching news i'm terry martin our top story of course in this terrible has sentenced a journalist who works for thirteen months in jail having been caught was found guilty of defamation and insult for reporting on offshore companies owned by turkey's prime minister. and us president has made a televised address to the nation to drum up support for his plan to build a wall at the mexican border democrats are refusing to fund the wall and accuse trump of misleading the american people by stoking fears of immigrants.
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frustration is melting in the democratic republic of congo where the public is still waiting for the results of a landmark election last december voters were choosing a replacement for president joseph kabila who's been in power for almost eighteen years but the results of the poll have been delayed sparking accusations of election rigging and fears that fresh violence could break out in sub-saharan africa's largest country. congolese voters have had enough of waiting the results of that country's president. but after the vote itself was postponed three times over two years now the results of. the electoral commission says the delay is due to technical problems. that the opposition says officials say using the time to tweak the results in the ruling coalition. which it sleeted deny. these.
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if you see. is. they've called for calm but patience is wearing thin. because it's waiting for the results to be announced as painful. on the side of power that celebrating the victory already is on the opposition site that doing the same in the end we don't really know who won we live in fear. and independent commission tells you in forty eight hours you will have results they postpone it for a week after a week it suspend for another two weeks and then we had held then not yet sure of a timeframe at this point we don't have any more trust in the. president could be less perfect successor former interior minister emanuel remnants on the shuttle was up against strong opponents the clear front runner in pre-election polls was newcomer martin for you and the well respected catholic
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church is claiming he's the winner but even when the official results come from the electoral commission a lack of trust on all sides means a peaceful handover of power is looking less and less like tonight. some of the other stories making headlines around the world today the un has granted refugee status to run half moon she's the young saudi woman who fled to thailand saying she feared her family would kill her after renouncing islam islam australia confirmed it is considering a resettlement request in bangkok officials said noone has refused to meet with her father and brother. and a crush of humanity in the philippine capital manila as millions of catholic worshippers reach for a centuries old statue of christ many believe touching or being near the figure can curial this police estimate five million people will take part in the procession of black nazarene. a warning for the world's economy
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ben has more yeah i don't know what's scarier that those pictures there all this next outlook for the world bank it says the sky is a docking its latest. system it in its annual report downgrading the outlook for this year it cites rising trade tensions weakening manufacturing and growing financial straits in emerging markets the bank now says it expects the economy to grow by only two point nine percent marginally down from the three percent a full house back in june. and some perspective on this from frankfurt sounds more like it deeming of the economic outlook to me not a docketing what do you reckon yeah there's hardly a difference to through us if we hear three percent ok that was two thousand and eighteen and now in two thousand and nineteen two point nine percent so what but of course the threatening crises the storms that the world bank is talking about
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that's what is behind that scenario behind that picture and if there is a stall in the trade talks between china and the united states and unpleasant outcome a trade war perhaps emanating for that or a no deal back so then you have a whole different situation then two point nine percent will seem like the glorious past and unreachable in twenty nineteen a lot of people are thinking that and of course the world bank has no way of knowing whether the risks will set in their talks ongoing parliament in britain hasn't voted yet but these are risks that are having people in the markets keep on the edge of their seats at the beginning of this year tell us briefly also about europe's economic engine how glorious things here in germany. they're also declining the exports still seem on their way through a record year two thousand a team the federal statistics office said but already the latest number that comes
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from november is down and so are numbers for production and for incoming orders for factories but there is still a lot of silver linings if you look at individual situations companies time or for example the luxury car maker with mercedes brand making the eighth record year in a row in sales and this in these difficult times and china which we just talked about as a risk already seeing the trade tensions are taking effect but china with strong demand there mercedes says that result. frank that thank you. ever thought about what it would be like to live in a costal well the alou of fades a little once you find out that all your neighbors want to let me take you to north western turkey about halfway between is stamboul and the capital and korea it's a place that's heavily forested and dominated by agriculture it's also where the
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city of moore don't know is located now because of the booming economy local investors of millions into a development to attract big spend is but the development is the dream tussles of turned into a real life real estate nightmare. it's a touch of disneyland deep in the rule province of bull in northwestern turkey hundreds of little castles in fact luxury houses with pointy towers and fairy tale charm if it wasn't for the barbed wire and the fact that they're all empty and just aren't selling situated halfway between istanbul and ankara the region is popular with tourists who like hiking in the vast forests here. a turkish developer spent over one hundred million dollars building homes for arab customers who say that i'm isn't. the inspiration for the project came from our work in kuwait and
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the gulf countries we talked with our customers there and came up with more than one design based on their demands the choice in the end was for a design like this. is beautiful as a sort of the. while the outcome is certainly a matter of taste the economic situation in turkey is clearly bad the economy is retracting dilli rough falling few people here are willing to spend up to five hundred thousand dollars for a villa. that puts measure year dylan in a bind his salad group is seeking bankruptcy protection he says local factors are to blame. it will. move to the murky isn't it which this project is three kilometers from the city center in an area that's not suitable for agriculture but despite obtaining all the approvals and permission for this project we've seen a lot of bad press that has pitted the locals against us for those any of them must
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be able to sort or businesses. indeed many here don't like the castle's. we don't want these properties here we don't want those houses decided to be sold to foreigners. it seems the foreign office won't be coming after all for years the housing market in turkey was strong now it seems too many homes have been built hard times for the construction sector adding to the region's economic woes. and he has little snow who would make it pretty a picture if it were not all those costs to do with well i guess with the pointed roofs the snow wouldn't stick to them and they'd work work well and in the alps right now behind because heavy snowfall and avalanches in austria and germany are wreaking havoc there in fact these snowfall has claimed at least five lives some one point five meters of snow have fallen in the northern else in less than
3:40 pm
a week thousands of tourists are now stranded in villages and more snow is expected this week train services and roads have been disruptive thora to warn the risk of avalanches remains high. a delivery of supplies for yak and now a small village in bavaria the area is almost completely cut off the main roads blocked by falling trees the only way in and out is along this forest path how much longer it will remain open it's not clear more snow is expected to thirty's have declared a state of emergency because of falling trees other parts of bavaria also buried in snow and the schools are closed. in austria the situation is even more serious the battle against snow continued overnight in the northern elves the avalanche warning is that level four and it could go up to level five the highest in the next few days. in the city of sulzberger soldiers have been brought in to clear as
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much as three metres of snow from roofs falling snow can be extremely destructive and experts are warning that the avalanche danger is increasing by the day. the main dish needed biggest danger is the snow does not really compact is that more and more builds up until it's released. could have possibly fatal consequences. as this. there's little improvement in prospect more snow and storms are forecast over the weekend. in football but i mean it can else they will sign france world cup defender benjamin from stuttgart in july it's the start of what could be a busy transfer window for the bonus league champions with youth very much the name of the game. by and fans say hello to benjamin pav on well
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in july at least their twenty two year old will join at the end of the season from start got where he's been playing since twenty six team to steady seasons with stuttgart were followed by his breakthrough at the world cup in russia his goal of the tournaments down argentina on route to his friend side lifting the trophy. my own bosses are shelling out a reported thirty five million euros. to. cover it is a really good player who can play in lots of different positions he's a world champion and we're very happy that we have by and have been able to get him then have to abandon. the impact of england teenager jayden sand show had been this legal leader's brotman this hasn't heard of buy into other young english talents struggling to get a game in the foreigners have traded premier league chelsea forward callum hearts
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no draw is very much a buy on target and what i can say about calum hood synagogue is that we like the player a lot and we have a big interest in signing him beyond that we'll see. that is it. for now bye and have championed padlocked brooding in the way. each of ten liverpool forward one hundred seller has been named men's african footballer of the year for the second time in a row he picked up his award at a ceremony in senegal it meant a double celebration for egypt after the country was also given hosting rights for this year's african cup of nations it's. another all suspicious start to the year for the reigning king of african football mohammed salah helped to liverpool to the champions league final last year at school twice for egypt at the world cup in russia he's got big goals for two thousand and nineteen as well.
3:44 pm
as. with you. when you. think it's no secret that salah is a hero in egypt the country has just been announced as the new host for june and july his african cup of nations after the tournament was taken away from cameroon partly because of security concerns but in egypt the threat of a terror attack is very real and besides that egyptian football has plenty of serious problems of its own. and i'm very happy as an egyptian i'm happy this an event like this is taking place the pressing issue will be the next step to come will the next step be a positive one will it be a step that can benefit football in egypt or will things go badly because of the poor condition of pitches poor stadium attendance is the present security
3:45 pm
restrictions. or the infrastructure security and even the hot climate could all cause egypt trouble at their home tournament but star power in the squad is one thing. the hosts won't have to worry about. india's national football team have had a great start at the asian cup the blue tigers as they're known recorded to win in the tournament for the first time since one nine hundred sixty four in their opener they next face hosts united arab emirates on thursday with hopes with high hopes and cricket obsessed india football is finally getting some traction. it's a secret they die hard indian football fans might have been keeping to themselves their team is a force to be reckoned with at the asian cup. although cricket remains the nation's main attraction young footballers are slowly
3:46 pm
gravitating towards football india has always had a massive pool of people to pick from to field a successful football team but that hasn't happened in the major tournaments since the sixty's back in the ninety's the team gained a bit of momentum in terms of success breaking into feet one hundred one two different occasions but things were different back then. well right now the indian national team is getting all professional pet to the time i play there was just one doctor for the entire team now there are at least two physio therapists. and a fitness trainer accompanying the team if it can be seen in how they are playing now. despite india getting the nation's first win in the asian cup in over fifty years the recent success is not getting to their heads india's four one win over thailand in their cup opener could be
3:47 pm
a sign everything is coming to fruition. we just try to to to to win every game you play and you want to compete and be competitive. i think we've done very well the last two three is. i think it's a continual process. carried away. if you like many nations have long been in need of success and a major tournaments to ensure themselves into the conversation when it comes to football. the tigers believe camaraderie of the pitch is their most valuable asset unity of the squad and the national is second to none it's unbelievable and i believe this is our biggest strength that's why when people come watch as they do realize that you know when you play if you all speak the football language of football together and you all die for each other on the field then it's very lucky to be part of the squad. with over
3:48 pm
a billion people pulling for the blue tigers india's band of brothers will be tested is the asian cup rolls or. twenty nine teams be the new beginning india has been waiting for. their jimmy page play one of his legendary guitar solos he's celebrating his seventy fifth birthday today and robin merrill from our culture desk is here a man who saw jimmy page himself live. to tell us just how good would you say jimmy page was in his heyday amazingly good i mean quite unique as
3:49 pm
well. i've never heard the guitar playing before i mean he was self-taught it's not i mean he taught himself completely and he was always searching for his particular sound i mean he was searching for a stage to be honest because lead. i think the first band who really had these sort of. long solos in live games well i mean i should say that the gig i was i was in my hometown of souls break in oh dear comes the ticket no i did set the wall fifty to decide but tickets one time and i remember it like it was yesterday and it was with every penny and. all i can say is they were the most. bass choral sort of gut wrenching band i've ever seen a few concert since i've never seen anything quite like well you know i have to admit i did see them two nine hundred seventy seven in greensboro north carolina and i found it also astoundingly good i was very happy to yeah well we were the
3:50 pm
lucky ones as as we know so let let's everybody else see led zeppelin in the palm. stairway to heaven and perhaps the most famous guitar solo in the rock. rolling stone magazine ranked jimmy page bird in the list of the one hundred best guitarist in music history some even credit jimmy page with having invented hard rock he got his first guitar at age twelve he taught himself to play by practicing day and nights. in the current kind of kid. and i was in the habit of taking the guitar to school and you know practicing. in his early twenty's page worked as a session guitarist playing with eric clapton the kinks the who and for the yardbirds and the rolling stones in one thousand sixty eight at the age of twenty
3:51 pm
four he founded led zeppelin he hired single robert plant bassist john paul jones and drama john bonham in the years that followed led zeppelin would become one of the most influential and innovative bands in rock history. in the early ninety's seventy's the band was catapulted into the world of rock superstardom their lives played out exclusively on stage in private jets and in hotel rooms hard drugs and fast living took the toll jimmy page became addicted to heroin then in nine hundred eighty excessive alcohol consumption led to the death of the band's drummer john bonham. in the wake of this tragedy the band decided to call it quits. as part of led zeppelin jimmy page wrote music history the band is his life's work
3:52 pm
and now at age seventy five he still tends it's a legacy. and the album still sound just as good today if you ask may but anyway it broke up unfortunately back in one thousand nine hundred eighty and they've hardly performed as a band ever since how do you account for the fact that here in two thousand and nineteen they still remain so popular i mean first reason simple reason a stairway to heaven evidently stand way to heaven is the most played song on radio ever around the world you were saying before we came on to that if you put all the radios of the world on someone would be playing stairway to heaven right now and then most probably are anyway it was never released as a single law that anyway that means that all generations no led zeppelin when they famously reformed his pictures of this extraordinary concert back in two thousand
3:53 pm
and seven in london with john bonham son jason on drums it was a venue that took twenty thousand and twenty million people applying for tickets and twenty seven years off the fat the band officially broke up another car all but from last. night i really believe also the reason is they really. invented hard rock i know some people say oh they will start heavy metal i don't know i think they invented it wasn't a band as allowed and as noisy is that around at the time so i really think it was down to that and page's guitar were like no others like no others and he's seventy five years old now we saw some pictures of him they're still still doing well understand to celebrate his seventy fifth birthday of course would be great if they just maybe get together again you think they have or will. think so now i mean it's been talked about talked about in the we hear the robot play doesn't want to do it
3:54 pm
you always want to move forward music me doesn't want to go back and then evan if you years ago he said oh i'll do it next year and. i don't think it's going to happen and you've experienced them live as i have i think it will be a slight disappointment to be honest a concert recreate forty five years later they're forty five years old as we said they can't recreate it and i mean while jimmy page is nurtured the legacy of all of the band amazingly well keep rereleasing really mixing tracks and as you you also said that if you listen to the records they are quite stunning jimmy page happy birthday to me still is dazed and confused as robin from our culture dest not at all dazed and confused thank you robin. now a hospital in alaska ahead and the unexpected visitor this week the giant moose
3:55 pm
wandered in through an open door and began chomping on the plants in the lobby workers were spellbound understandably they say they never once felt threatened by the curious visitor who stuck around about ten minutes before. the moose calls no problems although. which luckily were not made any plastic. so here news don't forget you can always get news on the go just download our from google player from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news it's also use the two so those photos and videos. we have more for you coming up at the top of the next hour lady love will be with you and of course you get latest news and information around the clock on our web
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site that you call thanks for watching. the be
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. a who the big. he's playing has been summed up as soem love devotion menachem pressler. the acclaimed musician has been thrilling audiences for decades and he's one truly at home in the twenty first century as well as the pianist and him prancer the life i now live in fifteen minutes the total.
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