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me me me me me me me. me. me. me me me me. me me. me me me me me a and me me i am me me me me me. this is it every news line from berlin the results of the presidential elections of the democratic republic of congo are in but the outcome is being called into question opposition leader felix or just a kid he is declared the winner but there were one catholic church which has a lot of sway in the country is just feuding official results and the runner up says the vote is didn't amount to
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a coup also coming up empty shelves at the supermarket medicine running out any battered economy we take you to venezuela as president nicolas maduro begins a sick and six year term in office and europe hit by winter weather chaos in southern germany and austria eric spear using the heaviest snowfall in two decades at least seventeen people have died we report on the communities cut off in the worst hit areas and it was a robbery worthy of a hollywood heist movie themes in germany used basic tools to steal a giant gold coin worth almost four million euros from museum in berlin but today the suspects appeared in court. room and. play i am awesome. great to have you along everyone. well no one expected him to win and now there are
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protests in the democratic republic of congo after authorities declared opposition candidate felix just a k.d. the winner of the presidential election while one report says three people have died and protests the catholic church is powerful and influential in congo and it has questioned whether the declared winner really did win the church had forty thousand observers at the polls last month and says its numbers do not tally with the results declared by the election commission. reactions were mixed after felix a k.d. was announced the winner from jubilation was. to consternation people certainly made their feelings known. the opposition leader wasn't expected to win the presidential vote in the democratic republic of congo but he edged out his main rival putting the country on
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course for its first democratic transfer of power in almost sixty years since independence. and i know many of you will find it hard to accept. but i say it with sincerity i pay homage to president joseph kabila president of the republic. today we must no longer consider each other as adversaries. but rather as partners in democratic change in our country. some believe sikka katie won by cutting a deal with president joseph kabila who's clung to power for eighteen years. although could be preferred candidate only came third the man expected to win mountain fire is among many contesting the results. of these results do not reflect the truth of the ballots.
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this is obviously an acceptable electoral fraud. that will provoke general chaos across the country mr meanwhile the country's influential catholic church is already questioning the vote it says official results do not match the outcome compiled by its forty thousand observers at all polling stations across the troubled country the church has also called for calm still many people are upset in golmaal many did not hide their feelings amid the potential for unrest . if you look at me who but we don't want to smack of alien sale of the congolese people's power. i think but. we're going to call on article sixty four of our constitution. in the end though experts say it will be up to the country's constitutional court to rule on the vote. already to view correspondent
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wendy bashi joins me now from kinshasa on the phone wendy is so did felix such a sick eighty win or are these just provisional results. according to this and that if what the folkies another result yet in waiting for the fixing i think one who will. probably even say in days this year that they will probably that would be a day or maybe didn't i know that mary go for the moment but if he could be the next president of yemen wendy what is the risk of civil unrest and of instability in general taking into account the country's history of elections. for the moment during these. people are waiting for the words of all the needs of your position today as you probably know this thing called the gotta live church made a press conference where they meet again they reside there for you to descend into and the people of my going for you told me that they're waiting for myself i want
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to tell them what to do landings are making kids used to go down the street and ask to the village go on buddy to give the correct result because according to them. to correct one what i want what i'm wondering randy is what does this all mean for the incumbent terms of could be a law or does he benefit at all from the situation because some where you are i think there may have been a backroom deal. actually everybody's talking about it seems it seems as if that meant to me to think anybody knows but you know exactly what this is about. being according to what people are saying when you as a question maybe you can benefit of this situation because someone in the street told me you know it's got he has said that we need the power and you save and the d.v.d. go for them today's idea is a great present because this is the first time in this country where a president a policy and not a one as
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a president was kids doing that day in power so let's wait for this shoe chilled moscow days and really see was this situation will be but too early to sink for the moment all right to defuse when the bashi reporting from contrasts i think you. bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. a funeral service for five teenage girls killed last week in a fire has been held in poland officials joined relatives and friends for the emotional ceremony the girls were celebrating a birthday at a recreational. science but were trapped inside when a fire broke out. yemen's who the rebels have carried out a drone attack that killed several people in the south of the country who theon in saudi reports say the assault targeted a military base there are not tensions in yemen have been rising again over how to
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implement a u.n. sponsored peace deal. the human rights group amnesty international has called for an international investigation into the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the n.g.o.'s office in turkey made the appeal on the one hundredth day since she's death saudi agents allegedly killed the journalists inside the us saudi consulate in istanbul his body has not been recovered. u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo has delivered a resoundingly rebuke to the obama administration's mideast policies at a key speech in cairo on peo is touring in capitals in the region to brief allies after president donald trump announced he was pulling u.s. troops out of syria speaking at the american university in the egyptian capital pompei o accused predecessor of being naive and timid when confronted with the
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challenges posed by the arab spring uprisings that shook the middle east political order starting in twenty eleven while pompeo said obama's policies have diminished america's role in the region and harmed its longtime allies because once witness convulsions from tunis to tehran is all systems crumble and new ones to struggle to emerge. that happened here too. and at this critical moment america your long time friend was absent too much. all right and that was the u.s. secretary of state speaking earlier today in the egyptian capital i'm now joined in the studio by ghetto or steinberg from the german institute for international and security affairs so good to have you here with us a good oh so a major mideast policy speech unfolded earlier today from the top u.s.
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diplomat and one of president tom's closest cabinet allies what did you make of it . three points the u.s. wants to reassure its allies in the region that it continues to fight even though it wants to withdraw its forces from syria second it wants to reassure its allies and build an alliance against a country iran and this alliance would consist of israel egypt saudi arabia in the first place and complain recently spoke about maximum pressure and these countries were no he tries to rally these countries in order to exert maximum pressure against iran but that sounds like mission impossible almost because so on the one side he's saying you know the u.s. is not retreating from the region but on the same side he is reasserting trump's decision to pull out troops from syria i'm just wondering how is he squaring that circle well i don't really think there is a there is a major contradiction simply because in syria there are
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a little bit more than two thousand soldiers stationed there israel saudi arabia there is the u.a.e. who are all confronting iran in one way or another in american troops are stationed in turkey in iraq all over the gulf so the united states and its allies if they want to have the military means and have to a confront iran and they've got all kinds of other means in order to exert pressure on military pressure all right well let's listen to mr palmer because he tore a lot into iran when he said exactly i want to continue our conversation right after this let's take a listen let's turn to iran. president trump has reversed our willful blindness to the danger of the regime and withdrew from the failed nuclear deal with its false promises. the us we imposed sanctions the should never have been lifted when parked on a new pressure campaign to cut off the revenues the regime uses to spread terror and destruction throughout the world. in syria the united states will use diplomacy and
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work with our partners to expel every last iranian boot and work through the un led process to bring peace and stability to the long suffering syrian people. ok so that's a really tall order you know so first of all the u.s. is retreating out of syria but we need to get iran out of syria and also we need to get the iranian influence out of lebanon it all sounds like pile in the sky that will not work the iranians are already building a military infrastructure in syria and that's part of the reason why israel has started attacking iranian targets and hezbollah targets in syria in late two thousand and seventeen they have already traded or they have conducted attacks before but they intensified this policy in late two thousand and seven seventeen there is no way though to. push the iranians out of the country and there is no way to push the iranians and the hizbullah allies from lebanon if you want to do that
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if you want to start a policy like that you have to attack these militias in both countries which will mean a major war in the middle east so you know i'm going to ask you to stay with us because i want to get your take on another story that we are covering as well because. in his speech in cairo mike pompei you know also talked about the risk of terrorism exported by islamic state to other regions of the world and today in belgium the trial began of a french national and suspected i as fighter accused of fatally shooting four people and a jewish museum in brussels back in two thousand and fourteen prosecutors say the assailant killed an israeli couple in two people working at the museum he's alleged to have carried out the attack after returning from training with the so-called islamic state in syria and iraq on the attack was also the first of a series of terrorist incidents in europe attributed to i.a.s.
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returning and our correspondent teri schultz has this report now from brussels. many people in brussels know exactly where they were that horrific moment more precisely after those eighty two seconds and i remember i was at my home i don't know my father just called me and he said where are you. with my family and he told me that the shooting took place in three that the museum initial reports of gunfire in the street turned out to be this a gunman suspected of being french nationals met in a movie entering the museum and shooting in his really couple and two museum employees. and this is his kid i saw his parents and them in except here then the gunman put his weapons in a duffel bag and disappeared all in less than a minute and a half the world kind of challenge for us not only jewish community the whole
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population of course wolf. was picked up a few days later on a bus in france still carrying what are thought to be the murder weapons lots of ammunition and a videotaped confession pledging more bloodshed on behalf of the terrorist group islamic state he's believed to have been in syria with the group in two thousand and thirteen french journalist taken hostage by us identified him as one of their jailers english then allegedly came back to europe. and he was in that context connected also to some of these other french and belgian friends are there in syria who were alerted involved in the attacks in paris and brussels new moves also faces charges in france for the hostage taking but now just a few hundred metres from the brussels jewish museum he's going on trial for the four murders there thomas renard says this first european trial of a returned foreign fighter is extremely important but it's the first bar someone
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who came back from iraq and so it doesn't matter not only symbolic. but also to better understand what his trajectory was what his motives were and also to to bring some light on this phenomenon that was rather new at least in this extent. but for the rest of europe the jewish community will be closely watching to for the next three will be very difficult and painful for everyone here of course but then we feel about all the work we've done things the attack and all the new projects that we have for the coming weeks and months pascal follicle had jeff says the museum has thousands more visitors now than before most are not jewish and many are muslim as part of a deliberate post-attack outreach by both communities and we know that we are on the good way. and i just heard it on.
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our get our steinberg from the german search for international and secure fares is still here with me on the set you know this is as terry was reporting the first trial in europe of a terror attack suspect is allegedly an islamic state returning. why is this so significant i mean terry outlined some of the things that is significant because it was the start of an era here in europe this one state had already planned to perpetrate attacks in germany france and britain from late two thousand and thirteen that was the first successful attack then resulting in a number of attacks first in france and belgium most notably the attacks on november thirteenth two thousand fifteen then in germany in spain and in britain these were two and a half to three years way slamming states from syria sent back people terrorists to perpetrate attacks and these attacks changed the continent at least the western
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part of it how many such return ease are now in your mind i know it's difficult to put an exact number on it but still just give us a broad idea especially also here in germany well it must be a. four digit number about five thousand foreign fighters from europe were in syria and iraq between two thousand and two thousand and eighteen several hundreds of which are now in in germany and they pose a serious threat although most of the. most of them are either in jail or under under investigation. it's quite a high number simply because islamic state in two thousand and fourteen especially proved to be so attractive for thousands of european of recruits how do authorities here assess the threat of such people who return. from you know syria or iraq
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who've been under the influence of the so-called islamic state the threat is still there but it's not as high as as between two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and seventeen for one simple thought the organization that stood behind me and all these others who perpetrated attacks as does a disappeared it's still an underground movement in iraq and syria but it's not an organization that is able to send back fighters to europe in order to perpetrate attacks and that is why the threat overall is not as high the threat level is not as high anymore as in two thousand and fourteen fifteen and sixteen. steinberg of the german institute for international asked your to first thank you so much for weighing in greatly appreciate it all right now across europe the heaviest snowfall in two decades is bringing daily life in alpine regions grinding to a halt at least seventeen people are reported to have died from weather related causes
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in the past week austria has been especially hard hit forecasters warn that there will be more snow and in some places avalanche warnings are at their highest level . it is a beautiful sight but the snow laden slopes also spell danger many mountainsides in austria so heavy with snow that the army is preparing to sort of avalanches with controlled explosions. in the past twenty four hours it is snowed nonstop. most of interest in yemen and it makes sense to set off these explosions that's a common strategy to diffuse the situation but the areas with the highest threat level there above two thousand two hundred meters you cannot set off explosions there because you can't get there and when a team comes in the valleys the battle against the snow continues we're told they're complaining about cancellations the austrian chamber of commerce is expecting business to drop by fifty percent in the affected areas. one hotel owner
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who is grateful just to be alive. he was finally lifted from his mountain shadow on wednesday he had been snowed in since christmas day. the money expert those weeks i was trapped the feeling was very depressing and it's exhausting to shovel snow. in germany a state of emergency has been declared in parts of. the need to be in the worst affected areas the snow on the roof sways up to four hundred kilos. you know we must urgently from those roofs. need to be. experts fear that up to me to a fresh snow will fall in austria before the weekend meeting the chaos in the north is set to continue. so a lot more to tell you about so here's what's still ahead. and two shows at the supermarket a run on medicine and a battered economy life in venezuela as president nicolas maduro begins
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a second term in office. hundred kilograms of canadian goals snatched by thieves from a berlin museum now four men are facing trial over the brazen that. business first and a legal battle that could have ensured better working conditions in pakistan instead that's. sort of blocked if you will a court decision has left many asking who is liable for the working conditions in supplier factories in low wage countries a german court has rejected a lawsuit by four pakistanis against german discount clothing retailer keke they wanted the company to take responsibility for a fire at a textile factory in karachi six years ago in addition to thirty thousand euros each in damages. the plaintiffs a survivor and three parents who lost their sons won't get compensation retailer
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kick refuses to take legal responsibility for a deadly factory fire in pakistan and the case cannot be tried in germany. the reason is that the statute of limitations has expired therefore the court cannot decide whether the claims asserted i even possible in substance and amount. in september two thousand and twelve more than two hundred fifty people died in a fire at a cake supply a factory in pakistan the blaze was triggered by a pakistani protection money racket the victims say they want to take to compensate them because the high number of victims was due to a lack of adequate fire protection the textile retailer has long rejected any guilt . and we don't see it or this judgement to be correct and fair in every respect the fire itself was the result of a terrorist arson attack that kid could not do anything about. the factory was in perfect condition at the time the fire happened before. human rights organizations
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are disappointed who's held accountable for duster disasters in low wage countries local suppliers of the companies they serve. that question remained an endorsement. now a short while ago we spoke to miriam zaga mas she's with the european center for constitutional and human rights and represented one of the plaintiffs we asked her if this case has had any impact despite the claims being rejected. so the merits have not been decided which still means that the whole industry needs to be on their toes because when ever there is a new tick factory disaster the next claim will be brought and we will again ask the courts to make a decision on liability questions also the case has been putting so much pressure on kik that they were willing to pay in total six million us dollars in an out of court negotiation. and i think at least for the german debate this case has also
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highlighted that we are desperately in need of better laws and make us need to be thinking about supply chain liability of world's. germany is influential industry association has called on the european union to adopt a tougher policy towards china in a paper presented on thursday the beady eyes stressed that germany and the west must do more if they don't want to lose their competitive edge on world markets the tougher tone is the latest sign that european policymakers and business leaders are becoming increasingly worried about china as a competitor and it's a group in the konami. chinese market has long been a gold mine for many german companies with high and carmakers like audi and mercedes making an ever larger share of their profits here but the b.t.i. federation for german industry claims the chinese market is far from a level playing field. the business lobby accuses beijing of using a combination of protectionism price dumping and state subsidies to bolster china's
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economy and cement the central government's control divide that the development of a free market isn't on beijing's agenda these are the central government is trying to expand the communist party control of the economy and civil society. and that's become more apparent in the last three years because. there is also growing concern that china shopping tour of buying controlling shares of german high tech companies like robotics manufacturing kuka could soon lead to a strategic disadvantage for europe in the report the b.t.r. is calling on berlin to take action to make the economies of germany and europe more resilient among the demands increased scrutiny of china's state support for firms that compete with european companies and more oversight of chinese acquisitions the b.t.i. also says western countries must do more to defend their lead in technology as. of course we need to do our own homework first and increase our own competitiveness by investing more in infrastructure and education including research by expand the
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research budget. of the but often. the b.d. i also believe you members must close ranks to ensure china does not eventually gain a competitive edge in technology. and that's all for business i'll be back with more later on but when till then we have still a well still have a lot more coming up javier because listen up hollywood executives if you're watching a new study finds that films with strong female leads outperform male lead movies at the box office we'll find out more affirm our culture editor that and a whole lot more coming right up.
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growing up. remaining a child forever there's no doubt in his mind. marcus the thirty five year old child . he's conspicuous and just trouble fitting in but he's not going to be ignored in. life with autism.
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and. the new training for. innovation on that occasion. but this is one game we can't afford to lose the world food program fights and gold what helping people help themselves my goal. great to see you back again away iraq and berlin you're watching the news they is this is our main headline right now. opposition leader felix she circadian has been declared the surprise winner of last month's presidential election in the democratic republic of congo but the powerful catholic church there is this feuding
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the official results and protests have turned violent. but israel is presidents nicolas maduro has been sworn in for a controversial second term by the law was reelected last may and vote boycotted by the majority of the opposition and dismissed as a fraud by much of the international community the european union the united states and venezuela south-american neighbors all boycotted the swearing in ceremony which was carried out by the supreme court rather than by congress which is controlled by the opposition. as the duro would takes the helm for another six years venezuela's battered economy is showing no signs of recovery meaning more misery for its citizens. cattle trucks that serve as public transport. supermarket shelves empty of all basic goods. this is what venezuela under
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president maduro has come to look like. when nicolas maduro took office after chavez died in two thousand and thirteen he inherited his predecessors socialist revolution meant to champion social justice and people power over his whalen's. yet before long the duros so to tighten his own grip on power. he cracked down on dissenting voices prominent opposition leaders were arrested or put under house arrest. when the opposition gained control of venezuela's parliament mature a set of a new constituent assembly that could bypass parliament the move sparked mass protests. many violently crushed by police. in may last year was confirmed in office in elections that were widely seen as
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a sham many western and latin american countries have refused to recognize the result you think you know they said that you were obliged to vote. yes they said the people were coerced. it's a lack of respect. over a parliament is now largely toothless its leader wango edo has vowed to fight back . we reaffirm the illegitimacy of nicolas maduro as a result this national assembly as the only legitimate power elected by the venezuelan people should assume the representation of the people. and it's the people of venezuela who continue to suffer under. a recession exacerbated by economic mismanagement has brought the country to its knees. it was once a wealthy oil nation and one of latin america's most prosperous societies today
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more than huff of venezuelans struggled to feed themselves and their families. hyperinflation and a shortage of basic goods have caused an unprecedented humanitarian crisis that has driven three million venezuelans to flee the country. now it was one of the most spectacular robberies in living memory in them our march twenty seventh eves in berlin somehow managed to steal a one hundred kilogram gold coin from one of the city's most prestigious museums four suspects are now going on trial in connection with the thefts prosecutors say three of them broke into the museum and used the ladder a wheelbarrow and our world to extract the coins from its bulletproof glass case the fourth suspect is a museum guard and there is still no trace of the four million euro coins but there has been plenty of speculation as to where it is now.
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it was one of the most spectacular heists ever seen in berlin the golden coing weighing one hundred kilos half a metre across and worth four million euros but what's happened to the piece called the big make belief we asked goldsmith max korn what you could do with a huge gold coin but this is the first you'd have to close it up to melt it i would use a circular saw you'd also be left with a pile of gold dust which you somehow have to melt down be very time consuming. melting the gold down mean it could then be cost into pause or brings but only by using specialist equipment. it's a sure thing is an expensive process it can be done sure but a furnace that can reach the right temperature to melt gold is not like the oven in your kitchen. the temperature of eight or nine hundred degrees celsius would be
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needed and they leverage a fair like the heist itself the thieves walked across a train track running alongside the museum then used a lever to climb in through a window they smashed open the display case with an axe and threw the heavy coin on to nearby parkland police were quickly on the case three members of a well known criminal gang were arrested along with the museum supervisor traces of gold were found on their clothing and tools but there was no sign of the loot the big maple leaf. marks gone the goldsmith has got his own idea about what happened to it. he. i think it was melted down into small bottles and taken out of the country and. they would have been used in some other business probably illegal. so you can't sell gold without leaving
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a trail of evidence he missed. the boat the museum is still hoping the precious original will resurface one day but for the time being there's only this cardboard replica. to have year now and a familiar sounding scandal in the auto industry it's not about folks this time layla but it is indeed quite similar like german. feel that chrysler has falling foul of us all floridians in the diesel emissions scandal it's now due to pay more than five hundred fifteen million dollars in settlement the u.s. the tally and company is accused of using illegal softer and more than one hundred thousand of its jeep cherokee s.u.v.s and ram pickups it however denies any wrongdoing the settlement is a far cry from vargas a german automaker has already paid more than twenty billion dollars in the u.s. alone while price first says it will issue an emissions recall for the effect of
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vehicles but will not offer to buy them back. the dollar corresponded my actuator has been following this story for us in washington my it's good to see you but let's start with the basics this all sounds very much like diesel gate scandal where the company as we know used illegal software to alter emission levels so why is it chrysler settlement so much lower. a lot of this has to do with the volume of cars in the u.s. chrysler simply sells far fewer diesel cars than volkswagen does and diesel cars are far less common in the us than they are elsewhere in the world the number of cars being recalled is also far less than what w. had to deal with i think v.w. had to recall or even buy back around six hundred thousand cars and chrysler will only have to take back around one hundred thousand but it's also there's
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a very different way that the scandal affected both these companies or as a v.w. the it was the top executives who were aware of this cheating software that was part of their cars and they specifically built this software to circumvent testing and make it look like they were pushing down emissions when in fact they weren't at chrysler in fact what it was was the company that makes the software that regulates these things in cars bosch just snuck of the software into the cars out for chrysler knowing which is part of the reason why they're pleading not guilty they're found guilty and prosecutors are not pushing further with this now let's talk about the customers because we know as you mentioned your cars in this case it's also for customers probably but has there any been any reaction to these revelations from effect to customers. well i'm sure if you're a chrysler car owner this is going to be extremely annoying but fortunately there's
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only two models of cars that have been reported to be affected by this recall and it's just models that were built between two thousand and fourteen and twenty sixteen so again. in the grand scheme of things not that many cars will be affected and chrysler and as part of this package this this payout that they're giving out they are setting aside between two hundred sixty and two hundred eighty million dollars specific lee to compensate their customers who will have to have their cars recalled it started very small at that time and folks like us well let's see how this one goes thank you very much mike of twitter in washington for us. now if you are like me you probably have no clue what to do if you're washing machine breaks down but we all have that one friend or relative who can help us out right well that apparently is slowly changing as a whole appliances become more complex and digitally networked consumer advocates fear that normal users are losing the ability to make basic repairs this push for
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a so-called right to repair and regulatory committee is taking up the issue this month. the house with the appliance industry seems to have to develop a love affair with new technology promising smart homes full of network refrigerators washing machines and other electronic devices but many consumers are actually pining for a return to the good old days when appliances lasted much longer and were easier to fix when they broke evidence is mounting that home appliances are breaking down earlier and becoming too complex to fix. in many cities activists are setting up volunteer repair shops to help people overcome what many see as planned obsolescence. people are too slack with. the cents more and more known only so-so on green bay industry creates tricks so that we buy
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it with more stuff that's why the european commission is in the final stages of approving regulations to build repairability into the very manufacturing process. the new rules would make it easier for people to disassemble appliances ensure that spare parts are readily available. and that repair instructions are provided by. the european appliance manufacturers association says it is basically behind the new regulations as long as they are applied to all competitors and that amateur safety and liability issues are addressed. but if you can repair your washing machine you can still buy a new one at sears there may be hope for traditional american retail giant their department store chain is facing liquidation as part of an ongoing bankruptcy process now the head of the sears holding company has submitted a takeover bid worth more than five billion dollars in an eleventh hour bid to keep the company afloat the company will consider the offer which would save around
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fifty thousand jobs during a back room see auction next week. and it's one of the most iconic buildings in the world's most famous skyline and had inscribed their building is for sale again ten years after a mere roddy investment firm acquired the art deco landmark for eight hundred million dollars the current price might be a bit lower according to experts despite having many fans the building is competing against a slew of much younger more modern buildings attract insolvent clients opened in one thousand nine hundred thirty and standing three hundred nineteen meters tall the chrysler building once was the world's tallest. it's all for business for now it's back to late for more yes and i stand by it it's the prettiest building in manhattan still are and we're have since force news for you police in spain have arrested twenty eight professional tennis players following
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a match fixing investigation into an armenian criminal gang the unnamed players are thought to be from the lower tiers of pro tennis but one of them said part in last year's us open footage from the issues in europe poll police agency show the raids including searches of eleven houses in spain where one hundred sixty seven thousand euros in cash was seized along with credit cards and a shotgun and three people in total are being helped. football's asian cup the second round of the year group stage has kicked off and hosts united arab emirates beat in the air by a score of to nail putting them on top of group a and in other action jordan cruise to a two nil victory against syria to increase their lead at the top of group b. and thailand came away with their first win of the tournament against the hayne the ties had sacked their coach after losing the opener and this time now that the
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matches only goal the one to sleep returns to action in just over a weekend and of the restart bryan munich are flying back to germany following their mid-season training camp in qatar well with controversy injuries and a new signing the winter break has been eventful for the reigning champions. by an munich's last training session in qatar is done and dusted wigan are you and robin is struggling for fitness for friday's been as they can return against hoffenheim but there was a glimmer of hope after a solid day of work. today it was good. a good into the camp. the week didn't go as i'd hoped but today was good. by ends time and guitar has been equally mixed many fans were happy to see them but back home of us were upset with the club spending the mid-season break in a country accused of human rights abuses controversy that erupted when frank river
7:46 pm
re posting a video of him eating a three hundred euro gold coated stake in dubai ahead of his arrival in cata his expletive laced backlash against critics led to a big club fine he then ended up getting injured in a cuts out training match there was some good news for by enjoying the week with the announcement france will cook when they will join in july. by and head back to munich with a lot of baggage. now they have to focus on the big job at hand trying to over hold bruce you don't sleep at the top of the bundesliga. now a robotic six tory was selected to receive an award at this year's consumer electronics show in las vegas until it was deemed obscene and the word was taken away while now people are taking to twitter with the hash tag. gender bias and you don't use social media editor for the juror is here with more on the story takeaway
7:47 pm
food for the go what happened so it's all about this new supposedly highly technological female sex toy it's called ozy and it's a robotic by braith or you can see it right here hopefully. so it was selected by a panel of experts judges at one of as one of the winners of the innovation awards at this year's consumer consumer electronics show which is the tech industries biggest annual conference and but later organizers got in touch with the company and said that they decided to disqualify the product they said that they had included it by mistake and that they reserve the right to withdraw any product that they deemed immoral or obscene and now that statement seems to imply that women sexual products are somehow obscene or immoral and that's really what sparked an uproar online and we can take a look at some of those comments from women who took to twitter disses an employee
7:48 pm
at laura de carlo which is the u.s. company behind the vibrator and she says we revolutionizing robotics and sex tech and c.s. is proving yet again that they want to keep the white male status quo another woman here who writes sex rabbits virtual reality porn and booth babes are fine but and in an innovative and tastefully designed product engineers for female pleasure with no less than eight pending. it's is deemed immoral and obscene so big frustration out there at what to some of these women seems like a lingering double standard when it comes to sexual products targeted at women supposed to men so does that mean that other six products are on display during. that yet and they have been for quite a long time i mean last year for example there was this a sex dole robert called harmony that was due to the convention in twenty seventeen
7:49 pm
there was a room dedicated to virtual reality porn which was also quite popular with visitors so sex toys also for women have been on display and some of them even won some prizes in the past so it's quite there's there's a lot of confusion as to why this particular product has yet has been banned yeah i mean it's not really that controversial you know when you look at it anyway what did laura di carlo say that they are the ones who are producing these vibrator what do they have to say about all the fuss they claimed that there is a larger issue of gender bias at sea yes but actually we can hear from the c.e.o. of the company herself laura had to because the business team was at the conference and they talked to her so take a listen this is a space where where people can innovate i mean is the question that we keep asking ourselves is is women's sexual health and wellness not innovative it's not worthy
7:50 pm
of innovation and that's the conversation that we're trying to have today what we're really trying to do is really to my sick conversation about women and sex and women in period and and just people that aren't men in ten. so they're calling for more gender equality yes at at c.s. thing and tech all together and let's see how this plays out at that exactly i was going to say to be continued for they give are just thank you so very much greatly appreciate it. thank you. and that's galligan done dodging bullets in a wonder woman one of the biggest box office movies of last year and a recent study from the creative artists agency in hollywood has found that films with strong women's rules outperform male let movies at the box office are here to
7:51 pm
discuss our one and only robert merrill from our culture at a desk does this surprise you know doesn't really surprise me but i think it surprised a few hollywood moguls and that's much more important because as we all know in hollywood it's money that talks and there's been pressure in recent about gender equality but now the dollar signs show the female lead films making the money so they they will they will go for something because as i say they're interested in money the interesting thing is apart from very few actors top of the top there i'm talking about getting much more than the actresses on the whole meryl streep is an exception i'm sure but. but i think that's going to change as well now anyway let's have a look at i think three of the big hits which were women films in the last couple
7:52 pm
use. we can't say that every one of those. became your. former miss is where your gal goddaughters performance transformed the d.c. extended universe blockbuster wonder woman into a feminist manifesto. it was the first superhero movie to have a female director and it took seven hundred twenty million euro at the box office topping cinema charts folks weeks on it. but it was us actress scarlett johansson who paved the female superhero way playing ensemble rose as the black widow and several of the avengers films.
7:53 pm
in twenty fifteen avengers age of ultron past the best of feminist tasks by including engaging female characters who don't just talk about the man and grossed more than one point two billion euros. but it's not just female superheroes that score at the box office in twenty seven scene emma watson played in beauty and the beast it may have only gone to oscar nominations but worldwide it took more than one billion euros at the box office and was globally the most successful movie of twenty seventy. good thoughts scarlett
7:54 pm
johansson and emma watson just three of hollywood's leading women currently rocking the global box office. incidentally scott johnson is said to be getting fifteen million dollars to make a stand with a movie that's the same feel as chris evans and chris hemsworth got for starring in the avengers film so there is some parity of the top ten say as it should be said things are looking up on the silver screen things are changing but i'm wondering you know what's the situation behind the camera. there's a big mountain to climb that i mean basically the industry is she usually male dominated give one example there was a survey again done of random just over a thousand films made in the last ten years and. the directors four percent of the directors were women of mrs lee one of them was patti jenkins of
7:55 pm
course who directed wonder woman for the first woman to direct a superhero movie but you may remember last year at cannes there was quite some sort of heavy a protest that by eighty two women who they represented the eighty two women who'd been chosen to compete in the festival's seventy one year history now do the math i mean that's one point two women a year were in the competition and there's only one woman ever won the cup. and that's jane campion back in one thousand nine hundred three and she said recently. that she thinks it's a really special moment that it's the folding of the wall i mean i think it's a bit of the talk but things are changing and we hope it will keep moving along. on towards an apu are ok thank you so much wrong greatly appreciate it and before i let you go we're not remind you of our main headlines this hour. opposition leader
7:56 pm
felix just to katie has been declared the surprise winner of last month's presidential election in the democratic republic of congo but the influential catholic church there is disputing the official results and protests turned violent . article hakan roland thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us brant coffee is up next and i'll see you again tomorrow.
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this is d w news wire from berlin no progress in ending the us government showdown a fuming us president tells the democrats you're all crazy but they have been taken over by a group of people that don't care if that they don't care about human trafficking is wrong if it ok that any. i'll tell you what they got praise for the president's frustration on view for also see as.


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