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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 11, 2019 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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yes the multimedia environment series on t.w. . is the news live from the world and they study woman who fled her family is on her way to toronto. mohammad ali come to make global headlines after barricading himself in a hotel room in bangkok apposed now she's been given asylum in canada also on the program the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election says he will challenge the resulting course of his peers resulting spock's unimpressive at least five deaths reports of. heavy snow sweeps it's the balkans
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after burying much of southern germany and austria the military has been called out in some areas and more snow is forecast. i'm phil carré a welcome to the program time officials have confirmed that the saudi teenager fleeing alleged abuse by her family is now on her way to canada mohamed al canoe made global headlines earlier this week after barricading himself inside a hotel room a bangkok airport she'd been stopped on route to australia and threatened with deportation you know social media campaign to draw attention to have plight tolerance immigration chief also confirmed that the yet teenagers a father and brother have left bangkok are they to travel back to oppose her resettlement. regarding the request by her father and brother to meet her.
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mr hof still refuses to meet them. her father and brother are also returning home on a flight. therefore this matter has now ended here in thailand. the canadian prime minister justin trudeau confirmed to us his country had been granted to rough asylum. the un are made a request of canada that we accept. as a refugee and we have accepted the un's request that we grant her asylum that is something that we are pleased to do because canada is a country that understands how important it is to stand up for human rights to stand up for women's rights around the world and i can confirm that we have accepted the un's request ross case has put the controversial issue of saudi arabia's male guardian shiploads back on the global agenda for the about joe from d
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w social media i can tell us all welcome federica so what are you seeing as this debate plays out across social media we've seen that after half dramatic escape many saudi many other saudi women have taken to social media to speak out against a system that requires them to have to have the permission of the male for many things to get married to open an account to get a passport to travel they even need a male permission to be freed from prison and we're seeing that there's a remarkable movement on going on with many trending hashtags we've been asking to and male guardianship and the travel ban on saudi women remove guardianship and we won't old migrates so very strong messages and we can look at a couple of those comments from twitter this is for instance a woman called my she writes it's embarrassing that i'm thirty six mother of two an emergency room doctor harvard graduates and still viewed as
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a minor i am trusted to make a life and death decisions for patients trusted to raise kids but i'm not trusted to make my own decisions regarding my life and here's another woman who says a great company offers me a great job i couldn't take it because it's outside the country i couldn't travel because i'm a girl another woman says here stop treating us as minors it's our choice. our decision we can handle the consequences and we can do it for the sake of a new modern saudi arabia and we're seeing that many of these women are tweeting in english some of them are protecting their identities but it really sending out really strong messages and we've seen similar online complains in the past like the one to end the ban on women driving and they have been successful and now the debate is open again i'm not are you saying people defending the system. as well of course i mean it is very entrenched in the society and some people in saudi arabia still defending idea that the world is not a friendly place for women and that they should be protected through this
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guardianship system and here is a man who is a point who is making that point online saying you try to get a saudi woman out of her home dignity and her honor to be an easy target of the field of society is that violate freedom of people under the banner of freedom saudi women will remain a fortress against old the full slogans all over the world and of course there's a lot of people who share this view under chrome print crown prince and mohammed bin so some freedoms have been granted to saudi women he ended the ban on women driving for instance he also eased some restrictions on gender mixing for example by allowing women to serve in the army but at the same time while these changes have been accomplished they have also been accompanied by a crackdown on dissent and we know that a number of prominent women's activists have been jailed and saudi arabia does remain one of the world's nations with the biggest gender segregate one of the most
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sense gender segregated nations and rav jester has really shed new light on this issue and also on the will of widespread will to change things for the budget thank you thank you. nasser some of the other stories making news around the world the u.s. government shutdown one hundred twenty second day on saturday making it the longest in history democrats in congress are come. tinning to defy president trump's demand for funding for a warm along the mexican border on friday the president to backtracked on previous threats to declare a national emergency to make funds available. to the u.s. led coalition against the islamic state group has started the process of withdrawing from syria the pentagon spokesperson confirmed the move just a day after the secretary of state delivered a speech in which she said when america retreats chaos or who follows. to reuters reports of sirte remain locked up in me and ma after a court dismissed their appeal against seven year sentences for breaking the
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official secrets act the journalist was sentenced we're investigating atrocities against a range of muslims their lawyers argued that they were framed by police. macedonia has approved constitutional changes to rename itself north macedonia to release the move as part of a deal to end the dispute with neighboring greece under the cream went to greece will no longer block scope years efforts to join nato and potentially the european union. now the democratic republic of congo has told the international community to back of the outcome of its presidential election the head of the congolese election commission was addressing the un security council as it debated the result which saw the opposition leader make sessions the katie declared a surprise winner opposition rifle mostyn for you lou who came a close second test dismissed the result and says he will challenge it in the country's constitutional court. this may not
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look like what you'd expect to see from supporters of a candidate who just lost an election but these jubilant scenes are at a rally in kinshasa for the loser of the presidential vote in the democratic republic of congo the crowds are boyd that runner up martin fight you lou says he's challenging the election results in court he claims that he won by a. and slight. break up rise up sons of the congo take courage we'll go to the constitutional court to file an appeal. to stay there was old by the by but each polling station. this isn't. for you lou accuses outgoing president joseph kabila of making a backroom deal with the surprise declared winner opposition leader felix she could katie the disputer results have sparked unrest with several deaths reported so far
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the country's influential catholic church also says its forty thousand election observers found a different winner from the official results but it has not released its tally. and they don't because wanted to when the bash is in the congolese capital kinshasa she joins us on the line or welcome wendy you want to modify it is that meeting today tell us more about what he said. everyone if they were there. today people too clearly to morrow early in the morning and there would be ethical position of course because they want to go there and. then you want to have their result that even people. who won. in one country and of course because you know cause there. now well we know that there have been deaths to this result was announced how great
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is the risk of civil unrest. for the moment everything we can from what we do tomorrow but you have to know that you're right the good thing there were they say they have should we get like emotion here in contrast to everything we did but don't the situation of today and we don't know in can we be allowed to grow who did not cause maybe the week before to treat and can be very dangerous for people so we are waiting for to morrow to have more information on how we continue and everything we think will so if he does actually get this to court one of his chances of succeeding in overturning the result. it is a very good question and also if he can question because everything he said from the court and we. need to wait and to hope that the cool. very independent on. the answer you know about the independence of the court when
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we receive a call by b. next week we have more our say about. when you bash me in kinshasa thank you thank you. but the heavy snow that support havoc to southern germany and austria has now reached the balkans in southeastern europe well thor's is simple gary i say to snowboarders have died in an avalanche in the mountainous southwest and the rest of europe at least seventeen people have died in some of the heavy snow falls for twenty years and forecasters are warning of more snow on the way. if you still manage to enjoy the abundance of snow. but for most it's belles only hard work and danger german soldiers clear rooftops and back this garden to prevent the collapse with fresh snowfall expected over the weekend it is a race against time. as tama in the back of this garden community loom around one
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hundred roofs that still need to be cleared of snow. they're carrying a very heavy load will now prioritize and obviously we're going to do that as quickly as possible so the snow is gone before any new snow arrives. before the new economy. in this winter wonderland the snow covers hidden dangerous helicopter clears the snow from the treetops next to this german highway to avoid them collapsing onto the road. a rise in temperatures on saturday will not bring your previous authorities and also warn that soggy snow will increase the weight bearing down on structures as well as the risk of avalanche as. people flew from the sun feel the fear is that people will say well there is a lot of snow the weather is better. and our experience from the last thirty years has shown that the first even prove weather is really dangerous it's when most avalanche accidents happen. avalanches have already proven
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a menace in switzerland but i guess we're lucky to survive snow masses that came crashing through the hotel on thursday. this is the devastation caused by a threat meter avalanche that swept into the building at the mountain pass injuring three people. across the alps the snow is hampering transport back to the trains and frozen in their trucks. and most roads in austria remain open conditions are so hazardous that shots have already run out of snow chains. but it's not your olympics coming up next year french prosecutors have indicted the president of japan's a limb pick committee so now. on corruption charges the allegations relate to a suspect payment of some two million euros maybe for tokyo was chosen as the host in twenty thirteen the international olympic committee's ethics commission has also opened a file on the mr to cater who spearheaded the campaign to host the games. now
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of football's asian cup the second round of the group stage continues on friday australia got their campaign back on track by beating palestine three nil the socceroos have suffered a shocking loss to jordan that opener and china stayed on top of group c. by easily down in the philippines. scored twice in the three nil success favorite south korea barely squeaked by ca's extern kim man james provided the only goal of that encounter. tennis superstar on the murray has announced that he will retire this week saying a persistent hip injuries causing him too much pain at an emotional press conference in melbourne he have repeatedly broke down in tears he said that he will play of the australian open when it begins next week but also that it may be the final torment of his career british athletes as one three grand slams along with two olympic gold medals.
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that's it you're up to date more at the top of the hour and of course around the clock on our web site that's t w dot com have a good day. it was. where is home. when your family scattered across the globe. i saw it with this is to put it away sleep was a journey back to the roots should gather minutely. the shah's family from somalia .


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