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this is deja vu news to live from berlin a surprise election results in the democratic republic of congo joya drops among supporters of opposition leader felix chizik haiti after he was declared winner of the presidential election if confirmed this will be the country's first democratic transfer of power in nearly sixty years but some candidates are crying foul also coming up southern germany and austria experiencing the heaviest snowfall in two decades a report on how a group of german teenagers now really avoided death on
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a ski slope in the alps plots it was a bra bearing worthy of a hollywood heist movie thieves in germany used basic appointment to steal one of the most priceless gold coins in the world from a burglar museum today the suspects are appearing in court. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program supporters of the opposition in the democratic republic of congo have been celebrating after their candidate feel it's just a kavi was declared winner of the presidential election he was not expected to win but the electoral commission says that he receives thirty eight percent of the vote now if confirmed it will be the country's first democratic transfer of power since independence in one nine hundred sixty it will also end the rule of president joseph kabila of the runner up. tonfa ulu has denounced the outcome as an electoral
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coupe france is also questioning the results. now speaking after he was announced when a chance to katie paid his respects to be calling president. hu i know many of you will find it hard to accept. but i say it with sincerity i pay homage to president joseph kabila president of the republic. would today we must no longer consider each other as adversaries. but rather as partners in democratic change in our country. let's get more now we're going to go to correspondent william clough us who is in the capital kinshasa william welcome to the program we're hearing people are celebrating on the streets what are you seeing . welcome traffickers traditionally being a stronghold of felix's security party the.
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after the announcement about two or three am in the morning there were indeed the scenes of jubilation of thousands of people in the streets particularly in the areas where the u.p.s. is traditionally strongest and this is a big big surprise for them because that proxy was the first opposition party grounded in congo with nearly eighty and if you talk to their supporters they've been waiting a very very long time for this so that's the same contrast there is no longer a city that it's entirely for further u.p.s. an official predictions because he said it's not seen that universal joy a big surprise in the outcome in fact is being contested the runner up in fact rejecting the outcome i just want to listen to what he had to say and get your reaction. euna lee's results do not reflect the truth of the ballots. this is obviously
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an acceptable electoral fraud of a nature that will provide general details across the country. and william fi ulu we hear him speaking there but he isn't the only one to raise questions about the outcome why. well the source of this contestation is i don't deny zation that represents the congolese catholic bishops which deployed a forty thousand strong motivation mission on election day and they said soon after the election they have data in their possession that gives a clear when they didn't reveal the name of that we're not but diplomatic sources would have been quoted by the new times as well as other media revealed that the catholic church believes. is the way out and obviously now are in a situation where they had actual commission has declared a different opposition candidate the winner and i think of a small owning the french government have also explained that according to their
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interpretation which was based on the catholic bishops the it wasn't hard another opposition candidate to should have been declared the victor so how could we possibly then see this play out would you say over the next hours over the next days. well prostitution of course still means career proves to validate security victory and knows about the seventy eight day period which other candidates have to file complaints traditionally the constitutional court is being seen as lacking independent. opposition candidates may not feel they get a fair hearing of the oh perfect. which well you do have a pool for you for the catholic bishop to come out publicly announce. the very thing the winner of the crown there will be. might happen william plus
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in kinshasa thank you so much. the trial opens today in brussels of a french national accused of carrying out a terror attack after returning from middle east where he had joined the so-called islamic state prosecutors have charged. with entering a jewish museum in central cross and twenty fourteen and gunning down four people it was the first of a series of attacks in europe attributed to i.a.s. . and a group of teenage skiers from germany have been pulled alive from an avalanche in the alps the school's group was on a beginner's slope in austria when they were suddenly hit by masses of snow another teenager skier in a different location was unfortunately not so lucky he was killed after being hit by an avalanche the news comes as parts of southern germany and the alps are dealing with the heaviest snowfall in two decades we will have more from our correspondent in the area in just
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a moment but first this report. in austria me have been put to work to battle the elements carefully clearing the especially damp and heavy snowfall to prevent house reefs from collapsing. some of austria's mountain regions have the highest avalanche warning level people are being evacuated from mountain huts many roads are closed. experts are particularly concerned that sooner or later the loose snow could fall in so-called dust avalanches. the thing about dust avalanches is not so much that they bring in extreme amount of snow but more that they produce in extreme pressure waves there reaches as far as the valley itself and this significant impact can have disastrous consequences at the school for mainly here. ski operators have shut down the lifts as a precautionary measure insane tant on a sixteen year old skier was caught and killed in an avalanche in another part of
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the alps a group of schoolchildren was caught up to but managed to escape it was a traumatic experience in. total of six young people were dragged along a few forward buried two were able to free themselves immediately and then helped rescue the others and what they were she didn't lead me to. invariant to the earth or at least have taken precautionary measures roads have been closed and there is also the threat of falling trees a number of schools in the snowbound areas are closed for the time being. the for child safety is a priority i heard earlier that there were probably two bus accidents with school buses in bavaria and we definitely wanted to avoid that that snow could cause such accidents for the safety of the children is our priority and that's why we have made these decisions. some villages are almost completely cut off some can only be
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reached by special vehicles in the small variant area of yet canal roads have been blocked by fall and trees after days of snow fall a forest road became the last rouge available. the fire brigade used this emergency rate to bring food to the village but if snow continues to full full cost as expected about a meter in the coming days then the people will have no way out. and our correspondent i mean as if it is on the scene there in austria well it has been snowing for the past ten days without letting up and it is still coming down we were out here last night as you can see there are snow drifts this is snow of more than a meter two meters perhaps we've seen snow drifts of up to four meters is really everywhere it is a complete white out here we're actually just down the road from overtown which is one of the most popular ski resorts in austria and the road is closed there is no access to the ski resort there's actually people in this hotel right here who are
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holed up playing board games but we met a family from holland who came here to ski they can't get through and there is waiting for the roads to open up again but of course it is not all about cancelled because because there are villages just over here in a region called upper styria there's an estimated fifteen hundred people who are completely cut off from the rest of the world that means they're living off the resources that are found in their small towns let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world yemen's hoofy rebels have carried out a drone attack that killed several people in the south of the country who theon saudi reports say that the attack hit a military base near on that tension in yemen has been rising again over how to implement a u.n. sponsored peace deal australian police say that they have arrested a man suspected of mailing thirty eight threatening packages to foreign consulates in three cities the forty eight year old has been charged with sending dangerous materials by
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a postal service the packages allegedly contained especially. chinese t.v. has released images of president xi jinping meeting with north korean ruler kim jong un in beijing observers believe that the two leaders discussed preparations for a possible second summit between the u.s. and north korea kim returned to north korea late on late yesterday excuse me. now u.s. president donald trump has called talks and at the u.s. government shutdown a total waste of time after democratic leaders again refused to provide money for a mexican border wall the democrats left the white house saying that trump had walked out of their meeting the shutdown is now nineteen days old with no end in sight. and it was one of the most spectacular robberies in living memory in march of twenty seventeen in the middle of the night thieves in berlin somehow managed to steal a one hundred kilogram gold coin from one of the city's most prestigious museums
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today four suspects are going on trial in connection with that heist there has still been no trace of the coin but there has been plenty of speculation as to where it may have ended up. it was one of the most spectacular heists ever seen in berlin a golden coin weighing one hundred kilos half a metre across and worth four million euros but what's happened to the piece called the big make belief with gold smith mark school and what you could do with a huge gold coin first you have to cut it up to melt the car would use a circular saw you'd also be left with a pile of gold dust which you somehow have to melt down would be very time consuming. melting the gold would mean it could then be cost into pause or brings but only by using specialist equipment.
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it's a sure thing is an expensive process it can be done sure but a furnace that can reach the right temperature to melt gold is not like the oven in your kitchen. the temperature of eight or nine hundred degrees celsius would be needed and they leverage a fair like the heist itself the thieves walked across the train track running alongside the museum then used a lever to climb in through a window they smashed open the display case with an axe and threw the heavy coin on to nearby parkland police were quickly on the case three members of a well known criminal gang were arrested along with the museum supervisor traces of gold were found on their clothing and tools but there was no sign of the loot the big maple leaf. marks gone the goldsmith has got his own idea about what happened to it. he. i think it was melted down into small
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bottles and taken out of the country and. he would have been used in some other business probably illegal. so you can't sell gold without leaving a trail of evidence. mr. the boda museum is still hoping the precious original will resurface one day but for the time being there's only this called board replica. you're watching news still to come on the program just ahead a german court decides today if a clothing retailer is liable for a fire at a garment workshop in pakistan stephen beardsley will have all of that and more coming up in just a few minutes time. you're watching news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thank you so much for joining us have a great day. where
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is home. when your family is scattered across the globe. with the insisted you could do is if you go for a journey back to the roots you should get a minimum of the. shards family from somalia those around me i'm going to break into systems. move finally starts in january twenty first on d. w. .


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