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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is. getting more division over what should mean. a fresh war as they try to stop the country from crashing out of the european union it comes ahead of a decisive vote on these withdrawal deal scheduled for next week also coming up a turkish court jails another journalist this time to. punish for her articles on a former prime minister and his alleged links to offshore tax havens plus frigid
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conditions bring central europe to a standstill heavy snow fall reads havoc in parts of austria and southern germany several people have died in the margins the service is more and that the risk of avalanches is hall. good to have you with us tonight british lawmakers have a fresh blow to prime minister to resign may's government over. today they voted to force her government to produce an alternative plan for leaving the european union it came as parliament began five days of debate in advance of next week's vote on teresa mayes deal lawmakers are expected to reject mayes. prime minister to resign may left office in downing street for parliament knowing
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most lawmakers oppose her deal with brussels but they also don't want britain to leave without an agreement together. while the prime minister face the facts there is little support for a deal or no deal in this house the prime minister is frozen in feel you're asking m.p.'s to write a blank check for hardline fault breaks but if the prime minister attempts a no deal brits it we will fight tooth and nail every inch of the word labor is clear the deal is not in the national interest it doesn't come anywhere near meeting outer it will make the country poor and divided it won't protect jobs in the economy the new majority for any proposition on a future relationship with the european union in this house of commons except the majority of it is clearly against leaving with no deal. in a second defeat for terrorism a in the space of two days members of parliament voted to make the government
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quickly come up with an alternative if may's deal is rejected next week that would not be the end of it and we've also been looking at how parliament can take a greater role as we take these negotiations on to the next stage and so i can tell the house that in the event that our future relationship or alternative arrangements are not ready by the end of twenty twenty parliament we'll have a vote on whether to seek to extend the implementation period feelings are running high and a superior prominent conservative lawmaker in favor of britain remaining in the european union was abused outside parliament this week by hecklers who accused her of being a nazi. with the close down to threats at the end of march divisions are as wide as ever and pays a due to vote on may's deal next tuesday. i want to bring in quintile he is an associate fellow of the international think tank chatham house in london quint it's
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good to see you again so what did we see happen today in parliament so i mean is this the parliament trying to reassert its authority over a brakes a plan that no one seems to be able to agree on yes that's precisely what it is it's a real struggle for control of the process between the parliamentarians of both parties across the middle of parliament and a government that has been constantly denied it itself and doesn't have a majority the trouble is that part that in the british system government always has a slightly stronger hand the parliament said parliament is really fighting a guerrilla war to try and maneuver itself into a position where it can actually dictate to the government the road ahead and this road is very very difficult because as you said in your report that it doesn't look
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as if there's a majority in the parliament but any particular outcome and it made me that they going to be reduced to horror of horrors actually even holding a second referendum and it's expected that next week when parliament votes on teresa mayes withdrawal plan it's expected that lawmakers are going to reject that so how does today's action how does that fit into that. well what in fact the reason may have been trying to do have two weeks is really friday to members of parliament into voting for the deal she's agreed with the rest of the earth to release by saying the only alternative to this deal is crashing out with no the told and then pull governments horses and many other people have been underlining just bad crashing you know with no deal would be enormous queues at the
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border lorries backed up in traffic jams across all the major ways but also airplanes not taking medicines in short supply even crude running out of said horror stories right across the border now suddenly two reason man is being faced by parliament and we've said we're not prepared to accept this there is a clear majority that says we have not prepared to crash out without a deal you've got to come back with a clear plan b. which isn't just no deal said that's really the instructions he got today and we know when it takes two to tango in the european union he has said all along that the deal to go share with theresa may dance the deal and that's it do you know in u.k. parliamentarian's do they realize they are fact. yes but i think that they've also got quite a clear message from the rest of the european union that if there is a fundamental reason for a delay that's to say either
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a general election or. a second vote a referendum or even perhaps there's simply isn't time to get the legislation through parliament those are all valid reasons to delay the date of actually leaving the european union from march the twenty ninth and i think in those circumstances that would be acceptable it's still got to be a unanimous vote of the other twenty seven but i think that's more likely what i don't think they would do is say ok you can have more time to try to resolve the internal divisions of the government of the british conservative party that i think they would just put their foot i would say forget it yeah it's an issue that remains unresolved that is for sure quintile feller with chatham house joining us tonight from london when as always we appreciate your insights thank you. well the court in istanbul has sentenced every foreigner who works for the w.
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news to thirteen months in prison. was convicted for insulting and slandering a public official all these charges came from her reporting on the paradise papers and a former turkish prime minister's times to all shore tax havens the international consortium of investigative journalist has condemned the sentence as yet another disgraceful attack on free speech in turkey. usually pale and uncle writes about other people and their stories now she's making headlines herself after being sentenced to jail for defamation an insult and slandering a public official. in the big three addiction i expect at this verdict because here in turkey as a journalist i always have one foot in jail i'm not the only one many reporters are in the same position but we try not to let it get us down and i just carry on doing our job. she was the up my. own crew has been reporting for turkish service since last year. before that she was part of the international network of
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investigative journalists who analyzed and published the so-called paradise papers . leaks confidential documents revealing the offshore accounts of politicians business people and multinational companies who are avoiding taxes and sometimes evading them. during her research found an alleged connection to the family of the former turkish prime minister yielded them and wrote articles about it for the turkish daily newspaper john kerry it healed of him sued her. in the big yankin the this is an attempt to intimidate not me personally or my articles but the whole journalism profession. by larry up with the message is if you report freely you will be punished. that's the situation for journalists here in turkey. she may have been sentenced but
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is not in prison yet she wants to appeal and while her case continues she hopes she will be able to focus on writing stories again instead of being the center of attention herself. well here is some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world u.s. secretary of state mike pompei go has made a surprise visit to iraq as part of a middle east tour to promote the white house's hard line position on iran at the same time iran has confirmed that it arrested a u.s. citizen michael white in the city of mashad last july he's been held on unspecified charges almost fifty microns who were stranded on two rescue ships in the mediterranean last month have arrived in malta the island in the rest of the e.u. had earlier agreed that the migrants would be transferred to locations in eight countries along with around two hundred fifty other migrants a former israeli minister is going to jail for eleven years after pleading guilty to spying for iran goldman said get agreed to the sentence as part of
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a plea bargain seven served as energy minister in the one nine hundred ninety s. he was convicted of smuggling chocolate covered ecstasy pills into israel in two thousand and five. by heavy snowfall and avalanches in austria and germany have claimed at least five lives train services and road access have been disrupted in the authorities warned of the avalanche risk in the alps remains high some communities have been cut off completely more snow is due this week. a delivery of supplies for yak and now a small village in bavaria the area is almost completely cut off the main roads blocked by falling trees the only way in and out is along this forest path how much longer it will remain open it's not clear more snow is expected the thought is of declared a state of emergency because of falling trees other parts of bavaria also buried in
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snow and the schools are closed. in austria the situation is even more serious the battle against no continued overnight in the northern no the avalanche warning is that level four and it could go up to level five the highest in the next few days. in the city of celts book soldiers have been brought in to clear as much as three meters of snow from roofs falling snow can be extremely destructive and experts are warning that the avalanche danger is increasing by the day because if that means biggest danger if the smoke does not really compact is that more and more builds up until it's released. could have possibly fatal consequences. as the fatality can hurt. there's little improvement in prospect more snow and storms a forecast over the weekend. or the w.'s army and put on
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a thick winter coat and travel to enter towing salzburg austria is following the impact of the extreme snowfall in the northern alps for us he filed this report. this small alpine village is the end of the road over town which is one of australia's most popular ski resorts lies just up the mountain but access has been cut off i just book to a family who came to ski from holland and they're actually stranded in this village because they couldn't get through now snow is not unusual in these parts but it has been falling faster than usual and without pause for the last ten days and this comes with dangerous snow weighs fifty kilograms per cubic meter and can put a lot of strain on structures especially the roofs of houses now the austrian military has gone out to help people clear the snow from their roofs and also to clear the roads to provide access to villages that are stranded but there's other dangers as well they have issued an avalanche warning at the highest avalanche
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warning possible in four states here it's the second highest possible and yet people are still skiing now we talked to the head of tourism at town and he told us there's about three thousand people up there many of whom are skiing they know of the dangers of avalanches they've been warned but the thing is that avalanches are dangerous specifically because they're unpredictable like so much and weather like this. i was already in essence reporting there was the world's last telephone booth buried under snow sports news now in japan liverpool forward mohamed salah has been chosen as the african football player of the year for twenty eight team the second year in a row that he's picked up that often are. home the prize after the ceremony in senegal the twenty six year old helped liverpool into the champions league final in may and scored twice for egypt at the world cup in russia his club side currently sit top of the premier league table and egypt have been chosen to host this year's african cup of nations. good for him you're watching news live from berlin we'll be
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back at the top of the hour with more news of the sea of the. city where he's home. when your family is scattered across the globe. with the kids if you didn't do that because it's a journey back to the roots should get a minimum of the. shah shortly from somalia and. then what he did urgent assistance. little family starts january twenty third t.j. .


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