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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 11, 2019 3:02am-3:30am CET

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power in the democratic republic of congo a new president for a new start in the middle of africa but in the middle of last night the electoral commission declared opposition leader felix choose a key to the country's new president tonight his running the results as an electoral coup and morning of the coming chaos i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. today we must no longer consider each other as adversaries but rather as partners and democratic change in our country. please results do not reflect the truth of the ballots. unacceptable electoral fraud of a nature that will provoke general chaos across the whole country mr. election
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observers have witnessed a fifty two cases we consider to be major irregularities. so. this is very worrying because it was a clear violation of electoral what it means to be categorically rejected these results. following the publication of these results we plead with everyone to show civic maturity and to avoid violence and to do it good. also coming up tonight in just two days the u.s. government shutdown will become in u.s. history but you didn't hear about that today from u.s. president donald trump when he paid a vor paid a visit to the border we hope he's going to win the battle. of strong borders and no crime as opposed to open borders and trying to set matter because that's what this a crime doesn't matter. we
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begin the day with two countries two continents and a crisis of legitimacy their leaders have in common i'm talking about been its way in south america and the democratic republic of congo in africa first up tonight the d r c and claims of fraud at the ballot box early this morning the electoral commission announced the results of last month's presidential election after weeks of delays the unexpected news came that opposition leader felix just a kiddy had received the most votes immediately the runner up martin they called the results a sham and the catholic church says that the ballot tally does not match that of its own forty thousand election observers. reactions were mixed after felix sic a katie was announced the winner from jubilation. to
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consternation people certainly made their feelings known. the opposition leader wasn't expected to win the presidential vote in the democratic republic of congo but he had doubt his main rival putting the country on course for its first democratic transfer of power in almost sixty years since independence. and i know many of you will find it hard to accept. but i say it with sincerity i pay homage to president joseph could be president of the republic. today we must no longer consider each other as adversaries. but rather as partners in democratic change in our country. some believe sikka katie won by cutting a deal with president joseph kabila whose clung to power for eighteen years. although could be preferred candidate only came third the man expected to win
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martin fi ulu is among many contesting the results. susan. moved him of these results do not reflect the truth of the ballots. this is obviously an acceptable electoral fraud of a nature that will provoke general chaos across the country mr meanwhile the country's influential catholic church is already questioning the vote it says official results do not match the outcome compiled by its forty thousand observers at all polling stations across the troubled country the church has also called for calm. still many people are upset in golmaal many did not hide their feelings amid the potential for unrest. in the little but we don't want this macchiavelli and sale of the congolese people's power.
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we're going to call on article sixty four of our constitution. in the end though experts say it will be up to the country's constitutional court to rule on the vote . well for more on what happened today i'm joined by nick layby he is in kinshasa tonight he is the country's director in the d.r. c. for the open society initiative for southern africa his organization supported the monitoring of last month's election in the democratic republic of congo nick good evening it's good to have you on the program what did your election monitors conclude i mean do the numbers that you have do they support a win for felix t.v. . good evening and thank you for at me telling me. generally speaking when you have to look under reports from diverse electoral of observation
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mission. and action to place in the generally peaceful manner of in fact to affect the sternest of the process for example some countries where prevented to companion some contingency some people love to live in despair compliance access to public major was not a qual for those in the moderate genteel position many claim on use of public resources and property for the proposal of. a companion repub function in cities and civic education lack of common not just on the voting machine and also a huge number one point two million of congress he's presented to vote in then he would tend when you'll be the cause of insecurity and it will generally speaking that is what. mission of the vision reports on the electoral day and the process before the election so what so what is your conclusion then was the
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result that was announced earlier today is it the correct result. this is difficult to to also to that question according to lake water commission and utilize. the figure that the electoral commission published today for the dissident you do enough of the presidential election unless there is some pretty kollin reality that contesting this assumption this is what we should take from this election from now you should remember that the president of mission of guilds of ition mission was not to publish any results even if there is the specific case of the cut to the church who did. you know pollard forty to petition and which opened the. enteral gates and. wiley and the content of the reserve published by st yeah they did that important point to make there were forty thousand election observers for the catholic church and they say that there were
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irregularities with the vote counting would have to wrap it up there nic a levy in conjunction tonight nic we appreciate your insights thank you. thank you . all i swear on the legacy of our beloved commander of us. i swear for the children of god as wayland and the future . never to rest my arm or give my soul rest in a. wheel of both for me and that i will fulfill all of the mandates and needs of the constitution of the boulevard and republic of venezuela. and with that venezuela's president nicolas maduro was sworn in for a second term today engulfed in controversy but was reelected last may in a vote boycotted by the political opposition in the country and dismissed as
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a fraud by much of the international community the european union the united states and when it's one of those southern or south american navels the i.m.f. sees inflation at a whopping ten million percent this year meaning more misery for the people. cattle trucks that service public transport. supermarket shelves empty of all basic goods. this is what venezuela under president maduro has come to look like. when nicolas maduro took office after hugo chavez died in two thousand and thirteen he inherited his predecessors socialist revolution meant to champion social justice and people power and his whalen's. yet before long major oh so to tighten his own grip on power.
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he cracked down on dissenting voices prominent opposition leaders were arrested or put under house arrest. when the opposition gained control of venezuela's parliament mature a set of a new constituent assembly that could bypass parliament the move sparked mass protests. many violently crushed by police. in may last year was confirmed in office in elections that were widely seen as a sham many western and latin american countries have refused to recognize the result you think you know they said that you were blind to vote. they said the people were coerced. it's a lack of respect. for all the parliament has now largely toothless
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its leader one goh edo has vowed to fight back. we reaffirm the illegitimacy of nicolas maduro as a result this national assembly as the only legitimate power elected by the venezuelan people should assume the representation of the people. and it's the people of venezuela who continue to suffer under. a recession exacerbated by economic mismanagement has brought the country to its knees. it was once a wealthy own nation and one of latin america's most prosperous societies today more than half of venezuelans struggle to feed themselves and their families. hyperinflation and a shortage of basic goods have caused an unprecedented humanitarian crisis that has driven three million venezuelans to flee the country. while opponents of the euro have been taking to social media today to denounce his presidency earlier
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the hash tag madeira is not my president was trending worldwide on twitter the venezuelan tweets he destroyed the dream of millions of its oil and separated millions of families put a hope people to starvation and for many other reasons hash tag with bureau is not my president and others have been sharing this picture of your words crossed out head this tweet is from the bit it's where the actor eduardo or thoughts go lots of people are also replacing their profile pictures with the image on twitter or whatsapp for example and there are also critical voices beyond its way the colombian comedian daniels. says nobody has done so much damage to the latin american left as chavez and maduro the motto we are going to become another bit its way as a well the right wing and far right regimes to rise like never before. all
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right let's bring in our correspondent in the region tonight ophelia harmes good evening to you i feel yes i mean when we look at the reality on the ground in the whaling we you know we have to ask how did madeira how did he get reelected i mean i want to get your take on what he had to say today how did he get reelected. yeah presidential elections were held in may of last year but they were called fraudulent and snap elections because they were called an earlier than expected taking advantage of the oppositions division and the incarceration of many of the opposition leaders who call to boycott the election which means that my group didn't have any real rival at the time he did a winning as we know but with that one lowest voters turnout in venezuela in history that's only twenty five point eight per cent and from what i know is said
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and what we could observe while covering the elections is that many of those votes were given away in exchange of food supplies and other goods. i want to get your take on what had to say today during his inauguration take a listen venezuela is at the center of a world war from north american imperialists and their satellite governments you have tried to change a swearing in which is part of formal protocol legal constitutional and peaceful into a world war against our country if you could look it up in the other continent that is how sees the outside world that you are i mean your in our bogota bureau how is perceived in the region and in the countries around in its way. yeah sixteen latin american countries as well as the u.s. and canada have not recognized last year's election and have called today's
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inauguration illegitimate. here in colombia for example the government has called it a criminal dictatorship in argentina the president said that madras trying to mock democracy peru has bond senior venezuelan officials to and show their territory while the us is issuing even more sanctions against several venezuelans this is leaving a mugger and more and more isolated in the region but he still has some allies and countries like bolivia on the koran and with the recently leftist elected president in mexico i'm dressed up as have other. or at a correspondent if you harm's in bogota tonight's. reaction to the inauguration of nicolas maduro in but it's well if you're thinking. he was president on will trump is visiting the border with mexico today in his
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continuing campaign to get money to fund a border wall they are now he and congress which is now partly controlled by the democrats are in a standoff over more than five billion dollars that he wants for the project now the things off over the border wall funding has led to a partial government shutdown almost in its third and fourth week trump pulled out all the stops today at a press conference just a short time ago to convince americans that there is a crisis at the border in front of him were weapons of contraband that he claims were see by immigration officials here's what he had to say about the standoff with the governor nobody is going to win the battle of strong borders and no crime as opposed to open borders and crime doesn't matter because that's what this saying crime doesn't matter. we have people that have been so horribly hurt family centered been so horribly hurt by people that just come in like it's like just come
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into the united states do whatever they want. we want to go now to mcallen texas at the border there with mexico our correspondent alexander phenomena standing by good evening to you alexandra you were at a protest there earlier today talk to me a little bit about the people who were there and what they were talking about and protesting about well most people who got some of them already left for members of the community born and raised and rio grande valley they told me many of the border wall and they told me that they opposed it will because they feel safe they don't think that the border wall can be effective and they are afraid that such a wall would happen never get a negative impact on their lives there also some quarters here and they are here
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to support their president stay told me because they think that he is really trying very hard to keep them safe but even some of trump's supporters told me that stay do once tighter security but they don't believe that the wall will necessarily solve all the problems here. the u.s. president just held a press conference there it was like a show intel with contraband confiscated there at the border is that convincing anyone who lives there the locals who have to deal with this situation every day is it convincing them to be for or against the wall. if you know it's from support. you don't have to be convinced and if you talk to people who opposed the wall i don't think that they are going to be convinced they told me that they are rather upset at the president that he's using heartbreaking stories stories about people who were killed by migrants who cross the border
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illegally to instill fear at all in their communities and they told me that they don't think that that is right one woman even told us that she would wish that the president will spend more time here at the border to see what the situation it's like what the reality is like on the ground and. continues to talk about the possibility of declaring a national emergency so that he can have access to the money that he needs to build this wall let me ask you you know what you're seeing right here at the border is there a national emergency. when you look at the facts there is no national emergency there is no crisis here for example crime is a thirty year low and the number of people who people who cross the border illegally is much lower than it was
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a decade generation ago so there is no crisis no crisis and despite claims that terrorists are infiltrating the country across the border no one in recent times to commit to. attack a terroristic attack here in the. turn oh it's to have sneaked mexico. our correspondent alexander phenomena the u.s. from mexico border tonight in macau and texas alexandra thank you very much. well u.s. secretary of state might bump aoe has delivered a scathing rebuke of the obama administration's mideast policies i was touring capitals in the middle east to brief allies after president trump announced that he is pulling u.s. troops out of syria speaking today at the american university in the egyptian capital on pay of accused to trump's predecessor of being naive in timid when
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confronted with the challenges posed by the arab spring uprisings which shook the middle east political order starting back in two thousand and eleven on pain of said that obama's policies had diminished america's role in the region and harmed its longtime ally. these last witness convulsions from tunis to tehran as old systems crumbled and new ones struggled to emerge that happened here too. and at this critical moment america your long time friend was absent too much. all right i'm joined now at the big table by he is with the german institute for international and security affairs you know it's good to see you again so we've got this major middle east policy speech delivered today by mr peo what did you make up well mr frum pale already obviously wants to do two things he wants to reassure allies in the region the states that he would call
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the moderate states israel egypt saudi arabia and some others that the united states is there to stay although it is withdrawing troops troops from syria and secondly he wants to build this alliance for a single purpose that is to exert maximum pressure as he said several months ago on iran in his speech today pompei was emphatic that the u.s. is not retreating from the middle east but he at the same time he said the syria withdrawal is still going to happen so. contradicting each other it is contradicting of course but the united states is present in other countries in the region it is present in turkey in iraq in jordan all over the gulf so the united states is there and he and states in the region now know that they are there to stay and possibly that to stay in order to confront iran. i think that this speech
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was was kind of frightening because there is something looming on the horizon and that is at least a military complaint by the israelis in syria you know speaking of iran mr pompei and he had a lot to say about iran today none of it was good take a listen. let's turn to iran. president obama has reversed our willful blindness to the danger of the regime and withdrew from the failed nuclear deal with its false promises. the u.s. we imposed sanctions should never have been lifted when parked on a new pressure campaign to cut off the revenues the regime uses to spread terror and destruction throughout the world. in syria the united states will use diplomacy and work with our partners to expel every last iranian and work through the u.n. led process to bring peace and stability to the long suffering syrian people. so you've got mr trump there saying that the u.s.
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is going to drive iran completely out of syria despite the u.s. troop withdrawal and he's also saying that he wants to end the iranian influence in lebanon how realistic is this this is only going to happen. as a result of a major war and do you think that he is he is he prepping the world for for a military conflict i don't know it's very hard to interpret what is going on in the trunk administration remember when john bolton and mike compare got their jobs in april american media speculated about called it a war cabinet these are the most politicians that you can find in washington concerning iran and i am positive that we will see major military action by the israelis in syria in the coming years and perhaps the united states will join then after this speech i wouldn't rule out
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a larger military action against iran in the coming two years out well let's hope this time. you're wrong. as always we appreciate your insights thank you. well the day is really done the conversation continues online you'll find us at d.w. dot com or on twitter at g.w. news you can follow me on t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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he's going to be astonished. he was the youngest recorded to ever make peace national t.v. . he was the james of thank you to shoot jimmy's for this. company test on this is first shot in zero. european stores grossing performance of.
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