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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2019 7:00am-7:30am CET

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you. this is deja vu news wire from berlin a surprise election result in the democratic republic of congo opposition leader felix acadians declared the winner of the poll if confirmed this will be the first democratic transfer of power in nearly six decades but some candidates are crying foul we'll go live to the capital kinshasa also coming up in the show. britain approaches a brecht sick and game but lawmakers of delta theresa may another blow as they try to keep the country from crashing out of the european union that's ahead of
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a decisive vote on may's withdrawal deal coming up next week and a turkish court jails another journalist this time it's a d w reporter punished for her articles on a former prime minister and his alleged links to offshore companies. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us supporters of the opposition in the democratic republic of congo have been celebrating on the streets of the capital after their candidate felix katie was declared the winner of the presidential election election so if you katie was not expected to win but the electoral commission said it received thirty percent of the vote now with the constitutional court validates this result it will be the country's first democratic transfer of power since independence. in one thousand sixty but martin for you has to now see
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the result as an electoral. ok so what happens next let's bring in correspondent wendy bashi joining us from kinshasa good morning to you wendy what are people in congo saying is there the perception that this was a free and fair election. because it's for the first time i mean it's in the nation and is historically illustrating the gun shoots you mean is that the big announcement before shouting and crying thinking industries they are very very active and most of them say that you. really think that change for the first time they they have for someone and did someone has been elected president. katie's victory was not what observers were expecting what was behind it and. we don't i. have to say because. i was before that no one name
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was on all their own because as this is going like this i mean no one wasn't threatening to give it to win the election but we have to remember that you know that used by the businesses and with the new the big bulky if i can live in the in oakland vision there is that more than five and it's going to be getting a was it you know position that i got beat up by the way and even at that. time still it was a really a big surprise because everybody was thinking that might be the one the legs and. yet. you know we have the electoral commission saying secure kaley one but vote tallies by the country's very influential catholic church to say that runner up martin for you actually won the poll how did the church arrive at its conclusion. there is a chance a right that is going to join because they hate doing the nation they had like many
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of sèvres in the entire country and i was very sure that not that i was a one zero win that election and since we end of a nation that was saying that they won the truth of the election to be told and this is all there was not of a mistake during the night right accidental when those beneath you thinking to read in a spring event of a country so we had to wait he was we didn't next move or the change we really need a nice and wise i mean he so why sr was that we are waiting for the next statement of both riches and you lose what can you say that he. doesn't agree re seventy thousand actually ok if you will says he'll be contesting the results briefly if you could what happens next. for you to continue on that side and say that you would contest that we can wait we can be waiting for some for this session and maybe rise industries but we don't know exactly because louise was
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always claiming that he read their relation but you depression is a big big boxy and they have many supposed to. die a country. like this i mean he's a young he's a young question we need to know that he's a young cause me we will people leaving them so this can be a fight between your defense and and that we've got but i don't see that you can be a big s. one. you can be me if it was yes we have to leave it there when they thanks very much when they bought us from us awsome. have a good day. or british lawmakers have dealt another blow to prime minister theresa may over brock's they voted to force her to produce an alternative plan for leaving the european union within three days if parliament rejects her deal next week as expected however remains unclear what impact this move will have as the u.
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says it will not renegotiate the brics a deal not recently says she does not have another plan. prime minister to resign may left office in downing street for parliament knowing most lawmakers oppose her deal with brussels but they also don't want britain to leave without an agreement together. home of the prime minister of peace the facts there is little support for a deal or no deal in this house the prime minister is frozen in feel you're asking m.p.'s to write even line check for hard line fault breaks but if the prime minister attempts a no deal we will fight tooth and nail every inch of the word labor is clear the deal is not in the national interest it doesn't come anywhere near meeting outer it will make the country poorer and more divided it won't protect jobs the economy the new majority for any proposition on a future relationship with the european union in this house of commons except the
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majority of it is clearly against leaving with no deal. in a second defeat for terrorism a in the space of two days members of parliament voted to make the government quickly come up with an alternative if may's deal is rejected next week that would not be the end of it and we've also been looking at how parliament can take a greater role as we take these negotiations on to the next stage and so i can tell the house that in the event that our future relationship or alternative arrangements are not ready by the end of twenty twenty parliament we'll have a vote on whether to seek to extend the implementation period feelings are running high and a superior prominent conservative lawmaker in favor of britain remaining in the european union was abused outside parliament this week by hecklers who accused her of being a nazi. with
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a close second down to bricks at the end of march divisions are as wide as ever and pays a jew to vote on may's deal next tuesday which now for a look at some of the other stories making the news today. president trump has called talks to end the u.s. government shutdown a total waste of time after democratic leaders again refused to provide money for a mexican border wall the democrats left the white house saying trump had walked out of their meeting the shutdown is nineteen days old with no end in sight. u.s. secretary of state might pump aoe has made a surprise visit to iraq as part of a middle east tour to promote the white house's hard line position on around at the same time around has confirmed that it has arrested an american citizen michael white in the city of mashad that last july he's being held on unspecified charges. some fifty margarets who were stranded on two rescue ships in the mediterranean
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last month arrived in malta. the island state and the rest of the you had earlier agreed that the migrants would be transferred to locations and ate in countries along with some two hundred fifty other rescue migrants. accord in istanbul has sentenced a reporter who works for deed of you news to thirteen months in prison killen was convicted for insulting and slandering a public official of those charges came from a reporting on the paradise papers on a former turkish prime minister's ties to offshore tax havens the international consortium of investigative journalists as condemned the sentence as quote get another disgraceful attack on free speech in turkey. usually pailin on carets about other people and their stories now she's making headlines herself after being sentenced to jail for defamation an insult and slandering a public official but the big clue addiction takes you back to this verdict because here in turkey as a journalist i always have one foot in jail i'm not the only one many reporters are
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in the same position but we try not to let it get us down and we just carry on doing our job. she was the up might show. has been reporting for turkey service since last year. before that she was part of the international network of investigative journalists who analyzed and published the so-called paradise papers . leaks confidential documents revealing the offshore accounts of politicians business people and multinational companies who are avoiding taxes and sometimes evading them. during her research found in the alleged connection to the family of the former turkish prime minister yielded them and wrote articles about it for the turkish daily newspaper john kerry it yielded room sued her. in the big yanking the this is an attempt to intimidate not me personally or my articles but the whole journalism profession. by larry up
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with the message is if you report freely you will be punished. that's the situation for journalists here in turkey this student said. she may have been sentenced but not in prison yet she wants to appeal and while her case continues she hopes she will be able to focus on reading stories again instead of being the center of attention herself. or heavy snow fall and avalanches in austria and germany continue to claim wives' train services and road access have been disrupted and authorities warn that avalanche risk in the alps remains hard a number of communities have been cut off completely and more snow is due this week . i delivery of supplies for yak in our small village in bavaria the area is almost completely cut off the main roads blocked by fallen trees the only way in
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and down to is along this forest path how much longer it will remain open is not clear more snow is expected or thirty's have declared a state of emergency because of falling trees other parts of the varia are also buried in snow many schools are closed. in austria the situation is even more serious the battle against the snow continues in the northern outs the avalanche warning is at level five the very highest. in the city of south spurred soldiers have been brought in to clear as much as three metres of snow from roofs falling snow can be extremely destructive and experts are warning that the avalanche danger in the area is increasing by the day. because he did that means if there's need it is dangerous the snow does not really compact is that more and more builds up until it's released. and you could have possibly fatal consequences. of
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course of arson there's this. there's little improvement in prospect more snow when storms a for. the cost over the weekend. is i mean s.f. is following the story for us he's in into a town that's near salzburg in austria and he's been looking at the impact of the extreme snow fall on the community there and also on the risks people are taking this small open village is the end of the road over town which is one of austria's most popular ski resorts let's just up the mountain but access has been cut off i just booked to a family who came to ski from holland and they're actually stranded in this village because they couldn't get through now snow is not unusual in these parts but it has been falling faster than usual and without pause for the last ten days and this comes with dangerous snow weighs fifty kilograms per cubic meter and can put a lot of strain on structures especially the roofs of houses now the austrian
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military has gone out to help people clear the snow from their roofs and also to clear the roads to provide access to villages that are stranded but there's other dangers as well they have issued an avalanche warning the highest aventura impossible in four states here it's the second highest possible and yet people are still skiing now we talked to the head of tourism at town and he told us there's about three thousand people up there many of whom are skiing they know of the dangers of avalanches they've been warned but the thing is that avalanches are dangerous specifically because they're unpredictable like so much in weather like this. here in germany the attack on a politician from the far right alternative for germany continues to be at the center of hefty debate on political violence in the country after viewing surveillance tapes german prosecutors say they have a new version of what happened that differs from the initial account of an eyewitness. frank magnets left hospital on wednesday he says he doesn't remember the attack only what someone told him who helped him at the scene. first
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a little blue tooth and there was blood everywhere i asked what happened and he said it looked like it wouldn't plank or something was used he didn't know either but that's where the information about the plank comes from. this was the version of events from the f.t. via facebook it reads they knocked him unconscious with a wooden plank then continued kicking his head as he lay on the ground. if he co-leader alexander galland even spoke of attempted murder the party now admits the initial report was wrong video has since come to light captured by c.c.t.v. prosecutors say it shows the entire incident. we can't see any of the suspects wielding an object should any time the video we have to is not show that. it also does not show any kind of kicking or blues
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delivered by the suspects to the victim's body. what we do see is the suspect laying a mediately after the attack. forty five taken from the. prosecutors are treating the attack as grievous bodily harm for his part frank magnate still believes it was politically motivated. and schedule some sports now and football's asian cup you're back to stand as doubt oman with a late goal to seal a two one victory meanwhile four time champions japan battled back from a goal down to beat turkmenistan three two that thanks to a brace from. osaka and qatar to know when against levanon that scoreless first half. oh india's national football team have had a great start at the asia cup the blue tigers as unknown according to win the tournament for the very first time since one thousand nine hundred sixty four no opener the next face hosts united arab emirates on thursday with hopes very high
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now in cricket obsessed india football is finally getting some traction you know it's a secret they die hard indian football fans might have been keeping to themselves their team is a force to be reckoned with at the asian cup. although cricket remains the nation's main attraction young footballers are slowly gravitating towards football india has always had a massive pool of people to pick from to field a successful football team but that hasn't happened in a major tournament since the sixty's back in the ninety's the team gained a bit of momentum in terms of success breaking into feet one hundred one two different occasions but things were different back then. all right now the indian national team is getting more professional impaired to the time i play where there was just one doctor for the entire team. now there are at
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least two physiotherapists. and a fitness trainer accompanying the team if it can be seen in how they do their heads india's four one win over thailand in their cup opener could be a sign everything is coming to fruition. we just try to to to to win if we game you play and you want to compete and be competitive my thing we've done very well the last two three is. i think it's a continual process. we're not getting carried away. india like many nations have long been in need of success and a major tournaments to ensure themselves into the conversation when it comes to football. the blue tigers believe camaraderie of the pitch is their most valuable asset the unity of this world and the national is second to none it's unbelievable and i believe this is our biggest strength
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that's why when people come watch as they do you know when you play if you also be the football language of football together and you all die for each other on the field and it's very lucky to be part of this war. with over a billion people pulling for the blue tigers india's band of brothers will be tested is the asian cup rolls on. twenty nine t. be the new beginning for india has been waiting for. international football's governing body says a bahraini player facing extradition from thailand should be allowed to return to australia to continue his sports career higher authorities arrested. a bahraini dissident who has refugee status in australia on arrival at bangkok airport that in november the rest based on an interpol notice issued at bahrain's request he was convicted in absentia of vandalizing
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a bahraini police station but apparently was playing in a televised game at the time the crime was committed. let's get our businesses now is stephen a court case that could change the rules when it comes to corporate liability that's right brian we're talking about a court here in germany which will decide today whether clothing retailer kick can face a lawsuit for damages from a massive fire that occurred seven years ago at a factory in pakistan the factory was one of the company's key suppliers hundreds of people were killed in a blaze which was followed months later by the deadly collapse of another garment factory in bangladesh now kick argues that it is too late to take legal action but the four victims behind the suit hope they can set a precedent. more than two hundred fifty people lost their lives in this fire had a textile factory in the pakistani city of karachi back in two thousand and twelve it was reportedly an act of arson but the plaintiffs accuse germany's biggest close
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discounter of being partly responsible for the lack of sufficient fire protection at the site. keke was one of the factories main clients. the case also raises a more fundamental question related to globalization what responsibility to companies have for the condition of workers in low wage countries who supply them with cheap products keke has paid more than six million dollars for those affected by the fire that despite its call for the case to be thrown out due to the statute of limitations but whatever the outcome calls are growing for the law to provide more clarity on corporate liability. for all this let's talk to. he's been following the story from. the plaintiffs in this case can only receive thirty euros each maximum this case really goes beyond money doesn't it. well the case is not about the compensation to victims and their families i believe
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it has a lot to do with it kind of sets a precedent if the. admit the case and i'll be going to dalton today to do the hearing if that happens would set a precedent and the president is the best in companies who outsource the. countries like pakistan and bangladesh and sri lanka they should be they should bear some responsibility to. the safety standards in these countries for example safety standards in. business because in these in these factories and these companies. we're seeing some of the pictures there of the conditions when the fire occurred remind us again how significant was this fire in pakistan and of course the plaza collapse in bangladesh was months after i think right. well at the moment i do not think that many pakistanis remember what happened in two thousand. it was
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a big. protests took place the trade unions you know you're. right but that has not happened the safety standards have not improved i think what is important is that it should be more important for. the people here in the west the consumers they need to put more pressure on the companies that they must do something what is happening in these countries. being assembled or made. more important question is that it is important for the rest. between. now this is the only court case related to this fire of course there's also something occurring in pakistan relating to the contracting company he sort of explain what the difference is between cases. while in pakistan they are
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investigating a number of issues because it was claimed that it was. a political party was involved so what is happening in germany is different from what is happening in pakistan in terms of the legal procedure in the case. but we know the legal system in pakistan is good as what we have in germany in the rest. of. political factors. but it has nothing to do with with what is going to happen today. so a lot of eyes will be on this case today. thank you thanks for having me on the show. now the french tabacco or tobacco shop has been an institution for generations now alongst alongside cigarettes and lottery tickets customers can
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purchase something else in their neighborhood shop cryptocurrency it seems like there's one on every corner in french cities or tobacco shop now the small store was a selling bitcoins vouches can be bought at the counter and later a danger for the cryptocurrency restriction the buy must be at least eighteen years old. so. it's much more advantageous in terms of prices and it's easier in terms of transaction at least you're sure not to be given your bank card details to malicious websites. the business is a joint effort by french financial startup to play out on the association of tobacco retail is around four thousand stores already on board and many more are expected to take part kopeck hopes to help recover from its collapse in the last year a lot of people now know and for a wide are interested in bitcoin but don't know how to buy it even online it's
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quite complicated even if even the bitcoin concept and blog chain is quite complicated and then buying or or purchasing treats coin is if it's another step off of complication of course you store owners are also banking on the new business they hope can help make up for diminishing tobacco sales. we're already sell a lot of other things apart from tobacco we do money transfer as we said a lot of telephone related stuff we sell credit to buy things on amazon or other shopping websites and i think big coing goes well with the products we already off . of course making big queens more accessible does not automatically mean they'll be more acceptable to skeptics of digital currencies. and you can really buy everything at corner shops and this is a reminder of the top stories we're following for you electoral commission in the
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democratic republic of congo has declared opposition leader félix chickadee the surprise winner of last month's presidential election marching for you who was seen as the front runner in the election has dismissed the result as an electoral coupe . you're watching the news that's it for us at business you can always find out more online at t w dot com slash business and of course we'll have more for you in the coming hour thank you for watching.
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and. enjoy the conflict zone and confronting the powerful clues we can specialization comes in zone is coming to you from the. pharmacy for my guest is a veteran of close to the chief negotiator of south america. species dream of an independent state and mccain truth what would it look like a conflict so for me obviously. reset the computer game brings action to engine teaching.
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that small software can do you can maybe even decide if you can pick up the hierarchy and. it's a good it's egyptologists. to today sixty minutes v.w. . polo. how did. you discover your concept discovery with. after one hundred years the ideals of the bombs are more relevant today than they were. the sheer shapes to conquer a ball about people. with shaping society. with ideas.
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small part documentary starts january thirteenth w. that. the palestinians are deadlocked with israel and deadlocked amongst themselves so what do they do now this week in a special edition conflict zone is coming to you from the bush foreign policy forum my guest is the veteran palestinian chief negotiator saeb erekat if you dream of an independent state ever came true what would it look like.


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