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tv   Kick off - Beneyams Dream  Deutsche Welle  January 11, 2019 8:30am-9:00am CET

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fine how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on love. don't expect happy and a. church. look. let's feel young men like the. superstar from. football history danced in a national team player in this country. the st nicholas. that's
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me the guy with the camera follow me in this attempt to make history. so i'm going to get to. footballing terra incognita in east africa not for the first time i went there before being young was a sixteen year old talented youth player and that is the captain my name is been jambalaya and midfielder of course he's going to. get him was living in the wrong for the challenge of. four hundred fifty kilometers away from this home folder of. quite a privileged in his home. when it wasn't on the pitch he was making a little money on the supreme structure rucka to support his family back home. in the back that i saw because something special and i mean really special that's all
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and who introduced us by the way up the job and coach ignore ignore this guy's eyes this is john guy german t.v. now he wants to feel the talents a few just off. but only got to look at looked. nothing she can also told me that he sent me these are looking for flights and check. that he doesn't have an agent here. so what if he also changes my. plan to meet as his major. snag wealthy glamorous future ahead of me. back down to earth impacts instead of the expected break. two and a half years later we meet again during the traditional job in reaching i notice
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the change. it seems that he has had in the gym quite often the last year i would go to germany. i really see professional clubs have to fight to be professional player the first professional player for ethiopia. when it comes to football but if you pass a strange country all but they have the second largest population in. the reading body parts of africa. famous for the us so mad i know headlong play at that moment actually. now is being watched by many shots were offering serious my. final match to cases. it's happening when i'm driven. to have been there and like to think. it's in in bits my back pain the pain is come slowly it's just
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painful then i didn't finish the match from the man she watched sleeplessly champs to. the court and over time since he spoke to sleep i. it was. but you know the knee is a pretty tough guy. that makes the relegation has fallen apart. it's not the most fun to be feeling the heat. from school i want to play far as in germany. as in i have to see that as that ocean. but for myself. i need to take germany. this is starting point.
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oh let's go we pick out things that go on a journey. to fulfill the dream. challenge takes five thousand five hundred kilometers from home. but the jews. had a proposal that was passed was. told us about. trying to get into the country with fake invitation markups but then the guy with the camera. binyam received a real invitation from second division is what. he had to take the train to get. throughout our journey to the religious belief in this kind of training most of the
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time. after twenty hours of travelling the rituals but no one was waiting at the platform for us because thomas the guy supposed to pick us up wasn't believing that a young german. like . it was hopeless for the dumbest to expect my. son. and i were late enough to like him to get past india become a brazen train. for the fleet. to the fullest. but. i was so tired at that moment so i decided to go home to my wife and my kids.
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but that was a mistake. if not as a family man but as a camera on my heart because in a friendly match the next day is first of all on german soil. and me training is the team. i played me me one match we used to team. up on me one day much and then meeting all. it was nice. i was present at the next friendly match about school. now being on the pitch. thanks in the first march was it so i've actually seen him. in much. then. please show me three days in the week months old training my sign to me.
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today i was finished at twenty months i went into the doctor the doctor say everything is. i will start tomorrow always my team mate training. time for a little sightseeing injuries. cause me i'm into storage and change it. seems to pass but you know it's. making me yes he's bringing. back some of. the service restaurants hotels. and the like. show for him to train. he's focused on making this film and. watching me in training sessions i notice a tendency to. let's say he's trying
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a little bit to opt for. the gentleman that have the right to speak. with a make an exception for the new. the old. child . after child layoff due to injury he's back in training how is he doing on our own cause at the moment binyam is almost never responding to my messages which leaves me annoyed. really annoyed then i found out why. without writing me a lot of me say what's up sky instead grounding. from but it's difficult ones and for how many messages by seeing.
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two hundred and. the most important thing for try this frankly. the next trial against check comes the business chance to move on the next number does not play in the cost. comes on he shows his class in all new books he. didn't miss much chance he could assist probably one to. make a difference and maybe come to the most spot in. the game i asked interesting side of the ball. if you guys are pretty vital to lose it all over the muscle in the midst of all this evidence out of it was among them is a good if you know scheme for you know. the most obvious in the history. of life. and while being young is doing public relations with fans i have a mean. it was someone present i felt good and interesting that i
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flick money players agent from a baby being closed only myself but a phone call. if it's not working out and you have really tried to do something for him you did you check up and i think yes since for the years to use a good year for offer from my family. the from a while been in team you know been moves is easy for you because it's not the liquidity from both richest you snoeck so strong like the fullest we got through because of us the police is more reason more and more with them but. together we go on a night out hundreds and start six cents an hour for it invites us all the best of . fact most of the time it's all just small talk still it's pretty obvious i failed
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once to move into a damian. kulash about bain you know was already been the dream destination. no he has high hopes of the nama with. a first take him to their pre-season training camp. which happens two days to him is first time in baghdad he sends me one of his plan b b o messages. hollow. and one smaller and being the. we are now in the framing camp. mortal it wants more training than we had prepared for coming out of minus two is through the gun so for now it's enough child by. the friendly
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pinch the forgotten face next movie shown by the german fluently but believe me playing my son johnny salinger to survive you know stands on the bench. of. the same pitch side just for a few six years in this first run of life. just finds him much more about him despite brazen spectacular when. you see him i want to find out why they didn't do it. so i had to but you get the truth that they. did nothing. when i arrived the play offs are doing some training rafting on the river the nude yet this mischance relax and i'm getting some strange box i had the feeling that there was something cooking but we're reducing your feelings.
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when it seems as legacy of something fishy going on. then being his old mentor from ethiopia shows german culture conflict it means the system must close look. so i went out with a german coach for a couple of these barren b.s. and he told leif binyam stances to get a contract to good any man grayson coach who in north says only one thing could change his mind those goals go slow. that means being asked to the number in the last frenzy of the trade. and he gets the phrase going to move behind against third division topping the school. class first slave. and then a minute later with a nice lead taken equal up. that
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. shock came the next morning. they say i got a call from the government she's got to stand by to hoskin me if i can pick up in bed what's the story i'm going to be so this was a king and should i'm i thought in the you. could even put it was. just fine and if so good luck to this additional crew and i mean it's going to it's a tree and. under mr and of him i saw him up with the steps of what i saw in the trunk up it was because i want to speak how much of the country the king and she in mission of concern and i see your path that people are still in the sorts of says a quick listen to this could i give you know the munch of a superposed of a speech in the doesn't but why they need in plain weeks to realize that the motion of each of us may have been i can much easier on come to understand if you think on
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. the speaking of people i've often been a muslim things like it's a symptom they start and often feel it's again this was a. man and traditional number one time just as an example because the school and some of the you know these different i could well it was a. place they couldn't come to grips with although he was top scorer. cannister make his dream happen come the first if you can. you. know integration problems of my family had. the first thing we wanted to know the next day what is the internet saying about the. not signing. the pledge as it went but i doubt
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anything. in the fall you're going to get a contract because i'm going to do some. things. sixty percent think you know you should sign him. yeah. part of the japanese biggest newspaper broke loose on the contract for being the first we had something to celebrate. the share of the first day on united. ninety min johnny a chance for. your. life. while being on the celebrating the rest of the day checking in to his family and
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friends. john is proving that he's a partner and. the next day. it's tough you can. talk folks are using. computers so much can you please please thank. you for sleep you q.q. try to set. up a stimulus excuse. to feel. and i miss a call from a no no no. no i returned the call to the anger. and he was back again. the bus then shrinks from the soccer match agency says he
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has. some training to do that just. a. second inside the interest of what is the name of the words you. may not be the most famous kidnap but a smoker robinson traced the truest to see being told by the superman stager it's like a. promise i don't think that's what i can trust the nation with one fin if they wish to go yes that's almost a play on words like blondes it's not funny but it's kind of all fun and you want to know what i was all that's what i got trapped inside out of its own as i thought i'd spoken so that we looked at the mirror often as if it was an abiding love i thought i'd like to own. so well off now for through it i was so nervous i think there was a chance and you can. have your entire life. so good that agency managed to find
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love for me and make this dream come true. the second nation. that you want me. to. be this fight is not helped by a series of missed on the spot. it turns out i would want to strike out to help the needy. and the ones i spoke austria he's two years old for the rest. the next important question for him how can i get to a mania how you want to do it. and what they directly said from could go on but you don't believe so we're just too chicken from. because how are you going to get to prolong a phone call on how money can only at the height of a not from but i mean talk or not. i love season two so
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yeah. well for. instance on the list he screen it for i will go to call on. the day before he is ill visa expires finnick or the player who is based. in a few days later his agent offered him a call with good news. binyam just signed a contract to scan the bale koch it's. been years now wearing red and white has signed the three years contract would be a baby club scandal bay ok yeah. after returning from my holidays i'm taking the first plane to obeying i don't know much about a venue in football that's going to bail sounds like an interesting turn in two thousand and fifteen the club became the first abang inside to reach the playoff round of the champions the last of the numbers are correct dropped into the open e.
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but we're still the first opinion team to qualify for the group stages of a u.f.o. competition now scan the mayo had a chance to repeat that success and again they face deny most are. after one all drawn trace of goannas drug would be enough to make scandal bails dream come true defense comes first meaning few chances for young forward been. back for. a ninety six minutes bathroom. watch out europe scan the bale coming. i mean being in the stadium spotting but didn't get on the pitch but making his first one for you pin match is a big. the fans love the african play since then the bills started integrating
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african talents like beneath and as gumby and roommate ali so were the provincial team has improved its fortunes. after thirty minutes delayed heading to the playoffs party at an exclusive. the best party place was definitely not cheap it came close to my imagination of the exclusive world of being a professional football. and beanie aboard so they fit the next morning we have an important appointment at ben yes public t.v. station only after it seems like he's not one hundred percent fit for the cameras. station is doing a special on
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a bang as first player and his journey to the land of the skipper tops. the school they're built so how can you call your. name. you can say beanie and we say always that you can. come with a piece near the ok it's also interesting how i first describes his job as a play at a job where to peter to step past the only. hope. came first like a top for two and a half years ago for it barney them to misquote one it was a strange experience to be interviewed and to be dubbed the opinion monitors continue programming predictors of people missy ministered to over the phone during the three days often capital tirana being spend his time doing nothing but eating and sleeping travelling through germany and i was seen three weeks and on.
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and exit and then i when. it was very hot you know i didn't get brickbats to be professional and the. to see you go and see my future. i have to. report. here. from a doctor. in europe you know in one club from europe. he is the first it was with the sixteen year old. with a national team and now is the second. place of trust in europe from a top tier and you know but he was the second is the sort of one. you mean he seems happy and gets given time to adapt he's making good money and his chance of playing in their own growth. the following. looks like it was the right.
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man down the field. so you feel. ok. ok ok. ok. ok. cool.
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quadriga international talk show before journalists discuss the topic of the week as with new year gets underway germany has become a long time and member of the united nations security council bugs the u.n. is defined underfunded and mired in efficiency so walk down the lane achieve find out shortly only two hundred. quadriga and thirty minutes on d w.
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a great yourself with d w c interior design channel on to. we make up oh but we watch as a fifth of that and up budget we ought to some of some of the subtle dean wants to shape the continents future. part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent w.'s platform for africa in charge. where is home. when your family is scattered across the globe. with the kids if you could do was to keep the book as a journey back to the roots to get
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a minimum of the. bush on family from somalia lives around the world someone who needed urgent assistance. good family starts january twenty first on t.w. fake hair. and real starry. where i come from a lot of women like me have fake hair sometimes the hair style takes up to two days that's a lot of time that needs to be filled so people at the salon talk about what's happening in their lives. i became a journalist to be a storyteller and i always want to find those real authentic stories from everyday people who have something to share. with others i'm a fan of the salon i know good quality here when i see it and a good story when i hear it. my name is elizabeth chong and i work at steve bell and.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin of course me and mark rejects an appeal by to the reuters journalists sentenced to seven years in jail in mark accuses the reporters of trying to undermine national security. they say they were innocent and were framed by police but the judge says their punishments are suitable also coming up on the show.


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