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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 12, 2019 3:02am-3:31am CET

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public effectively shut down reports of almost twenty weather related deaths w. reports from austria i'm phil gale and this is the day. you will not be out of the ranch came down the mountain late afternoon early in the garden looks like. this goes to the hotel's ground floor. three people were hurt by calling the police. there's all of this and it's been so much snow is extreme to snow on the roof a spall me this time if you make decisions. as it insists on our community alone there are only a hundred that still need to be cleared from snow. they're already supporting a very heavy load. of people we have to do this fast before even more snow
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arrives just before the noid. there's no way several times so we're removing trees as a precaution before they fall on cars on the ground right now just to have. all sorts of i suspected kidnapping gripping one of europe's safest country the wife of one of noice richest man has not been seen for more than two months police now say they've received a multi-million dollar ransom demand under appealing to the public for how. they audit it but until there's not been any verbal contact yet there's not been any sign that she's in life and neither is there any sign that she's dead at all for my mother. heavy snow that's prone to southern germany and austria has now moved into the balkans and southeastern europe well gary i say two snowboarders have died in an avalanche in
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the mountainous southwest and the rest of europe at least seventeen people have died in some of the heaviest snow falls for twenty years and forecasters are warning of even more snow on the way. if you still manage to enjoy the abundance of snow but for most it's girls only hard work and danger german soldiers clear rooftops and baxter's garden to prevent that collapse with fresh snow fall expected over the weekend it is a race against time. in the back of this garden community alone there are around one hundred roofs that still need to be cleared of snow but carrying a very heavy load will now prioritize and obviously we're going to do that as quickly as possible so the snow is gone before any new snow arrives. in this winter wonderland the snow covers hidden dangerous helicopter clears the
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snow from the treetops next to this german highway to avoid them collapsing onto the road. a rise in temperatures on saturday will not bring your preved authorities and also warn that soggy snow will increase the weight bearing down on structures as well as the risk of avalanche as. yourself if you can food and does not feel the fear is that people will say well there is a lot of snow the weather is better. and our experience from the last thirty years has shown that the first day of improved weather is really dangerous it's when most avalanche accidents happen. for. avalanches have already proven a menace in switzerland i guess we're lucky to survive snow masses that came crashing through the hotel on thursday. this is the devastation caused by three hit me to avalanche that swept into the building at the shock of mountain pass injuring three people. across the alps the snow is hampering transport and back to scotland the train stand frozen in their trucks. and while most roads in austria
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remain open conditions are so hazardous that shops have already run out of snow chains. i mean on a sea face covering this story from the austrian town of taiz say welcome i mean what's been going on. well the snow is still coming down and this is one of the hardest hit areas in all of austria if you can see right here this is the actual depth of the snow this is not a snow bank this is not caused by a snow plow it's not a snow drift this is just how much snow has fallen i'd say it's about a metre and a half it's coming up to two meters in some areas but this part of the town is has it under control there are snow plows or rather steam shovels coming through just picking up the snow and carrying it to the outskirts of the town to get rid of it because it can't stay in the streets but there's actually a part of town just up the road the road is blocked off. and that has been
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evacuated and the reason is because of avalanches now if i can describe this for you there's a pocket of snow sitting up in a kind of crater on the mountain and if that snow were to come down it would travel through this narrow valley and there are some houses that are in this valley and they've had to evacuate we talked to a guy today who's holed up at a hotel we found him just drinking a beer by himself he's been staying at the hotel he doesn't know long how long it's going to have to stay at the hotel and right now it looks like the snow is not letting up i want to be hearing from other snowed in towns. well the austrian military has they're really making progress they just went into town there's several dozen people who were there including tourists that had been holed up for quite a while just living off the reef resources it's called hold on hold tower one and they actually free to road so people can drive out of there now that was kind of the success story for the day in the headlines this morning kind of
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a sign of hope there was also some young children out from germany who were here on a trip and they were holed up at a little shack in the mountains and the military came in with a helicopter put them on there and got them out but this snow is still coming down but the military seems like they've they've gotten the best foot forward on this and the focus the site more snow is on the way how are people preparing for that situation to become even worse that's right there's another metre in the forecast and that's just the days that we can foresee no one really knows when this is going to stop the thing is there's actually rain forecast for tomorrow in this town anyway and that has the villagers scared even more than snow and i'll explain why it's because rain is heavier than snow if you can imagine the snowflakes alight when they sit on a roof it still is extremely heavy for the roof but the rooms are built to last that when rain comes down it creates a disastrous situation and that goes for avalanches too it creates
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a layer of ice and when more snow sits on top of that it can just slip right off the ice so it's a really dangerous situation when rain gets mixed in let's hope for the best. we'll see what happens i'm good talking to you i'm in thank you so much but i'm in a safe in the austrian town of time say thank you. the democratic republic of congo has told the international community to back the outcome of its presidential election they had of the congolese election commission was addressing the un security council as it debated the result which so the opposition leader if you like says she's the k.t. declared the surprise winner opposition rival mohsin for you lou who came a close second has dismissed the result and says he will challengers in the country's constitutional court. this may not look like what you'd expect to see from supporters of a candidate who just lost an election but these jubilant scenes are at
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a rally in kinshasa for the loser of the presidential vote in the democratic republic of congo the crowds are boy that runner up martin for you will who says he's challenging the election result in court he claims that he won by a landslide. break up rise up sons of the congo take courage will go to the constitutional court to file an appeal. to state there was old ballot by ballot for each polling station. for you lou accuses outgoing president joseph kabila of making a backroom deal with the surprise declared winner opposition leader felix sheika katie the disputed results have sparked unrest with several deaths reported so far the country's influential catholic church also says its forty thousand election observers found a different winner from the official results but it has not released its tally.
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let's get more from data because poland wendy bashfully on the line from the congolese couple kinshasa welcome wendy how great is the risk of civil unrest. hi everyone i chatted we are all great seeing you again to check out for today tomorrow because tomorrow is the day where myself i usually go as soon as they're going to fish and of course we the people to ask small. one day make sure to read it means and eat also as a nation to be very sad to be review so maybe tomorrow we know more but as you know also today there was violence in this tree right after the meeting today should get like emergence of the reason i really raised violence but let's let's wait for some more. so he's talking about going to the constitutional court i know you wanted to modify it as that meeting today what else did he have to say. because there
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is this meeting was about the constitution of course they know and also ease on results and according to myself i knew you know when the nation reached sixty one percent this was the big news to be dismissed i think actually. and does anybody expect the constitutional court to actually heed this. we always seeing i think next week we'll be seeing all the answer is about the independence of the court and next week we will see according to the as to who we know if the court leaves and dependent on those according to the answer that they will give them i can tell you of course i'm one of the president doesn't completely where is he in all this what comments has he made about the fate of his preferred success and money whilst a dollar each. since the announcement of the results of the election he didn't say
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anything. they say and still i can't answer the question because we haven't seen any think oficial lead coming from president's cabinet actually. so where does this leave the d.l.c. . what does it mean for the future. for the church of the complete when you ask them first of all they would tell you that because they need to reconnection this is the first time where someone coming from the election has been elected to for them it is a big change when you know many people told me right after the announcement that they did to change the has been waiting for but some of them some of them are also afraid because someone told me in the street one day you know when you get to power you can't change we hope that you need to give you one thing one you have this power so we are waiting an eggcorn call you that just waiting for the day where. do
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you president really be. in transition actually. went about change and shasta thank you. thank you. but grace has renewed his call for germany to pay billions of euros in reparations for the nazi occupation of the country during world war two speaking during a meeting with grace's presidents on the secondary of a trip to athens german chancellor angela merkel of knowledge her country's historic responsibility for the nazis crimes and grace but did not address the reparations issue directly. great president procopius pablo clueless gave the german chancellor an exceptionally warm welcome after years of frosty relations between the two countries on the mantel appeared to appreciate the friendly reception but tensions linger over the question of reparations pulis said
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his country had not forgotten its call for germany to pay compensation. made a move to buy your fish through you know greece's position regarding the occupation loan and reparations for crimes during the nazi occupation we consider these demands to still be legally active and they must be brought to a conclusion in the appropriate form is true therefore should be your greece has demanded compensation worth billions of euros for crimes committed by nazi germany but berlin views the matter as long since resolved i listen to all and you can be certain that we recognize our historical responsibility we also know how much suffering we as germany during the nazi era brought to greece that's why it's our duty to do everything we can to maintain good relations with greece and to lend each other mutual support for the benefit of both greece and germany so who are the only thing that we find is that. this was chancellor merkel's first visit to greece
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since two thousand and fourteen back then she was vilified for germany's demands that greece commit to austerity measures during the euro crisis that conflict has not been forgotten the mood between the two countries seems to be on the mend. yes so we decided to take. a closer look at the state of relations between the two countries. tice was germany some pasta to greece between two thousand and five and two thousand and ten when i was in greece journey to where the best like country when i left the financial crash you might say are. like. now in the meantime we have a refugee problem and. the first e.u. country. refugees who enter there when they want to come. very special group. and mrs america.
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did a lot in order not to lean alone in the situation that was received positively. i think between greece and germany now. i think between us and mrs now. they are. because they're round to work with each other and to be a government. not to russia which reporters without borders ranks as one hundred forty eight out of one hundred eighty countries for the state of its press freedom the organization says independent media have been stifled as the kremlin takes control of news outlets the vikas that is one of the last independent news outlets and its employees put up with horace mint and death threats as part of everyday life t w
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has been a system witness their fight for press freedom. sheep in press vests outside the offices of in moscow the display might look cute but it's no petting zoo instead it's part of the latest scare campaign against the opposition newspaper just a few days before the journalists received a severed sheep's head and a funeral wreath addressed to the editor in chief and to journalist denise caught up called. has worked for novaya gazeta from st petersburg since september even in this cafe in the center of the city he worries about surveillance on the internet he's been accused of being a traitor the wave of online hate is connected to his investigation into the dealings of putin's cohort. he's allegedly behind the so-called troll factory which pays people to promote the kremlin's interests online and behind a controversial russian mercenary. my address is on the internet it's
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information about my relatives. members of my family. and they openly discuss online about what to do to me before. i say that i find that pleasant and enjoyable of course i don't. feel a certain satisfaction because these threats mean that i wrote the right thing yes . kind of colleagues in moscow at their daily planning conference the newspaper is one of the last truly critical media outlets and russia for over twenty five years. has been highly regarded for its investigative articles into corruption and human rights abuses for years now the journalists here have felt the restrictions on press freedom in the country tighten six of the papers journalists have paid for their reporting with their lives including on the put it she was murdered in two thousand and six when it was known for her critical reporting about the conflict in chechnya an element of fear has become part of everyday life at.
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the. newspaper. journalists as if we were reporting during wartime. even though russia is not at war. it's like working in a minefield. if you had to choose whether they should send to sheepshead or come without warning and murder someone then i'd rather have a severed sheep's head every single day. over. the head of the russian journalists union on the other hand says the bigger picture when it comes to press freedom in russia is positive. i think in russia journalists and the government are still learning how to communicate with each other. and even though there are problems there is overreach there are violations that verge on censorship nevertheless the situation overall is improving and internationally speaking the
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situation in russia is decent. but to denise caught up cough his work certainly feels dangerous he sees the risk as a given a normal part of his investigative reporting that he's willing to accept though it has meant that even his daughter has been threatened. i'm interested in covering stories that you can see with the naked eye. with things that are right on the surface of the dealings that are secret are usually criminal dealings. of course when you do this work you can take on airs of nothing can stop me but of course i have my limits and god forbid if my opponents are sent out what those limits are. say what story he's currently working on for novak but he's sure of one thing he'll have to be ready to face more threats.
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police in norway say they are treating the disappearance of the wife of one of the country's richest men as a kidnapping elizabeth haagen is believed to have disappeared in october today police reveal that a ransom that had been left to demanding a multi-million you were a ransom to be paid in a crypto currency similar to bitcoin. and elizabeth haagen has been missing for more than two months the wife of one of norway's richest businessman tom haagen was last seen on october thirty first but only now have police revealed her disappearance. investigators have appealed to the public for information so far no suspect has been identified. the search of huggins home just outside oslo failed to turn up useful evidence. the apparent kidnappers are demanding a nine million euro ransom to be paid in the cryptocurrency more narrow which is
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similar to pick on. the order it wouldn't that there's not been any verbal contact yet there's not been any sign that she's in life and neither is there any sign that she's dead at all for my mother. and elizabeth huggins husband tom hogg is a well known property and energy tycoon detectives want to talk to pedestrians and a cyclist seen on security video outside huggins office on the day his wife disappeared in a country with one of the lowest crime rates in europe this apparent abduction has come as quite a shock. i behaved but if i had i'm surprised and horrified that something like this could happen here i also feel great despair for the family it's a terrible situation is that the. police are advising the family not to pay any ransom a payment in a crypto currency would make the transaction nearly impossible to trace the.
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officers are working on the. theory that mrs harding was at home when she was apparently abducted but he admits the investigation is making little progress. but it is an investigative journalist with norway's public service broadcaster and our carrie she joins us from the capital of welcome to d w given the elizabeth haagen went missing in october why are police only now going public well that's one of the things that makes this story unique and extraordinary it seems that the police have been having an intensive and top secrets investigation ten weeks anyone knowing her public media. she. disappeared. thirty first of october her husband came
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home and found a letter the police have confirmed that now that he found a letter from the alleged kidnappers. and there were threats there are threats to her life if he went to the police or media so that's that would be the explanation for that the police have been trying to keep this low key and investigate topsy quickly until this week so given the threats against her life we must presume that the fact that the police the media are now going public with this but the police have got nowhere well it's it seems that way that the police were out of leads out of all the options and had to take this risk i assume it has to be a risk that they now went out with a press conference this week and telling that this woman is gone and she's been gone for ten weeks. now given noise famously low crime rate do people believe that
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the police are actually up to the task of finding her. well the police they do admit themselves that they they have never had a case in lots of this one in fact there are very few cases internationally similar to this one if we are to if this is what it looks like and what the police works with that's their main theory that this is. they're dealing with kidnappers. have been demanding around some in the size of nine million euros paid in a crypto currency and yeah that's the case it's a very unique and special case and very demanding of course also for the norwegian police so now that this case is public what sort of reaction has there been. well i mean it's people are in shock it's shocking it's a very very special case as. this couple the twenty sixty eight year old
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haagen and his wife their lives they have three children they have several grandchildren they have lived very low profile life just outside of also here but he is known as one of the richest persons in no way. good talking to thank you for joining us from. norway thank you. thank you. i said the day is nearly done but the conversation continues online you'll find us to talk all on the twitter at steve w. news. don't go have a good day. on
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. the. enormous biodiversity massively exploited. lake malawi in southeastern africa. once teeming with fish it's a stain the entire region. has an ever growing population is all but depleted the retreat is also known as farming moose fresh finding a sunny to obtain his next.
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move germany's trying to shut off b.m.x. guylaine. during world war two the two thousand four hundred kilometer long route connects alaska with the rest of. the bureau's done business and the story of science the alaska highway planning at all through the wilderness in forty five minutes long. closely. to see a church fully. don't know if there is soup seem. to be a good. match.
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to discover the right. place. to. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. to move. the full length malawi is one of the biggest lakes in africa. it used to provide locals with a seemingly endless supply of the much loved charm boat fish a species of sickly. it was one of the major sources of protein for the growing population in this small african country. now the charm bow has almost completely disappeared. cofa the business.


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